As a psychopath, what are your greatest pleasures in life?

A good, satisfying mug of tea is quite enjoyable, although rare. I've found it's quite hard to make the ‘perfect' tea, and only occasionally stumble into making a good one by accident.Sex tends to be quite pleasurable even when it's bad, but I've

Do animals sense/act differently around psychopaths?

My ex was also a Narcissist and undoubtedly pretty high on the psychopathy scale. We got a dog together and no matter how hard I tried to train him something was always off. He was leash aggressive and extremely protective. I spent a lot of money on training and it made a minor difference

How ill-informed is my narcissist/sociopath/BPD/psychopath husband? I exposed him, then he handed me money and now I've been served my divorce papers.

How ill informed is my narcissistic husband? The final discard came last week as I exposed him to the very people he discredited me to. Today, I was served my papers. Last week during the high school happy days-themed discard, he hands me

Are there animal psychopaths?

I knew a horse who killed one of her own newborn foals.  At the second birth the owners were present and restrained her, but she refused to suckle the foal and tried to kick and bite it.  We never knew why; whether it was the pain of birthing or what.  She then began

Can a psychopath have depression?

Yes, according to my theory and observation about psychopathy feelings are present if in a deeply muffled state.In my theory each person has a Rational Brain, an Emotional Brain meaning the source of our decisions based on past social-emotional experience and a

Can a sociopath have body dysmorphia disorder?

Nearly anyone can develop BDD (Body Dysmorphia Disorder) . In fact, because sociopaths {people with anti-social personality disorder(s)} are not commonly around people and are prone to fits of rage, depression, and insecurity, they are very likely to develop BDD due to a false sense of perception of humans in general.Note:

Do all psychopaths hurt animals?

No. But many do.There are seven (primary) reasons for a psychopath to hurt animals.They are sadists - this applies to about 2% of psychopathsThey are curious - this usually only applies to children - many non psychopaths might hurt insects for the same reason but usually not higher animals.For revenge - this is an

Do animals sense/act differently around psychopaths?

My ex was also a Narcissist and undoubtedly pretty high on the psychopathy scale. We got a dog together and no matter how hard I tried to train him something was always off. He was leash aggressive and extremely protective. I

Do psychopaths dream differently?

Psychopaths do not have emotions that we lack awake in our dreams. We can never have nightmares, we lack fear entirely. We have no great love affairs, experience loss, sadness, or grief, we don't have emotional dreams at all. We can't, our brain structure disallows those

Do psychopaths have different personalities?

I'm going to have to go with Elijah Bailey on this one. It's easy to spot some ‘primary' psychopaths, because they usually have a ‘permanent' flat affect. They never seem to respond to compliments or humor with genuine emotion. In fact,

Do psychopaths know they are psychopaths?

I think the best way to realize you are a psychopath is to try to have a relationship with someone.I had been diagnosed with psychopathy since I was a teenager however I was never convinced about it. First, I dont consider myself to be charming, while I'm definitely good looking and turn eyes every club or bar I enter,

Do psychopaths like animals?

Yes, and no. I like mine. Outside of mine I generally do not care about them. I take excellent care of mine, I treat them like family and the same level of respect as I do with my inner circle.However, chances are if I am

How to act like a psychopath

Why are you trying to act like a psychopath, and when are you asking about? While we are wearing our masks, or when they are off?`Psychopaths go through life wearing a mask or a series of masks that make them appear like everyone else. To manipulate people, society, the system, to get what

How do psychopaths act when they are drunk?

Hmm, I suppose I am barely qualified to answer this question... I test extremely high on the LSRP and those tests dealing with antisocial personality disorder. However, psychopathy isn't actually a medical term with specific definitions. Therefore, I don't know if I qualify.However, personally I don't change my behavior at all. Most of my friends/co-workers tell me they can't

How do psychopaths feel emotions?

Primary emotions felt by a normal person are happiness, sadness, fear, anger (also surprise, disgust, and love are included by many). Predominant emotions consciously felt by psychopaths areSadistic Pleasure : Psychopaths display recurrent aggression and cruel behavior (both violent and emotional) and gain pleasure from seeing

How do psychopaths manipulate?

To manipulate means

How do psychopaths realize they are psychopaths?

I knew I was different from the time I was a child. We had a family cat for years that used to crawl into my bed every night and lay on my arm and lick my face. When she passed away, my whole family cried

Is it true that sociopaths don't commit suicide?

It happens, but for different reasons. Sociopaths can experience most of the same mental illnesses as the rest of us - mania doesn't require emotional depth - but they rarely turn psychotic or commit suicide.Sociopaths often live with powerful delusions: persecutory, paranoid, grandiose.

What animals do psychopaths consider to be psychopathic?

The two that I selected represent the reality of psychopathy, as well as the perception. While these animals do not use their traits due to being wired psychopathically, their survival instincts and evolutionary processes make their mere existence to be a rather psychopathic representation. Albeit in very different way, they both have traits that not only

What annoys psychopaths?

