Based on his performance so far, is Narendra Modi overrated?

Is Narendra Modi our only hope? Nope. Was the Congress party prior independence our only hope to win freedom? Nope. Democratic nations ( leaving out Pakistan) never function that way.The political party he represents is known very well across the country

Can we directly file a case in high court or the supreme court of India, without going to subordinate courts?

In India, there is hierarchy of courts, which means one has to first approach the lower courts for remedy. However, this rule is subjected to the following exceptions:Violation of Fundamental rights- If an individual's fundamental rights like Right to Equality, Life, Freedom of Expression is violated, then she can

Did Rajiv Gandhi have the same trait as that of Rahul Gandhi?

Interesting question. Let's compare these two from India's first family in politics.Education : both father and son, dropped out from courses in foreign universities.Profession : Rajiv is a trained pilot and was with AirIndia. Rahul, you can guess.Entry into politics : both have entered into politics upon the requests from party's loyalists to serve their interests(not country's). Both

Do you think Gay Marriages and Homosexuality should be legalised in India?

Why should it?I don't understand the question very well; is it that you're against homosexuality, or is it that you're not sure about homosexuality?Based on the question, I feel like you're not sure what is it homosexuality. I will very gladly explain it to you.Homosexuality is one of the very many sexual

Does India need caste based, gender based, and/or religious based reservations? Why?

SC/ST's statusSC/STs were treated as untouchables and tribals of India before independence. They were segregated from the mainstream of Indian society - rich, powerful and intellectual leaders. They were forced to live outside villages and forced to do menial jobs such

Gautam Gambhir denied to debate with Atishi stating that he doesn't believe in debates. How do you see this? Is he afraid to talk to Atishi?

We all know what happened when Tejasvi Surya took part in a debate with Kanhaiya Kumar. Tejasvi is educated like Kanhaiya but what was the main problem? Tejasvi Surya has been more involved in helping people around and less in establishing the fact that he is helpful to people. He is less interested in finding

How to see Gautam Gambhir joining politics

He will start his political innings with a century because he talks about the development and have a vision for East Delhi. He don't want to do negative politics like Aitishi who is only complaining against Gambhir from the day he filled the nomination papers.Gambhir

How is the prime minister of India elected?

The prime minister is by the Lok Sabha and is the head of Government. He is not directly elected by the voters. Loksabha members are directly elected by the people of India and the party holding a majority in the Lok Sabha elects its leader as the prime minister of

Is India really intolerant?

You've probably already read my name. It reads Mohammad Musharraf (मोहम्मद मुशर्रफ).Here's my experience:I was born in a locality where a Hindu majority resided. Then I went to a Christian school for education. Majority of students there were Hindus. In 10th standard, I remember, we were three Muslims among 35 to 40 other Hindus.For college, I went to Bhubaneswar,

Is Indian military underrated?

How can you say that Indian military is underrated , it has glorious and legendary past look at the wars of 1965 , 1971 and 1999 wars .We all know about our surgical strike it tells about dare of our army to hit enemy in their own area .Look at the no. Of applicants for NDA , Cdse

Is Shri Rahul Gandhi underrated?

I admire Rahul Gandhi and I believe he is underrated as a living being( definitely not as a politician). Just read and tell me where I went wrong.Q: Why we hate him?A: We hate the lucky ones​, if we are not the one. How such a dumbass

Should India legalize same sex marriages?

I personally don't support Gay marriage. What concerns me is that today they are asking for MSM(Men who have sex with men) and WSM(women who have sex with women) and what if tomorrow someone ask for interspecies sex or may be even marriage!! then

Was the first prime minister good in India?

Yes.We are forced to accept that our past prime minister, Gandhi are bad but the one who killed Gandhi is good.If Nehru is not good, Gandhi does not announce him as prime minister.Do you know after death of Gandhi, Nehru who has heavy dispute with Sardhar patel joins hand with him at last for sake

What are some unknown facts about BJP?

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), is one of the most seasoned and noticeable big party in India today. It is a noteworthy political party with a conservative political position. This party served a great deal of states. The party performed extremely well

What are the problems that India is facing?

Corruption is a major menace in India. Recently conducted survey highlights that as many as 75–80% of people have paid bribes in the last 10 years to get their work done.Child marriages, which also cause of rising population. One reports claims that about 47% of Indian girls get married before the legal age of 18

What happens during a family court divorce proceeding in India?

