Is there a need for marriage in a progressive world?

I assume you are talking about India because all cultures and societies are different. What might be possible in one culture may/may not be possible in other culture. In India, we follow a strict moral code of conduct as compared to West. or

How much progress have you made working out?

Workout progress depends on each person and their dedication. Some people have a limited interest and use fast results gimmicks which usually is a waste of time leading to a collection of dormant exercise equipment.Working out is all about mind set, you prepare for muscle development which

Is capitalism needed in a progressive society?

Diffuse capitalism where the owners of capital make most economic decisions, but capital is allocated diffusely enough so capitalists do not have significant market power in any market, not just goods markets, is the only economic system consistent with the liberal principle that we have found so far. The liberal principle is that everyone should