After a workout, when is the best time to consume protein to maximize muscle growth?

Generally, you should consume protein within 30 minutes after the conclusion of your workout. You should be eating carbs during this time too. And the carbs do not have to be sugar/white flour/etc. As to your second question:- Maybe not directly but that doesn't

Are protein bars good for muscle building?

Protein bars have protein in them which is a macro nutrient that is used in the process of muscle building, but in order to build muscle you must also complete resistance/strength training.Protein bars that you buy off the market today

Are protein powders safe?

The following article from a Kaplan Univ Professor is probably the most concise and clear article I came across for this questionProtein Supplements: The Good, The Bad, and & The Ugly...It was not until my older brother asked me a

Are Quest protein bars healthy?

Yeah Quest bars are fairly legendary in fitness circles. I have friends who talk about Quest bars and their favorite flavors for like 10 minutes. The Quest company, interestingly enough, uses some very impressive guerrilla marketing using networks of trainers and fitness

Can I consume a protein shake as a pre-workout energy supplement instead of a post-workout recovery drink?

Thanks for the A2A!You absolutely can consume a pre-workout protein shake instead of a post work out. A couple studies have shown a amino acid-carb-protein mix before a workout improved the net response to net muscle protein synthesis (Tipton et al, 2001) compared with a post-workout drink.Either way, you can consider it

Can I substitute quail eggs to chicken eggs for body building protein?

Quail eggs make up an important part of several cuisines, and they're commonly consumed in Colombia. They're much smaller than chicken eggs, so making a meal of them requires eating several at a time; they still come loaded with nutrients that benefit

Can protein supplements help reverse or prevent the signs of ageing?

Partially(with conditions). Protein supplements can only help in cases of sarcopenia, if dietary protein intake is not sufficient. Poor protein absorbption in the gut(commonly seen in old individuals), can negate the benefits of protein supplementation.There is no evidence that protein

Can we build muscles without protein supplements?

Yes you can build muscle without consuming whey protein supplement.Building muscle results from a proper training program and good nutrition. Even the biggest of bodybuilders do not rely merely on protein shakes to achieve their muscle building and fat burning

Can we take pre-workout whey protein powder after workout?

Firstly, the first half of your question is a bit silly. Unless English isn't your first language, then I will let that slide.Notice the prefix,

Does protein really help you build muscles?

Precisely yes.Muscles are made up of 20 amino acids. Out of which 8 are essential amino acids ( means the body can not prepare on its own) and the other are called non essential amino acids as the body can prepare them on their own.So if you wish

Does working out 2 muscles a day require more protein than working out one muscle a day?

Proteins are known as the building blocks of life: In the body, they break down into amino acids that promote cell growth and repair. (They also take longer to digest than carbohydrates, helping you feel fuller for longer and on fewer calories-a plus for anyone trying to lose

For building muscles, should I take protein supplements?

Yes,You should take protien supplements for building musclesThese are some types of supplements which are best for Bodybuilding.Whey ProteinWhey is by far the most popular protein supplement because it has been shown to promote muscle growth and fat loss. It is digested and absorbed faster than other proteins,

How beneficial is a protein shake before exercise?

Why would you take a protein shake before exercising?I think a little background on pre & post workout snacks is necessary here.For having energy during exercising so you perform at your optimal level and not get

How can a high protein diet be harmful?

This is from a recent review article on the NIH web site.

How to build muscle mass with protein supplements

Vegetarians, athletes, and individuals who cannot meet their daily protein requirements may need proteins for muscle growth. Whey protein and whey isolate from cow's milk are the best protein powders for building muscle mass.A 35 g serving of Avvatar Absolute 100% whey protein provides the following benefits:- 24 g of protein, which enables muscle growth

How to make sure I get enough protein without drinking protein shakes

The RDA for protein is .8 grams per kilogram of body weight.  That puts you around 54 grams per day.  Most Americans get 2 to 3 times that amount so it's not something to worry about unless you don't eat much.  Excess protein is utilized by the body as calories or

How to reduce belly fat and get 6 pack abs

Myth: You can just cut your belly fat. Spot reduction is a myth. i.e You cannot just get rid of fat from a specific body part. It doesn't work that way.Fact: You can reduce overall fat from your body. Tip: If your fat is just around the belly. Maybe it's just because of

How to reduce my belly fat

There is only so much you can explain through your question, but let me just tell you some stuff and if it's new to you, great.Know how many calories your body needs in order to stay the same. Eat below this to lose weight and eat above this to gain weight.These calories come from proteins,

How can we prepare our own protein shake with natural ingredients excluding egg, almonds and other unaffordable items?

