Are people born with OCD? Or how does OCD develop?

This is about family, so I'm writing anonymously.If you just want the short answer, then yes. I believe, whether it is throughout genetics or epigenetics, that OCD can be inherited, and therefore, you can be born with it.If you want to know why I relieve the this, read on (the part about my father is

Are people getting smarter?

Over the past century, at least, people all over the world have been getting higher average raw IQ scores. This is called the Flynn effect. (The IQ scores they tell you are scaled so that the average score for that test is 100.) Other studies have found similar gains in tests of semantic and episodic

Are we humans the most intelligent species on Earth?

I wonder if we're really sophisticated enough to recognise intelligence that isn't our own.For example, the Pioneer Probe left the solar system carrying a laser disc full of information about us (plus a bit of whale song) in case it bumped into somebody "intelligent".  This whale song was

Can an emotionally abusive person change?

If they want to, absolutely!Now it probably won't be easy and will require a lot of hard work for both the abuser and the abused, but it is possible.Emotional abuse is often a learned pattern, so someone who grew up being emotionally abused themselves have a

Do any animals besides humans have morals?

Animals have this to a degree. And it depends on the species. For example, any socially sentient species will not go to another rival of the same species' herd, pack, you name it. They generally will not trespass, steal, or kill the group member except out of desperation. A pride of lions will not go to another

Do I have the right to feel mistreated when I am being abused by my mother?

While I agree with Karen Tiede, considering this question in the context of Pakistani culture ... makes it a much more difficult situation.From the little knowledge I have about Pakistani culture, I get a sense that women do not have the same rights as men, that women are looked upon as subordinates who should

Do psychological disorders cause other health problems?

Yes, it's common for people with mental illnesses be afflicted with other health problems that are exacerbated or caused by their mental illness. For example, people with depression have pleasure-reward centers in their brain that do not produce as much

Do smart people like video games? If so, what type of games do they like?

Video games are no longer a niche interest that is derided for being enjoyed only by sheltered nerds (speaking as a nerd who remembers when games were considered nerdy).So your question is basically like asking

Does Effexor treat OCD?

Effexor (and Effexor XR) is sometimes prescribed off-label to treat OCD, but it is not an FDA approved and backed usage of Effexor/Effexor XR.Effexor is thrown at pretty much any diagnosis on the anxiety or depression spectrum, just like most psychiatric psychotropics.  Your personal results may vary greatly from those of other patients and non-patients.

Does the brain need any exercise?

Does the brain need any exercise?A bit ambiguous worded question.The brain benefits a lot from physical exercise: The Exercise Prescription for Depression, Anxiety, and StressRole of physical exercise in Alzheimer's diseaseNon physical exercise like

Family Relationships and Dynamics: Why do brothers change after marriage?

It may be due to several reasonsNothing really has changed and you are just feeling a bit ignored as he is married now and has to give time to his wife as well. Chances 20%Maybe he is having a bad relation with his wife and takes the stress out on you or other family members. Chances 20%His wife was

How can divorces be prevented?

They can't. At least that is my honest opinion. While this might be an unpopular way to answer this question, it is what it is. I believe that there are people who enter into marriage with the best of intentions. With the truest desire to be married

How to overcome an anxiety, depression and over thinking

Depression comes from failure, regrets and inability AND Anxiety comes from fear mainly. Fear of doing new things, fear of failure, fear of tomorrow etc.. Both of these mental state can be fatal for life if actions are not taken and left to be healed by itself. If one

How can we improve our emotional intelligence? What are the benefits?

This is a great question, implicit in it is that you actually care to develop EQ, which is most important part. Put simply, having a good EQ means being sensitive to others' emotional needs AND your own.  If you don't do it naturally, it doesn't mean you can't, doesn't mean you're a bad person.   

How can we use Law of Attraction practically?

