Can introverts play sports?

I'll try to answer this with a personal angle. I'm an introvert & I have been sincerely active in sports throughout my life.I'm absolutely in love with cricket ever since I gained consciousness. I've played cricket for my school team & a few clubs. I've spent infinite hours playing this game.I've played badminton

Do you prefer watching or playing sports?

Yes ,I prefer mostly playing sports than watching sports because it makes our heath healthy than watching sports. I select both types. There are many benefits for playing sports. One of the man advantage of the playing is that, we

How are cricket pitches made? What is the whole process?

A good pitch is the one:i.Which is dry, firm, well rolled and watered, and which provides even bounce through out as also the pitch lasts for the duration of the match.ii.has even growth of grass on the pitch

How to become a NBA player

I myself, have not played in NBA before, but I can give you my opinion on how to increase your oddsI assume you are in high school now and is good at playing basketball, has good fundamental, great body, height

How good are bad NBA players?

I haven't played in a while, but I can give you a little perspective on this. I used to be a gym rat in college. Played every single day. I was pretty average. I'm around 6′3″ and heavy enough to get position and bang a little under the basket. Decent shot blocker.The answer to the question is this: They

How healthy is sport?

Let's take a look at running as an example.When you run, your blood flows faster and you get hot.Because you get hot, your body begins to sweat. Sweating alone has some healthy impacts on the body and I won't explain them here (I don't remember these things by heart anyway)Instead I will

How is statistics used in sports?

In tons of ways. Indeed, there is even a specialty just for people who specialize in statistics about baseball: Sabermetrics. Statistics is used to rate players, decide on who gets cut from the team, decide who plays on which days and against which teams and with which teammates. It's used in salary arbitration,

I can run 100 meters in 11 seconds. I've never gotten coaching. How can I get some?

This is a fantastic timing over 100m considering you're not a pro.At state and district levels in India, you can compete raw and win with this.The national record is at 10.3s but the climb from 11s to 10.3s is a steep one.  Still, given that you've got here without coaching

Is pro wrestling fake? Do they ever actually hurt each other (barring accidents)?

They are very real.The result and the spots of the match are scripted. The moves like punches and kicks are real.A professional wrestler performs signature moves such that they don't injure the other wrestler.Lets take an example of move known as Piledriver. It has been banned in WWE since 2000 and only two wrestlers in WWE are allowed to

Is swimming a sport?

Yes. The definition of

Is swimming the best sport for our health?

'Best' is very subjective. Different people have different definitions of 'best'.Anyway, swimming is beneficial to your health. Swimming regularly may help reduce the risk of chronic illnesses in some people. [1] Swimming is also a relatively safe exercise. Swimming can support up to 90% of

Professional snowboarders, how do you mentally and physically prepare yourself for a major competition?

Not being a professional snowboarder, I can't hazard a guess. But there is a certain ease of balance that one has in making the turns and slalom that is essential to every one that is snowboarding, or skiing, or any turn

What are the best sports or martial arts to introduce to a child in order to increase its flexibility and athleticism from an early age?

If you want to increase a child's flexibility and athleticism from an early age, the best answer will not be what you expect. I have watched young kids martial arts classes over the years. They basically are controlled daycare. Kids with

What do they test during a fitness test for a sport and how?

Here are some more tests that are scheduled to be added to this site. These are tests I have recently come across and no further information is available. Let me know in the comments below if there are others that you cannot find information about.5m shuttle run test (repeat sprint)AAHPERD fitness testHop and Stop Test

What is the best team sport?

Crew (or rowing). It got my 14 year old son who HATED sports to participate in sports. He tried baseball, basketball, football and hated them all. Why? 2 words. THE BENCH. The problem with most team sports is the bench. If you are not talented enough, guess what? You are on the bench.Crew has

What is the most physically demanding professional sport?

Of course all sports are. First we need to state that the way professional sports are played is a different story from sports that people do for recreational purposes. That way, the same sport has different demands from an athlete's body and different work loads are being put

What is the most popular sport in the world?

There are two ways of answering this question.  The first is popularity based on supporters and fans, and the second is based on participation numbers.   It also depends on if you define something as a sport or a leisure activity.One of the best organizations in compiling data about relative

What is the second most popular sport in the world as you think?

