Does fasting help lose weight?

I have tried alternate-day fasting as well as something similar to Leangains (basically just one huge meal a day).  Both were effective, though I preferred the latter since I have a family (I can enjoy daily dinners with them).I also

Is milk good or bad for health?

CONSMilk depletes the calcium from your bonesThe milk myth has spread around the world based on the flawed belief that this protein and calcium-rich drink is essential to support good overall health and bone health in particular at any age. It is easy to understand that the confusion about milk's imaginary

What are disadvantage of marrying a lady with a child?

I am not quite sure that marrying a lady with a child necessary has to lean towards disadvantage. It could turn out great.Situations that lead to such situationsThe lady is divorced and the father of the child is still in the picture.The lady is widowed so the father of the child is no

What are disadvantages of self-studying?

The problem with being self taught is that your professor is no smarter and no more knowledgeable than you are.   Instructors and mentors are useful because:They have knowledge and perspective.  They are further down the road than you are, so are more likely to know what's ahead.  They

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a divorce?

Before going for divorce it's important to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages not only for yourself but for your spouse and your children. Divorce divides a family financially and emotionally, which may improve life for all, or exchange one set of problems for another. Consider the benefits and drawbacks.Here are some advantages and disadvantages of

What are the advantages and disadvantages of arranged and love marriages?

Advantages of Love MarriageBoth individuals decide that want to be together and don't let the others get involved in their relationship.You are marrying someone you know already and are responsible for the relationship.You can settle into matrimony easily since you are aware of

What are the advantages of learning ethical hacking?

Benefits of learning Hacking :Hacking can allow for the revelation of bugs and weaknesses in a particular software, which could in turn be used to make the software even stronger. For example, a programmer could test out his/her software by "hacking" it themselves or asking a professional hacker to do it for

What are the disadvantages of eating healthy, and how do I deal with them?

Yes, there are some disadvantage to healthy eating also.Eating green vegetables is the healthiest choice of many of us. But eating lots of greens is to have excess of vitamin K which can coagulate our blood and hence neutralize the effect of blood thinner medicines in heart patients.Diabetic cannot eat

What are the disadvatages of crossfit training?

(I like to train. I have been a competitive runner and triathlete, a former military diver, and a regular CrossFit gym client for 3.5 years, and have been coached by roughly a dozen different trainers in that time frame. I have completed the CrossFit L1 Trainer course but I don't actively coach any clients.)

What are the physical benefits of an exercise bike?

Exercise by using an exercise bike is kind of physical exercise. Regular physical exercise helps you manage your weight, boosts your immune system and reduces your risk of developing chronic disease. There are many different physical benefits of using an exercise bike. The Centers for Disease Control

What are the pros and cons of bench pressing using a Smith Machine?

The problem with most exercises on the Smith Machine is that it forces your body  into a single plane of motion.  The bench press, like most barbell movements, doesn't always move in a single plane and to force the movement

What are the pros and cons of marrying a lawyer?

Basing on the stereotype that "it is difficult to argue with a lawyer", the biggest con is that you always tend to end up creating a court room scene as soon as you have a debate. If you are married to a female lawyer then the impact might much more.I believe lawyers question

What are the side effects (positive and negative), if any, of masturbation?

Harmful effects of masturbation:Note- please read this answer completely.You can read or listen all over internet and via other people that masturbation is healthier. Most of people lie about it, and other don't know about it.I heard a dialog in Pursuit

Are there any disadvantages to join gym in summer?

Working out in hot weather massively increases our body temperatures, surely this is the reason that we have natural cooling system i.e perspiration. Major disadvantage of working out during summer is excessive sweating which leads to 9 to 10 percent of water loss from your body ,along with essential sodium loss from our body. Excessive or

Should I be vegetarian? Why? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Why I stopped eating non-vegetarian food! by Pawan Kumar on KarmaspectionFor 25 years, I was a meat-eater. Often succumbing to the logic that if meat-eating is a immoral, then why would God create carnivorous animals. Although I still am not quiet sure on the intricacies of the Karmatic justice

What are the advantages and disadvantages of fixed bicycle gears?

I'll add to Norbert Korzus' excellent points:Advantages:Fixed drivetrains are significantly more efficient than geared ones, for a particular gear. On a fixed bike almost all of your leg power goes into turning the wheel, while on

What are the advantages and disadvantages of joining a gym?

Hi, Thank you for your question!Congratulations on making health your priority:)5 Advantages of joining a gym:Usually when you pay up for something you force yourself to go. The beginning can be tough, but this way if you build enough momentum and start feeling good and getting results you tend to stick

What are the advantages of eating healthy snacks?

