Can a heavy powerlifter run a marathon?

Yes, but it isn't easy. As others have said, the typical body types for each of these pursuits are very different and, without clever training, most people attempting to accomplish both goals simultaneously will spin their wheels and likely never achieve a high

Do you skip the Bench press?


Does powerlifting increase punching power?

No. For most people powerlifting and traditional weightlifting will DECREASE punching power, not increase it.If you compare one beginner to another, one who has lifted and the other who has not, the one who lifts weights will initially punch harder. This is because they are both untrained in punch dynamics. An intermediate to advanced boxer throws a punch

How can a beginner start powerlifting?

The first step for a beginner powerlifter is to get active in the gym and commit to the process of a long and gradual journey toward achieving your goals, because powerlifting is not a game of instantaneous results. Once you have decided you want to seriously start powerlifting, you can begin by focusing on the

How to get muscular without getting fat

In order to gain weight you need to eat in a caloric surplus which means that you need to consume more energy than you expend in a day. But you have to ensure that the surplus is only by a small amount, say 200 to 300 calories more. Look up for macros calculator like ‘IIFYM' online to count

How to lift more in squats, deadlifts and bench presses if I seem to have hit a plateau

It depends on what you've been doing up until now in order to reach your current plateau.My guess is that you've been doing some sort of beginner program such as Starting Strength or StrongLifts 5x5. This is not a bad thing!But it's probably time to advance yourself to intermediate programming. For this, I recommend

How does a competitive powerlifter's training differ from powerlifting hobbyists?

I'm strictly a hobbyist powerlifter, so all my knowledge of the competitive powerlifter is what I've picked up through blogs and speaking to them at competitions.Training: the training styles largely do not differ between the hobbyist and the competitor; the programs that are used run the gamut from 5/3/1 to 5th Set to Westside Conjugate Style to personalized programming. 

How does screaming affect one's ability to lift heavy weights?

It's probably an exaggerated use of the Valsalva Maneuver.Screaming itself during a lift, probably won't help you lift heavier, actually it would probably make you weaker because screaming keeps the airway open.What these people are probably trying to attempt poorly is the 'eigh' or

How long does it take to get back in shape?

This question is a bit vague and unclear. I will try to answer and give you some clues. ( based on personal experience)Suppose you are currently healthy and you have been physically active for few years. You were athletic and strong with low body fat and generally a very fit person. You lived the good life for few years.

How many days of non-training does it take before strength drops significantly?

Your CNS starts to weaken after 2–3 weeks of inactivity. This is a slow gradual loss.Your muscle cells start to weaken, and atrophy after 4 - 5 weeks of inactivity. Your muscles might look smaller when you have not used them for a couple of weeks, this is normal and is not due to

How many exercises should I be doing for each group, if I'm doing each muscle group 2-3 times per week for strength training?

According to meta-analysis by Wernbom et al you're likely looking at 40-70 repetitions per muscle group in any given workout. That is assuming you're using a load that is 70-85% 1RM, or about 5–10 reps, maybe 5–12 reps, typical to hypertrophy training.That's

How should I start powerlifting?

To start, you literally just have to show up.At first, keep everything basic. Don't go try whatever you see that big guy doing. Stick with the big 3 (Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press) as these will provide an incredible foundation for everything else. Watch videos on form before you go

I want to gain better squat stability and mobility. How much weight should I lift for good morning and paused squats at 5RM to be comfortable with 250lbs 1RM?

This is a very difficult question to answer, mainly because there's no way to know what the direct carryover you will experience from your good mornings and paused squats to your normal squats.I know that personally, I can generally pause squat (with a spotter counting the 2-count pause) 85% of my 1RM regular squat. That may not

If bench press is analogous to pullup, how can I get my 1st pullup by doing bench press and how long does it take on average to add 30kg+ in someone's bench press?

A PULL UP IS NOT ANALOGOUS TO BENCH PRESS!A pull up works your back and pulling muscles and bench press works your chest pushing muscles.They work antagonist muscle groups.You won't really be able to help your pull ups by doing bench press.You can help your pull ups by:Work your

In which lifts would a weight belt be effective in protecting my back?

