How can a high school student make money?

Trust me there is no easy way to money, If someone tells you a certain website pays you something like clicking ads or surveys or anything which can be done quickly and easily, take it straight away as a scam.However it's not completely impossible to earn money easily online

What are the main profit models of a gym?

This is actually quite an interesting  question. One of the main problems for gyms is that it has been a quite expensive operation. For profit, its a subscription driven business. Although many successful managed gyms sell mainly subscription on a 3,

What is the average profit margin as well as gross profit per year for a large gym franchise (such as Gold's Gym)?

As a franchise consultant, and if you came to me with interest in this industry, I would do the following:Identify the brands which are in this industry.Obtain a copy of the FDD (financial disclosure document) for each brand under review.Carefully analyze information in the FDD including: corporate financial statements of the franchisor; Item 19 in

If I was to spend 3 months building an FBA amazon business (working 7 hours per week) what revenue and profit could I realistically expect to be making, per week (continuing to spend 7 hours per week)?

I did this for a while. I worked about 20 hours a week for 2 years. I let it die out because profit margins kept getting smaller as the market got more efficient over time. That's great for the consumer, but not for the seller. Plus,