Refer to the complete guide on divorce proceeding in India.Divorce in India can be obtained by two ways- Mutual Consent Divorce or Contested Divorce. For both kind of divorce a petition has to be presented

What has the Modi government achieved since coming to power?

The major achievement is for Brand India.The World today is taking India more seriously and feeling India's presence the way it should have felt long ago!But, why and how?!Just ONE WORD answer to it...MODI.Let me mention a few significant Global events - this will also serve as a review of what has happened, rather what

What is Rahul Gandhi's educational qualification?

Gandhi attended St. Columba's School, Delhibefore entering The Doon School in Dehradun, Uttarakhand from 1981 to 1983. Meanwhile, his father had joined politics and became the Prime Minister on 31 October 1984 when Indira Gandhi was assassinated. Due to the security threats faced by Indira Gandhi's family from Sikh extremists, Rahul Gandhi and

What will happen if Rahul Gandhi becomes the Prime Minister of India?

Day 1AIR will play some interesting version of -"Pappu pass ho Gaya"Ambani's will return to home team of CongressThere will be a lot of jubilation around the enemy states of IndiaIndia will gear up for another push back in time.Depressing Monday will expand

Which is the most underrated state of India?

I am going to nominate my own state here, partly due to the fact that I honestly feel so and partly due to my own biases- Madhya PradeshIt is the heart of !ncredible !ndia, second largest state in size, sixth largest in population, it connects the Deccan traps in the South and the Indo-Gangetic

Who are the best prime ministers of India till date?

At first lets see the achievements and failures of our PMs--Jawaharlal Nehru – 1947-64Achievements:Building foundations of India's infrastructure (Bhakra Nangal Dam, Bokaro Steel plant, Bhilai steel plant , Atomic Energy Centre , IIT , IIM , AIIMS, UPSC Academy , VIZAG SHIP BUILDING, LIC , GAIL ,

Who is likely to win in East Delhi Lok Sabha constituency seat, Atishi Marlena or Gautam Gambhir?

There is no doubt that Mr.Gautam Gambhir is a world class cricketer but being a Cricket and being a political leader is a two different thing.On the other hand his fight is with Atishi Marlena whom every Delhite know for her great work in Education Sector.Also East Delhi Lok Sabha Consist of

Who is or was the best Prime Minister of India, and why? State some of their achievements and interesting facts about them, too.

I would rate in the order as belowTop 3NehruNarasimha raoLal bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi & VajpayeeBottom 3:Rajiv Gandhi/Moraji DesaiManmohan singh(UPA2)Narendra ModiBelow are the reasoning for the same:Why Nehru is the best; Answer is simple India is celebrated globally as the

Who is the first Indian Prime Minister?

Who is the first Indian Prime Minister?Narendra Modi, of course. He IS the first Indian Prime Minister. Remember that all others were born when India was not India? Not only that he is also the first Prime Ministerto be a true representative of the

Who is the first prime minister of India after independence?

What our history books has taught us and what whole world reaffirmed is Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru was the first PM of India.But after May 2014, some Indians got enlightened, some woke up from coma, some got conscious about their religious

Who was India's worst Prime Minister?

Ok , I will try to give ratings to all PM who served India from worse to best. Worst at Top .... Best at bottom.Ch Charan SinghChandra ShekharV P SinghMorarji DesaiI K GujralH D DevegowdaRajiv GandhiJawahar Lal NehruManmohan SinghIndira GandhiPV Narasimha RaoNarendra ModiL B ShastriA B

Who was the first woman prime minister of India?

Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi (19 November 1917 – 31 October 1984) She served as Prime Minister from January 1966 to March 1977 and again from January 1980 until her assassination in October 1984, making her the second longest-serving Indian prime minister after her father.

Why are Muslim laws so pathetic?

The Muslim laws or the Shari laws dates back to over 1400 years ago when Islam as a religion came into being under the command of Muhammad. Just like any other religion/institution/establishment Islam too had it's own set of rules to follow which were cleverly crafted for a

Why does West Bengal have lowest fertility rate among all Indian states?

