Anxiety: How do you keep from feeling overwhelmed when there are an infinite number of things to do in life and business?

The lowest point of my career came three years ago. I was running my executive search company while scaling my investment firm into an enterprise with multiple arms. The pressure was on to assemble the right team while also being present for my young family at home. Then a junior employee whom

Can you tell me some interesting 30 day plans to become more productive?

These things, if done daily, will turnaround your life in a few weeks:HEALTHSleep by 8:30-9. Wake up at 4-5 am every day. Do about 20-30 mins worth of physical exercise.No eating after 5:30pm. Perfect digestion is key to happiness.MINDExercise your brain: solve creative puzzles, read different genres, write ideas, etcEMOTIONSDo what

Do multiple monitors provide increased productivity?

Probably. A Microsoft study showed two monitors improved productivity by 9% for cutting and pasting between multiple applications [1]. A second study estimates productivity improvements by 42%, although I find the methodology of this study suspicious [2]. Yet another study shows large (30-inch) single monitors increase

Do productive people use productivity apps?

I believe the most productive people are CEOs. Every day, the average CEO must contend with numerous issues competing for the limited amount of time at their disposal. Since time has no backward button, energy spent on unproductive, distracting or low priority activities cannot be recovered.What's the secret of their

Does caffeine consumption increase worker productivity?

Perhaps, if used correctly (small, infrequent doses).As a stimulant it increases locomotive activity and makes us feel euphoric [1].Preliminary studies have shown caffeine increases memory and speeds up reaction times in the short-term [2]. It may also increase cognitive performance at the appropriate dose (200mg) when you are in adverse conditions, e.g. sleep deprivation [3]. 

Does learning to type faster increase programmer productivity?

Faster typing increase the productivity. Because:You can type as you think (not interrupting your thoughts waiting the fingers). Even if you planned in advance what to type, you still need speed to benefit from the short term memory - do that, then that, do not forget that... It is easier

Does listening to music while studying improve concentration?

There are different theories regarding Music listening and studying. I personally find Music distracting while I read a text and/or study. Some people like background noise and claim that it helps them concentrate; I think they don't want to be alone or it somehow alleviates boredom. It's a form of multi tasking, and some people cannot do

Does listening to music while you work help you to be more productive?

There's plenty of evidence that would suggest that yes - having music on in the background can improve performance.  Whether you're working out in the gym or zoning out and coding - music can create an environment that facilitates your intent.

Does motivation increase productivity? Why or why not?

Of-course it does. There is a positive relationship between motivation and productivity. That is to say, when motivation increases, we should expect productivity to rise as a result. This reflects the belief that an increased motivation level causes an increase in productivity - a direct cause and effect relationship. Alot

Does nicotine increase worker productivity?

I highly recommend reading through Gwern Branwen's thorough take on nicotine: summarise:Not only does nicotine boost IQ score [1], reaction times [2], performance in driving [3], flight [4], reading [5], and inspection [6], but it also improves symptoms of ADHD [7], and perhaps most

Does working out improve productivity?

This is a medical explanation of this claim that Exercise improves productivity. Over a shorter time-frame, an exercise routine can give you more energy  throughout the day. Most of your cells contain components called  mitochondria, often referred to as the cell's "power plant."  Mitochondria produce the chemical that your body

Have you ever felt so burned out from work that you considered quitting your job?

yes i did get burned out and there were always vultures waiting in the back ground to tear me apart. there were many times i had to work at un-natural hours with little sleep and another 12-16 hours to go.  i would get in the

How to be busy and productive

There is one seemingly magic solution you can implement immediately. I'll explain my two favorite points of view.Focus on the one thing that if completed will make anything else you need to do easy or irrelevant.The other is to use resistance as your compass.   This simply means that you should tackle

How to be productive if I have an extreme lack of motivation

Fewer carbs for lunch is the secret for me.But seriously, Asana helps take on seemingly big challenges and helps me get started.There are two fundamental pieces at work:You can create tasks and assign them to yourself and others with a due date that is visible across the team. This self-created deadline is accountability you create yourself that can

How to be productive

Last Year, I totally Sucked up by my life.Just want to get break from this. Doing a lot of things daily, but none of them will work.But starting again and with the positive attitude will work. check my personal productivity hacks.WAKE UP EARLY IN THE MORNING : One of the best way

How to boost my productivity for my studies

Hi,Remember, the core competence you are expected to build from studies is ‘learning the art of learning'. The moment you miss this point, everything turns futile. You start commodifying (treating education as a commodity to own) education.I suggest you read

How Can I Boost My Productivity Long Term?