DIPFoods 5 Smart Healthy Snacks you can eatA very common workout dilemma: You just worked out really hard, & you're famished because Your body has just used up the energy it needs to function at max capacity. Ideally, you want to refuel within about 30 minutes of working out

What are the effects of drinking warm water?

Researchers and their several trials found many beneficial effects of warm water on our body.It is beneficial for us to start a day with a glass of lukewarm water and also to finish a day with.Here are some findings on the effect of warm water :Detoxification of our

What are the health risks/downsides of using stevia as a sweetener?

Artificial sweeteners usually have some side effect because they are synthetic and anything non-natural poses a risk no matter how small. To quote a writing posted online: "Is stevia safe?The question of whether stevia is safe to consume largely depends on what someone means by "stevia." The U.S. Food and Drug Administration

What are the pros and cons of an electric bicycle and an ordinary bicycle in terms of cost, maintenance issues, suitability to terrain, and value as an exercise tool?

Great question.The following answer is drawn from similar questions on eBikeFAQ.comCosteBikes are more expensive to buy. Batteries and motors are expensive components and frames need to be strengthened and have additional fittings to allow batteries and motors to be attached.eBikes are more expensive to maintain. Servicing and replacing batteries, motors, sensors and drive train add

What are the pros and cons of being a competitive swimmer?

ProsYou probably have a great body. Swimming really helps tone, build, and define muscles since it's such a demanding sport.A variety of friends. Joining swim team introduced me to a lot of new people and strengthened many bonds.Not just strong in body – you also become strong in mind. I know a swimmer who trained for

What are the pros and cons of being vegan? Is it the best healthy life style?

Thank you sending me this question, but i am not vegan, WFPB ,Whole Food Plant Based:) the difference is we focus on health first.There are different types of vegans (its complicated : I will try to simplify :all vegans and plant based people

What are the pros and cons of flat dumbbell bench presses, incline dumbbell bench presses, Dumbbell flyes, and incline dumbbell flyes?

Incline gives your chest that full look, that your chest starts from under your chin/collarbone, not from when you have to take the entire shirt off to see the development of mass (from flat bench) and the carved lower chest under the nipples that tie in all the way under to your arm pits (from decline bench). I believe

What are the pros and cons of Planet Fitness' tanning beds?

Planet Fitness does not have their own line of tanning beds and the beds they have are comparable to most other gym tanning beds. They use long tubular bulbs that generate UVB (the burning ray) These bulbs lose their ability to tan the skin before the bulb actually burns out so

What are the pros and cons of playing video games?

Pros are different depending on the type of game, but the general ones are:Strategic thinkingProblem solvingHand-eye coordinationTeam skills (team based multiplayer games)Spacial awareness Creativity (some games)Cons mostly come from spending too much time playing games and not participating in other activities. Like

What are the pros and cons of powerlifting?

Pros:1. It's fun2. Easily measurable progress. This makes it easy to get into a positive feedback loop and enjoy it even more. 3. Lots of camaraderie within the sport4. Picking up heavy stuff is coolCons:

What are the pros and cons of Schwinn Stingray bikes?

The main pro would have to be, since Schwinn Stingrays had banana seats & high rise handlebars, a kid could ride one till he was older. The banana seat allows the rider to slide back  or forward on the seat to reach his or her ideal seating position. Plus they were fun to ride because you could do wheelies

What is weight training? What are it's advantage and disadvantages?

Weight training is a form of exercise for developing the strength and size of skeletal muscles. It is a common type of resistance training, which is one form of strength training. Properly performed, weight training can provide significant functional benefits and improvement in overall health and well-being.

What would be some pros and cons of Donald Trump becoming president?

This question warrants both opinion and facts, and I will discern which is which. I will be dividing up Of course between pros and cons of his presidency SO FAR. Remember, this is only 1 year into his presidency. Sources will be listed at the bottom.Pros:EconomyDow Jones

Xiaomi Mi Band: What are the disadvantages of Mi Band?

Talking about the disadvantages of Mi band,I would rather say it has more advantages than disadvantages,and the disadvantages canthe can beoverlooked consideting the price and features you get.But since you asked here are few disadvantages.1.The feature showing the duration of sleep is ambigious,once I

Advantages and disadvantages of keeping keeping secrets from parents anyone?

Advantages:No embarrassing discussionsYou don't have to deal with their judgment or disapprovalYou learn self-sufficiencyThey've got less material for a fightDisadvantages:If they find out your secret some other way, they will feel betrayedYou're not as close with themYou lose out on parental support and helpWhen in doubt: Don't tell them, as

What are disadvantages of cooking food in a microwave oven?