This is a common misunderstanding-belts do not protect your back.Instead, they're used by weightlifters to help with

Is it counterproductive to devote some training to strength (powerlifting) and some training to aesthetics / size (bodybuilding)?

First, strength trainers and bodybuilders do train differently. How many guys that are training to do 600 pound deadlifts have half a workout focused on their triceps, you think? Most serious strength trainers I know sort of smirk at

Is it illegal in powerlifting to deadlift like it's a clean pull but without doing the second pull where you shrug and explode with your hips to do a clean and just squat the weight instead of a hip hinge?

I'm not a competitive powerlifter, but I've been to some local powerlifting contests and watched some of the IPF World Championships on YouTube.As far as the deadlift is concerned, apparently it doesn't matter what lifting style or hand placement that you use, as

Should you run before or after powerlifting?

Depends when you're being chased. You are being chased, right? As this is the only reason why a powerlifter would be running. If you're a true powerlifter, and your goal is to gain maximum strength, then running may be counter productive to your goal. Ever notice the difference

Should your deadlift be heavier than your squat?

Yes, because you are using more muscles to lift the deadlift than you are to squat. The only reason your deadlift weight might be lower than your squat is if you either have bad deadlift form, or you injured yourself in some way that prevents

What 5x5 program should I use? What are the differences between them?

There's 3 widely known 5x5 programs: StrongLifts (SL), Starting Strength (SS), and Ice Cream Fitness (IC).All three are based around major compound movements that include the squat, deadlift, [overhead/military] press, and bench press. They all utilize what's called "linear progression" meaning you add weight at a consistent interval every

What are some core exercises I can do for powerlifting?

Do you mean besides the obvious core powerlifting lifts like deadlifts and squats?Rack pulls - FROM MID SHINnot from your goddamn knee like so many people do them. Ugh.Tempo squatsBasically count to three on your way down. Hit parallel at 3, then count to 3 until you're all the way back up. Repeat

What are some very underrated, underused, unconventional exercises for strength?

Some of my favourites : most of these are older than the conventional stuff but they got pushed back.Some of my favourites:Kroc rows with fat grips.Zercher squatStrongman events: especially husafel stone farmers walk and atlas stones.Jefferson deadlift.Snatch grip pulls/ high pulls.Uncommon bodyweight work: invert rows / burpee broad

What are the best daily mobility exercises for powerlifting?

I suggest Paul Wades ‘trifecta'. Bridges, leg raises and twist holds.Gymnastic bridges are a key component as bench presses really reduce shoulder and thoracic spine flexibility. The bridge counteracts the bench press effect. in addition I recommend either rows or Dan John's

What are the best powerlifting belts?

Weight Lifting Belts are safety belts which help you give support while lifting heavy weights.Instructors often pressurize on using this belt for those who do snatches, clean and jerks and squats. The belt wraps around your abdomen so that while exercising when you take a deep diaphragmatic breath the

What are the best powerlifting exercises for your arms?

There really are no "arm exercises" among the typical powerlifting movements (squat, bench and deadlift).  However, powerlifters will generally do some type of arm exercises as supplemental and accessory lifts.Supplemental movements:Close grip bench pressChin/pull upsPush upsDumbbell/barbell rowsAccessory movements:Dumbbell/barbell curlsTriceps extensionsFrench pressSkull crushersHammer curls

What are the best powerlifting supplements?

To start off, I'm just gonna say the things that most Powerlifters may use. Whey protein, creatine, pre - workouts. Let me go through them one by one. Protein powder...probably the most common choice here. Put it simply, you need protein to recover from training. There's particularly some advantages to protein powder, like the

What are the best specialty bars for strength training?

Any standard power bar will do just fine for all strength training. You really don't need much more than as far as bars are concerned.That said, I've used a variety of specialty bars, so here are my favorites:Safety Squat BarThe SSB is probably my all around favorite specialty bar. Between bench pressing with a straight bar and

What are the cons and pros of faster versus slower weight lifting repetitions?