If you want to boost your productivity long term, you need to steer away from 'Tricks' and focus on making your lifestyle more productive.Certain things we incorporate into our lives, when we practice them long term, make us increasingly more productive. One of the

How to increase my employee's productivity

Productivity is something that we see the spotlight being shone on more and more. As a business, getting more from the same financial input will increase profits. And we are all about working smarter, not harder. Looking at productivity brings up a series

How to increase studying hours without losing concentration

LONGER STUDY HOURSHave many short intervals 5/10 minute: put an ice pack on eyes. Have very slow very long very deep inhalations through nostrils and complete exhalations through mouth.........................Vipassna may change your personality.Switch to Vegan diet.For many persons, animal's milk and all dairy products are Dangerous for brain. Our

How to make better use of my time

Solve this puzzle.If you can do it, you'll be considered a creative genius. If you can't, well, you'll learn an invaluable lesson that'll save you HOURS of valuable time.You ready?Alright. Do this now: take out a piece of paper and draw 9 dots to form a 3x3 square. It should look like this:

How to make my daily routine more productive

In order to make your morning routine more productive, you'll have to:Establish a morning routinePlan your days and manage your timeTake care of your healthWork smart, and take breaksLeave room for leisure timeThese are just the broad strokes, and here are the specific steps you need to undertake each day to increase

How to make my studying more productive

Thats a very good question Mr. Harshal Kokane. Study time is very important. It is very important that you study qualitative than quantitative. Qualitative- When a person for only 2 hours but remembers each and everything he has studied is called qualitative. Quantitative- When a person studies for 6

How to make myself more productive using a smartphone

Contrary to popular belief, you can be productive while using your smartphone.There are lots of apps out there which will help you in achieving this.Duolingo → You've got spare time, then why not learn a new language? Duolingo is a fun and addicting

How to manage my studies while working full time

I will NOT say that's easy peasy. Because that is difficult. First of all accept the challenge that it is a difficult task, but be determined that you can and will do it.While working full time what you need is strategy. Some

How to motivate myself to be more productive when I'm unemployed? Do especially productive individuals have any suggestions

You can't.Motivation doesn't work.It's like that friend who's always around when you're throwing parties and having a blast but is nowhere to be seen when your life takes a turn for the worse.If you're serious about escaping your current situation, then

How to motivate myself to be productive

Hey there,it is already a very good sign that you are wondering how to fight with your procrastination! I think you should just try to organise yourself, trying to open up your productivity. Here are some tips which might be helpful

How to plan my day to become more productive

1. Create a good morning routine.One of the best ways to start your day is to get up early and eat a healthy breakfast. It's shown that CEOs and other successful people have similar morning routines, which include exercising and quickly scanning their inboxes to find the most urgent tasks. You can also try writing

How to study 10+ hours a day

I will try to put forth my opinion,misconception,suggestions,usefulness etc. in some points (not in any specific order):If you want to clear some competitive examination and if somebody has told you that 10 hrs/day is the threshold for clearing this examination ,then simply it's not true.Different people can achieve

How to waste less time

There are some points you can consider that will help you use your time wisely:Find your most productive time: You can do this by tracking the time you spend on morning activities, to see whether they take longer than expected to finish. If this is the case, try allocating these morning activities to later in the day, to

How can motivation increase productivity?

Generally speaking, motivation is usually temporary and shouldn't be relied on long-term.That said, motivation can be fantastic for getting started on a task.One simple hack is to watch an inspiring or motivational video, listen to a podcast, or read something motivational, first thing in the morning or right

How to increase productivity within the same 7.5 hours of work

Identify and understand the tasks you're working on during your 7.5 hours.Identify tasks that aren't giving you the value desired and quit/reduce/outsource those.Identify tasks where you're wasting time or things that are taking longer than expected. Look at those systems/processes and figure

How to become highly productive everyday without losing motivation

You may heard about Compound Interest, Did you ever heard about Compound Time ?There lies a simple technique to become productive.Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, Bill gates all do this one thing outside their to do list everyday.Despite having greater responsibilities, these top performers often find time to step away from those works and invest

How to become more productive consistently

You have a problem with consistency? Well, that's you and me both! And most definitely millions of other people we both don't know do as well. Then there are those who seem to have it, lucky bastards, how do they do it?

