Does God exist?

NO, he does not exist. Here are over 100+ answer to this question and I will add mine. Maybe someone posted a similar answer. Maybe some people said he does exists.I would start by saying a basic logic argument. I will use photos as is much easier for me. Sorry for the poor English grammar.Let's assume

Is God real? If yes, can you prove it?

There are many theories on our origins. These theories in turn rely on assumptions and other theories till we reach the Big Bang. Well what happens before Big Bang? Nothing or Cause is unknown. Thus the reasoning is based on a theoretical Ponzi scheme to which more and more people are unknowing added.How did I arrive at

Belief and Beliefs: Can the existence of a god be proven or disproven?

Thank you for a thought-provoking question that gives me an opportunity to argue against my usual position. It's fun to try to get your head on backwards sometimes!I am tempted to rephrase the question as "What are some reasons to believe God DOES exist?", since I don't find any proof for the existence

Can you prove god exist using the scientific method?

No. By definition, God is beyond the purview of science. Science seeks to explain the natural world.God is OUTSIDE THE REALM OF THE NATURAL WORLD. If God created everything (definition), then He cannot be a PART of that which He created. Meaning He would

Has science proven that God does not exist?

Science has already proven it million of times. It is really ironic that in mathematics, chemistry or physics anyhow as soon as we derive a result, scientists get onto some result via evidences, experiments etc most people just believe it without counter-questioning but in case of

How could you prove the existence of God? What would God have to do convince people he is real?

Let's see !!There's a word called Miracle which by Oxford Dictionary means

How would you prove that you are or are not a god or that God does or doesn't exist?

How would you prove that you are or are not a god or that God does or doesn't exist?I don't know what god is supposed to be, but what I've heard from other people is that gods have super powers, the kind that

If God exists, why does God exist?

Thanks for the A2A, Bryer. I agree with John Coats that this question is confusing the way it is worded. In English, we usually attribute "why" questions to intentional behavior with teleological reasons. It is probably better stated with a "how" or "what" question, something

Is it proof that god exists when you ask for strength/support/help he always comes to help you?

Regardless of how successful we are with our personal objectives; we may not feel secured without addressing the high-level objective; the purpose of our existence.It is wrong to say ‘let us enjoy the journey and forget about the destination'If you find yourself in

Is there any unbiased proof for the existence of God that does not rely on what a few thousand year old books say?

Proof is the wrong word. Proofs only exist in math and logic, not in science or theology. [1] You can't even prove that atoms exist! This being said, there are many good arguments (not proofs) for both atoms and God.Only a few arguments for God rely on scripture: for instance the argument that so many Biblical

What book has helped you prove that God exists?

When we talking about God we should define the God first and second thing is the way of worship !!How one would identify God ??All religious people are describing God as supreme power, one who has created whole nature including all the

What is Christianity's greatest proof that God exists?

Non-serious answer:Hawaiian pizza, a good book, waking up to your alarm and realizing it's Saturday, Dutch apple pie, having consensual coitus with your mortal enemy's madre. All of these are the finest proof in a deity.Serious answer:If you're looking for proof you won't find it. I will

What is some evidence of God?

Evidence? It is everywhere.When you look at building, you don't wonder how it got there. You know that it's complexity demands a designer, a person who drew it out and planned it. It never crosses your mind that it might have resulted from nothing. The lumber

What is the proof that god really exists?

I think this story will definitely let you believe in god and his existence.The first Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Nanak Dev Ji travelled across the world spreading the word of truth. One of the places Guru Nanak Dev Ji visited during

What is your best evidence of God?

There is little scientific evidence for God, chiefly because the rigorous demands of science rule out most existing evidence. For example, scientific evidence must be objective and repeatable, but most reported visions appear to a small number of

What physical evidence exists that is used to prove the existence of God(s)?

Professor Werner Gitt, who works in the field of information science writes:There is no known natural law through which matter can give rise to information, neither is there any physical process or material phenomenon known that can do this.(Werner Gitt, In the Beginning Was Information, 1997, p. 79)This statement, if true, destroys the whole basis of

What would you say to someone who argues that there is no proof God exists?

It's a good question.But unfortunately for unbelievers, science has already shown that DNA comes from someone intelligent outside of the observation of our current utilities.All plant, animal & human DNA requires 3 critical components;1) information2) communication3) language.Since 2013, genuine science has acknowledged that DNA is a marker of intelligence NOT evidence of biochemical naturalistic

Why doesn't God exist?

QUESTION: Why can't God exist?ANSWER: Because he/she/it doesn't have enough true believers.Did you ever see Peter Pan? You know, where Tinkerbell is fading away, because there aren't enough kids believing hard enough? They strain and grunt and worry, and lo... Tinkerbell resumes existing. Yay!Same idea.Except, it's not a binary numbers