Law of attraction is the only law of universe that makes your thoughts come reality, that creates world of your choice and that leads you to ultimate goals.But how is it possible? For that you need to have a break from your life for a little time and

How to tell that you're getting old

Theres no one particular instance which makes you think youre old...its a series of scenarios which u experienceWhen a young person mentions their date of birth you can remember what you were doing on that dayYou notice wrinkles and grey hairs more and more as the days go by. You wonder when

How to look cool riding a bicycle

Your choice.If you're going for speed, get the full on racing kit, and keep it and the bike in fastidious condition per The official rules of the Eurocyclist.If you'd rather, go with the Dutch or Copenhagen aesthetic. Dress neatly, as you would

How to quit quitting

The fact that you are even asking this question solves half your issues...My point is that now that you know the problem and recognize all its aspects, you have a better shot at overcoming it. You see, acknowledging that something is wrong with YOU and not saying that the world is unfair

How do smart students study?

In secondary school, I had a friend who was one of the laziest students I've seen. During class, he'll either be sleeping, writing a diary or reading a book, whilst paying no attention whatsoever to the lecturer or content taught in class. He wasn't a

How do we prove that animals are not self-aware?

There is no way to prove that a particular species is not self-aware.  The classic mirror self-recognition test (also known as the "mark test") can indicate that an animal is, indeed, self-aware.  It cannot, however, indicate that an animal lacks self-awareness.  It is only applicable

How to not feel ashamed of anything

There is a huge difference between shame and guilt. Shame is that you are a bad person throughout. Guilt is that you've done a bad thing. Guilt is healthy, shame is not. Once you learn the difference between these you will gain some

How to overcome all the verbal emotional and physical abuse you received from your parents while you were growing up

My mother only slapped me across the face once in my life, when I was about 11 or 12.Years of being called

How does a girl feel when she discovers a boy masturbates thinking about her?

It all depends on context and the people involved.If I call some girl/woman that I met recently and tell her that I'm masturbating while I'm thinking of her, she's likely to thinks that's very creepy and gross, and I may expect

How does ambition work?

I would say an ambition works like a dream. Then there is an algorithm that will help you fulfil it. If you stick to it you will get there. Many times there is an error, something goes wrong or something unexpected happens and you need to make some changes to your plans. If you hold

How does taking SSRI's treat OCD?

First off, while antidepressants including SSRI's have their limitations, the strongest evidence for their ability to markedly improve people's quality of life is in OCD. While a lot of psychiatry deals with

How much can strength training increase testosterone levels and how much of an effect does that extra testosterone have?

If you combine strength training with a proper nutrition and recovery system, it will significantly boost your natural hormones.Weightlifting can elevate your hormones.Heavy weightlifting is not for everyone, but if you are healthy and willing to train with strength training routines under supervision, then in time you will

How much does your mother and father's divorce impact you many years later in life?

My parents divorced when I was around 3 years old, my sister was ten.Disclaimer: I am fortunate enough to have two respectful parents with regards to who has the right to parenting, my dad has always been forthcoming with financial aid, he paid more alimony than necessary when he experienced affluent periods and helped her

How severe is your OCD?

At the moment, not too severe.About a year ago - extreme.I was consulted by a psychologist in a special OCD clinic last July. In order to officially start treatment there, they had to see if I had OCD, and more importantly, how severe it was.

How would you describe the feeling of love (in a long-term relationship)? Is it a conscious choice to value your partner or more tender feeling when you look at them?

This is difficult to answer, because by my estimation the question itself is flawed.Though I believe you're closer with the mention of a conscious choice, it seems the conscious choice is the result of a feeling or a feeling itself.Love is NOT a

I'm not cutting but my mom won't believe me. She told me if my wound (from a legitimate cooking mistake) isn't healed in the next three days then she's going to cancel my birthday plans and take me to a psychiatrist. How can I get her to believe me?

I actually went through an almost identical situation myself a couple months back. No amount of pleading. sobbing, or begging could get her to let me see my friends for a while (she was convinced that it was them that had encouraged me to

In one sentence, what makes you happy?

When I have a strong urge to watch porn and I open my laptop, plug in the charger and put the headphones on and start laughing like a child. Yes,Shinchan is that funny. I feel happy when I am able to practice self-control.When I hear the song

In one sentence, what makes you smile?

Your parents smiling or happy because of you will definitely make u smile.Seeing your life partner after a long time will make you smile.Recalling old incidents with your best friends will make you smile.Innocentness of a toddler/ playing with a toddler will

Is homosexuality a mental illness?

This answer will be updated soon when more doses of coffee are provided.Yes and No. You see the world is changing and there's a reason to why everything is happeing. I do think being gay is a mental issue, heres how I got to the conclusion:Now, while you read this

Is it healthy to repress negative emotions to make them go away, as preached by some 'self-improvement' books?