They are all same.  Optimum is topping the charts, but any other is also equally good.  Everything comes down to your natural protein sources, cant just rely on shakes, but yes postworkout one is needed simply because our body needs to digest something quickly,

How to use protein shakes

Try making habits of it as this is what most people struggle with.Let me break it in parts for you.Start by doing about 30 grams of protein shake within 30 min of waking up. Achieve this habit.Then start by doing an adjustment - 1 g of protein

How to make a protein shake with whey protein mix

I use a Ninja blender, I mix my protein powder with almond milk, sometimes I'll add a banana or other fresh fruit. I just got some powder that includes blueberries so the extra fruit isn't always necessary. I also have chocolate and vanilla. Sometimes I mix plain yogurt, or add

How many eggs can I eat in a week without compromising my health?

Well, I'm sure it depends a lot on your personal activity and lifestyle, so we can't just set a single number for everyone. Fortunately, we computer scientists have a tool to help you help yourself: binary search!First, from Wikipedia, I've determined

How many grams of protein are to be consumed daily to build lean muscle?

Protein is the end-all, be-all solution to your muscle-building needs. Everyone knows that. But with all the conflicting research, claims from trainers and nutritionists, and protein-boosting supplements inundating the market, it's hard to know what's right. That's why we're stepping into the ring: to help you separate protein fact from protein fiction, once

How much protein should be eaten a day to maximize muscle building?

Thanks for the ATA.How much protein do you really need?Ah protein.The lifeblood of the fitness industry.There probably isn't a gym in the world that isn't selling some type of protein supplement.We seemed obsessed with it, which means you're probably obsessed with it.I don't blame you.You're sold the dream that protein can provide you with untold muscle

How much protein should I eat a day aiming muscle hypertrophy?

A simple heuristic: scale protein intake with body fat levels. The leaner you get the higher the intake.So.• 15% + (men) and 25%+ (women): 0.6 - 0.7g/lb• 10-12% (men) and (17-22% women): 0.7g - 1g/lb• 8-10% (men) and 12-15% (women): 1g/lb• Any leaner, say if you were planning on competing: 1-1.2g/lb (4-6% men,

How soon after exercise do you need to consume protein for it to be beneficial?

When you exercise a number of things happen within your system.Your muscular skeletal and liver glycogen levels are depleted, so your body will seek to replace that with whatever it can find, be it blood sugar, amino acids, or fat. Hormones like cortisol and glucagon are released to facilitate this test.Your muscle cells

I consumed Six Star whey protein powder 4 times a week for two months, now I have learned it is contaminated with things like heavy metal, what can I do to prevent any problems besides to stop using it?

You consumed a concentrated product and thought that it wouldn't concentrate everything in the original substance, common mistake. But to break it down you just consumed the concentrated product that you and everyone else would consume without problems. If there were a real

I go to gym often and I require a high-protein diet but I also experience bloating issues so my appetite is pretty poor. What are some practical solutions and suggestions for me?

I suggest you take the time to figure out what is causing the bloating. Large or painful amounts of gas is not normal, and it may be a signal that your body is intolerant of something you have been eating. Many protein bars and supplements are filled with ingredients

I want to get stronger lifting weights without gaining muscle. Do I have to consume protein to get stronger or does protein just increase muscle size?

What you are referring to is known as neural adaptation, or basically getting stronger by recruiting more motor units per contraction. This happens when you apply progressive overload to your muscles and do the same movement consistently.Protein's functions in the body include muscle recovery, not muscle growth persé. If you train with a

If I work out every day, will KFC be a good source of protein?

No, any fast food, even if it contains chicken, is not a good source of protein. Mostly because of added fat, lot of carbohydrates and other unhealthy ingredients.Have a look on nutrition information on KFC's website: Nutrition Information -

If you lift weights in the afternoon with the goal to add muscle, when is the more beneficial time to drink a protein shake (or consume protein rich meals in general)? That evening, the next day, or both?

