What are the best part-time coding bootcamp programs that I can complete with a full time job?

As of April 2019, here is my list of top 3 best part-time online coding bootcamps.Before I jump in, selecting an online coding bootcamp is very different than picking an in person coding program. In recent years, there are lots of

Are programming bootcamps worth it? The prices on some of these programs are understandable, but the lack of affordability (financing, payment plans, etc.) that doesn't require you to pay 5-10k upfront is disheartening.

Disclaimer: I co-founded Dev Bootcamp, but left in August, 2013 and no longer have any formal or informal affiliation with the company.  These opinions are mine and mine alone and reflect only my personal ideals as an educator.  If you have any questions

If I run 5 miles a day at roughly 8 minutes per mile, am I decently prepared for boot camp?

That's a pretty decent start. Maybe work on getting your speed up though? I had a way of increasing speed and distance that worked wonders for me, and I can share that here. I can't speak to the rigors of

What UX design bootcamps exist?

As the CTO at Bloc, I've been keeping track of most of these programs for the past year. Here is a comprehensive list of immersive, bootcamp-like options I've put together:Bloc- (Bloc | Learn Web Development, Mobile App Development or UX Design with a Mentor)If you want a holistic program, much like a