I'd argue that all weights should be lifted with fast intent.The intent to lift with high speed should be present, the only thing that really changes is the load or fatigue.A heavier load will make you lift slower. Fatigue towards the end of a set will slow

What did you learn after reaching your max bench press?

This happened when I was 62-years-old. I wrote this the night after I achieved my personal best 405 lb. lift.After more than a year of "tweaking this here" and "changing that there," and with a small change in technique, I was able to achieve my goal of

What exercise is more dangerous in terms of injuries - deadlifts or squats?

Let's first put this in context regarding injuries for weightlifters and powerlifters:The risk of injury in both sports were similar to other non-contact sports also requiring strength/power, but low compared to contact sportsInjuries among weightlifters and powerlifters: a systematic review - Aasa U, Svartholm I, Andersson F, et al - Br J Sports

What is the best powerlifting diet?

If you are new to powerlifting, most likely you tend to eat what you see and what tastes good. You are focused on doing big bench, big Squats and deadlifts. At least i hope you are trying all 3 lifts and sleep a lot and recover good. Be

What is the difference between a deadlift and a clean pull?

They are qualitatively different motions and are performed with different intentions. A clean pull is a movement derived from the Olympic lifts ( the clean and jerk and snatch). It is meant to transfer the most amount of power to the

What is the difference between powerlifting and general strength training?

Summary tl;dr: Use large compound exercises to build strength, animal walking and movement drills to challenge stability and movement, and condition your body and energy systems with kettlebell training. No training plan is perfect, but here are some things to get started with.Powerlifters

What is the goal of powerlifting?

Powerlifting is a test of strength.The emphasis is how to get the big three lifts: squat, deadlift, and bench as high as possible. Physique may be an ancillary side effect, unlike bodybuilding,in which it is the primary goal.I get asked a lot, as a female,

What is the ideal rest time between sets for powerlifting or strength training?

I used to be a stead fast believer in 5x5 with 5 minute rest periods, and indeed, it does work well. You can lift closer to your 5 RM every set and manage many sets. In a similar way, you could rep out sets of 3 reps many times, sometimes even 10

What is the point of geared powerlifting?

I compete purely in raw powerlifting now but I have tried to compete in equipped powerlifting, and let me tell you that even if the lifts involved are the same, it is a whole lot different once you get into geared lifting. Here are my personal comparisons:For the squat, you wear a squat suit and knee

What is the proper deadlift form on the pull?

Yes, knee and hip extension (thrust) happens simultaneously. Here is a portion of a recent article I wrote:...(everything before the pull/start of the deadlift has been omitted).Remember to remain a neutral posture by keeping the back and core tight. You should feel lots of tension throughout the torso from front to back. The best

What is the purpose of doing a rack pull or block pull instead of a full deadlift?

There are probably a couple of purposes:It easier to add or remove weight plates if the bar is 12–14 inches off the ground.You can work on starting the lift at the sticking point, if that's preventing you from getting strongerThe

What is your favorite powerlifting exercise?

I LOOOOOOVE Deadlifts. And squats almost equally so. Not a huge fan of the bench press but it has its merits. If you're asking about my favorite powerlifting accessories, they are:Deadlift: Deficit deadlift, Block PullSquat: Front Squat, Pause SquatBench: Close Grip Bench, Floor PressI've recently started a

What powerlifting program should I use?

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.  If you're making progress on all of your lifts following the program you're using then keep on going.  If you're practicing the big 3 competitive lifts (squat, bench press and deadlift), and your strength on these lifts is consistently improving then don't change anything.To go into a little

What types of reps and sets are used for powerlifting?

If you're new to the three powerlifting movements focus on form first. Watch tons of videos (MADE BY POWERLIFTERS *NOT BODYBUILDERS*) on how to perform the movement efficiently and more importantly, safely.5x5 is generally the go-to beginners program because you do a ton of reps, allowing you to practice the movement, and also since the reps are low

What would be a good warm up and cool down for a Hypertrophy session of curl and pull ups, dumbbell flies, incline bench press, dumbbell curls, and dumbbell press?