The microwave contains touch buttons which help to set time according to the recipe required and fulfill all the requirements of the family members by making different delicious food.The molecules present in the food vibrate faster and try to build up thermal energy.The duration of heat is so short that the

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in the same software company for a very long time?

Advantages:You know the processes and systems so well that things become extremely easy for you. You know where you cut corners and where you simply mustn't.You know whom to approach for any issue so new hires gravitate to you for anything they are facing.If you are good at what you do, you form relationships

What are the advantages of Oracle databases?

Well it always depends on the needs I guess.Oracle might still be the leader in relational databases being able to handle a lot of data in a well organized way.It will cost a lot of money to build a descent system and

What are the advantages of using Linux for a programmer?

Better performance. Full POSIX compliance (Windows' is partial). Built-in Python2/3 (on many distros). Other tools are also built-in. Installation is very easy and automatizable (including the download itself). Packages and dependencies. Less on-disk footprint: more room for the projects themselves on small disks. And many less-important subtleties. (Oh, and next-to-no kernel panic, compare that with

What are the bad parts of being a surgeon?

User-13171149483059267751 already hit on most on them, but I'd also like to add that unlike most other specialties, there's a fairly high failure rate even once you've finished college, medical school, internship, and residency. That's right - it's still possible that you won't make

What are the benefits and disadvantages to running in jeans?

The major benefit will be your trial and error learning   that jeans are awful to run in. Have a go. Put on flip flops or high heels at the same time. If you are in public and have no alternatives then jeans maybe better than getting arrested. If you are in

What are the cons of being intelligent?

Yeah being intelligent sucks.Have to play dumb most of the time.Can't make people understand easily.Perfectionist personality.Unhealthy body due to lack of healthy lifestyle.Somewhat introvert.Can't make friends easily and close/good friends are hard to find.Overanalyzing and overthinking every time in any topic.Weak eyesight.Less time for friends, family, relatives, sports, health and exercises.Procrastination and laziness.Difficult to make girlfriend.Everyone has high expectations

What are the disadvantages of Oracle databases?

I'd probably say that typical CIOs would tell you that Oracle has 2 main "general" disadvantages versus its competitors:1. Cost.  The Oracle product can cost 9-10x as much as a comparable MS Sql server database solution for a mid-range solution.  And of course you can install MySQL for free, or utilize any one of

What are the pros and cons of intermittent fasting?

"I fast for greater physical and mental efficiency."― PlatoWhat Intermittent Fasting IsLet's begin with what intermittent fasting (IF) is not. It's not about starving yourself.You can still drink low-calorie liquids such as coffee or tea. Water is definitely my favorite choice of beverage with zero calories.Intermittent fasting can range anywhere

What are the pros and cons of Linux Mint vs Ubuntu?

Mint is actually a derivative of Ubuntu.  So when Richard Watson says their similar, he's not kidding.Ubuntu has a more frequent version release than Mint does.  A new version comes out every 6 months, with long term support versions every 2 years or so.  Mint's releases seem to be every year.  In

What are the pros and cons of living in Tokyo?

Pros:You can lose your expensive iPhone and still have 90% hope that you will get it back. SincereYou can enjoy? experience? what most of the people don't in their entire lifetime very frequently (Minor ones). EarthquakesIf you are into weird stuff , the city will never cease to amaze you. Robot restuarant , Owl cafe , Maid cafe to

What are the pros and cons of online journalism?

Pros - the stories can reach more people.Cons - people who have no business passing themselves off as journalists can write stories that reach more people."You weren't right, you were lucky. Next time you might not be. One wrong statistic about the stock market and we're in the Great Depression, one miswritten

What are the pro's and cons of pre work out supplements? How does it enhance performance while working out? Is there any side effects?

Most of them are simply stimulants.  Sometimes they're full of sugar, a bit of protein, and often creatine, and possibly nitric oxide (ala NO Explode).Recently the stimulant is caffeine or B vitamins, in the past it could have been ephedrine, pseudoephedrine or some other pre-amphetamine or worse.Looking at NO Explode, it

What are the pros and cons of snowboarding vs skiing?

Advantages for snowboarding:More forgiving fore/aft balance.Many people find soft-shelled boots more comfortable than hard-shelled boots.Only one thing to carry to/from the slope.Easier to ride backward. Snowboards generally "float" more in powder, so skiers usually need more inches of fresh snow to get the same "bottomless" feeling. (There are extra-wide skis that can even this out,

What are the pros and cons of swimming without swimsuit?

Competitive swimming would not benefit from being naked (even if the rules allowed it):How come professional swimmers don't swim naked in competitions?Recreational swimming? Sounds like fun, go for it, especially if you can convince some members of the opposite sex to join

What are the pros and cons of the United States switching to the metric system?

