Are politics more important than religion, as more people have died in the name of politics?

Here politics is interrelated to religion in every sense of human organisation. Buh in consideration of politics, it involves the struggle and desperation to use the state power by an individual or corporate group which had tend to be recognised as a political party. In politics, the systematic structure

Can the First Lady be also a Vice President?

It would be poor strategy on the part of the President if she was to be. The Vice Presidential running mate is normally someone who can get votes that the Presidential candidate cannot. The First Lady already attracts about as many votes as she can just by being a potential First Lady. So, for example, Lyndon Johnson was

Do most homeless people choose to be homeless? Why or why not?

No one chooses to be homeless. No one chooses to sleep on cement, the ground, or in a tent.Who wants to have a bowel movement on the street? Who wants to smell? Who wants to live with the threat of being raped? assaulted ? have rats crawl over your face when you're sleeping?People become homeless

Do politics in California make the cost of living difficult? I'm a native born Californian. I work hard and have my own business, but people in other states who make way less than me and are my age own homes.

A2A:of course they do, but maybe not in the way that this questioner is thinking.California is a highly-taxed, highly-regulated state. This adds to the cost of virtually everything.But the real reason why California is such a difficult place to live in terms

Do you support the legalization of same sex marriage? Why/why not?

I will not marry into same sex, I like my life partner to be a woman because I like the feminine companionship in a partner. Similarly, I think the people who opt for same sex marriage like certain traits of the same sex in their marriage. I do

How can one learn to be politically correct in the workplace?

I don't think political correctness should be a behavioral goal in the workplace. It can itself create a toxic environment as it is ideologically based.I've been in the workplace for nearly 40 years, and in my experience the people who help make work environments pleasant for the most employees

How to see Gautam Gambhir joining politics

He will start his political innings with a century because he talks about the development and have a vision for East Delhi. He don't want to do negative politics like Aitishi who is only complaining against Gambhir from the day he filled the nomination papers.Gambhir

How would France be if it had kept the monarchy?

Even if they kept the monarchy, the power will eventually be shared with the people. Politicians will form parties and the type of government will become democratic in France because Western Europe was the birthplace of democracy. I am sure that the royalty will remain as

Is marriage a religious rite or civil right?

A civil right? No. A civil benefit, yes.The only meaning to a secular recognition of a partnership is the economic benefits it bestows on the partnership. Most same-sex couples are fighting for the right to have those economic benefits applied to their partnership equally across state and federal lines, as they are to heterosexual partnerships.

Is the USA still fighting global communism?

Yes and no. While the soviet union has collapsed which ended the

'Marriage is an institution.' What does this mean?

A2AWhen you marry someone, you also marry their habits, their behavior, their weaknesses and strengths, and you also let each and every small thing about them - affect you in the process. Marriage is not just a phase of your life, but an institution because here, you learn and you teach. You learn to adjust to

Wealth for the few is a world theft to be condemned. Rather than fighting poverty, would it not be better to fight against the greedy and insatiable voracity of those who accumulate things and for them to make sense of their lives?

Nicola, you are not going to change the mindset of those with money with no real guidelines..rather promote the reasoning and actions of the wealthy individuals that do and have done. While you may not either care or trust their reasons for donation..nevertheless, this 1%

What are Don Draper's political views?

I don't recall Don Draper ever voicing any strongly held, well thought out political views, and I would be surprised if he had any. Don is stuck in the lower levels of Maslow's pyramid, and never gets to a point in his emotional development that he can truly care about someone else. (He

What are Putin's political views?

Asking about his political views, presumably on the left-right spectrum commonly used for this purpose in Western democracies, is to misunderstand who he is and why he keeps getting elected.Putin is, fundamentally, a technocrat - he is entirely non-ideological in terms of policy and as apolitical as an elected leader can afford to be. This is,

What are the biggest misconceptions about politics?

That conservatism is about meddling in the affairs of the individual.A classic conservative does not apply his focus on intervening with freedoms - it is exactly the other way around.A classic conservative focuses on limiting government intervention in the affairs of the individual citizen.Ironic as it may sound in 2015, focusing on the U.S

What are the biggest misconceptions about the Islamic States?

Having spoken to a number of ISIS members for a study I conducted on radical Islam, and also having spoken to a even bigger number of

What are your thoughts on political correctness?