That is a good question - and the short answer is NO.Generally, by repressing emotions we are allowing our Inner Parent to

Is it true that people that get married after 35 tend to have less divorce rate?

Yes, when measuring marriage and divorce by age ranges it does seem that when a person waits until they know themselves, are much better established as an individual, are more mature and balanced in life, then merging that life with someone else who is

Is it wrong to have high ambitions?

I try to make my thoughts turn to the abundance of opportunity around me, to the good luck I have been afforded. Every morning as I write in my journal, I think of Adam Smith who asked,

I've heard women are more flexible physically than men. Are they also more flexible emotionally? Is there a coherence between physical flexibility and emotional flexibility?

Basically it is all based on a long evolutional history of female child bearing and raising going back long before humans, a female has to be more physically flexible to carry and give birth,Mentally/emotionally they needed to be able to multi task, this is why women shift brain hemispheres from left logical/positive to

My opinion is often controversial and unpopular. How can I stay away from controversy?

If you feel a conversation is headed in a controversial direction, try to steer the conversation back to neutral ground. You can make a joke or switch to another subject.You can keep your opinion to yourself.You can preface an unpopular opinion by stating, ‘This might be an unpopular opinion but...'. Just be

Psychology of Everyday Life: Why can't some people understand certain feelings?

First things first...There is nothing wrong with you if you can't understand others feelings. Secondly, the fact that you take logical decisions to be sympathetic or show emotions is admirable in that you care for how others feel despite your lack of emotions.Now coming to the point...I had a friend who was very bad

What are biggest misconceptions about schizophrenia?

Multiple personalities. That's the biggest one. We don't have multiple personalities. Or alters. I think that is what they call the other personalities. We hear voices. We may even

What are circumstances that may cause serious depression?

Life setbacks. But a very negative person can send you there too.I was very depressed at 17 after 3 major setbacks in the space of 2 months. but I snapped out of it in about 2 months using music. Since then, I have learned more things about it and I will offer a

What are my symptoms a sign of?

I think your symptoms are a sign of being absolutely average. I don't see anything in there that makes you special (in a bad way), other than your competitiveness, which may make you believe you are specially bad, worse than others mentally, or somehow so different from the rest.

What are practical ways someone can make an extra $100 a week?

You should learn doing Affiliate marketing arbitrage. ClickBank is perfect marketplace for this.Affiliate marketing arbitrage is when a marketer purchases ppc campaigns with programs such as adwords and makes affiliate sales simply by linking to affiliate offers... As long as the affiliate sales are higher than your ppc costs you are making profit...They most

What are some common symptoms of OCD?

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a condition that involves obsessive and/or compulsive behavior regarding various activities and items. OCD usually begins to occur while someone is a young adult and the severity of the disorder changes throughout your life. Many people are slightly obsessive or compulsive in certain areas, but you may have OCD if these behaviors begin

What are some cool psychological hacks that can be used to score high in viva exams?

If you knowWho you are pretty good!Who you are and comfortable to serve yourself.Who the people in your opposite and serve them all they demand.To speak what they want to hear rather than what you wish to tell.To read and write and understand.Stick to your confirmation

What are some efficient psychological hacks?

#1. When you first meet people, try to notice their eye color while also smiling at them. It might be because you look for a second or two longer, but all I can tell you is that people really respond to it.#2. Pay attention to people's feet. If you approach two people in

What are some psychological tricks that are not only useful but also highly profitable?

Psychological Tricks That Will Always Give You the profitWhether you're shy and uncomfortable in social situations or the most seasoned extrovert, everyone can use a few tips to increase their social likability. These tips use basic psychology and will give you the edge in any social situation from mingling at a cocktail party to a

What are some studying psychological hacks?

Some of the studying psychological hacks are-Losing one night's sleep can impair reasoning and memory for up to 4 days!Step away from highlighters. Studies show that the ever-popular strategy of highlighting may even get in students' ways, leading them to

What are the best examples of working smart versus working hard?

My thought Hard work is film director then smart work is actor. So actor (smart worker) only get all the reputation compared to the film director (Hard worker). But film director (hard worker) knows all the things. Some times film

What are the common traits of highly intelligent people?