USA should convert to the metric system because of the following reasons:The US is one of only three countries in the world that have not switched to the metric system. It would greatly facilitate trade with the rest of the world if we understood the measurements used in international trade.The Metric System is Easily

What is the the pros and cons of working out a muscle group for multiple days in a row?

The short answer is - you should find the right balance.  The biggest disadvantage to overworking the muscle group is not letting it recover sufficiently, before hitting it again.  This relates to both short-term recovery (i.e. - rest between reps) and long-term recovery (rest between

What were the pros and cons of the Louisiana purchase?

By refusing to intervene in France and by quickly establishing strategic ties in Haiti, Hamilton/Washington/Adams cut off French ambitions in North America. Strapped for cash, France made extremely valuable territory available at a fire sale price.On the other hand, betraying a key ally marked the US as untrustworthy, necessitated the construction of

Comparatively, what are the advantages and disadvantages of weight and bodyweight workouts?

Both should be incorporated and create a balance. For example push ups and pull ups, dips, lunges etc are necessary where as free weight lifting should also be done so try to incorporate one body weight exercise in every workout session as they are multi joint movements and activate many muscle fibres which aren't activated by free weight lifting

What are some cons to having a second child?

More expense - but two is not as much more expense as one was. Even less sleep (no, seriously, it is possible to get less than you have after one)Dealing with rivalry (But that's less effort than keeping one entertained. Just keep the knife

What are the advantages and disadvantages of living together?

This kind of arrangement has no legal bounding. Both a parties are free from any obligations whatsoever Only love is the reason when 2 persons are in such arrangement.  This however is not acceptable yet under our presently society set up as marriage is a very strong foundation still or is still regarded.The Disadvantage is that

What are the advantages of being an extrovert?

I copied and pasted because i think that a good answer is better than a rambling original answer.  Copied from Brainstorm PsychologyBeing an extrovert: The good and the bad.  A term first introduced by psychologist Carl Jung, extroversion is a personality trait where a person directs their energy

What are the advantages of learning ethical hacking?

Benefits of learning Hacking :Hacking can allow for the revelation of bugs and weaknesses in a particular software, which could in turn be used to make the software even stronger. For example, a programmer could test out his/her software by "hacking" it themselves or asking a professional hacker to do it for them.Hacking can allow

What are the advantages of the Indian education system?

Of course, there are many things positive about our education system:-Our education system makes our theoretical knowledge of tje subjects very strong which is very important for conducting research.India grants Right to Education to every child so that every child gets compulsary schooling.Government schools provide free education to all its students so that

What are the benefits and drawbacks of CrossFit?

The benefits are vast, the drawbacks are there too but I feel I should stress those are unavoidable. I'll start with those:Injuries:It doesn't take an experienced fitness enthusiast to tell there is a naturally higher risk of injury with Crossfit than that of generic gym based

What are the disadvatages of crossfit training?

(I like to train. I have been a competitive runner and triathlete, a former military diver, and a regular CrossFit gym client for 3.5 years, and have been coached by roughly a dozen different trainers in that time frame. I have completed the CrossFit L1 Trainer course but I don't actively coach any clients.)

What are the pros and cons of a hackathon?

Pros:1/ Hack out awesome shit wicked fast.  No design reviews, no cross-function meetings, rubber stamp code reviews, and no PMs wavering between several mutually exclusive ideas.  It's a group of engineers with one goal: getting something done.2/ Creativity.  It gives you a chance to approach

What are the pros and cons of a person (male) living life without marriage?

In our society there is so much focus on getting married and starting a family that tons of people jump blindly into the dark waters and the get swallowed whole by the black abyss. Now really why should we get married? I mean there's obviously a focus on it and we

What are the pros and cons of bench pressing using a Smith Machine?

The problem with most exercises on the Smith Machine is that it forces your body  into a single plane of motion.  The bench press, like most barbell movements, doesn't always move in a single plane and to force the movement to do so can be dangerous to the body.  What will happen if you

What are the pros and cons of board bench pressing?

The point of board pressing is to get you good at the lockout, to overload that part of the movement specifically. This is especially useful for people who compete in powerlifting events that allow bench press shirts, since the shirt helps you with the initial spring off the chest.Pros:Allows use of heavier

What are the pros and cons of getting married young?

I'm not married, but my best friend got married at 21. I can tell you the cons and pros from what he told me about his experience.The pros:You get to have a loving family and experience family life quite early.You get to take care of someone who's very special to you (parents and siblings

What are the pros and cons of marrying early (23 or 24) for an indian male?

I am perfect candidate to answer this question as I got engaged when I was 22 and got married when 23.So we were committed and her parents wanted her to marry as early as possible. Even though we