How to boost my daily productivity

I am now trying new methods to become productive ..So from experience,BECOMING AN EARLY RISER IS HAVING A GREAT IMPACT ,,Become an early riser .. the benefits of waking up earlier than others is ,,, you are giving yourself more energetic time to yourself .. ( normally afternoon & evening ) our energy will be reduced

How to efficiently use my time at the gym

While we did a lot of physical training while I was in Special  Forces, I never really understood fitness and diet and what was effective.The Seals made it a science and we always saw them in the gym, but  that's another story.  It is not about working harder, it is about  working smarter.A

How to help myself to be more productive

Playing games ,checking on social feed becomes very addictive with time. You can do some things to avoid wasting time.1. Step by step try to avoid distractions, you can start by uninstalling the game which you play the most.2. Make a habit of checking social media , twice

How to increase motivation and productivity

I remember this time two years ago I wasn't in a good place in my life. I had a bad relationship and I let it affect me so much I lost all motivation. I was doing my thesis for my Masters

How to motivate myself to use my time in doing productive things

I could sit here and give you 50 ways to better use your time, but I've already done that.I could also talk about all the activities you should avoid, but I'm not going to do that either.I'm going to get to the core of this question!Being more productive is one of the best ways to

How to sleep less and become more productive

A... so here is the deal all the time you are awake you are doing things for material things existing in this world. Whatever you do, try to relax your mind in between and close your eyes try to think

How do programmers plan their day in a productive way?

At the start of the day, I review the things that I should be doing. This is a combination of the team's goals, and my own.While I work, I write notes: things I have learned, mistakes I have made, decisions which I have encountered

How do smart students study?

In secondary school, I had a friend who was one of the laziest students I've seen. During class, he'll either be sleeping, writing a diary or reading a book, whilst paying no attention whatsoever to the lecturer or content taught in class. He wasn't a

How to become more productive and stay motivated

I love to use technology in order to improve my productivity - defently mobile tech - because my iphone is always with me. And it really work for me and my local start up (it's NOT ADS! - its only local).We increased the

How to make your lazy day productive

Sometimes it is very useful to have a lazy day: it works as kind of detox for your psychological well-being especially if you decide to reduce your screen time to the minimum.The day spent in procrastination is a different matter: you feel guilty

How to manage time between work and study

Here are some things you need to do:1)Take regular breaks and do the most important tasks immediately after the breaksInstead of taking too much pressure and stress it is important to take short breaks. Play an instrument, listen to song, talk to friends or go for

How to plan your work to be more productive

I wear many hatsI am a senior officer of Indian Revenue Service responsible for a large amount of tax collection.I am a published author. I plan to write one book every year. My two books are already published and the third book is to be published soon in this year.I am a voracious readerI daily

How to schedule your day to be the most productive

I will skip talking about time management for the entire day but will focus on only one point.Morning routine. The one thing you must schedule and stick to!If you start your day with great morning routine, it will help you the entire day getting more

How to spend most of your time on the Internet

#1 Search sample codes or errors in Stack Overflow#2 Surfing to know Objective C language well.#3 Seeing some User Interface designs in Dribbble - Popular#4 Using the front page of the internet#5 Reading magazines

How much time do you spend on your daily exercises?

I do Nordic walking as my preferred form of exercise, and I do it about an hour a day, 6 days a week, when the weather is good. My criteria for selecting that particular exercise are found in the post at the link. Nordic walking is a good cardio exercise:

How should I plan my days to become more productive and disciplined?

Here are some tips for maximizing your time and improving your personal productivity:1. Every Sunday night, map out your week:The key is to create structure and discipline for your week--otherwise you'll just let things come to you...and urgent will push aside important.2. Actively block out task time:If you don't proactively block out that time, those tasks

How should I schedule my time?

I'm not sure what "how" means in this context.  Is it "how" as in how do I fit in everything or "how" as in what tool should I use?  Or is it both, or something else altogether?  I'm going to assume it's "how do I fit in everything".  Here's how I'd

If I only have one hour at the gym, what is the best use of time?

