Why do you hate Narendra Modi?

Though I really hate him but I will still try to be unbiased here and give you 5 reasons.CorruptionGovt in last 3–4 years have really taken some very good steps to curb corruption. I have no valid data to support this but Aadhar like, making many procedures

What frustrates you most in politics?

This is a question in thousand Neetin! The frustration in politics, it creats you vomitting, your weakness in cardiac system due to

Which countries have the highest standards of living but the fewest freedoms?

For this, I just did a direct comparison of the Human Development Index and Freedom In The World Index, and looked for the nations that had the

Why do we obsess over checks and balances in politics and governance?

The main reason is that we need it in order to govern and be governed, As James Madison wrote in the Federalist Papers:

How relevant are Machiavelli's political views to modern-day politics?

Q. How relevant is Machiavelli to someone with political aspirations in the modern day?(1) Thanks for the A2A.(2) Short answer:Very relevant.Machiavelli established a climate of awareness that suggests that there is inevitably a difference between private and public (politics, business, etc) morality.

Why do people let themselves get so corrupt?

All it takes is to do something you know is wrong, once. That is the hardest step for most people. You might think you would never steal but maybe just once you steal something small, even something like 10 cents. If you don't get