I'm not a psychopath but a pretty good reader of people. English is not my first language so forgive errors in the writing. The list could be made long as someone above said and there will probably be repetitions if what other others might have have said as I haven't read all

What are the early signs of a psychopathic child?

By no means I am qualifield to diagnose anybody. I am researching the subject for a thriller I am writing and would like to tell you about a (very) long weekend with an 8-year old child who, I believe, qualifies to be a psychopath.We planned a long

What are the things that make us, as psychopaths, human?

Like any living thing. They enjoy certain things. They have emotions and certain feelings towards objects around them. They can feel happy, contempt, anger, pride, and excitement. But they lack things that the average neurotypicals do. Sadness, empathy, self pity, a high sense of fear. But they enjoy life. Many are happy right where they are. They wouldn't trade

What do psychopaths think of animals?

I like mine. Outside of mine I generally do not care about them. I take excellent care of mine, I treat them like family and the same level of respect as I do with my inner circle. So, in that regard, indeed, I like them very much.However, chances are if I

What do psychopaths think of I, Psychopath?

Dreadful. Watching Vaknin is a case study in malignant narcissism. He wants so desperately to be psychopathic. I think though that there are two interesting features to that documentary that make it worth watching.One, he does not have the brain scans of a psychopath. Watching him get the news is funny.

What does a psychopathic child act like?

Psychopathy is an adult disorder, precursors may include:Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) Symptoms - Mayo ClinicMayo Clinic oppositional-defiant-disorder/.../con...The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), published by the American Psychiatric Association, lists criteria for diagnosing ODD.Oppositional Defiant Disorder - UCF PsychologyPsychology -...University of Central Florida College

What does it mean if I have empathy for animals but no empathy for people?

I agree with Ricardo Biondina all the way. A lot of these answers are trying to tell you that you need to have empathy for humans, or how to change yourself. That wasn't the question. People are looking too deep into this. Like asking

What is the difference between a psychopath and an autistic person?

I have written a couple of answers on this previously addressing Asperger's and psychopathy.Athena Walker's answer to How can you to distinguish between psychopaths and aspergers?Well, I will completely admit that I am lacking in my understanding of Asperger's to the

What is the evolutionary explanation for psychopathy?

Because volution works on random mutations that happen during the process of meiosis. Some people do not inherit the genes for empathy as a result of this, and some inherit extreme empathy as a result. Evolution does not have a direction, and if something does not have a particular advantage or disadvantage for the

What's the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath?

I used to believe that too, and then I read up on some of the psychopaths answers on Quora. I think my psychology degree taught me something like that, but it's an overall lazy interpretation of the difference. You might be tempted to think that just given what you'll find on the internet:

What would be the evolutionary reason of why psychopaths exist?

This is actually pretty fascinating. Its similar to why some scientists think left handedness evolved: these traits are selected for or against based on a mix of cooperative and competitive pressures. First I'll describe this in terms of left-handedness so you get a sense of

Which self help book you are reading?

No other Book can beat the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita in the Category of Self Help Book...!!!And I'm exactly suggesting you the Same: The Bhagavad GitaHere's the Link for getting the Bhagavad Gita translated into multiple International Languages. You Should try this App for Once to Understand the

Why do psychopaths exist?

Random permutations happen in the evolutionary process. A permutation of a life-form that confers adaptive functionality and lends itself to successful reproduction (with respect to the environment) results in the established existence of that life-form.  This is why they exist from a scientific standpoint. [EDIT: Notice this explanation explains why anything (bacteria, viruses, worms, etc.) exists without

You have to choose from 3 candidates to lead your organization, grow revenue, & increase the company's market value. All have the exact same credentials except one is a narcissist, one is an empath, and one is a psychopath. Who do you hire?

Thanks for the A2A.Wow awesome and thought-provoking question!I would choose a super empath who has some narcissistic traits.Reasons:The psychopath won't lead effectively and the revenue and company value may only increase short-term because of all the interpersonal conflicts and toxic culture that is formed.The narcissist

Can psychopaths be insane?

If by insane you mean, can psychopaths suffer from other mental health disorders such as schizophrenia, then yes. It is possible for a psychopath to suffer from delusions, hallucinations, paranoia etc.There are some mental illnesses that a psychopath can't have, though, because they would be contradictory to their neurobiological makeup. Psychopaths can't

Can psychopaths become artists?

Yes, actually.Though psychopaths can be void of empathy and feeling, unlike most, it doesn't prevent them from being exceptional artists.I have a friend I hold dear to me who is tragically suffering from the disorder, yet she still gets through each day normally and works with therapists about

Can psychopaths become pro-social Psychopaths?

I have always felt the term pro-social psychopath was an oxymoron born out of the need to normalize the condition by authors who cannot handle the cold-hard truth, and by scientists obsessed with the results of brain-scan studies. I have adhd and am quite sure (although not positive of course) that

Can sociopath turn into psychopath?