Well, let's take a look at the marvelous changes in our world because of Political Correctness:Criticizing Christianity or burning a Bible is perfectly okay, but criticizing Islam or burning a Quran is awfulMuslims throw homosexuals off building? Meh. Christians politely refuse to bake wedding cake for a homosexual marriage?

What do political scientists think about Donald Trump's agenda?

A recent survey of political scientists with a focus on the presidency ranked

What's the biggest misconception people have about the Republican Party?

Sorry, but there are several equally big misconceptions, and I cannot pick a

What will my body look like if I focus on only the Big Four exercises (Squat, Deadlift, Bench, Military press) and avoid any accessory work?

There are people with the right genes that look right only with the big four.Most normal people look too buffed.I mean, is not a bad look. And for sure you'll be vascular, toned... but I think it will lack in

Which is the easiest profession and the most difficult profession in the modern world?

First of all I would like to mention there is no any easiest profession and a difficult profession especially in the modern world . I would like to use this opportunity to say  a few things which relates to current society. Across the world there is no any so called

Which is the most patriotic country in the world?

Everyone here just answered for themselves and so their answers are somehow manipulated with emotions . So we need an unbiased source to give us the proper results. Well luckily

Which politically incorrect thing(s) do you believe in?

I have a lot of them (Most are about the U.S)Video games DO NOT cause school shooters. This has been proven time and time again by scientific studies that video games have no direct correlation with violence and school shootings. But do you know what is

Why do politics exist in the workplace?

Politics exist every time there are two or more people in a room, space or context. Politics exist in friendships, in marriages.I dare say politics exist within individuals, too. When you decide to sit on the couch and watch TV instead of going out for that run, it's because one part of you

Why do we give money to homeless people when it is the Government's duty to take care of its people?

It is not the task of the government to take care of its people per se. A government's role is to protect the sovereignty of the nation it represents, to essentially create a safe space, free from intrusion, corruption, criminality, insanity invasion and all those

Are conspiracy theories all true?

Some things that happen are thought to be and described as conspiracy theories by people who DON'T believe in these things happening..... and once in a while, it turns out that the so called conspiracy is REAL.The Republicans currently believe there is a conspiracy to get Trump. Democrats believe the Republicans are out to destroy the country. I

Are convenient abortions (unwanted pregnancies) though legal, immoral?

No.It's a myth, first of all, that abortion is about convenience. It's about health and poverty, by and large.Look at the numbers. Around 80% of the women in the US who abort live near the poverty line. They can't even afford proper care during the pregnancy, much less a

Are we all political animals?

Western society the driving force behind humanities thrust forward, if I can use that word, is a new entrant into the world of Civilization and civility as the road chosen for road ahead. The western philosophy is a reductionist philosophy, so

Do American people even know or care that the USA is still fighting a war in Afghanistan? When are you guys planning on leaving Afghanistan?

In my view, most of the American public is aware that we're still at war in Afghanistan. But, the current war in Afghanistan is not WWII, Korea, Vietnam, or even Iraq. It is a relatively small scale conflict focused on counterterrorism

Do most homeless people choose to be homeless? Why or why not?

No one chooses to be homeless. No one chooses to sleep on cement, the ground, or in a tent.Who wants to have a bowel movement on the street? Who wants to smell? Who wants to live with the threat of being raped? assaulted ? have rats crawl over your face when you're sleeping?People become homeless because of mental health

Do you enjoy debating politics with your friends?

Politics is just a highly practical form of a debate that causes an outcome for the good of the people or atleast that's what they want us to know . It's a topic where you take sides and support a candidate which justifies why you vote at the first place .It ignites a debate and

Have you ever changed your political opinions?

Yes. I grew up in a conservative family with values of being pro-life, evangelical Christian and anti-gay. When I was young, I accepted all of this as gospel. By 9th grade, I was constantly trying to convert my heathen, liberal friends. One day, I was

How can Britain be considered a true democracy if it has no Constitution?

First, to sort out the confusing semantics.The word

How does bipolar affect one's political leanings?

No. It affects one's level of passion at a given time. Are Republicans more passionate than Democrats, Conservatives more dedicated to their values than Progressives? No. Geography has just as much influence on one's political leanings than one's health challenges. Does Cancer or MS impact one's political point

Is communism allowed in the USA?