Cricket:yep.Cricket is popular in Australia, New Zealand, England, India, Pakistan, The West Indies, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh. South Africa, Zimbabwe.The sport is gaining popularity in Ireland, Scotland, Afghanistan, The Netherlands, Kenya, UAE.There is a cricket world cup in One Day Internationals and in Twenty 20.It is very popular in India where players are viewed as DemigodsIndia has the second highest

What's the hardest sport on the body?

Putting to one side the combat sports like Boxing and UFC or the staged ‘sports' like professional wrestling I will pick one that I doubt anyone else will pick which is rugby league.There are two forms of rugby - league and union. Both

What's the most beneficial sport to play?

If you are looking for all round sports that train everything,such as endurance, strength and flexibility, consider swimming,basketball,cycling and running. Soccer and Frisbee also fits the list,to some extent.Now,I am going to come with a sports list based on the Olympics,and

What should be done first, the gym or playing sports?

This is a very common question is sports so I will try to address it as well as I can. The answer is: It depends.There are two reasons for that:Your body - Some people just can not recover in time after a sport or gym session to go do another

What sport are Russians best at?

Russia due to the long winters is succesfull in nearly every sport that is played in a gym.Gymnastics, Fight sports like wrestling, judo, sambo, boxing, MMA. Basketball, Volleyball. Baskeball has decayed a bit, Russia is no longer as ranked as once was. France, Spain and former Yugoeslav countries are ranked higher, The Lithuanian independece

What sport can i choose at 31?

Even ignoring the fact that you're considering getting started at an age when many a professional athlete's career has peaked and is beginning to trend downward, I get greatly frustrated by any question like this.I think it's similar to "I'm 31, I have never played a musical instrument of any

What sport should my son play?

Swimming..... speaking as father of 2 sons who both started swimming at an early age and are now grown here's why I think swimming is the best sport for your sonit's an important life skill that could save them and perhaps others from drowningits inexpensive to learn and to buy the equipment needed to outfit them

What sports are you good at?

I am good atTaekwondo :-since I was under very intense and hardcore training for seven years achieving 2 Dan black belt at the age of 15 years and also tepresented india ,won bronze medal in south asian championships also inherited genes present in me as my

What's the best/most popular sports league in the world?

It would be either IPL or the newly introduced T10 cricket league.IPL is not only one of the most profitable domestic leagues but also one of the most star-studded and most watched across the Indian subcontinent and in Asia.It is also cash rich to a wide extent and will be getting even

When is a sport considered a sport?

It's a tough question. I have my own definition, but this would cut out several things that are considered sports today. Sometimes it's difficult to distinguish a sport from a game. And I don't think they are the same. Both

Which is the best sport in the world and why?

Soccer/Football, because its so basic, all you need is a ball of no specific size, you could use tennis balls or basketballs if you had nothing else (tennis ball is fun:), and no other equipment. Its quick to set up, like if you play cricket, you need bats, balls

Which is the most popular sport in world?

Football (Soccer for us American's) is by far. The 2014 World Cup had a billion and a half people watch the final if i remember right. The Super Bowl however, had but 100 million viewers. Also, just consider soccer is played in every country even North Korea. American football as the name

Which sport is the best in your opinion for overall physical fitness and why?

People have taken different approaches to this question. A lot of the answers preach combat sports and MMA and some other answers attempt to preach some other philosophy. I don't know why some answers supposedly try to bash some of the other answers.Now, the way I understand this question, you're asking about a sport;

Which sport produces the fittest athletes?

To answer this question, one first needs to decide what it is to be "athletic".Athletic - being good at sportsSport - competitive activity that involves physical exertionSo, through a little rewording of the question...What sport develops athletes to be the best at sports, in general?The sport that does this would, by default, would have to be the sport

Who are some NBA players that you wouldn't recognize on the street as a basketball player?

Jaron Blossomgame, Nik Stauskas and Deng Adel of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Richaun Holmes, George King and De'Anthony Melton of the Phoenix Suns, Timothy Kuwawu-Cabarrot, JaKarr Sampson and Antonio Blakeney of the Chicago Bulls, Jaylen Adams, Alex Polthress and Omari Spellman of the

Who is the third best basketball player in the NBA?

Third best all depends who is seen at number one and two.I rank KD as the best overall player in the league only because Lebron is 34 and soon to be 35.Lebron is now the second best player in the league, doing things we

Why is football considered the best sport in the world?