Recent studies have shown that protein synthesis takes place up to 36 hours after a hard resistance workout so you don't need to eat right after you train to get the most benefit. Just make sure you're eating enough protein in your diet, in general.This video will answer these questions. Should you eat within 30 to 45 minutes

I'm 17 years and 10 months. I have started going to the gym. Should I take whey protein or a mass gainer?

FIRST THINGS FIRST:Your BODY is your Temple ... So take care of it .. Dont drive on it like your friends BIKELets get started !!!ONE PRINCIPLE :FAT LOSS Happens : ENERGY OUT > ENERGY INGAINING Happens : ENERGY IN > ENERGY OUTHere Energy is equivalent to calories you consume in a day .You will gain the most amount of

I'm currently searching for a natural protein shake with no powders added, since I'm 17 and going to the gym. Can someone please give me a recipe?

I can give you a healthy recipe which I use a lot. Buy yourself a blender to prepare easy and calorie-rich foods. Then put 70 to 100 grams of oatmeal, two glass of milk, one banana and one or two raw

Is drinking protein shakes on rest good if one works out 5 times a week?

Let's assume you're taking about whey protein.If what you're taking about is casein protein, then sure you can have it everyday, as casein is a slow digesting protein, which is also found in our daily food.However the case is a bit different with whey. Whey is a form of

Is having a high protein and high fiber diet good for weight loss?

The research, carried out in Minnesota, asked participants to test two different types of meatloaf with their lunch and note the effects in the hours after. One of the meatloaf's contained beef and the other contained beans and therefore fiber. The amount of calories

Is it necessary to take protein powders to build muscle?

To answer your question in one word "no", there is no need for any kind of supplement to build muscles.That being said, what is your goal? What are you aiming for?A toned body?Muscle mass?Healthier lifestyle?As for supplements, I would recommend sticking to a good diet plan.

Is it possible to lose 1lb a day for 30-60 days with a lot of exercise and a healthy diet including protein health shakes without doing damage to your body?

Just eat lemon juice mixed with hot water and not lose weight. Vegetarian food temporarily reduces appetite, but maintaining weight is a regular way of taking food and body exercises. Eating lemon water every day and eating the oil and savory food will never lose weight. If you do not eat all day and lose weight, then

Is it really that important to drink protein shakes right after a workout?

Here is a small two chapter book I just wrote for you, like just now...It explains why the PWO (post workout) meal must be delivered fast and on time after our strenuous workout.This is for people who follow my guide linked at the bottom. If you eat break

Is it safe for a 19-year-old skinny guy to take supplements for the gym?

It depends where do you the supplements from. Most of the people in India are selling counterfeit products that harm your health. However, if you buy supplements from a registered reseller or an official importer you will get good results. If you think its not easy for you trust any one with your health, i suggest you

Is it true that even if I stop going to the gym and stop taking protein shakes (artificial), my body will receive negative effects because it is used to the protein intake?

If you stop your routine and diet. Yes the body will withdraw. You'd be surprised however, just how versatile the human body is to change. When you stop exercising, the first change you will notice is the lack of muscle pump. Then

My age is 19 years. I go to the gym daily and I want to increase my muscle size. My weight is 72 kg. Which one is good for me, mass gainer or whey protein?

Whey protein is a better option for you. Your weight is fine with your age. What you really need is to replace lean muscle with you fats. Whey protein is a lean source of protein which will help fast recovery of your tissues workouts leading to muscle growth.Mass gainer is good for those who

Protein (nutrition): How much protein to eat when losing fat and doing strength training?

There will be a lot of variance on this answer.  So don't take any (including mine) as set in stone.  Everybody will be different.That being said, there is little evidence to suggest that going above 1g/protein/pound of bodyweight will have much benefit.You would probably get similar results with even 1g of

Protein supplements are necessary for body building and if not what can I take instead?

They are not exactly necessary if you are getting a sufficient amount of proteins required for your hypertrophy goals from whole foods.However, know this that to consume protein in large quantities in a day, you will need to eat much larger portions/meals than normal, and which may not be possible for most people and would cause gastric and related

Should a person, who works out every day of the week, drink protein shakes?