According to the The Communist Control Act (68 Stat. 775, 50 U.S.C. 841-844) ,which outlaws the Communist Party of the United States and criminalizes membership in, or support for the Party or "Communist-action" organizations and defines evidence to be considered by a jury in determining participation in

Is Communism getting momentum in the USA?

Radical ideas are gaining momentum in the United States. The modern world is presenting us with problems that we have never seen before.Increased automation is leading to income inequality like never before.People are losing their jobs, and mainstream political parties don't have an answer for it.Hillary's answer was America is already great.

Is it right or wrong for Gautam Gambhir to enter politics?

He will start his political innings with a century because he talks about the development and have a vision for East Delhi. He don't want to do negative politics like Aitishi who is only complaining against Gambhir from the day he filled the nomination papers.Gambhir is different from other

Is space exploration a waste of money?

This question is more or less a philosophical debate unlike how it's presented. To answer this question, I'm going to use an analogy by creating a story here. It's not going to be a quick read, Bear with me.In a distant place, a distant plane, a Baby was born to a happy little family. The child

Is the USA the most patriotic country in the world?

If patriotism is akin to insecurity then yes it is the most patriotic country in the world.The US has always been rammed down the throats of Americans as to how great it is to be an American, and that their way is the only way to live.The US has by far the largest military in the world, but

Should government ban abortion?

I will admit I am not the biggest fan of abortion, but I realize that the US Government really cannot ban abortion and really should not.For abortion to be banned, Roe v. Wade, which stated that the due process clause under the 14th amendment extends

Should the NRA be allowed to be a 'non profit' given it's extensive history of lobbying & taking sides in the political debate?

There are many kinds of nonprofit organizations.Public charities, which are recognized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, are not allowed to engage in partisan political activity.But many, many other kinds of nonprofits exist, including political parties, PACs, etc. and of course their entire purpose is to

What are some controversial topics in agriculture and why are they controversial?

There are several controversial topics in agriculture. Actually, agriculture as a whole has grown into one big controversial topic.Never in the history of modern humans has agriculture been so detached from society, especially in western countries. Here, consumers take high quality produce

What are some dark truths in international politics that people rarely talk about?

I suppose it was inevitable that a question like this would round-up the fruit-loops but let's have a go anyway. These thoughts may be provocative but less nuts than the ones collected so far.Dark truths of international politics:Conventional arms are useless - you'd have thought that Vietnam, 16 years in Afghanistan and 9/11 would send some sort

What are some politically incorrect opinions you hold?

We should stop pushing the message that everyone should go to college and get a degree.Not only are degrees continually devalued by over-saturation, this crowding of post-secondary education encourages higher costs for colleges and a trade is far more valuable out the gate and for job security than a degree is

What are the world's most underestimated countries?

( I had added this as a comment to one of the answers. I suppose due to short answer, that one got collapsed. I am adding the comment as separate answer.)Poland.I have lived in Poland, and I liked it there. The infrastructure was good and it's improving. Living costs are low while you can

What do Russians who live in Russia think of Vladimir Putin?

Wow! So many intelligent english-speaking people who call themselves Russians expressed their disgust with Putin and his propaganda... I am so ashamed to be so brainwashed, I really don't understand why it is so bad to save integrity of Russia, to do what most

What do you expect to happen on April 19th when Jordan Peterson meets Slavoj Zizek to debate with him?

Psychological / personal idiosyncrasies may manifest in either individual which we've never seen before as their interplay reaches the heights! For this event is more akin to the compelling nature and eager anticipation you get as a battle between two boxing champs approaches: you just dont know how it

What do you think about politics?

Politics are one big tragedy of the commons. Individually, politics are mostly just a waste of time and an unnecessary source of angst and contention.But the collective result of all our insousiance (or misplaced sousiance, as the case usually is)

What does 'Post-Truth' mean?

Post-truth is, ironically, a term created to evoke an emotional response to the use of emotion to drive new political dynamics.It suggests that there once was a truth, but we as a polity have abandoned it in favor of lies that appeal to our emotional biases.It is currently used by various stripes of globalists alarmed at

What ideas or opinions do you have that are controversial?

This is a fun one. The elite won't like this.ImmigrationMass immigration is slowly replacing natives because immigrants have more children than we do. It is a danger to the West, because the West is the target of mass immigration, with the goal of wiping out white people, who are seen as the enemy.All modern-day terrorists are muslims, which means

What is political correctness?