The warm up for any weight training is to get the heart rate up and your blood flowing thereby warming up your muscles and facilitating the start of your exercise with less risk of injury. Muscles dislike sudden unusual stress

What's the best powerlifting routine?

Enjoy the journey of powerlifing best of Luck.There are endless debate abt this,if you're a begginer and you have no coach  then I would recommend these progs-I would recommend Starting strength or Grey skull lp then progress to texas method or anything else. I

When should I add a workout day?

This is something that is very often misunderstood. You add a day when the workouts you are doing start taking too long. You are taking the work you are already doing and spreading it out over more days.What people end up doing is adding another full day to their schedule and adding 33% of the training volume (if

When should one use a weightlifting belt?

The idea that weightlifting belts reduce stress on the back are a huge misconception.  In fact, the purpose of the belt isn't to protect the back, but it's to assist in cuing proper core bracing by giving your core something to press out against.  I don't usually wear

Which exercise is better bench press or overhead press?

So here's the thing. They're both important, good exercises. But the bench can be replaced (with dips), it can possibly be foregone in favor of only overhead pressing, and there's an argument to be made that dumbbell benching is better too. In fact, the bench isn't even that good for much of what people bench for (chest development)

Which is better dumbell deadlifts or barbell deadlifts?

This question is too open ended to really answer, so I'll answer for strength training, which I'd guess is likely the question-asker's purpose (because it'd be specified in other cases?).Dumbbells don't tend to go past 120lbs or so very often. Maybe even then you'll find 150lb-ers. Which gets

Which is better incline bench or flat bench?

Despite the common belief, the pecs are not as ‘split' as many people seem to think.Often the answer is given as,

Why are deadlifts more draining than squats?

Deadlifts use more muscle than any other movement, even squats, and require the greatest strain. This drains not only your muscles, but your CNS. It takes a LOT of muscular activity to do a deadlift, therefor it takes a LOT of CNS activity.And

Why do so many people deadlift and squat without shoes?

As someone said it is a trend today. Muscle & Fitness several years ago had an article about the new

Why would one do rack pulls as opposed to a standard deadlift?

Unless one has built up slowly over a period of months to handle partials, I would skip it. Yes, you can lift more weight due to less ROM but the chance of injury also goes up. If in doubt, ask any lifter who has suffered a hernia

Bodybuilders/Powerlifters: At what point should I start wearing a lifting belt? My deadlift is currently 185kg, bench just over 100kg and squat is around 115kg (ACL reconstruction buggared me)

I remember going to an Olympic lifts course put on by a semi-famous strength and conditioning coach.After a good morning of deadlift drills, he told us to load up our one rep max. I told him I couldn't lift 560lbs without wrist straps and could not find any straps.His response:

Can bodybuilding and weightlifting wear a body out?

Yes. As they say there is no such thing as a free lunch. We only have so many miles you can put on the old body. I had a colleague who competed in triathlons back in the 1980's when we were in our 20's. I found out later that by

Can I start powerlifting at 30 even without any sports background?

Hey brother #kushagrasagar , It's totally your choice ; But before doing that you oughta ask these questions to yourself :- 1.) Why dou you wanna start power lifting ?2.) Do you think that your current muscle structure is Good for it ?3.)What will be the impacts of

Do people who can lift heavy deadlift (700 lbs++) notice a difference between 275 lbs and 315 lbs deadlift?

I notice very small differences when I lift...for example: forgetting to put a collar on one side of the matter how many plates are on the bar, I feel it, and it bothers me. When lifting in competition and

Does CrossFit have a higher injury rate than powerlifting or bodybuilding?

Okay. As a disclaimer I think CrossFit is an awful sport. When I get physical therapy or a massage, they always tell me about the injuries sustained from cross fit. The reason: quick repetitious, jerking or off balance lifting of fairly heavy weight WILL

Dumbbell press vs bench press which do you prefer?

