How do prisoners pass the whole day in prison?

Each inmate has their own way as for me I try to get a job. 1st choice kitchen I've been a head cook in jail and dining room crew in prison. But its been many years since i was last locked up but

What helps make prison life tolerable?

It's different for different individuals. For me two man cell as opposed to open bay dormitory is a big plus. Having outside support is beneficial. Having money in canteen account along with a hustle is nice. Some States wont allow some of the items listed below (the facility I am writing

How often do inmates get haircuts in prison?

For inmates in general population, there typically is no requirement per se as to how often one must get a haircut. Instead, there is a requirement to maintain a grooming standard at all times. It is upto an individual inmate to decide how often to get a haircut to stay within that standard.In the

Are inmates nicer to older inmates, sick inmates, or inmates with cancer?

Inmates are nice to inmates with money and lots of commissary, as far any certain type of inmate goes. The rest are judged on an individual basis. Just like in the real world. Usually inmates who have a common interest (type of crime, sentencing, etc.

What happens in prison?

In theory that individual is seen as a threat to society, so prison is a way to isolate the

How do inmates charge up smuggled cell phones? Do prison cells usually have electrical outlets?

Lower security, more often than not. Higher security, almost never. Butt, if nothing else, cons are resourceful, resilient, and got a lot of time to finger things out. The hook LOVE lights. You will always have a light in your room. Better yet, when you have a light switch. There's your juice. I don't know how many times I've

Can prisoners get married while in prison?

They sure can. However, in Texas it's by proxy. Which means that they get married without actually being present at their wedding. My husband and I got married at the courthouse. I had to pay a coworker to be his proxy and say his vows

What are the procedures when an inmate passes away in the custody of a prison?

It's a big deal if unexpected such as suicide, being killed by another inmate or an otherwise healthy person being found dead; goes to coroner of that county to determine cause of death. If it is expected such as Susan Adkins (Manson 'girl') who

If an inmate is using a cell phone and gets caught, what happens?

The phone is confiscated.The inmate is criminally charged for this type of contraband.Internal affairs tries to find out how the phone got in.An unannounced lock-down and shake-down will be forth-coming to see what other kinds of serious contraband can be found.

How prisoners spend their life in prison?

Most spend a lot of time reading or watching TV, as they wait for the recreation yard to be open, which may or may not happen. Many just hang out with others with whom they've made friends and talk. Many write letters and/or phone loved

Does a straight woman receive advances from other inmates in prison?

Yes but just like the outside you can reject them.Relationships are common in prison and I've never judged women who got involved.Prison is a bad place.You're forcibly removed from your home, friends and family.You're forced to submit to total control by

How do prisoners bring drugs into prisons?

Prisoners don't generally bring drugs into prisons. They have drugs brought into prisons. Be it through a visit, there was this one guy we called dump truck, he could move a QP on a view. 4 quarter rolls, in his butt. Seriously. Or you flip a hook, usually

How to locate a prison inmate

With regard to investigating records on the internet check out checkingrecords. com It is both general public as well as privately owned information. It goes beyond what one source can do for you or what search engines can give you. You'll have

Do prisoners read lots of books while in prison?

It depends on the prisoner and his circumstances. Myself, I read a ton of books before I purchased a TV, and even then I was a solid reader. I still am today.Other prisoners didn't know how to read, or didn't want to read. I taught many readers in

Is life boring for a prison inmate?

I've never been arrested. I have no criminal record. Just so we're clear. Not even a misdemeanor.My husband is in prison, and I guess you could say he thinks prison is boring, yes. But boring isn't really the right word.It's degrading. Think about it. Think

Who are the people in prison?

They are our brothers and sisters.

Are you allowed to study in prison?

Yes, you are allowed to study. I know several women who have earned their degree in prison.Some instutions have actual professors from the local colleges come in to teach classes. You are awarded the actual credits that anyone out on the streets would earn. Some

What is prison like in Japan?

Following Mursit Avsar's answer, "perhaps the most striking feature of Japanese prisons is  silence:  both  literal  and  the  one  caused  by  the seal  of  official  secrecy surrounding them" .Prisons in Japan allow minimum (or none) human contact, including with other inmates and external visitors. According to

How often and how long can an inmate call?

Feds, 15 minutes. X amount of minutes a month. Difference being, you can buy minutes and call. As opposed to only being able to call collect. (Which you still can.) Wait 1/2 hour or full hour between calls. Not sure as I sold my minutes every month.Michigan County jails and prisons, collect only Feds, usp and transfer

Why do so many inmates find Jesus in prison?

In addition to Nelson Alves's good answers, I would also suggest that a primary barrier to repentance (becoming a follower of Jesus) is recognizing the need. The need is universal, but most people have developed a justification/transferrence/religious method of handling our imperfections, so we can think we

How did prison change you from the time you entered to when you left?

Bad: PTSD. Anxiety. Major depression. Nightmares. Every night, the g-ddamn nightmares, usually the same one: I'm back in prison but can't figure out how I got there. I'm exhausted but I can't find an empty bunk; I'm in the chow hall with shit on my tray; I meet

If an inmate is murdered by another inmate, can the prison be sued?

Anyone can be sued for virtually anything, but being successful is another thing. There is a civil tort action that we as probation and parole officers receive significant training and that pertains to negligent supervision, which would make a PO extremely vulnerable. There

Why are prison phone calls so expensive?

