How does property investment works?

Property investment works by purchasing a property in the hopes of either capital gains or rental income.With capital gains, you buy the property and wait for a period of time which is normally several years before you sell it at a higher price.

Property Investment in Singapore?

A foreigner can invest in private residential, commercial/industrial properties. Recently there are some cooling measures on the residential segment where additional stamp duty is 15% of sale price. There is no estate duty or capital gain tax. Interest rate in Singapore is about 1.8%. And

What are the best books about property investment?

Everything is moving online and all the things you need are always available online and with little research, you can find things for free.Let me share a little secret. Whenever I need something, I go online search for companies offering those and then see which one has a free trial. I take the free trial period and

What is the secret of property investments?

There are many different strategies and ‘secrets' of real estate, however none of them make any bit of difference unless you already have the real secret of property investment, which is having a goal in mind and the right strategy

Why Choose Property Investment?

I work for a property investment company that has sold property to over a hundred investors over the years (many of them buying several properties from us) and it really is one of the best ways to build wealth and secure a