Women have higher status in Bengal relative to the BIMARU states. Female empowerment correlates directly to lower fertility rate - greater status, information and decision-making power for women, even though they may be poor.West bengal ranks higher than the BIMARUs on female literacy, higher than even Karnataka, just below the

Why doesn't India have many young politicians?

There are many reasons to this very popular fact. Politics is the last refuge of the scoundrel, it is said, hence people avoid going into politics. I will try to summarise all the reasons belowBefore independence, and a few years after, politics was a

Why doesn't India have politicians with 6-pack abs?

Exercises is safe method to get six pack abs. For people who want to get six pack abs in short time, you can try Imodstyle 6 Pack Abs (please search on google) . My boyfriend try it and his abs showed clearly within 21 days.Whether

Why is Rahul Gandhi underrated in Indian politics?

The reasons for Rahul Gandhi being underrated in Indian Politics are as follows.The over expectation of Sonia Gandhi from his stupid son has underrated Rahul in India Politics .Sonia Sonia Gandhi's beliefe, just like her inept husband who was not that impressive, but rose to such a high pedestal of PM of the great country

Why was 'Right to Property' removed from Fundamental Rights in India?

The right to property was initially present in Indian constitution under part III : Fundamental right , Article 31 but it was abolished by 44 th Amendment Act ,1978. Initially it was made a fundamental right so as to provide protection of property

Will Atishi win the East Delhi Loksabha constituency?

Let us look at numbers. In 2014, BJP got 5,72,000 votes, AAP got 3,81,000 and Congress got 2,03,000 votes (rounding upto 1000 votes). So BJP won by about 1,90,000 votes. For AAP to win,(the additional votes AAP gets + votes BJP loses) > (winning margin +additional votes BJP gets + votes AAP

Will Rahul Gandhi destroy BJP?

Rahul, half-European, quarter-Kashmiri and quarter-Parsi, is milder. It has taken him 12 years in Parliament to capture the aggression his mother projects effortlessly. And yet, when it comes to the crunch, Sonia is ruthless, Rahul conciliatory. A recent example highlighted the difference between mother

Are you happy with Gautam Gambhir joining politics?

He will start his political innings with a century because he talks about the development and have a vision for East Delhi. He don't want to do negative politics like Aitishi who is only complaining against Gambhir from the day he filled the nomination papers.Gambhir is different from other

Do the Indian people love corruption?

First of all. As Balaji Viswanthan mentioned in his answer. We tie with China in Corruption Perceptions Index. So its not as bad as it sounds.That's a pretty tough question to answer. But a thought provoking one. First I'll start with how Corruption began, and then engulfed India.

Do you think Gautam Gambhir did good by joining BJP?

I am following Gautam gambhir from starting days of his career. A good cricketer and a very good human being he is.From the last 1 year he is putting himself so much in politics ....criticising Arvind kejriwal and his govt. to the fullest doesn't make any sense because what kejriwal has done

Has the Aam Aadmi Party really done good work in Delhi and if yes why does it seem likely that they would perform poorly in the Lok Sabha Elections 2019?

I am a voter of Delhi for last 20 years. I wish to give a bit of background before answering this question:AAP could not get majority in its first election for 2013 Delhi Assy; but formed a Govt with Congress

How credible are the accusations of AAP that Gautam Gambhir circulated derogatory pamphlet about Atishi?

AAP started their campaign for Delhi assembly elections in November, 2014, and within days of it St Sebastian's Church located in the Dilshad Garden area in east Delhi was set on fire. Kejriwal visited that church, created a narrative and AAP reaped electoral benefits of that.And here we are

How did India become a male dominated country?

If one look at the human evolutionary chain , one would observe the different daily life activities have been segregated between the two genders. The man is to look after the food ,fuel & shelter , and the other kind to nurture the babies & to look

How to view AAP leader Atishi Marlena filing criminal complaint against Gautam Gambhir for having 2 voter IDs in Karol Bagh and Rajinder Nagar when actually these places are alongside each other only? Is it a propaganda or a true case

As per the Section 18 of the Representation of the People Act, 1950, no person can be enrolled as a voter more than once in the same constituency.As per section 31 of the Representation of the People Act, 1950, If any person makes in connection with:(a) the preparation, revision or correction of an electoral roll, or(b)

How many seats will the BJP win in the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha elections?