The best exercise for chest,is non other than bench press.Bench press can be separated into two as BARBELL PRESS and DUMBELL PRESS.Bench press is one of the best old school compound exercises or movement recommended for overall upper body development.Both dumbell n barbell press targerts primarily-chest,secondary-tricep n anterior delts.The answer for your answer

How to build my strength workout routine

From my blogStrength training programs are a lot like screenplays in Los Angeles. Everyone has got one and is more then ready to tell you why theirs is the best.Every power lifter, weight lifter, body builder, etc. has a program

How to come up with my own good powerlifting routine at home

That's a tough one. Consider programming more of an art than a science. The only way you can perfect it is through experience and studying your experiences. That being said, there are general guidelines to follow to optimize training but it all differs from individual

How to find out my fast twitch slow twitch muscle ratio

Sadly the Man himself Isn't here to answer this anymore but Charles Poliquin created a method for evaluating this beyond Fred hatfields version.Basically this simple test determines where you sit on the overall spectrum of type 1–2 fibres.How to conduct the Charles

How do powerlifting meets work?

A Powerlifting meet consists of 3 attempts of each of the three power lifts in order Squat Bench Press and Deadlift. You submit your first attempt weight to the officials who will then determine the lifting order, when you are called

How does screaming affect one's ability to lift heavy weights?

It's probably an exaggerated use of the Valsalva Maneuver.Screaming itself during a lift, probably won't help you lift heavier, actually it would probably make you weaker because screaming keeps the airway open.What these people are probably trying to attempt poorly is the 'eigh' or 'ah' (grunting) type of sound often heard in various martial arts

How heavy should one go on the Good Morning exercise?

Good Mornings (GM) are essentially a modified romanian deadlift (RDL) pattern. The shear force is only a little bit more on the spine because you increase the length of the lever a little more. I don't think your backbone is at any greater a risk of 'forming large gaps in the joints' (whatever that

How is a powerlifting program different from a bodybuilding program?

A2A.A powerlifting program can work very well as a bodybuilding program for a natural lifter. The converse is not true.The main difference probably lies in the legacy of tradition behind each of the two approaches. Bodybuilders could build a great physique using mostly compound lifts for multiple sets of 3 but few do.Otherwise I have little

How much, and what should someone eat after an easy or moderately difficult workout?

You eat the same thing you would eat after a heavy workout.  If you goal is to gain size and mass, you must eat a lot, then eat a bit more.  Sleep a lot and lift even more.  Remember, you don't build muscles in the gym,

How much rest should I take between bench press sets?

Rest times of 30 seconds vs 3 minutes are trivial if you are working at high intensity. This article The New Approach to Training Volume • Strengtheory  is lengthy, but if you scroll down to the pink and blue chart, you'll notice there is a study that changed rest times.

How profitable is it to run a powerlifting club/gym?

I do not own a gym therefor i am not the best person to answer this question. However it is a serious goal of mine to open a strongman gym in the future.The general thing that i hear, is that opening a gym is not a profitible endeavor. This is especially true for gyms that are niche such

How should I start powerlifting?

To start, you literally just have to show up.At first, keep everything basic. Don't go try whatever you see that big guy doing. Stick with the big 3 (Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press) as these will provide an incredible foundation for everything else. Watch videos on form before you go

How would I know if I'm doing bodybuilding or powerlifting?

I have no idea if I'm into bodybuilding or powerliftingNeither do we. I'm guessing that you don't understand the difference.Powerlifting Methodology - Focuses on lifting the most weight possible for one repetition on 3 lifts.-Deadlift-Barbell Back Squat-Bench PressTraining revolves around improving technique and strength necessary to improve those

If I stop using weights and start doing lots of cardio instead what will happen? I just want to burn all the fat off my body.

So you have been:doing weight training to some extent up until nowplan to stop weight training for whatever reasondecided to focus on cardio aloneThis is not as bad as it sounds if you can do the right cardio. If you quit weight training due to some injuries then

If one can flat press a pair of 130 pound dumbbells 10 times, how much would that equate into a max barbell benchpress?