It's the greatest sport for many reasons.First, It can be played by everyone. Doesn't matter if you're rich or not. You can go to Africa and see kids play with cans. Money is no issue.Second, It's so diverse. I know... diverse? What does he mean by that? Ever watched basketball and notice that there are

Why is football or soccer the most popular sport in the world?

I'll give you many less important options and then give you the big's cheap to play - you don't need anything extra to play other than a shared ballit can be played anywhere - if you have a ball and relatively flat

Why is your sport the best?

I guess the sport you fall in love with has a lot to do with your character and personality traits, how well they match that sport. The sport that does that for me is tennis.A little backstory first though: the life

Are most Americans aware of cricket, the second most popular sport in the world?

Cricket in America is popular only among the Indian Americans(Indian Community/Subcontinent Community),it is getting a bit more known as many people from India are moving to US .It might be a well known game in the places where there is lot of Indian

Are sports overrated?

Sports are excellent at improving skills, having fun, building camaraderie, and getting exercise. I believe SPORTS  as spectator sport are overrated. They do allow you to make connections with people quickly or pass the time in a conversation but...Athletes get paid absurd amounts of money to play

Are there any sports you don't consider a sport?

For me, for the most part a sport has to have a very defined and simple objective and it must rely on human strength to accomplish.NASCAR or any automobile racing is not a sport. It's a competition. Sure you have

As spectator sports, why do college sports have such broad appeal compared to professional sports, at least in the US?

Geography and emotion.As for emotion, when the late John McKay coached the USC Trojans, which at the time (and do again now) shared a stadium with the NFL Rams, he observed that no one ever graduated from the University of the Rams. My dad's name is on Senior Walk, engraved with the

At what age should a boy start a sport?

This is very good question.I have my opinion about this , any kid no matter boy or girl can start any kind of sports between 6–7 years.Why ? Because lets say is a four years old boy.What he know about him self ? he don't know what he want in the age 0–5 .I

Can I choose shooting as a sport?

Shooting has one of the longest career lifespans in competitive sports. There are many shooters who have competed in the Olympics and World Championships in their 40s, to name a few: Ralf Schumann - Silver medalist, 25m rapid fire pistol, Beijing 2008, he was 46. Also came

Can you list these sports from most physically demanding to not so much?

As one who hasn't played all these sports, my answer is certainly subject to criticism, but I would list them as follows:WrestlingLacrosseBasketballFootballSoccerSwimmingX-CountryHandballTennisVolleyballBaseballCricketVolleyballGolfBowlingI am putting a higher value on running, for the most part. All the sports down

Do professional athletes drink alcohol?

Yes, they do but in a controlled and regulated way.If you have alcohol in your blood and train hard, you're going to be dehydrated which will lead to a few days outside the pitch. So, during their season they restrict themselves from alcohol.But during the off season when

Do referees play too big of a role in sports?

Referees do play too big of a role in sports.For example, you, as a participant, likely know when you have committed a foul. Whether a net violation in volleyball, hand ball in soccer, or a skipped ball in racquetball, you likely know better than

Do we really need professional sports?

As others have pointed out professional sports are entertainment and while it's fun to go watch the local theater company put on a play it's more entertaining to watch the best actors, directors and technical people do it.  But professional sports is more than just entertainment, for many their team is a

Do you play any sports?

Why sports Well my friend this was a type of question that I will just love to answer. My life is sports or sports is my life, both the ways are correct to describe this 14.75 years life span of mine. If I start it from the starting when I was a toddler I used

Do you prefer watching or playing sports?

Yes ,I prefer mostly playing sports than watching sports because it makes our heath healthy than watching sports. I select both types. There are many benefits for playing sports. One of the man advantage of the playing is that, we can maintain our

Do you think that athletes owe to compete for their country whenever invited? I ask because there was a period where all the biggest stars declined to compete in the world championship for Sweden in ice hockey, and people felt betrayed

The Olympics, FIFA, hockey World Championships, the Davis Cup - they are all nothing but people who own a trademark getting free labour, free premises, and everything else free. All these athletes compete for nothing but

Do you watch professional sports on TV?