First thing first, Seat prediction is purely based on considering every opinion polls of 2019(till date), Caste Politics, 2014–2019 performance (of BJP), Anti-Incumbency and each and every factor.So it's a kind of Data(Constituent seat) analysis you can say. Trust me this will be a fun ride especially reading this on

If AAP wins all 7 Lok Sabha seats in Delhi, then will they be able to get full statehood status for Delhi? Does Delhi really need full statehood status?

You have to amend the Constitution to give full statehood status to Delhi. This needs at least a majority in Parliament. AAP winning all 7 seats in Delhi too will not make any difference.Secondly, in the present scenario, where AAP and Congress are contesting separately in Delhi, both of

If smaller states in India are most developed, isn't it logical to divide Indian States further? What are the complications and threats involved?

My experience -No matter what, break bigger states into smaller states. Here is my story.I was born in Madhya Pradesh which became Chhattisgarh when I started my college. This is my experience as the citizen of these states and I

India is home to the world's fourteen most polluted cities, with New Delhi ranked the sixth. What is the solution?

There is a lot of Difference between The terms "Delhi" and "New Delhi".New Delhi is the part of central Delhi that was planned by architect Edward Lutyens in 1913 for creation of capital city for India. Lutyens designed the city in a planned manner, with wide avenues surrounded by trees,

Is Jayalalitha (Amma) already dead and govt is not informing that to people?

I do not trust the rumours that said she died long back and the hospital kept her embalmed. On that fateful day, there are strong reasons to believe that she died at the time some Regional Tamil TV channels announced Jayalaitha's death. Certain things

What are some biggest post-independence lies in India?

The biggest lies ever post independence as per me. I had very bad memory so I could only list from past 5 years. That doesn't mean I support others.Chowkidar is clean.MSP of agricultural produced increased by 1.5 times after 2014Employment to 2 crores (epfo registration can never be a proof

What are some great and interesting things about Narendra Modi?

The present Prime Minister of India is one of the most influential leaders in the democratic history of the country. He was born in the state of Gujarat and had been dedicated to his motherland from early childhood. His story is often

What are your thoughts on Gautam Gambhir boldly entering politics?

He will start his political innings with a century because he talks about the development and have a vision for East Delhi. He don't want to do negative politics like Aitishi who is only complaining against Gambhir from the day he filled the nomination

What do you think could be the reason behind Gautam Gambhir challenging Arvind Kejriwal for a debate?

Because in that debate Gautam gambhir has nothing to lose and it will be a dream for him to take on a senior politician.There is no technical preparation on administrative issues required to debate on media as people generally find it difficult to connect with and to acknowledge the

What happened to Jayalalitha?

Apparently she is in a condition which is not as positive as the government or apollo officials would like to admit or not as bad as the watsappers or desktop trollers would like to potray. Her condition is somewhere in the middle. And that status is not good enough to be declared publicly or basically

What has Arvind Kejriwal achieved for Delhi in one year as the Chief Minister?

There has been lots that has been happening since AAP government formed will highlight some as many are covered in other answers.Marked improvements in water & electricity supplies, read many Delhi resident telling very few power cut & water supply way better then previous years but still

What is in Subhas Chandra Bose's now-declassified files?

After the series of #DeclassificationOfNetajiFiles, which we had been appealing to both the West Bengal Government and GoI for a long period of time, it is apparent and crystal clear, that -The plane crash theory is official debunked now, from the declassified files by the West Bengal Government.Many of the files are

What is some strange facts about elections?

The Dead Care For The Nation !In UP and Bihar, there was a trend in olden days. Some greedy people would use their influence in the corridors of corruption in government offices to declare their hapless relatives dead. This was done to grab lands and immovable assets. There were

What is the difference between Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha?

Difference between Rajya Sabha, Vidhan Sabha and Lok SabhaKey Difference: The Rajya Sabha, Vidhan Sabha and Lok Sabha are various forms of legislatures in the Indian Government system. The Rajya Sabha is the upper house of the Parliament of India.

What is the whole story behind the fight between LG Najeeb Jung and CM Arvind Kejriwal?

Before I give you the root cause of the spat. We need to know how LG - Shiela Dixit was worked. She got officers posted to Delhi from other states without LG nod, she passed bills in assembly first before sending to

What is your favorite Amma (Jayalalitha) moment?