People who are capable of high intelligence usually:Learn new information rapidly, easily and efficientlyFeel less discomfort than less gifted people when confronted with information that challenges previously accepted beliefsSolve problems using out-of-the-box methodsAre victims of jealousy, prejudice, and physical or emotional bullyingPossess an exceptionally large vocabulary, often well in excess of 30,000 words which is considered

What are the most common reasons couples get divorced?

What I frequently see is; disgust with others when things go wrong. At some point, it will be you. Then it only is a matter of time before the resentment sinks the marriage boat.Dr. John M. Gottman has named the most corrosive negative behavior patterns,

What are the most important traits or habits of successful people?

Knowing what you want - how can you achieve success if you don't define success. Do you want financial success, social success?Planning for success - with goal settingPersistence - never giving upLearning - from your mistakesLearning - from other people's successPlaying the long game - not always looking

What are the most interesting concepts in psychology?

This is a really hard question to answer because I find so many things interesting, but I will give you one. Dr. Michael Graziano, a researcher at Princeton University and his team have published research on schema theory. For a brief run down, here is a link to a journalist who reviewed

What can I do to motivate myself to work out?

The bottom line is that if you want to do it, you will find a way. More informative version:Step 1: You have to get yourself back in there. Just start by putting one foot in front of the other. Simple, but effective. I'm sure you know from your previous experience that the first

What can one do to help people who are going through mental health issues, to feel better?

Read the book and see whether you can advise. Book by Bruce Lipton - Biology of Belief, The Alchemist? The Secret and You can heal your Life.  Your subconscious mind controls your emotions, habits, faith, memories and feelings. Your mind is very powerful. Clink on Best 50D sound fress mind use headphones for best sound effects

What causes OCD and how do I treat it properly without medication?

This is something that I worry about everyday as someone who suffers from OCD. I can say that no one knows exactly what causes it. If people knew I'm sure OCD would be easier to manage. As for how to treat it, there is no way for me to tell you for sure how to

What causes people to hate their job?

In my opinion it's mostly the lack of appreciation and recognition/reward if you go the extra mile and it's taken for granted or your input is not taken seriously.An example is the last company I worked for kept on asking for input from us of ways that we could save the

What could be a reason why this girl I go to university with told me to stay away from her when I have always treated her so well?

Among the great mysteries that we all have to contend with at some point in our lives.I recall the time I had met a woman, a very intelligent, spirited and quite beautiful . . . we hit it off almost immediately. There was some real chemistry brewing there.But

What does it feel like to have OCD?

My OCD started at a young age and turned into an extreme case before being diagnosed around 18. I continued on medication for almost 2 years and left the medication to treat it with self-help. I have improved a lot since.The

What does it mean to be a 'jumper' when it comes to the Objective personality concepts of sleep, blast, play and consume?

Thank you for asking this question because I think understanding it helps a lot of people who feel as though they don't quite fit some of the MBTI stereotypes. The

What happens if a child murders someone?

It depends on the age and mental capacity of the child.  There are three possible outcomes:The child is so young or mentally incompetent to not understand what they have done and are excused from criminal and civil liability from their actions;The child is old enough to understand what they have done but not old

What is an underrated psychological hack everyone should know about?

The read-sleep-read routine (that's what I call or describe it). If you want to improve your understanding and/or retain something, read it right before you sleep, dream about it in your sleep, and then read it again right when you

What is borderline personality disorder? How is it different from bipolar disorder?

What is Borderline Personality Disorder?Borderline Personality Disorder is the name for a specific pattern of issues that are caused by the interaction of parenting, childhood experiences, and the child's temperament. BPD begins in early childhood and shapes the growing child's personality. It is fully formed by the time the

What is the main concept of educational psychology?

Educational psychology is a specialized branch of psychology that deals with study of both behavioral and cognitive development in individuals specifically children.Major concepts of educational psychology include: Behavioral, Cognitive and Developmental. You can read about those in the links provided in the footnotes.Let me just pick one key concept of educational

What is the most common psychological hack?

Use a decision making game. The part which is called - `Hunting for Kairos`.Micro-progress that makes a big impact. This is proven to work.You can make it a simple game in Phase one as described.Surprisingly, very few people noticed this ! This works for us. So here is the proposed solution, check the articles and read them closely

What is the psychology behind people give up and quit the gym within a month after opting a fitness program?

