What defines product market fit (PMF) for a consumer Internet product?

The only real way is to deploy the product and see if you begin to see rapid uptake amongst users. Conceptually-speaking, I personally have two acid tests for evaluating a consumer internet product's likely level of market fit:1) Do women think it

What is the best resource or site for learning Product Market Fit?

The Pmarca Guide to Startups, part 4: The only thing that mattersHow to bring a product to market / A very rare interview with Sean EllisReaching the Startup Holy Grail: Product-Market Fit by Michael Karnjanaprakorn10 Steps to Product/Market Fit by Ash Maurya

Has a hippie ever invented anything?

There's a writer named Michael L. Klassen who has written a book called Billion Dollar Hippie.  The basic premise behind Klassen's book is that hippies have invented a great deal of money-making products and innovations.  According to Klassen's web site, these product innovations include:Selling salad as a meal in

How to launch a hardware startup

Let me cover a few points as the Founder of a hardware start-up and as a NPI professional that has brought over 30+ hardware products to consumer release for major companies.1)     Costs: Hardware startups are only slightly more expensive then software start-ups. My consumer electronics startup is on Version 10 Rev 3 for

What is your biggest Microsoft Windows design pet peeve?

The control panel is messy and badly organized. ''Windows Card Space'', ''Windows anytime upgrade'' and ''getting started'' are just some examples of things that shouldn't be allowed to waste space and create clutter at the root of a settings folder.Using the ''show by category'' option

What are the best to-do list applications for iPhone? Why?

I've been searching for a great personal ToDo app for quite some time already, so I want to share my own findings.First of all, I'm already using a lot of services. For keeping important stuff I'm using:Evernote