Too often people, including writers here, have caricatured people who hate political correctness as those wanting to belittle minorities and women. Political correctness indeed, in the question details' words, mean different things to different people. In this content,

What is some strange facts about elections?

The Dead Care For The Nation !In UP and Bihar, there was a trend in olden days. Some greedy people would use their influence in the corridors of corruption in government offices to declare their hapless relatives dead. This was done to grab lands and immovable assets. There were

What is the healthiest country in the world for food?

The United StatesLook, the Japanese may be healthier, but to tell you the truth they have a very limited diet, subsisting mostly on rice and fish.  That's generally because that's all that's available in Japan. Anything out of the ordinary,

What is the least known fact about Narendra Modi?

Thanks for A2A .Current Japan PM Shinzo Abe follows only 13 people on Twitter: one of them is Narendra Modi .He is an early riser and has been maintaining a steady wake up time of 5-5.30 am even he sleeps late ...He sleeps only for 5-6 hours a day.He survived an crocodile attack during the

What is the most controversial viewpoint that you have?

Hi there,I'm not sure if this is controversial or not but I feel inclined to answer this question. Let's get straight to the point.I am an anti-royalist. I've despised royals from the get-go. I'm not sure if it's my lack of feelings for things I don't understand or not.Why are they here? What purpose do they serve? In

What is the most destructive combination of political opinions?

Religious fervour and nationalism.Religious fervour - and I mean like fundamentalism - on it's own may make someone stand on a street corner with a megaphone proclaiming the end of the world or that gays are going to hell or whatever. At an extremist level they may become terrorists and blow up an clinic

What is your favorite controversial political viewpoint?

Diversity quotas in workplaces should not be enforced. By purposely trying to employ people of a certain race or gender, institutions are denying positions to people who are likely much more capable or desirable for the job. If women/people belonging to minorities want a particular job or position, they must earn it on their

What is your most controversial opinion about the U.S. Constitution?

That the ENTIRETY of the Constitution must be interpreted under the rules of Strict Construction. An immutable doctrine that takes every word literally. If the Laws of the United States must be changed severely pursuant to the Nation's need to reflect the changing times and

What's a strong opinion you have about an issue, but would never tell anyone due to controversy?

That the key to the bible is to seek first the kingdom of heaven. Revelations 21 needs to be looked at by physicists. The crystal clear jem like a jasper hints at a photon. The walls of the city are 144 cubits...

What songs define the current UK political climate?

The Who Don't Get Fooled Again.We'll be fighting in the streetsWith our children at our feetAnd the morals that they worship will be goneAnd the men who spurred us onSit in judgement of all wrongThey decide and the shotgun sings the songI'll tip my hat to the new constitutionTake a bow for the

What you think of Nancy Pelosi said 'Barr lied to Congress' and 'that's a crime'?

She's gone round the bend and she's not as smart as she tries to portray herself to be. Look, Barr is an experienced attorney - a sneaky, slippery, greasy, silver-tongued one at that.Flashback: April 10.VAN HOLLEN: Did Bob Mueller support your conclusion?BARR:

What's your most controversial opinion and why do you hold it?

In recent weeks we have seen young people, usually school pupils, leaving their classrooms and going on strike in order to take part in street protests urging governments to treat climate change and global warming as an issue of much greater urgency than they appear to be doing at the present time. One such protest is pictured

Which country is the least patriotic?

A new poll from YouGov asked respondents from a group of 19 countries across the world whether they believe they live "in the best country in the world" as part of the polling company's international survey on globalisation .While the survey is not based on a complete global list of countries,

Which is the worst country in the world?

India.Why?If Africa were a country, India would be worse off in terms of virtually every economic and social index on per capita basis. As a proportion of India's population, the country's people are among the world's poorest, most diseased, wretched and malnourished.First let me make it clear that India would never gonna beat the China in living

Who became president when Clinton was impeached?

Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives. However, the Senate failed to convict and remove the President. Bill Clinton was President through the whole thing.Impeachment is merely the formal accusation of a certain collective body of individuals. It is not the removal of the accused.In the US Constitution, the House is the only body that can

Why do communist systems ban religion?

Karl Marx, the father of Communism, once said that "religion is the opium of the people". He rejected religion, because he viewed religion as a way the ruling classes to give false hope for the working classes. This is not

Why do people who hold unpopular political opinions not share their opinions?