Thanks for the A2A, Sanjay!First off, let me inform you an extremely IMPORTANT detail: Your workout should be limited to 45 minutes or a maximum of an hour!That's correct! The reason being, after 45 minutes, the adrenal gland of your body start oozing excess

I'm 22, and I really hate the feeling that I'm wasting my time. How do I make sure that I'm not wasting my time?

To begin with, I was surprised to see 50 people following the answer to your question. This means there are a lot of people who suffer from the same insecurities and fears that you have, which by itself is no consolation but at

In what ways can money save time or increase productivity?

There are two points in this question.First let us examine how money increases productivity. Money has two functions as a medium of exchange and as a store up value.As a medium of exchange it moves from hand to hand. The rent is

Is working 10 hours a day 4 days a week worth it in comparison to a regular work schedule?

It depends. What are you going to do with an extra day, vs. what do you do with the extra hours.Do you go to or coach your child's little league team? Then you probably want the extra hours each day. I do a lot of events in the evening, if the extra

Time Management: How do really busy people spend their day?

I try not to be really busy, but for periods of weeks and months at a time I can be. I've found the following things work well to help me cope and remain productive when there is more work than time available...Operating Rhythm -

What are business tips for planning a productive day?

Three steps I learned from my most influential mentor: Since the business world never stops, and your competitors are constantly pushing the boundaries in time management, it's important to remember that your 'at work' 9am-5pm needs to be

What are different ways to increase the productivity of company employees?

Well, you could always try to throw more money or perks at them, but I think that will only be short lived.Employees need to see a correlation between their performance at work (their productivity) and personal achievement.If you can discover what's important to

What are some creative tricks to save time and boost productivity?

Get an early start.If you're up and ready to go a couple of hours before everyone else, either on the weekday or weekend, you've got a golden opportunity.There will be fewer people in stores, less traffic on the road, and less of a chance

What are some funny/weird things you do to save time?

We have 2 dishwashers, this saves time putting plates in cabinets. Most plates you put into the cabinet in the morning are used in the evening.We have one for dirty plates and cutlery and one that contains clean plates and cutlery. This system works

What are some handy PC applications/tools that have helped you boost efficiency/productivity?

Hi there:)We developed our own application which helped to increase productivity of our and all another teams in company - DueFocus - Your time tracking & management assistant. No matter what OS you have. The application is available for Mac OS, Ubuntu and Windows.

What are some life hacks to save time?

Measure the time you spend on your phone (there are some good apps out there for this). See what apps are you spending your time on. you would notice that there are a lot of time wasted. If you have certain goals, download apps that would help you to achieve your goals and

What are some of very good websites to visit to spend the most effective and productive time on the Internet?

The answer to this question I think should be decided by what profession you are engaged in, because different areas have different topic and valuable for different groups.So before knowing that information, I could give you some suggestion which is helpful for most of people.MediumIt's a similar website like Quora, but more professional and

What are some productivity tips from various professions?

A firefighter's two cents.A brief skimming of existing answers didn't show some of the things that I am going to share as most of the jobs already represented are white collar in nature. However, there is some cross functionality to my tips none the less.Be physically

What are some things that I can do to limit my time on electronics? I waste so much time mindlessly scrolling on my phone and I feel like I'm losing myself. I want to stimulate my mind more and be more creative. Can you provide me any tips?

The first step I took to minimize my screen time was to get rid of any push notifications for social media, especially if the notifications didn't have to do anything with me (Facebook I'm talking to you).Because what do you

What are some tips to concentrate when reading or at work? I find my mind wanders and I know I am not being as productive as I should be.

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to answer this question. Well, increasing concentration span and focus in the times of Internet and gadgets is a mountainous task. We want everything to be lightning fast, so it's difficult for us to

What are some uncommon ways to work smarter instead of harder?

When I was 21, I used to work incredibly long hours as I thought that would fuel my career success.Boy, was I wrong.Sure, I was productive over the short term. But then something funny happened.I started to get really tired all the time.I couldn't focus anymore during the

What are some useful things and daily activities that can be done daily between 5am to 7am to increase productivity?

ExercisingGet you heart racing & your blood pumping - anything from push-ups & sit-ups to quick jogs / sprints.Warm + Cold > Hot > Cold showerYou've probably already heard that a completely cold shower works great - wanna know something that works even better? Take

What are techniques for increasing productivity without increasing work hours?