No, it is not Necessary to take protein if you are working out, but you should keep in mind that protein is what make your muscles, they are the building blocks of your body, if you are working out in a gym means you are doing something extra than what you

Should I drink protein shakes before or after working out?

First of all I would say if you started taking protein first time make sure you follow these things.So let me tell you first thing about digestion that isolate digest faster than whey than casien.During the digestion process of proteins, the nutrient is broken down into the body usable form of protein, called amino acids.This process

Should I still go to the gym if I can't take a high protein diet?

Yes, you should if you are beginner your body will show positive changes no matter f your diet is low or high in protien but after some time your beginner gains will be over and after that you have to increase your protien intake...if you want to bulk you can read this article. college life bulking

Should your protein intake increase with age?

The Protein Myth - NOT ALL PROTEIN IS CREATED EQUALLY!The ‘Volume of Animal Protein' BEST TURNED DOWN!! Unless doing an Athlete or Labors...CAFO-GMO Animal Protein - ELIMINATED!!The Volume of (Unaltered) Plant Protein - BEST TRUNED UP!!The Forgotten Protein - PLANT PROTEIN!!INSPIRED BY: Physicians Committee for Responsible http://Medicine... ProteinIn the past...Some people believed one

To gain muscle, how do I drink protein shakes properly?

Gaining muscles require dedication and hardwork. Everybody can gain muscle if they have patience and religiously follow the following phases-1. Efficient workout regime2. Proper diet3. RecoveryEfficient workout regime - One need to workout with proper form and technique

What are some Easy & cheap sources of protein other than protein powder?

Eggs, eggs, eggs,eggs, eggs!It's the gold standard when it comes to protein. And these can be available easily and for cheap.The humble egg is extremely versatile. You can consume it raw (pasteurized of course), scrambled, boiled, poached, and hundreds, if not thousands of other ways to

What are some good Indian brands of protein supplements?

Some of the Indian brands are MuscleBlaze, Six Pack Nutrition, MyFitFuel, Inlife, NutriMed, Medisys etc. Whether they are good or not is subject to debate, but if you want to buy protein supplements in India, you should consider foreign brands only, since they are superior in terms of quality.MyProtein is one such UK brand, and its

What are some good sources of lean protein that can be eaten daily for muscle building?

Areeb gets you almost fully covered, I would just add dairy sources, if you aren't lactose intolerant.Fat-free cottage cheese, fat free Greek yogurt, whey protein and casein protein are all very lean sources of protein. The benefit of dairy products, besides protein content and diet variety, is the great

What are some high protein low-fat foods that all gym people need in their diet?

Protein for body shape | How much protein is necessary for our body.Hello guys, we go to the gym daily to make body. And also consume protein but there is a difference between protein supplements and natural proteins. In this post we will tell you how much protein should be consumed daily to make body . We

What are the best and affordable protein supplement brands in India?

Before going in for any protein supplement, the first thing you need to identify is the reason why you need it in the first place. For example, understand if you need a drastic weight loss or are you looking for target fat loss or just want to try

What are the best protein food for body building?

So these are the Protein sources which I use in my everyday life:ChickenFishEggs (don't waste the yolk)PaneerSoyabean chunksWhey proteinMoong dalCheese(I don't use chicken and fish on regular basis, as I usually prepare my meals, I find it cumbersome)Now, if you do a little homework, you will see that, every food item has all

What are the best protein supplements for body building?

Now let me classify the badass protein supplement for you.Protein supplement can be divided into two categoriesThe whey protein and the Caesin protein.Let's start with Caesin protein. Caesin protein are slower digesting protein which can provide amino acids in the body even after 6 hours of uptake. This are preferable taken at night before

What are the best times to eat protein?

The best time is within 30 minutes following your workout if you do workout. Have a protein rich breakfast always which will fuel the body for the day. Have protein in every meal if you are on weight loss-muscle gain program. It helps in repairing all the daily wear and tear that our body goes through.Some facts

What foods are best to eat before and after exercise for energy and recovery? How many grams of protein and carbs? When should they be eaten?

1. Preworkout For preworkout u need carbohydrates to give u instant energy to lift weights and do cardio or any other workout.So carbohydrates u need to eat before hitting gymThere are two types of carbohydratesSimple and complex, simple which is good carbs nd complex which are bad.Simple carbs

What happens if I consume fitness proteins and I don't do any exercise?

