How strong is NATO? Is it possible for 1-2 countries to defeat NATO?

Only Poland and the Baltic nations are willing to fight in NATO...with real heart...they rightly fear Russian takeover...and their militaries are minuscule! I know I lived there with them..and trained them. Russia has infiltrated the Baltic nation's civ governments already. I was a 25 year officer that ran NATO exercises. I

Is there any single country that can successfully defend a conventional invasion by the US military?

I won't take nukes into account with this answer. No country has enough nukes to actually destroy the US anymore (see Brian Collins's answer to In the event of nuclear war with Russia, what US cities would be targeted?), but things become a lot less predictable in that event.No country could repel a US invasion in

Are there any foreign military bases on U.S. soil?

Not in the sense of bases under the control of foreign militaries. There are different levels of base arraignments in the world.1. There are bases that are under the exclusive control of the military assigned there, and if for all

What would an invasion and occupation of the United States by a foreign military look like?

Today?Disastrous.For everyone.Given that only two nations possess anything like the attitude towards America, the matériel, and the manpower to feasibly land troops in the US-Russia and China-any such attempt would likely only follow a nuclear exchange in which the US' military capability and civilian leadership had been essentially nullified. But as Lee Corso is wont

Did the U.S. Apologize for nuclear weapons?

If you mean to the Japanese for Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the no ,we didn't. And we shouldn't. We were at WAR with the Japanese, a war that they started. A war in which the Japanese committed atrocities, not only against POW's, but against the civilian populations of the countries they occupied. They were an enemy

Given the US's military might, does the US really need to be in NATO?

Yes In order to provide it the political alliance it needs to pursue its strategic aims, the military command and control mechanisms it needs to form effective coalitions, and the access it requires to maintain its interests in Europe. If America was outside NATO its ability to pursue its strategic aims would be significantly weakened.

Why did Muscovy never invade Sweden?

On 1 May 1703, Peter the Great took the Swedish fortress of Nyenskans and the city Nyen, on the Neva river. Tsar Peter the Great founded the city on 27 May 1703 (16 May, Old Style) after reconquering the Ingrian land from Sweden in the Great Northern War. He named

Can China invade Singapore?

Few people knows that China had invaded Singapore!When British colonists firstly arrived Singapore they saw ruins of a castle which had been burnt a long time ago. Local Malay people told them that a long time ago there was a Chinese castle occupied by Chinese pirates and smugglers who traded with the

In what way could South Korea conquer North Korea without any military means?

If the definition of "conquer without military means" is to remove the Kim regime and the Nomenklatura of North Korea (about 2-3 million) from power without force, the answer is probably none. It is entirely up to the North Korean people themselves.From the perspective of a member of the Kim family or elite class,