Whenever I think about our Ex-CM Jayalalitha's accomplishments for the people of Tamilnadu , the first thing that comes to my mind is Rainwater Harvesting scheme.There used to be a huge scarcity for water in few regions of TN every year and in order to overcome that 15 years

What is your opinion on Gautam Gambhir joining BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party)?

Finally, Finally he entered politics.It is great that people like Gambhir are coming in front to serve the society.It was the Indian society which needed people like Gambhir to be in the forefront.The below incidents show why I feel Indian society needs politicians like Gambhir.Not hungry for recognition:The date was Dec 24, 2009. It was India vs

What is your view on AAP, Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia accusing BJP's Gautam Gambhir of spreading a highly ill-worded letter against Atishi Marlena?

It has always been a strategy of Kejriwal and AAP to try to ride on public sympathy. When the sources of sympathy don't exist they seems to periodically create one.When Anna Hazare started a movement against corruption, he had a massive

What will happen to India-U.S. relations after Trump assumed Presidency?

Trump seems a fairly crazy guy to be in the seat of the world's most powerful person. He might not be that good for the US and by extension he might not be that good for the friends such as India too. At worst, US and India relations will be

When Arvind Kejriwal promised to send all corrupt politicians to jail, how can an AAP member ask to vote for BSP and SP Gundas? Is AAP a major loser in this election?

AAP is a like local regional party restricted to Delhi. Kejriwal after ditching Anna Hazare started it as continuation of IAC against the wish of Anna. Now he has to tell something now to woo the people and he did

Who do you think would win East Delhi Loksabha constituency - Gautam Gambhir (BJP), Atishi (AAP) or Arvinder Singh Lovely (INC)?

Mr Gautam Gambhir candidate of Bharatiya Janata Party from east Delhi constituency will win the election. Because last time BJP on all the 7 seats of New Delhi. Now the star of Bharatiya Janata Party are in heavenMr Gautam Gambhir

Who is likely to win in East Delhi Lok Sabha constituency seat, Atishi Marlena or Gautam Gambhir?

There is no doubt that Mr.Gautam Gambhir is a world class cricketer but being a Cricket and being a political leader is a two different thing.On the other hand his fight is with Atishi Marlena whom every Delhite know for her great work in Education Sector.Also East Delhi Lok Sabha

Who should win the 2019 election, BJP or Congress, and why?

Before declaring one as a winner, I want to give a quick overview of the Congress and the B.J.P government.Congress:- The oldest party in the history of politics of India and ruled India for utmost 60 years long and so their credibility is

Who will win Lok Sabha elections 2019?

Here's my opinion on who is going to win the General Elections 2019 :South India:Kerela (20 seats) :NDA - 2 SeatsUPA - 7 SeatsTamil Nadu (39 Seats):NDA ( including strategic alliance with AIADMK) - 16UPA - 23KARNATAKA( 28 Seats):NDA - 18UPA -10TELANGANA (17 Seats):NDA

Who will win the Delhi MCD 2017 elections?

This is based on current political scenario of Delhi after the MCD by poll results 2016. Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party win maximum number of seats (5) out of 13 seats in 2016 MCD polls. After the historic win in 2015 Delhi assembly elections, this win is expected. Infact INC

Why did Gautam Gambhir join the BJP?

His cricketing career was all but over. He tried to resurrect by getting back to Delhi Daredevils last year but by mid IPL, he was convinced that he won't be able to survive in cricket field. Hence, he started to look at other fields and politics as

Why do Indian National Congress leaders hate Narendra Modi and oppose almost every decision made by the Modi government?

I wish to explain it with a corporate example..Person-X is employed in a Companywhich have a Hire & Fire policy for its employees. The Person X is surviving in his job from quite a long time, with his expertise in making lucrative commitments, but failing rapidly to fulfil

Why is Subhas Chandra Bose called 'Netaji'?

Subash Chandra Bose took a great advantage of the Second World War. He took the help of Nazi Germany and Japan and planned a tough war against the British in India. During the beginning of the year 1942, the Indian soldiers of the Indische Legion and the

Why shouldn't Narendra Modi become the Prime Minister of India? I know what all arguments are that are given in his favour. Please don't mention them.