If you're entirely sedentary, and consuming protein powders in a way that keeps you at a maintenance level of calories (calories in = calories out) you will likely not see much, if any, change in physique.If you're entirely sedentary, and

What happens if I eat 5 protein bars (15g protein per bar) every day as snacks without working out?

Depends on the rest of your diet but nothing particularly unusual would happen. Protein is often equated to muscle growth and repair, but it is responsible for the health of your skin, hair, nails, and all sorts of tissues in the body. Even though you

What happens if we don't eat enough protein after the workout?

If you don't take enough protein while your daily physical activity is more,due to your workout. Than, your muscles will get depleted.Reason:When ever you do strengthen or weight lifting exercises your muscle cell breaks, and your protein intake will help the muscle to get repaired and broken cell will develop into two cells,

What happens if you don't drink protein shake after workouts?

This is a very intriguing subject to be honest. I have been doing bodybuilding for the last 2 years. When I started, for the first 6 months I was taking protein shakes but when my protein powder finished I just stop buying. I haven't been using any forms of protein shakes or any other supplements for the last year

What happens to the muscles if you don't eat protein after weight lifting?

First of all, let me say that when you ask a question, it is important to get your answer from the literature and the evidence that is already out there regarding a subject. There are a bunch of answers that encouraging someone to consume protein post resistance training is simply a marketing ploy; but let me ask

What happens to your body when you drink whey protein shakes, but don't work out?

The same thing that would happen if you ate any (extra) protein (such as meat, fish, whatever) and didn't work out. If your body actually has any need for that protein, it will utilize it normally. If it doesn't - the excess will

What happens to your muscles when you eat enough protein daily but not enough calories, and vice versa?

Interesting question. Muscles need protein for maintenance and growth. Carbs and fats are used for fueling the activities. And back to your question: if you eat enough protein but not enough calories overall, the body will break down protein to meet its needs for energy. And if you ask me, that's a very

What happens when humans don't get enough protein?

Protein Intake – How Much Protein Should You Eat Per Day?Protein is incredibly important.If we don't get enough from the diet, our health and body composition suffers.However, there are vastly different opinions on how much protein we actually need.Most official nutrition organizations recommend a

What high protein Indian vegetarian food sources are available for people that go to the gym and want to bulk up while also losing fat?

Protein is an important part of our diet, it's an essential macro nutrient and plays important role in various metabolic cycles, and a primary nutrient to build and maintain muscle mass. Diet plays a vital role to provide protein in the body.Generally animal protein is considered

What ingredients can I use to make a good protein shake that also meets all the necessary vitamin and mineral requirements?

Hi, I can't tell from your question if you want to increasemuscles, use the protein shake as meal replacement, if you want to include aprotein powder in the shake, or looking for all natural Protein shake!However, I will say this. First you have

What is the best protein supplement for average body for body building for beginners?

For a beginner going for body building,I would suggest go for ON Whey Gold Standard because that will help you meet all your requirements essentially and you wont need any other added supplement with that . However tjis being a little pricey, You can also go for Ultimate Nutrition Prostar, Muscletech Nitrotech or MusclePharm 100%

What is the best protein supplement in India?

Protein powders -- made into a shake or consumed however you like -- are getting more and more popular as a nutritional supplement. Protein powders come in various forms. The three common ones are whey, soy, and casein protein. Whey is the most commonly used, because it's a complete protein (complete

What is the best protein to build lean muscle?

It would help if you could have elaborated on the following:1. Which country do you live in?2. What is your goal (Gaining mass or losing weight?)Taking both these hypothesis,I am a huge fan of Acacia Whey Totale and Acacia Soy Totale.1. Soy

What is the best time to drink any protein supplement?

Having a protein before your workout will allow you to have more energy, resulting in your workouts feeling stronger, but you will not burn as much fat when you workout.After your workouts, it is commonly accepted that your body acts like a sponge for about an hour while your muscles

What is the best whey protein to use while training to get stronger and more cut?

Consuming protein will help you to gain muscle mass while losing body fat.Whey protein is the foundational supplement for muscle gain, it contains all essential amino acids, fast digestion, the best choice for muscle growth and fat loss.Concentrate, isolate, or hydrolysate?Whey concentrate: contains 80%

What is the cheapest protein supplement in India?