One of the biggest psychological hurdles out there (and it's one that has been well studied) is our natural human inclination towards instant gratification.You may be familiar with the famous Stanford marshmallow experiment of the ‘70s, which is often replicated by modern researchers. The gist of it is

What is the role of nutrition in mental health?

Nutrition plays a very vital role in maintaining our health, either it is physical or mental.Some vitamins and minerals play key role in brain functioning. Moreover, brain uses glucose as its primary energy source, so, abnormal glucose level may lead to abnormal functioning of brain.Good fat sources like omega-3 and omega-6

What is your very best psychological hack?

I use Politeness while dealing with my colleagues, Senior Bosses and with Juniors as well.I always make the shake hands with both of my hands holding the one hand of the other person.I always shake hand by getting up from my seat/chair.Even when talking on

What personality trait is best for a career in psychology?

Important TraitsBeing a good listener.Discretion.An inquisitive nature.Self-knowledge.Comfort with diversity.Emotional stability.Acute problem-solving skillsNaturally inquisitiveTolerance level should be highGood at solving puzzlesCreative and flexibleever, if you struggle with one or two of these things, don't use that as your only basis for not pursuing a career in psychology. If you are a non-judgmental, caring person who has a few

What should everyone know about psychology?

We Make Most of Your Decisions UnconsciouslyIf one is thinking of buying a TV. We do some research on what TV to buy and then you go online to purchase one. What factors are involved in this decision making

What's the hardest part about getting older?

as you get older...many of us lose our rose tinted goggles and begin to see existance for what it realise and eventually lose both your realise that apart from maybe one friend or a wife or a brother or sister...these people were the only people on planet earth that truly loved you, and now they

Which common misconception is the most dangerous?

1 that all Muslims are terrorists2 that Jews are all money loving conspirators3 guns and knives make us safe4 non medical drugs and alcohol are the best things in life.5 My having a higher income or bigger or more expensive car, house makes me better than you.6 that no woman is

Which exercises can help improve left-brain / right-brain coordination?

Despite the dreadful over-simplification of Left-Right Brain Theory, hemispheric studies have consistently shown that many skills, abilities, and preferences are organized by brain region, including hemispheric localization. While at all times the brain operates as a ‘whole' that is fully coordinated across hemispheres, there

Which is the most abused profession in the world?

Once viewed as a problem strictly associated with body builders, fitness "buffs," and professional athletes, the abuse of steroids is prevalent in today's society. This is an alarming problem because of increased abuse over the years, and the ready availability of steroids and steroid related products. The problem is widespread throughout society

Which psychological hacks are applicable in gym?

A2AThanks... I was waiting for this question. Today is the day.Gym like other things is patient process. You will be a lucky person if you witness a physical change in early phases.Some of the psychological facts about gym is-If you think you can do it... You are right.

Why are divorce rates in America extremely high in comparison to in India?

The two primary factors that form the basis of our actions are feelings and commitment. Some actions are born more out of feelings. Some actions are born more out of a commitment. There is a third factor too, and that is logic. Some actions are born out of logical reasoning.

Why are indian teens so scared (and fake)?

Indian teens are not scared of their parents, not me not my friends. Nor are we scared of our futures, we all know what to do and how to do and when to do as far as breaking the touch barrier is concerned India

Why are Indians so obsessed with marriages?

Original Post: Why are Indians so obsessed with marriages?As I see it, there are three plus two other reasons for the

Why can't we ride bicycle with our hand crossed?

Two answers:Our brains quickly hardwire neuron links so that sensory input from your balance sensors is linked to arm motions to restore balance. Crossing your arms over makes the hardwiring move your arms in the opposite sense as necessary, which will exaggerate the imbalance rather than restore balance. Your conscious mind knows that it needs

Why do many people hate successful people?

I grew up very poor and didnt have much. I would get picked on daily in school(by what we now know are losers for life). I used that as motivation. I am now successful and those same type that would pick on me call

Why do people feel frustration?

Because we don't feel good all the time. Because things don't end up good all the time. Because not everyone is going to love you. Because you don't get what you want all the time. Because he doesn't feel the

Why do people want to feel needed?