Total is 260, if you are doing 10 x 260 you should be in the low to middle 300's on a 1 rep max.Should be, could be, ought to be, now do a 1 rep max to find out.There are lots of charts and equations out there that tell you your 1 rep Max.I

Is powerlifter's strength applicable in a fight?

A simple answer to this is yes.The fight I'm taking about is the one that happens on the spot, there and then. No warning. Someone says something to your woman, you bump into someone in a bar or in a similar situation.The

Is powerlifting a good base for bodybuilding?

Yes, it is a good base, but it is massively overegged. The "squats for big arms" crowd are exaggerating; most people don't get big arms without doing a decent chunk of direct arm work. The best thing to do for someone interested in bodybuilding but

Is powerlifting a healthy form of exercise or is it full of physical risk?

Not really. From a health point of view, a balanced regime of cardio (jogging, swimming, skiprope, etc), strength (moderate weight training, push ups, pull ups, squats, lunges, leg lifts, planks etc) and endurance (long distance running/swimming, etc) exercises will be better. Powerlifting, unless done right, could lead to injuries. Yoga is great for health.

Is powerlifting dangerous?

there will always be a risk of injury regardless of which style of lifting you do. hell, you can enter the gym for 1 second and get hurt from a flying dumbbell because some guy swinging dumbbells lost his grip. the most you can do is minimize the risk of injury.doesn't matter

Is powerlifting good for beginners?

Powerlifting is simply a form a competitive weightlifting.A beginning lifter can start lifting with the goal of powerlifting, or they can have a different goal. No goal is inherently better than the other goals - they're just different.Regardless of your goals, my general recommendation is to start off

Is powerlifting more about skill or strength?

Dear Sam:A combination of both and then more.Powerlifting is the ultimate expression of absolute strength. Strength building is a factor which only comes with skills, determination, proper programming - notice I used the word skill (craft, ability, talent) first. Powerlifting demands athletic

Is the t-bar Deadlift a good alternative to the other forms of deadlifts?

Read this. The Safest Way to Deadlift, Squat, Hinge, & RowIf your T bar is a

Is there an optimal build for powerlifting?

For raw powerlifting: Long arms and short legs. This will give you a big squat and big sumo deadlift. Bench press will not be good, but the bench press is the smallest portion of the total.Multi-ply: short arms and short legs. This will give

Is there correlation between squat 1RM weight and vertical jump height?

Correlation? Of course! I would wager that two men of equal mass with varying squat strength would have varying vertical leap.A squat involves you compressing yourself by, as the name implies, squatting down with weight on your shoulders and then returning to the upright position. This requires work (and strength) from multiple

Other than avoiding a mixed grip, what is the best way to prevent a deadlift induced bicep tear?

While it is true that mixed gripped deadlift can possibly induce a bicep tear, that will only happen when you perform the lift improperly or if you

Powerlifting: Is Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 effective for an intermediate lifter?

Yes, Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 is an excellent program for an intermediate lifter (as well as beginner and advanced, using the appropriate versions). The program focuses on main work with the big lifts, along with some added volume and assistance lifts. The progress is at multiple rep ranges,

Powerlifting: What experience do you have using Boris Sheikos training program?

I agree with Juraj's answer but will expand on it a bit with my own experience. First and foremost, the Sheiko programs are TOUGH and if you choose to go down that path, following it strictly is likely a bad idea. You'll have to adjust

Should I compete in a powerlifting meet?

I you ever want to compete, the sooner the better. Don't ask if you are ready, that way you will never compete I recently competed in my first meet. I was very nervous although I tried to be cool about it. Especially the morning of the meet. But after

Should I do powerlifting before gaining size or after?

It depends on what weight class you want to compete in. Building muscle beforehand will put you in a higher weight class so you'll be competing among much stronger guys. Gaining some initial muscle is unavoidable when you train for strength, however. The muscle necessarily

Should I start powerlifting at age 13?