Taking whey protein after a gym/training session has a lot of documented benefits, provided you know how to distinguish the genuine ones from the fake ones because the fake ones contain harmful ingredients which cause irreversible damage to the human body.Okay, I have a confession

What role does protein play in building muscle?

The Power of ProteinIt's easy to understand the excitement. Protein is an important component of every cell in the body. Hair and nails are mostly made of protein. Your body uses protein to build and repair tissues. You also use protein to make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals.

What should I eat more now that I'm going to the gym? I recently started going and plan on going 3-5 times a week mostly weights (abbs legs glutes and back) I don't want to use protein shakes and such.

For starters, I do want to note that protein shakes are not necessary by any means. They are simply a tool to get in protein effortlessly-so you're fine there.However, it is very important that you get in an adequate amount of protein. For maximum

What will happen if I don't get enough protein?

false prevailing notion that getting enough protein is difficult, according to David. L. Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP, Founder and Director of the True Health Initiative.Maybe it's just a matter of understanding the meaning of protein deficiency.What Is Protein Deficiency?Genuine protein deficiency is effectively non-existent in the United States and

What will happen if I eat high protein foods but don't exercise much?

Excess of any macro nutrient gets stored as glycogen and then as fat depending upon your body's state. Please don't fall for the advices that excess finds its way out. No it does not. Since you don't workout chances are high that excess protein gets stored as fat. You should

What will happen if I exercised vigorously and consumed nothing but 120 grams of protein per day for two weeks?

you will feel terrible because you do need some fats and carbs. Vitamins and minerals really start to hit you on day 3, constipation is not an issue till you finally realize its the worst of these things from your lack of fiber. You will probably prefer rocks.If you want

What would happen if I weight train but don't consume enough protein?

Humans need little or no protein to maintain existing muscle. During the longest monitored water fast of 382 days, the subject stopped losing muscle, burned only fat and suffered no diagnosed deficiencies.Humans also need very little protein in order to deposit lean tissue which is primarily muscle. Animals have NO place to store the amino acids from

What's the best time to drink protein shakes?

The best times to take ANY protein drink or protein supplements are as follows.I've listed them in order of importance, so based upon what you can afford, start at the top of the list and work down.WHEN SHOULD YOU TAKE

When is the best time to consume protein?

People use protein supplements for a variety of reasons. These could range from building muscle, lose weight or have good cellular health.Well, Rashid, let us understand what is protein. Protein is a source of energy. It helps repair tissues and is a major building block of the body.Protein is

Which is the best Indian whey protein supplement?

I have used muscleblaze, Endura, myfitfuel, Acacia, Nutree healthcare, ON, Nitrotech, Muscletech and many more.I will share my experience with Indian brand whey proteins:Muscleblaze: Muscleblaze is good in taste, price and ok in mixability but thats is it the quality is not good i suffered

Which is the best protein powder for gain muscle mass?

I don't wanna make any statements against the protein supplement lovers and those who endorse them to everybody. I am definitely not looking to start a debate here. What I am mentioning here is purely my take on supplements -

Which is the best protein supplement for losing body fat?

In preparation for a competition it is recommended that you try shifting from the standard 50-25-25 carb-fat-protein breakdown to a high protein diet instead to cut down on carb intake. The week or two prior to a competition cut out all creatine supplementation as this causes water retention and will blur muscle definition. If you

Which is the best protein to get a lean body?

Protein rich foods with some carbohydrates and low fats/ good fats are excellent for gaining lean muscles, but intake of food depends on your body type and current BMI, keep in mind that only eating won't make you lean, you will have to workout for it. Some good protein sources for lean muscles are: Veg sources- soy

Which is the best whey protein supplement under Rs. 1,000 in India?

Short Answer:-The ones that are not a cheap replica of the genuine products and pack ingredients that are extremely harmful for the human body and may often cause irreversible damage to one's health.Taking fast digesting protein or in other words, whey protein after a session of workout is one of the most

Which protein should I take after workout?

Post workout you need to have protein to improve the recovery and repair of the muscles. You can have eggs with toast, chicken sandwich, sprouts salad, paneer sandwich and much more to get your protein. You can also take protein supplement to improve

Which protein should I use to gain some muscles?

