Will Rahul Gandhi destroy BJP?

Rahul, half-European, quarter-Kashmiri and quarter-Parsi, is milder. It has taken him 12 years in Parliament to capture the aggression his mother projects effortlessly. And yet, when it comes to the crunch, Sonia is ruthless, Rahul conciliatory. A recent example highlighted the difference between mother

At present, it seems Donald Trump will win 2020 election for sure, what are possible scenarios that Democratic Party can turn the table?

I seriously doubt Trump will win the 2020 election.For one thing, he's only popular with one demographic: poorly educated white people. He's alienated himself from women, black people, Hispanic people, Muslim people, the LGBT community, independents, and even moderate Republicans.It's extremely rare for an incumbent president to

Can Gautam Gambhir win the 2019 election?

As far as I understand Atishi must win seeing her work and the way she talk. If Gambhir wins it will be lesson that India is still politically immature.people simply want gambhir to win because he used some Bad words to afridi but this people must know this idiot use

How many seats will the BJP win in the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha elections?

First thing first, Seat prediction is purely based on considering every opinion polls of 2019(till date), Caste Politics, 2014–2019 performance (of BJP), Anti-Incumbency and each and every factor.So it's a kind of Data(Constituent seat) analysis you can say. Trust me this will be a fun ride especially reading this on

Is there a chance that UKIP will not do well in the general election even with the apparent successes that UKIP has achieved in the EU and local elections?

Updated answer to add a longer term perspectiveSHORT TERMYes. It is virtually certain they will not do as well in the General Election than in the polls and others.First & most important is that GE is First

What is some strange facts about elections?

The Dead Care For The Nation !In UP and Bihar, there was a trend in olden days. Some greedy people would use their influence in the corridors of corruption in government offices to declare their hapless relatives dead. This was done to grab lands and immovable assets. There were

Where are all of the people that support Donald Trump?

I can list several points why I seldom engage:My career started the same year Reagan was elected. Everyone was sick of Carter and his 18% interest rates. Reagan went on to create the longest era of prosperity in US history, ending

Who should win the 2019 election, BJP or Congress, and why?

Before declaring one as a winner, I want to give a quick overview of the Congress and the B.J.P government.Congress:- The oldest party in the history of politics of India and ruled India for utmost 60 years long and so their credibility is

Who will win Lok Sabha elections 2019?

Here's my opinion on who is going to win the General Elections 2019 :South India:Kerela (20 seats) :NDA - 2 SeatsUPA - 7 SeatsTamil Nadu (39 Seats):NDA ( including strategic alliance with AIADMK) - 16UPA - 23KARNATAKA( 28 Seats):NDA - 18UPA -10TELANGANA (17 Seats):NDA

Who will win the Delhi MCD 2017 elections?

This is based on current political scenario of Delhi after the MCD by poll results 2016. Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party win maximum number of seats (5) out of 13 seats in 2016 MCD polls. After the historic win in 2015 Delhi assembly elections, this win is expected. Infact INC

Will Trump be re-elected in 2020 or Impeached in 2019?

I hope re-elected in 2020. Aside from my support of Trump, I am very annoyed by the talk of impeachment. It undermines the value of democracy. It shows that if a party loses the election then they will just try to impeach the POTUS. If that is the case, what is the point in an election? And

What is the need of covering up of statues during election time? Isn't it better to divert that time and money to do something productive for the country?

This covering of statues is happening only in UP and that is becuase they are viewed as election symbols of mayawati. Furthermore mayawati has installed her statue too. UP was one of the least progressive state with -ve growth in India till Yogi

When the Democrats next win a Presidential election, how likely are they to say "What about Trump?" in response to any and every criticism of the new President?

Here's the thing: Democrats aren't against criticising people in authority. I've seen plenty who criticised Obama, who criticised Clinton...because they're human, and humans are prone to screwing up, making mistakes, or doing things that we disagree with. That's normal, natural, and frankly, we should