There's no reason not to but you need to spend the time and get good instruction on technique. You are likely to gain strength through increased neural efficiency more than by increased muscle mass because its unlikely that your testosterone and HGH levels are sufficient at thirteen to

Should the back be arched, neutral or bent during concentrated bicep curls?

If your posture is poor, then you probably lifting too heavy.Biceps can be worked with very light weights or weights that only allow you to do 4–8 reps.For an effective bicep workout, use light weight at first and do curls after a specific compound movement such as

Should you lift heavier weights than you can handle?

Depends...What are your trying to accomplish?Look atrocious form is atrocious form and should always be avoided but you have to define to me what ‘handle' means in the context of lifting.If you're talking about full range of motion, total control through the whole range

Should you run before or after powerlifting?

Depends when you're being chased. You are being chased, right? As this is the only reason why a powerlifter would be running. If you're a true powerlifter, and your goal is to gain maximum strength, then running may be counter productive to your goal. Ever notice the difference between powerlifters and bodybuilders? Powerlifters look

Trap bar deadlift vs regular deadlift: Is one really that much better than the other?

It just depends on your goals. In many cases, unless you're a powerlifter/strongman a trap bar is a simpler option. It requires less technique and is generally not loaded as heavily. It's a good way for many athletes to get a posterior chain movement (hamstrings, glutes, erectors) in without too much risk.A regular deadlift

What advice do you have for a beginner lifter who's interested in powerlifting?

So powerlifters, though not as large as bodybuilders, still have a Large base of muscle to work from. If you're truely a beginner lifter then you just need to get in the gym. You need to focus on your main lifts obviously

What are some core exercises I can do for powerlifting?

Do you mean besides the obvious core powerlifting lifts like deadlifts and squats?Rack pulls - FROM MID SHINnot from your goddamn knee like so many people do them. Ugh.Tempo squatsBasically count to three on your way down. Hit parallel at 3, then count to 3 until you're all

What are some great intermediate powerlifting programs?

No warm-ups included Adjust as required for your personal preferences and goals.This is a ‘general programme', not looking to peak for competition, just to work on the lifts and getting strong.I consider ‘intermediate' to mean that you can squat 2xBW raw -

What are some tips for someone starting powerlifting?

So the first thing to understand is that if you ever want to compete at the IPF level, you will need to do steroids.if you just want to do natural, amateur powerlifting and become as strong as you possibly can for what your genetics

What are the best powerlifting supplements?

To start off, I'm just gonna say the things that most Powerlifters may use. Whey protein, creatine, pre - workouts. Let me go through them one by one. Protein powder...probably the most common choice here. Put it simply, you need protein to

What are the foundations of a powerlifting program?

TechniqueLearn the lifts properly, preferably from other competitive powerlifters. This also includes the use of the equipment, wraps, shoes, squat suits and the like, should you intend to use such.FrequencyThe lift need to be trained with appropriate frequency for your level. Personally I like doing each of the 4 basic movements (squat,

What are the pros and cons of powerlifting?

Pros:1. It's fun2. Easily measurable progress. This makes it easy to get into a positive feedback loop and enjoy it even more. 3. Lots of camaraderie within the sport4. Picking up heavy stuff is coolCons:

What benefits does lifting have other than the aesthetics and strength?

Makes everything easier, you are less likely to request help when you need to move stuff around. Going up a flight of stairs is easy peasy, I don't even get winded anymore and I can skip steps to dash up 3

What is a good at-home daily exercise routine for a fat powerlifter?

What is your height and how heavy are you? The reason I ask is that while "bootcamp" style workouts and high intensity programs such as Insanity and P90X do get your body in shape in a relatively short amount of time, there are a number of concerns out there regarding how

What is a good routine for someone starting powerlifting at age 39?

Believe it or not, you are your strongest in you early to late 30s.  Granted, you may not have as much testosterone running through you body, but what you have is maturity of tendons which is more important in Powerlifting than muscle strength. The tendons and ligaments are the weak point as they