One of the ways to take protein in alternative ways is 'Protein Cheek' or protein-rich beverages. However, accepting protein by natural means is the most effective.According to a website on health, Indian athlete's bodybuilding coach Shivoham said, "Perhaps the biggest mistake of the bodybuilding world is to become dependent on supplementation or alternate nutritional sources except real food."There

Which protein supplement is best for a beginner?

Best Protein For Beginners | Protein In BudgetFirst of all above link will clear your misconception about everything related to protein .Now as you asked beginner focus in the below mentioned things.Most important things to consider when you are a beginner and going gym .Gain muscle not weightFollow healthy lifestyle like avoid sugary substance ,avoid wada

Which protein supplement is best?

I'd like to add a different perspective on protein supplements and in particular protein supplements derived from dairy: whey and casein.Although I support the idea that good nutrition, including your major sources for protein should be from "whole" or "real" food, perceptions

Why do high protein diets not work?

Most likely neither you, nor nobody else, knows exactly what

Why do some people at the gym believe that a high protein diet is the way to go?

Because it kind of is. For the very specified population of people. If you train, and train hard, protein in crucial for the tissue re-build. And not just the muscle tissue, mind that. Furthermore, quite a few people, who are attending gym, actually do compete. Protein, with

Will I get loose skin if I consume 3 protein shakes only?

Loose skin have may meaningsLoose skin because of fat lossLoose skin because of cellulitisLoose skin because of caesareanAll above circumstance are different,in short 3 protein shakes will help depends on your daily protein intake quantity but even though this is only 50% way to get rid of loose skinWILL SWEATING BURN MORE FAT?Get all

Will I get stronger if I just drink protein shakes without working out?

No, you won't.You will gain muscle mass by eating protein shakes , which will be good enough for you if you want to make muscles to show people. Other than this there will be no benifit. You will not gain any strength magically.Also, for maintaining proper body weight balance is needed between all the nutrients. So

Will I never build bulk muscles without a protein drink?

You can!!! Who said that you can't your trainer or some stupid friend?Do you know every successful bodybuilder says real food makes muscles.There all day goes in eating eating n eating the Real food no bullshit! They do take supplement but only to supplement there diet and to be I anabolic phase.Supplements

Will Protein X help me build muscles?

Forgive me for the late answer, busy with work today.Protinex + Proper weight training (lifting weights) at least thrice a week will definitely help you to build muscles.Protein without workout is useless and so is Workout without protein.However, Protinex only has about

Will the muscle build without proper intake of protein?

It will actually not. It's like your thirst will be quenched without drinking water. Protein is building block of body/life. Everything is made out of protein. Indians especially have had an issue of improper protein intake. You know a typical male looks like in India?Leans hands and legs with a lower tummy? It's very common. That's majorly

Would it be effective if I drink a protein shake after gym workout for only 1 month? I accidentally bought the protein shake thinking not to waste it but I don't usually drink them. I also do cardio through Muay Thai fitness around 3 times per week.

Hello, you would certainly do no mistake.In spite of this, if you want to build muscles, the best way is to use proteins or peptides with saccharides like HMWCs, dextrose, maltodextrin or fructose/glucose and others. By this, you will certainly trigger a more plausible insulin reaction by the pancreas.The plain protein shake is used within diets where there is

After a workout, can I take a protein shake in 5 minutes?

After a heavy workout, one's muscles first repair damage by internally recycling the amino acids from damaged proteins. THEY DO NOT NEED PROTEIN. They need energy. No post-workout recovery has been shown to be more effective than pure glucose. Not much is needed. One tablespoon of the original clear Karo

After workout, what is the best protein shake to consume? Protein blend or whey?

Whey does get absorbed quickly. It is best suited as a pre or post workout drink. There are mainly two types of proteins, whey and casein. Whey is fast releasing and casein is slow absorbing. Hence after working out, whey is preferred and at bed time, casein.Also in whey, you get

Are Clif protein bars good alternative to protein powders?

Protein powder has considerably better ratio of protein to fat/carbs. Regular Cliff bars have pretty minimal amounts of protein. Even if you choose to eat the Cliff protein bars you're looking at like 20g protein for around 300 calories. Most protein powders are 21–25g protein for around 130 calories.Short