First, I congratulate you on the objective of maximizing your productivity and avoiding the 80-hour work week.Achieving productivity by compromising our sleep is a terrible strategy in the long run.In addition to getting enough sleep, eating healthy food and getting exercise should be prerequisites for effective work. And, of

What are the best productive ways to improve myself?

Learn from everything day after day. Be it from nature or human or any where. Read as much as you can. Listen as much as you can. Share knowledge so that you can receive criticism if you are shallow or

What are the best solutions to increase employee productivity without increasing infrastructure?

Here are a few things I've done to increase employee productivity for the people I oversee:Put them in your shoesSome employees can't see past the tip of their own nose. This is why I make sure my employees get perspective of what's

What are the best tools (that you use) to increase productivity?

There are a lot of tools I like that help with my productivity, but I'll share two that I really love - and the Eisenhower Matrix.Brain.fmListening to music really helps with my productivity. It allows me to block out distractions.I am a huge fan of They

What are the best websites to use to improve productivity?

Just sharing some of my personal favourites... a quick sampling!PRODUCTIVITY://;//;Barking Up The Wrong Tree Eric Barker];; Brain Pickings [Maria Popova];Farnam Street - Feed Your Mind :Shane Parrish]; [Tim Ferriss]; //;//;//;//;INNOVATION:www.

What are the most productive habits?

Early to bed and rise.I used to be the laziest person you could've ever come across. I can stay in bed entire morning and think of brushing at 2:30pm when I start to feel dizzy. (Ok, that was in 12th holidays) I was also the same person who would take bath twice. If it's

What are the most productive ways to spend time on the internet for computer science students or geeks?

Effective use of the internet for students' career: I have never been a better learner before.Effective use of the internet for students.The Internet is an inseparable part of the 21st century, especially for the youth of this generation. But I wonder is it being used the way it should be? , Is it being utilized to its full

What are the most productive ways to spend time on the Internet for python programmers?

You can train to be better at algorithmic tasks at CodeFights. It is a fun thing to do.You can try beating simple challenges (about 10–15 mins each) or get a glimpse of coding tasks given by big companies. What I especially like about them is that they

What are the most productive ways to spend time on the Internet?

BOOKMARK THIS ANSWERThese websites will make you incredibly smarter.1/ BBC - Future - In-depth coverage of science, health and technology2/ 5-minute Drops: Learn a new language for no more than 5 minutes per day.3/ Makezine: DIY projects, how-Tos, electronics, crafts and ideas for makers.4/ Psychology Today

What are the tools to increase productivity?

ProofHubLaunched in 2011, ProofHub is a cloud based project management and collaboration tool designed to help you plan, collaborate, organize and deliver projects on time. Used by thousands of teams from all over the world, ProofHub takes the pain out of project management with its simple interface and amazing

What are the top productivity apps? is important for everybody, but it can be an uphill battle on most days. Nowadays, sheer will won't make you as productive as you can be, there will be distractions at every turn because of the internet, the source of all good and evil. But if you really are determined to get

What are the ways and means of improving Productivity?

For me what really helped was meditation. It helps in increasing your focus and speed of doing things.Also,when you are working, try not to be distracted by other people or other's work. also not be distracted by group chats and friend's messages, take calls only when it's important when you are workingtake few minutes break, walk a bit,

What are tips on becoming more productive in the workplace?

Having a balanced lifestyle is vital in order to perform to your best abilities; as you know, the key is balancing your personal and professional life to be as productive and efficient as possible. By being more calm and clear-headed you will be able to strengthen your focus, making you more likely

What are your top ten daily life hacks?

If you have mobile phone addiction then subscribe and click bell icon,of any Current affair Youtube channel and start with Todays headline and Vocab.Clean Your underwear and undergarments on daily with Soap.Workout in morning.For smoker avoid smoking in the morning it will

What can I do for 20 minutes a day that will make my life better in one year?

Read & Read more.I never liked reading before my college. But, I am currently in a phase where I find it is better to invest time on reading than something else. People find it quite amusing and ask me how do I read such big books and never get bored of it. For them, I just

What can increase workers' productivity?

We recently wrote a blog post on this topic and here are a few of the points that stuck out to me:Incentivize: For example, companies like Medium pay their writers extra based on the number of clicks they generate.Healthy communication: If you want to boost efficiency,

What do you do daily to be more productive?