After listening to almost all his speeches and following him for years, I have observed quite a few drawbacks, mainly in his ideologies and personality. It is not very easy nor right to confer what he will actually do, but would like to mention some very subjective issues based on factual observations which

Why was Atishi Marlena, advisor to education minister Manish Sisodia, removed from her post by Delhi's LG?

I can see some great opinions with pre loaded facts for this particular question.Some people, in a desperate effort to defend the indefensible, are questioning the appointment of advisors by the AAP government in Delhi. In this regard, I think some facts need to be faced. Hence this separate post in which I attempt to explain the position.This is

Will Gautam Gambhir be a good politician?

He will be a great politician indeed. Just go through the answer and you'll understand why I am saying so.Gambhir's statement on Kohli's captaincy.I don't see him (Kohli) as a shrewd captain or a tactful captain. And he hasn't won the IPL. So ultimately a captain is only as good as his record till the time

Will Gautam Gambhir's political innings start with a duck or a century?

He will start his political innings with a century because he talks about the development and have a vision for East Delhi. He don't want to do negative politics like Aitishi who is only complaining against Gambhir from the day he filled the nomination papers.Gambhir is different

Will Narendra Modi win the Varanasi Lok Sabha Constituency by more than 2 lakh votes?

In 2014 Varanasi had 17.67 lakh voters, out of which 10.6 lakhs voted. Modiji got 5.8 lakh votes and the first runner up was Arvind Kejriwal Sir who got 2 lakh votes(approx).Modiji organised a road show in Varanasi on 25th April and around 5–7 lakh people came and

Will Sheila Dikshit defeat Manoj Tiwari in the North East Delhi Lok Sabha Constituency?

Arbindji, short answer is No. Very unlikely. Let me explain it.First reason is that Sheela Dixit never nursed a constituency. If you want to know how a constituency is nursed, look at Varanasi. Even better example is Saifai, the village of Mulayam Singh Yadav. Do you

Will the BJP win 22 seats in Bengal Lok Sabha?

As I'm from kharagpur, west bengal I know the situation very well. Although I'm always a Sanghi since my primary school days I'll explain the condition neutrally. From the last general election BJP is rising quickly. But during the 2016 assembly election

Will the BJP win the Indian elections in 2019?

Let us do some strange mathematics. At a micro level it would look silly but at a macro level, it could work.BJP in 1996: 161 seatsBJP in 1998 - 1999: 182 seatsBJP in 2004: 138 seatsBJP in 2009: 116 seatsBJP in 2014: 282 seatsNow let us look at the Congress,Congress in 1996: 140 seatsCongress in

Would you vote for Gautam Gambhir and why?

Personally I would NOT vote for Gautam Gambhir because:Does a good cricketer makes you a good politician ? I guess not. We all know Gambhir was an excellent batsman. But we also know he always had scuffles with other team members playing against them. A guy who loses his cool

After Narendra Modi, who is the most capable person to become prime minister of India?

As Modification completes, India needs some yogification after it. I would prefer name of UP CM Yogi Adityanath. After seeing his records, I think he is the most capable person.He is the person who has been misinterpreted by media much. Let me allow to share my

Are Indian prime ministers honest?

Ohhh I wish I could answer it under my name but you know.. complications.Anyways, dude, seriously ! Why this general question? Seedhe seedhe poochna tha na if the current one is honest! However, let me tell you how honest our current head of state is -He is so honest that even after

Are young politicians the only hope for India's future?

Not exactly. We need politicians who are more practical and focus on improving HDI..without worrying about upsetting vote banks (BSP, INC) or a communal agenda (BJP).Young politicians who grew under the wing of their politician father are no better than old politicians

Based on his performance so far, is Narendra Modi overrated?

Yes, Narendra Modi is god damn overrated. This coming from a hardcore Modi supporter.But he's not overrated because of any of his personal shortcomings, it's entirely because the media portrayed his as a wizard who would with a

Because of Reliance Jio, BSNL telecom sector has faced so many loses. Why is PM Modi silent on this issue?

Because India is no more in 1970s where just because a firm not owned by government makes more profit than a firm owned by government the first one gets punished for making more profit, so that the second one ends up getting more customers.In modern world, there's a simple mantra- perform or perish. If an organization is not giving

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP): Is Narendra Modi doing a good job as prime minister?