I can think of one reason: they don't want to get into a lengthy political discussion that likely won't change the other person's mind anyway. Perhaps they have spoken about it in the past to others, but some people argue in such a way that it seems they aren't listening to you and

Why doesn't a government just give money to poor people to uplift them from poverty?

Short of inflating the money, the consequences of which the answer by Rakesh Yamparala makes so clear, the government has only two choices to fund any activity: tax or borrow.Borrowing money results in future taxation that is increased by interest that has to be paid on debt. So at

Why is race and IQ such a controversial topic?

I think that the reason these are so controversial is because you can't do anything about them. Almost everything about you can be changed. You can change how you talk, your habits, how you dress, you can change your gender, you can

Why is religion a controversial topic?

Why indeed. You'd think that using electricity in the same time as being religious is mutually exclusive for the mind.And now, to answer your very good question:There's more than a handful of very popular religions that become people's lives. Then there are those who don't care and finally, those who care and have a dislike for religion.To make

Why isn't there global communism yet?

Because it is an advanced democratic, post-capitalist society, in which the democratic ends, full social equality, free access and delegatory aministration over commonly owned resources, must coincide with the means used to attain it, a politically aware and educated majority working class

Will Gautam Gambhir's political innings start with a duck or a century?

He will start his political innings with a century because he talks about the development and have a vision for East Delhi. He don't want to do negative politics like Aitishi who is only complaining against Gambhir from the day he filled the nomination papers.Gambhir is different

Can liberalism be defeated?

Yes, but at great cost, and never completely.  We can look to some of our Muslim neighbors and see this in action.  Iran, for example, used to be a relatively liberal country before the 1979 revolution that contained liberalism there (and knocked America out of the country as well). 

Conservatives, what are your most liberal opinions?

Conservatives, what are your most liberal opinions?I have several.Let's start with Health Care.Our current system is dominated by the business end of the industry, not by the health care part. This ensures that the bulk of political spending from the health care industry to

Do people become more conservative as they age? Why?

I certainly hope so, or we're really screwed. I leaned left back in High School, although I was never as left-wing as some of the other kids my age. I was a Democrat, but in 2008, I supported Hilary Clinton over Barack Obama, because

Do you feel that our schisms in America between liberals and conservatives are beginning to cool down?

No, I don't.But I have a view that some suburbs are actually the most representative of America- ideologically, religiously, ethnically, culturally.I liven in such a suburb. Our community of 120,00 has Baptist, Catholic, new age, Fundamentalist,The real bias on social networks isn't against conservativesOur media is incredibly polarized. The country seems to be watching different

Do you think Putin is blackmailing Trump?

Trump does stuff, and I think it's an outrage, and then it's a new day and something different. I tend not to remember the old stuff. But when this latest flap came out about FBI counterintelligence looking into whether Trump was a Russian agent, I started thinking in a slightly more organized way about Trump and Russia.

How did France become a constitutional monarchy?

The new constitution came it to effect after the fall of kingship in 1791 ,due to French Revolution,after execution of king in 1792,France become a republic.But shot lived constitution due to unstable government .Then Republic was ended by Napoleon Bonaparte by named himself As the Emperor of France in 1804.In 1815 Bourbon kings were restored

How did leaders convince the public that they needed to implement projects that required a lot of time, effort, and resources (such as the Manhattan Project or the national Interstate System)? Could those strategies still work for today's problems?

The Manhattan Project was a secret military project which the public didn't know about. It's likely that most members of Congress didn't, either-certainly not its nature and import.The Interstate system was sold both as a defense measure and as part

How does the Democratic Party compare to the Republican Party?

The Democratic party is very much more diverse than are the Republicans. They also are less prone to follow the leader while the Republicans are like lemmings, they follow wherever they are led.The Democrats are far more open-minded than are the Republicans but that to some extent is due to the

How is the prime minister elected?

Following are the steps for electing a chief minister in any state of India.The first Territory of state is defined and the population data collected. Then the declaration of number of constituency by Election Commissioner.Then the election commissioner announces the date of elections, date of nomination ?date of verification

How would France be if it had kept the monarchy?