In an ideal world, no one would have to stretch beyond their comfort zone to succeed at work, and all the tasks and responsibilities we need to perform would fit perfectly with our personalities. But unfortunately, this isn't usually the case.

What do you do to stay motivated and productive all day?

First of all it is necessary to understand what Motivation is. Motivation is something which helps us from outside to inside. It is not something which is inside us .We are getting this from outside in order to rhyme it up with our

What is best way to spend one hour time?

Well, it depends on where your are right now and in which situation your are with? But what I assume, you must have been in Office and wanted to do something fast and that too without effort. Then, first of all make a list

What is the best music to increase productivity?

I am a fan of They increase productivity, focus, and can help you sleep. I switched from Spotify to and have never been more is an algorithmically generated engine designed to create the BEST background music for studying, sleeping, or

What is the best thing to do when you have free time?

Well, I didn't do Engineering so I wouldn't exactly know how difficult your schedule at college can be. But, I have been in an hostel which was super busy because of so many activities happening at the same time. I did my diploma in defence strategy and studies and I was a part of a Private military college, Inida.

What is the best way of increasing our productivity?

Let's begin with the description – what is productivity?According to Wikipedia, Productivity describes various measures of the efficiency of production or actions taken by any person or entity. A productivity measure is expressed as the ratio of output to inputs used in a production process, i.e. output per

What is the best way to develop personalized productivity hacks?

The way I look at improving personal productivity is a short iterative feedback loop. The focus is on learning how to be better.To keep things nice and generic, pick a few simple measurements, speed of feedback loop of completion etc. Then at the end

What is the best way to plan my day and be a more productive person?

Hi there, Here at Appfluence, we believe the key to exceptional productivity is knowing what to spend your time on. When you dedicate your time to the right things, not only do you produce, but you produce results with more value. To do so, we

What is the best way to spend your spare time everyday?

I spend time every day doing many things.My routine looks like this:WakeupFirst cup of coffee/ScriptureFitnessEat The Frog - Most Important Task or Most Difficult TaskReview Blogs and WebsitesProcess Email for an hour.Block out time for other taskBlock out 3 hours for Mind and Body Refresh - includes some personal development, nap, lunch,

What is the best way to waste time on the Internet (not counting Quora)? What is the most fun currently?

I will suggest you not to waste time but make use of that limited time that you have by using your time wisely, according to me most people spend their time on social media platform like Facebook, Instagram just consuming others content.In my starting days

What is the simplest way to become super productive?

I actually have a great way of becoming super productive. I wrote an article about productivity. Here I will give you a short overview and later in the answer I will show you the link to my blog if you are interested in reading more about how I started and what

What is the single most effective productivity tip that you've ever received?

I have elaborated some of the productivity tips here: Divya Sethi's answer to What's your single best productivity tip?Productivity is a drug that can help you do amazing things. It's that one drug that separates successful people from the not so successful ones. Ask any of the successful entrepreneurs and they all

What is your favorite productivity app and why?

Amazing Marvin!It's the only ONE-STOP productivity tool I know. It is also the only tool that lets you activate and deactivate

What makes people lazy?

People are inherently lazy, evolution has selected the laziest to survive. Wasting energy, when you can use a tool or get someone else to do something for you made all the difference between life and death, not that long ago. This may sound backwards at first, but think of all the cool devices and

What makes you motivated to be productive each day?

A2AConstantly scare myself about how short life is and how luxury time is.I used to have the problem of laziness and procrastination. There are tons of advices online, but easier said than done. Most people procrastinate because deep inside they don't have a sense of urgency, they

What software programs, in general, increase productivity?

Whether you're running a fortune 500 company or startup, being productive is vital to your company's success. It's important to equip you and your team with the necessary tools to ensure you're increasing efficiency on a daily basis. Below are a

What things do you do everyday to save yourself time?

I use a few tools to help me save myself time:I know exactly what needs to get done each day. I spend time planning the week ahead - what my priorities are and what needs to get done each day. Since I have my own business, I use a couple of tools to help with this

What tips can you offer for someone who wants to use their time well?

Here are some effective time management tips to increase your productivity:Prioritize work - Whatever you have to do, choose the task that is the biggest, the most exhausting, and which takes most of your time to be finished and do it first.Set Real