Why are Republicans so pro-Israel?

Q: Why are so many Republicans pro-Israel?A: First of all, the vast majority of Americans are pro-Israel, in that they support the nation of Israel's right to exist peaceably in its current location (though not necessarily with it's current boundaries). But many of these pro-Israel Americans do not necessarily support the current political leadership in Israel, or Israel's

What will Ariel Sharon's legacy be?

It is a  shame that former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon dies without  facing justice for his role in the Sabra and Shatila massacre, says the  director of Human Rights Watch (HRW)'s Middle East and North Africa  division.Sharon led Israel into a war with Lebanon in 1982 and was responsible  for the massacre of hundreds of

Why is Israel a right-wing cause?

Israel was a big cause for the left during its early history (post '47!). The Kibbutz movement in particular, was a socialist experiment. I think this changed when Israel's existence became secured (post '73 and post Camp David). Leaving aside its treatment of the Palestinians after

Why is Israel considered to be a European country while it is geographically situated in Africa-Asia?

After the creation of Israel* Israel participated in the Olympic and other sports organizations in their Asian divisions. However, the Muslim/Arab/Communist block had majorities in these organizations and Israel was kicked out of them. Thus this cultural-geographical anomaly.From Wikipedia: Between 1954 and