Do you watch professional sports on TV?Sure do.Just this past Sunday, I watched the Wimbledon men's singles championship match, then switched over to the World Cup final.I also watch Mets baseball games occasionally, and I'll definitely watch US Open tennis matches later this summer... and that's just about when college football season starts, at which

Does playing a sport in college matter?

No, not really. One can attend college and never play a sport.However, that would be a Shame.MIT, the top STEM university in the world, requires that every undergraduate earn 8 points in Physical Education. That can be done by taking four PE

How to be active in sports because I am so weak when it comes to sports? What should I do

Thanks for A2A. I am not at all good in athletics..I don't remember when did I play a sport last. focus was on drawing & painting as extra curricular activities. So basically..apart from studies ( I was not a topper also) if someone is not good at something..then find

How to become a professional athlete

Being a professional athlete is the easy part but being the best at your sport is the hard one.First of all i would tell you to know your passion, like which sport you've been practicing/ playing/ watching film of from a couple of years.Secondly, arrange

How to play sports

To me, this question is so vague . . . . . almost akin to me asking a total stranger

How to start doing sports

I did kind of go through the same.  I had been lifting for a while, but had no cardio endurance.  A girl I liked and eventually married played rugby and told me off hand that I wouldn't be able to do it.  Challenge accepted.I had been a swimmer about ten years before,

How did you find a sport that you liked and were good at?

Try as many as you can. I read an article one time that said at a young age the USSR put all children in gymnastics. This allowed them to judge each child in many different movements. To see where natural talents lie for

How do average US Army soldiers compare to professional athletes in terms of physical fitness?

I guess it really depends on the unit, or line of work. I've seen fat SF guys. I've seen in shape paper pushers. There are all kinds of different types of people in the Army which makes it so interesting. Most of the infantry guys are in good shape, but not super strong

How to play sports with friends

Playing sports is not just my hobby but a part of my life.Coming to your question, suppose I want to play football with my friends,The first thing I would do is to inform them in advance i.e. two or one day before, that I wish

How good are bad professional athletes?

I'll give you an example. Pastor Maldonado was a notoriously bad F1 driver. He crashed himself. He crashed others, and he still went slow. The only time I've been impressed by his driving was when the team sent him out on slicks at Monaco in the rain. He negotiated the hairpin at approximately

How healthy is sport?

Let's take a look at running as an example.When you run, your blood flows faster and you get hot.Because you get hot, your body begins to sweat. Sweating alone has some healthy impacts on the body and I won't explain them here (I don't remember these things by heart anyway)

How is fishing a sport?

Fishing falls into several different categories these days.For me it was always an entertaining way to enjoy nature and while away the hours and the only thing sporting about it was how you treated your quarry after you had landed it.Is this a keeper or do I throw it back? Commonly known as catch and release, these days.My younger

How is football the number 1 sport in the world?

Football is no 1 sport all over world, more than half of population of entire world watch football. It is the main sports of entire Europe and South America. It is also popular in Asia, Africa and North America. But what makes it so popular. Ofcourse this sport is quite exciting, unpredictable and time consuming to

How is the swimming sport system in your country?

In the Netherlands we have the element of water as an intrinsic part of our identity. Water is even implied in the etymology of our name Nether-lands, a country underwater.The swimming sport system of the Netherlands seems like a pyramid of hierarchy, from the lowest level being habitual swimming up to professionalism and Olympic distinctions.The

How well would a professional football player do at soccer?

Probably about 75–80% of them wouldn't do very well at all, because the body size and composition for the positions is quite different from soccer.Soccer players most closely resemble corner backs and small wide receivers. A few larger wide receivers and safeties have the right build (minus some muscle) to be effective center backs and forwards,

If a friend invited you to a sports game, but you do not like the sport. Do you still go because he or she is your friend, or tell them no instead because you do not like the sport?

In a healthy friendship, these are the options:You go, and try to enjoy their company. You may even learn interesting things about the game from them, and that will give you something to talk about Who knows, you end up liking it!You say that you don't think you both will have

If you could be a star in any sport, would you choose a team sport or an individual sport?

I would most likely be a MLB player. The top contracts in the MLB can average out to $30–40 MILLION per year. That's double what most top NFL players other than QBs make. Being a non-contact sport, baseball is a hell of a lot safer than football.The best international soccer

If you could go back and start playing a sport earlier in life, what sport would it be and what age would you start?