Have you ever noticed that people need to feel needed?It doesn't matter if it's personal or professional,

Why do the abused become the abuser?

I started life as the pampered first child, first grandchild, and 1st nephew on both sides of the family. The 1st five years until my dad committed suicide were full of love. By 6 my mom remarried. By 6 years 3

Why don't I have any emotions anymore? I feel like there is no point in living. I don't care about anything anymore, and I don't even feel like smiling anymore.

I have asked myself this same question many times before. I understand what you are feeling all too well. There is much more that you are feeling and thinking about that isn't expressed in this question, and that's okay.Your are experiencing life as a self aware individual, and it's very difficult to put what you're

Why has the divorce rate increased?

Two big reasons:Equality.  Women are now able to leave their husbands and live an independent life.  It used to be a more daunting thought.  What would a housewife do?  Or if she was a working mom, how was she to support herself on the low wage she has compared to her husband?  Now women

Why is mental fitness important?

Human body is a system that comprises of mind and body and there is a strong connection between physical and mental fitness and health.Mentally fitness refers to a state of psychological well-being, it means having a positive sense of how we feel, think and act which improves our ability to enjoy our life. It contributes to our

Why is the divorce rate lower among members of the military?

I don't have any reliable statistics but 20 years in the army and airforce gives me the idea that the opposite is true. Probably a higher rate due to many different factors. The mission comes first. Frequent separations. financial considerations,lots of overtime,stress that comes with raising

Why would a person emotionally abuse?

I believe there are stages of this, though I am not a professional. Call it... insider experience.From what I have seen there are stages, though some have already skipped forward.Stage 1 - is all about control. These are people so obsessed with fixing the chaos around them that they need to control

Women: What are your biggest frustrations about online dating?

My online dating frustrations:I see that I have returned to this answer once already. But here is something I've thought about frequently. Online dating seems to have given rise to this positional statement:

After completing a sleep record for one week, the PsyD I was working with gave a face of extreme disbelief at the fact the I had pulled three all nighters in that week alone. What does this say about the education that PsyD got?

After completing a sleep record for one week, the PsyD I was working with gave a face of extreme disbelief at the fact the I had pulled three all nighters in that week alone. What does this say about the education

Am I fat if I don't feel fat?

Fat is crucial to your survival. Without fat, you will probably die, or at least have a very difficult life.That being said, your question implies you add some kind of self-worth to your physical state. This is dangerous, as it also introduces other people's opinions into your self-worth, since their idea of whether you are too fat

Are humans and animals the same?

Well, I wouldn't say all of you dress up! But seriously, are you asking if humans are animals? If so, the answer is yes-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s!!!Scientists describe virtually everything that is alive as animal or plant. So, if you're not a plant then you are an animal! In fact, you are a specific kind of animal called

Are men more attractive than women?

Well first and foremost attractiveness is very subjective. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Nevertheless, there is a general perception of what is perceived beautiful and what is less beautiful based on sexual selection pressure, in relation to good genes and

Are there animal psychopaths?

I knew a horse who killed one of her own newborn foals.  At the second birth the owners were present and restrained her, but she refused to suckle the foal and tried to kick and bite it.  We never knew why; whether it was the pain of birthing or what.  She then began

Are there mentally healthy people?

I am inclined to say no, not really.Just thinking about all the people I know very closely, all of them exhibit many symptoms of several anxiety and mood disorders.These people don't have mental illnesses per se that need treatment or even really any further thought.

Are we humans the most intelligent species on Earth?

I wonder if we're really sophisticated enough to recognise intelligence that isn't our own.For example, the Pioneer Probe left the solar system carrying a laser disc full of information about us (plus a bit of whale song) in case it bumped into somebody "intelligent".  This whale song was obviously made by one of

Are women more intuitive than men?

Mu. The question is misframed. There is no such thing as "general" intuition which can serve as the basis for such a comparison. There are only intuitions, plural. What's more, there is no fundamental classification/taxonomy to be found in

Are you in the body? Or is the body part of you?

I am glad you have asked this question :)Indeed,you are inside the body.Just take an instance-my eyes,my hands,my body etc.People use these words everyday(reflects that all know these fact!!) but the most important part is-NONE(1 in a lakh!!) have the true realization