The BJP under the leadership of Narendra Modi won the people's mandate on 16th May 2014 and took oath as 14th Prime Minister {excluding our acting PM Gulzarilal Nanda} of India on 26th May 2014 .It has been more than 3 years of Modi Government and it has inscribed many achievements in its name . The government

Do you think that by the end of 2030 India will become a first world country if it led by leaders like Modi?

It would really depend on the economic policies of USA. The debt is getting bigger there. If they fail to make a repayment or any such restructuring then the there will be a shift in global economy. India will definitely get a boost from that still we would need a visionary Govt to cut losses and

Do you think that Narendra Modi's Gujarat model is overrated?

I think all of you should visit Gujarat before writing this answer,You can't justify growth/development based on numbers as they are relative.Below are some facts:- Not a single state other than Gujarat in India provides 24-hrs un-interrupted   electricity to

Does India need atheist politicians?

Not necessary. We only need politicians who are CONVINCED and strictly follow the the CONSTITUTION OF INDIA.The constitution of INDIA has defined the Indian republic and the safeguards it offers to its citizens irrespective of one's RELIGION or gender and the freedom to practice their opinions without interference.In fact India`s 1st

Does India really need politicians?

A typical question which pops up every now and then. Politics in the larger sense is an important social process from community level to International level. As the civilization evolved , civic governance processes also started evolving.Politics is a vehicle by which a community or a Nation enables assembly of a set of people representing the Public

How to become the Prime Minister of India

Thanks for A2AOkey, you want to be PM of India. Since you consider yourself a middle class man, we can safely say you are neither son/daughter of any big political leader.There are 3 ways for youTHE EASY WAY (Well it may sound impossible. But is easier than the other routes)Marry a political heavyweight's son/daughter. Slowly

How is the prime minister elected?

Following are the steps for electing a chief minister in any state of India.The first Territory of state is defined and the population data collected. Then the declaration of number of constituency by Election Commissioner.Then the election commissioner announces the date of elections, date of nomination ?date of verification

How is the prime minister of India elected?

The prime minister is by the Lok Sabha and is the head of Government. He is not directly elected by the voters. Loksabha members are directly elected by the people of India and the party holding a majority in the Lok Sabha elects its leader

How many chief ministers have become the prime ministers till date?

Six people became Prime Ministers after being Chief Ministers of their respective States.They were - Morarji Desai, Charan Singh, V. P. Singh, P. V. Narasimha Rao and H. D. Deve Gowda , Narendra ModiMorarji Desai was the Chief Minister of the erstwhile Bombay State

How many politicians in India are honest to the core?

I have read on multiple accounts that Dr Manmohan Singh is a very honest bureaucrat. It is difficult to call him a politician, but he has held more public offices than a number of politicians combined. And hence, his name deserves a mention.Now ofcourse, there will be a

I think Narendra Modi is the best Prime Minister ever, Can you change my mind?

You just compare the circumstances of other Prime Ministers. What kind of situations they have faced. How difficult was them to imply their planning. Because in their time people of India were not so educated. They get much difficult to introduce any new ideas.But now days Modi don't have to face that much difficulty. He has got everything ready.

If Congress returns to power in 2019, who will become the prime minister?

If congress come back to the power in 2019, who will become the prime minister?First of all I am not sure if Congress will be in a position to stage a come back as early as 2019, but in politics anything is possible. In the hypothetical scenario as envisaged by the

If Rahul Gandhi becomes the Prime Minister of India then what effect will the country have?

Award wapsi gang will queue up to take their awards back, suddenly India became more tolerant.We will be prepared to listen new scams and big ticket corruption.Crony capitalism will back again.Terrorist will reach to big metro cities like Mumbai and because of security reasons IPL will held

Is Manmohan Singh a good Prime Minister of India?

I agree with you on the scams but calling him a "bad leader" based on media assumptions is wrong. Here are some facts that suggest he is a good leader.1. Manmohan Singh is the longest standing Prime Minister and the only PM

Is Modi the greatest Prime Minister India has ever seen?

Hey! Ofcourse not! He isn't the greatest prime minister India has ever seen! We should never forget that India have had the opportunity to get leadership from some great prime ministers like Lal Bahadur Shastri , Indira Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and even Manmohan