Soccer. I played many different sports and enjoyed them all but when it came to team sports soccer was where I should have landed. I never kicked a soccer ball until I was 24 years old but by then it was too

If you had 1 year to train for a World Championship Boxing Match with Mike Tyson in the prime of his boxing career, how would you prepare?

The odds would still be heavily against me in all categories, but F**k it if I got an opportunity like this, I'm going for it!Step 1.Find a good trainer, showcase an unbelievable work ethic. Run my credit into the ground, so I can spend almost all my time

If you think professional athletes are overpaid, who else do you think should get the money they generate?

No. Being a professional athlete is one of the lowest paying professions I know.People look in the wrong direction when they see the reported salaries of the one in a million player.Just to use one example, for every multi-million dollar contract in the MLB, there are tens of thousands of people playing for a few

I'm 12 years old and I am interested in participating in athletic activities more often, despite this, I have little experience with sports. What are some sports that are very open to beginners?

Twelve years old can be a tough age for sports because there is such a size disparity between boys that are well into puberty and those who may not start for quite some time. Still, it can be a great age because it's like the deck is reshuffled for everyone.Swimming and track/cross country are sports that have technique but

In what ways can football be considered a dangerous sport?

I can only speak for American football but its extremely dangerous due to the head injuries. Although some of these articles are a few years old, they are still relevant. Here's why: Chronic traumatic encephalopathyChronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a form of encephalopathy that is a progressive degenerative disease, which can

Is a sport really a sport if it's not competitive?

Not in my view. And that is the reason I have a low opinion of certain TV sports that are created more for television entertainment purposes than for real competition.There are times when athletes and sportsmen will compete more for a common purpose, such as

Is dancing a sport?

No.I am well aware that dancing, depending to the type and the level, can be painstakingly difficult and physically straining, even more so than some sports (i.g. Archery). However, physically straining does not equal sport, that would be like saying that Architects and Doctors are the same thing because they both work hard and they are

Is doing sport necessary?

Doing sport in itself isn't necessary. However, it is recommended that a child does an hour of exercise a day and that an adult does 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity. You don't have to suddenly take up lessons in a particular sport to walk, jog or do regular stretching exercises for example.

Is fishing a sport? Why or why not?

Absolutely fishing is a sport! Take tournament bass fishing for example..... it's not luck who wins.... It's experience and pattern fishing . I've done it many many times. It requires precise casting, statistics, coordination , mental focus , stamina to take sometimes two casts per minute ... maybe three ! And do it for 8–10

Is gymnastics a feminine sport?

No not at all. Gymnastics was started by the greeks as a test of stength and valor. Fun fact: the root gymn means naked and the original olympic games were played completely nude. But gymnastics is a test of strength, flexability, endurance, and

Is it important to follow sports?

It has now become a predicament. See, I used to love watching Tennis =, badminton & Cricket. Then Match fixing in cricket charges showed up on TV. I stopped watching cricket. Stuck to Tennis & badminton. Then Match fixing News came out for Tennis. Stopped Watching that too.Badminton I play myself daily, so

Is motocross a sport? activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment- This is the definition of the word SPORT.Motocross/Supercross/Enduro/Harescramble racers are all athletes and they all play a sport.  I am unsure if you have raced before but

Is motocross a tough sport?

Have you heard of MotoGP and the GOAT - Valentino Rossi.He explains in the documentary

Is soccer/football the number one sport in the world?

Football has been the number one world sport for some time in my opinion. It has the largest fanbase and playerbase and is played in the most countries (Wikipedia gives the data of 250 million players in 200 countries and 3.3-3.5 billion

Is sports betting ruining sports?

Why do you ask that? It's quite the opposite IMO.Making a bet which predicts the outcome of an event makes that event SO MUCH more interesting.I rarely watch sports or keep up with the games but when I have a bet on something, I'm constantly checking the scores, paying attention to the players and generally

Is swimming a hard sport?

At a casual competitive level swimming is not very hard -though I would still say that compared to other sports at that level swimming is harder. I would define a casual competitive level as ABC finals for club and JV or lower varsity (not making it

Is there a country where basketball is the most popular sport?