Even if they kept the monarchy, the power will eventually be shared with the people. Politicians will form parties and the type of government will become democratic in France because Western Europe was the birthplace of democracy. I am sure that the royalty will remain as a figurehead but

I think Narendra Modi is the best Prime Minister ever, Can you change my mind?

You just compare the circumstances of other Prime Ministers. What kind of situations they have faced. How difficult was them to imply their planning. Because in their time people of India were not so educated. They get much difficult to introduce any new ideas.But now days Modi don't have to face that much difficulty. He has got everything ready.

If the Manhattan project was finished a decade earlier (1935), how would it affect world politics?

This would have changed everything. Literally the world would be a TOTALLY difference place. The USA would have been a POWERHOUSE of a country. They would have literally been the worlds police as no other nation would have been able to think about challenging them.Think of this, if Neville Chamberlin went to a conference with Hitler and shown the

Is being liberal a good or bad thing?

In the simplest of terms, it doesn't matter.Of course, it's much more complicated than just three words. Personally, I consider myself very liberal, but my opinions of my fellow leftists vary just as much as they do for those on the right.About a year ago I visited some family members in Alabama

Is it acceptable for a high school teacher to take a break from the subject that he or she teaches in order to lecture her students about her (unrelated to what she teaches) political opinions?

IT depends. If the students come from a class where politics is being discussed and they are continuing the conversation and there are some confusions and other students aren't clear about the political process, then yes the teacher has a right to continue and clear up those issues that are confusing. The teacher can

Is it possible to fight against the IMF and the World Bank without fighting against capitalism?

IMF is an institution which manages International liquidity. World Bank is a lending organisation of IMF Group which lend for development projects and infrastructure to different countries of the world at nominal rate of interest. All countries of the world are members of IMF and have their drawing rights on the basis

Is it true the Republican Party has always been the party of the individual?

According to my reading of American history, yes and no.Theodore Roosevelt used the term to present Americans as rough 'n ready to engage in his

Is studying political philosophy a waste of time?

A2A. How could one possibly determine what is or is not a waste of time, or whether or not time can be wasted or used well, without recourse to philosophy?Political philosophy then falls within a subset of that question.Will studying political philosophy help you do anything other than debate political philosophy with yourself and others.

Is Varanasi really changed under PM Modi?

I will give a true opinion what i saw from my own eyes in 2018 and 19 in Varanasi and what my parent told me about the Varanasi Condition before Modi.So, Varanasi (Kashi) is the most ancient City in the world and one of the Holly places for Hindus Because of the Kashi Viswanath Mahadev ( Lord Shiva) and

Narendra Modi: Is Narendra Modi incorruptible?

It is now June 2017. This question was asked more than three years ago before the 2014 election of Modi as the PM. A lot has happened since then. The events of past three years indicate that Modi is very much corruptible, and has willfully participated

Should France bring back the monarchy?

In 1871 after the fall of Napoleon III and the defeat of the Commune, the left were utterly unpopular and monarchists had a majority in the Parliament. However the would-be king refused to accept the Tricoleur and insisted on bringing back the fleur

Should France reinstate a monarchy?

Well it would stand to reason to ask what France would benefit from reinstating monarchy ?If it is to have a monarchy like in Belgium, Sweden or Spain, I really don't see the point.If it is to have a monarchy like in Thailand, I would say definitely no, we didn't

Shouldn't governments around the world start insisting that companies allow office staff to work from home in order to help reduce global warming (ending millions of pointless car journeys to an office)?

This would be a good start wherever the opportunity to do so exists. Many office jobs that don't require constant interactivity with other colleagues or customers could be conducted from home. Today in a world of easy data transfer, by courtesy of the internet, many tasks could be conducted from almost anywhere without having to drive to a workplace.The

Wealth for the few is a world theft to be condemned. Rather than fighting poverty, would it not be better to fight against the greedy and insatiable voracity of those who accumulate things and for them to make sense of their lives?

The world generates $80.5 trillion per year in wealth. Discounted over a human life at prime rates this is worth $4 quadrillion dollars. This is a present value of $525,000 per person $2.1 million for a family of four. At present there is $240

What are some basic things I should know about democracy?

Three words: It's a sham.Hypothetically, democracy defines a state in which the people choose and consent to their government; and at one time, this was the case.However that time is long past, and has ever since taken the form of Totalitarian Demoracy.This refers to a system of government in which lawfully elected representatives maintain the