Because the phone companies pay the state for the privilege of providing phone calls to prisoners. What this means is that the families of prisoners are paying part of the cost of their loved ones being locked up. This is in effect an extremely regressive tax levied onmsome of the poorest people in the US.The

Why is ramen so valuable in prison?

The soups are easy to make - hot water, cover for 3 minutes stir, and it's ready. They can be used as currency for little favors you want done that someone else has a talent for. They are also very versatile as a major ingredient in all kinds of

How long is Manafort facing in prison?

Question: How long will Paul Manafort be in prison?For the eight criminal counts of which he was convicted today, Paul Manafort is likely facing (according several former US prosecutors on various media outlets) from 7 to 9 years in federal prison.Here's the problem for Manafort: There was

Is it possible to survive as a loner in prison?

I would say a loner would be pretty much ok in prison. It's more about respect. To be honest, I met quite a few people who weren't in gangs. In California you call them non affiliates. Non affiliates were some of my closest friends I had when I was locked up.

Since judges know that prison is tough, do they know how to survive in prison?

They don't. Many things in life are notoriously tough, such as war, natural disasters, terminal diseases, getting lost at sea, being in a burning building. I think we could agree those are though However, are we prepared to survive or at least deal with those situations just because we know how tough they are? I don't think so.

Why do inmates get transferred among prisons?

They get transferred for the following reasons-On their own request as to be lodged near to their homeDue to their production before the judicial courts for trial.Due to undisciplined behavior in a prison as a measure to incapacitate the nuisance.

Why do people get shanked in prison?

Many reasons...USUALLY FOR:Owing drug $Being in for sex crimes like rape or molestation.Stealing from an inmateMessing with gay inmates against gang rulesSnitchingDry snitchingdisrespect towards another inmate

How possible is it to break an inmate out during transport?

Having an inmate housed at an outside hospital is the most likely time to have an inmate escape, with or without outside help. During transport is the second most likely time because the escorting staff do not have the physical constraints (fencing, razor wire, fence alarms) of the prison. Hospital

How is life like for married prisoners?

Well, what would you think?The great majority miss their wives -- in general, miss them terribly.  Some of them cry at night, from loneliness.They probably miss the sexual parts of marriage, but as any old married guy will tell you, sex is not the biggest part of marriage.  Companionship.  Caring,  Shared activities.  Working together.  Pursuing

How to locate an inmate of the US Marshals

If they are in Marshal custody then they will most likely have been issued their BOP number. You can go to Federal Bureau of Prisons and to inmate look up. If they are between jail and prison they will most likely be in hold over in OK City and website

Do inmates use smuggled cellphones in minimum security (dorm like) prisons?

Yes. it is in demand.If any thing is in demand it will find its way to be supplied. Nothing but the price/patience matters.They are in demand for two reasons-1) They can talk to their near and dear ones at any moment they are needed. It satisfies their emotional

In close and maximum security prisons, how many prisoners are kept in each cell?

In maximum security prisons in California there are generally two prisoners in a cell. We call them

Are prisoners allowed to have photographs of their loved ones?

Yes they are.I had an internship at a juvenile detention center and I also kept in contact with a friend who was incarcerated.Photos are allowed in prisons, but of course there are limitations, like everything else in prison. The photos must be appropriate, and can't involve anything illegal. Some prisons have a limitation on

How is prison life?

I agree with a couple answers on here. I'll definitely be upvoting those. I would just agree that it depends on the level of the prison. Not a whole lot going on in lower level prisons. A little more gang banging on level 3 yards nowadays. A

How do straight men (inmates) find sex in prison?

As a former correctional officer I have heard and witness several ways male inmates can get access to sex with females. The most popular is to pay a female guard for sex. most states and private prisons pay officers 10

Can prisoners in lockdown make phone calls?

Like so many things, it depends.First, it'll depend on the physical layout of the prison you're in. If you're in a medium or high, then you'll be locked in a cell and the phones will be far far away.If you're in a low that's laid out like the

Who created prison?

It's not an easy read, but Michel Foucault tried to answer this question in Discipline and Punish, one of the most influential books written in the 1970s. It's part history, part philosophy, and amazing.Basically, Foucault argues that for everyday people, incarceration only

As I've got "prison" on my interests, can somebody tell me the difference between "prison" and "jail" in the US? Because in the U.K, we've got jail/prison, it's the same thing.

I see several good answers here, but incomplete in some respects. A person can be held until trial in the local county jail, and some shorter sentences are filled there.Texas has State Jails also. Those are assigned to inmates serving shorter terms. While the concept of keeping less dangerous inmates out of the

Do many prisons require inmates to remove shoes in cells?

No, that is not common. Not in California. Juveniles have boots too. There are no

Are there advantages to being an inmate with a spouse vs. being a single inmate?

This is my opinion, If you are an inmate with a spouse, he/she may come visit you or write to you, may even even take the time to wait for you to become a free man or woman again. You have hope that someone will be their for you. If you are a single in mate,

Do toilets in prison cells have doors?

The closest thing to privacy in the state of Texas would be segregation. Everything else is either a two man cell or dormitory style housing. Dormitory rooms there is zero privacy. If you're minimum custody and in a two man cell you and

Is there a private life in prison?

There is a phrase in prison.

What are the rules of jail/prison to not get assaulted?

Survive isn't the problem... Thrive (or create a meaningful existence) will depend on factors such as: How long your sentence is, what security level of incarceration you are assigned, and what your idea of meaningful is. Start by getting