Without doubt it is the most popular sport, and moreover the sport by which the country identifies itself internationally, in Lithuania.For a country of only 3.6 million people to be consistently competitive over generations with powerhouses such as Spain, Argentina, Greece and even of course the USA is remarkable.As a brand this image

Is there a sport without referees?

At the highest level of any sport, the difference between winners and losers is very small, so you need some sort of arbitrator who can decide who won and who lost, and whether the winner was within the rules. At club or simple friendly level, where the objective is to have fun then you usually don't bother.For

Is there any popularity ranking of sports played across the world? Barring football/soccer, where do other sports stand?

I found a list of the sports with most fans; considering many fans themselves will practice that sport it could be similar to the top played sports. Football (but as you mention I'll leave that aside)Cricket. Has 2-3 billion fans, mainly in the Commonwealth countries.Basketball. Approximately 2-3 billion fans too, mainly in

Of the major sports, which has the most exciting endings and why?

Major sports...presume you mean soccer,cricket,field hockey,rugby,basketball,ice hockey,baseball,tennis,and we should include American football even if it's not as ‘global' as the rest.All the above have incredibly exciting endings,whether it's in regular time,overtime,extra time,9th inning,last over,super over,etc,etc. Of this there is no

Should kids play sports?

Why not Sports are the only one thing that kids can learn easily and which will have many benefits on children's body and mind.Children have to be very active every day. Physical activity stimulates growth and leads to improved physical and mental health.Today,research shows that the importance of physical activity in children is stronger than ever. For example, medical

Tennis and golf used to be an elitist game whereas basketball and baseball and soccer a game of the people, assuming I'm right. That may be true in the USA but what about other countries?

Soccer requires a ball and some open space. When I was in Haiti on a deployment from FEMA doing rescue work, the kids would play on dirt with a ball of rags. While sad, it really shows just how little funds it takes to play futbol.Basketball is a little more, you need pavement and at

What are some of the craziest sports in the world?

The ancient and honorable game of Buzkashi, the national sport of Afghanistan, is the most insane sport on the face of the planet.Buzkashi means

What are some of the most important national sports around the world?

I would say in Nigeria, the most important sport is soccer. The reason for this is back in the 1960s, Nigeria was in a huge civil war and it looked like there would be a lot of bloodshed with immense hate from both sides.

What are some ways to keep bad cholesterol (LDL) low and good cholesterol high?

A few things you can do:Maintain a healthy weight by staying active and eating relatively healthy.Focus on one ingredient whole foods and minimize any processed carbs or fats. Try to get in at least 30 min of light cardio such as walking 3 times a week.Get

What are the best professional wrestling matches of all time?

Making list of best pro-wrestling matches might add you to the List of Jericho as it is really very difficult to point down to best pro-wrestling bout around the world from every major and independent promotions. Though according to me, here am writing it down.Many of the matches are from WWE only as i have never followed Japanese and

What are the best spectator sports?

I would say it is Hockey. The speed is so fast that you can't really get the experience watching it on TV. That is why they paint the pucks path on screen, just so you can see where the puck is at. When you see how fast they are shooting it,

What are the kinds of team sports?

If you are craziest fans of golf and you want to watch your favorite golf live streaming, then sign up on our site and get your subscription with instant access.You just have to paid little amount of charges and get start to watch all your game matches live streaming

What are the most boring mainstream sports?

My answer would be NASCAR.I believe that all depends upon how you are watching it or the venue that is chosen to observe that sport. If we are thinking about defining mainstream sports in America as: American Football (NFL or NCAA), Basketball, Baseball,

What are the top 10 watched sports in the world?

To rank sports according to their popularity is really a contradictory task. As Indian, my favorite sport is Cricket but every region or country has their own favorite sport. There can be many criteria to decide most followed sport-1) TV viewership2) Audience3) No of Professional leagues around the world4) Average

What are the world's least known sports?

Chess Boxing - Here's a game that combines brain and brawn. It has the brutality of boxing and the intelligence of chess. The game features alternating rounds of chess and boxing. You can win by checkmating your opponent or by knocking him out.Unicycle Polo - This is basically

What does it mean to be athletic?

Being athletic means you have a natural ability to achieve certain physical goals. The term athlete is often associated with sports such as football or basketball but can pertain to anyone that is physically fit and coordinated. Athleticism can be described at a variety of different levels from amateurs to professional athletes. Playing sports my entire life,