Psychopaths are born, sociopaths are made through life experience. Sociopaths have very unbalanced tempers, difficulty in interpersonal relationships, and difficulty regulating their emotions. Psychopaths are very cold, calculating, logical, and methodical.People often confuse or switch the defining characteristics or mistake one for the other. It is

Do psychopaths feel loneliness?

I have no idea what loneliness feels like. The closest emotion to it that I experience is boredom. However, as I understand, apart from the boredom, the emotion of loneliness also spawns a desire to socialize. I've never felt the need for other people. Sure, hanging around with

Do Psychopaths have insecurities? psychopathy is extremely rare. It is between It is between .75%–1% percent of the population with a 20:1 ratio men to women. It cannot be induced as that is not what defined psychopathy is. It is how the brain formed in utero.Psychopathy is born. It is present,

Do psychopaths like to be hackers?

Depends what you mean by hacker - a script kiddy (an unskilled individual using other people's computer programmes for nefarious ends), someone planting keystroke loggers and the like on a target's computer, someone playing around with technology to solve problems, or a skilled computer criminal (the usual meaning).Script kiddy - yes.Planting keystroke

Do psychopaths sometime become heroes?

Yes, the same fearlessness and low emotionality that can lead to us taking risks can be used for heroic actions. I know a psychopath who is a double murderer who saved a man from a burning car when everyone else was standing around and not taking action. He promptly kept on walking afterwards too, not looking for any

How can any person be psychologically fit?

I'm not sure if I'm the right person to answer this question but I believe the most important aspect of psychological fitness is self-love. And the best tools for it are gratitude and introspection. Gratitude helps elevate our vibration to a higher and more positive level whereas introspection helps us grow from self-reflection.

How to become a psychopath

That's not being a psychopath. That's being rude.A psychopath is born without the usual ability of feeling emotion. This can range from dulled emotions to none at all. They have significant differences in brain structure and use.You're trying to become more assertive and meaner. In no way does that mean

How to know if I am a psychopath

Start with the PCL-R. Its not very good but its easy to take and a good place to start. If you score under 12 There is a 0% chance you are a psychopath, and if you score above 30 then you

How do people become psychopaths?

Nature and nurture both are responsible for psychopathy, till now evidence is showing nature takes the larger responsibility, by nature i mean inborn biological factors like brain structure, neurotransmitter and blood hormone level; but nurture part that is abusive childhood experiences

I think my father is a psychopath and I fear he might kill me. What do I do?

Leave now and don't let him know where you are and cut off communication with him forever. If you are a minor, get cps involved. Or go to a teen shelter in your area.If you are an adult, no contact. Get a restraining order if that is an issue. Go to a domestic violence shelter

Psychopaths: Is it possible for a psychopath to become traumatized?

Thanks for the A2A. A very interesting question that will bring up an interesting answer and even more other questions.First of all you need to understand what events cause a trauma and what happens after you're traumatized.A trauma is usually caused by situations that induce heavy stress or that have a immense impact on your emotions,

What do you wish people knew about being psychotic?

There's nothing romantic or cool about it. I've heard people say they aim to go psychotic or something. I have never been in that state, but have had several family members in those states.It's scary.It's disorienting.It's heart-breaking.And it's so difficult to do damage control. I wasn't successful in all circumstances.

What is the biggest misconception about psychopathy?

They are serial-killers or mass murders that are always thinking about 101 different ways to murder you.Psycopaths are insane, they hear voices inside their head telling them to slaughter everyone. That's more likely psychosis and it is different from Psycopathy.Psycopaths hates everyone. I think they must have mistaken it from anti-social personality disorder or sociopathy.Anyone with psycopathy

Why are psychopaths usually smarter than regular people?

Erm... lack of emotional conflict.The goal for a psychopath is please ones self, just like anyone else. When your life isn't filled which not being able to make a right decision becuase you don't want to hurt someone's feelings like is much easier.Psychopaths are, committed, ruthless and

Why do I feel emotionally numb and why don't I care about anything anymore?

You may have clinical depression. You may have a low-functioning thyroid gland. In the initial stages of each, there are similar symptoms.See an MD for a health checkup and tell that doc what's going on with you and for how long. The doc can diagnose

Can psychopaths have successful romantic relationships?

We are somewhat difficult to deal with for a normally wired person. Intimacy can be a problem. I am not wired for outreach. When the cues are there for physical contact, a hug when someone is upset or just bonding intimacy, it is something I have to remind myself

Does a psychopath or narcissists spot an empath?

Narcissists have a need that others reflect back to them the image they have of themselves. They try to manipulate all they come into contact with to do this, which is unconscious. Some people respond more than others. Those who respond receive positive reinforcement, and the narcissist spends more time with them. Those who don't respond are left

How do psychopaths, sociopaths, and narcissists identify empaths?

One of the GREATEST descriptions was given by Dr. Paul Babiak, an expert in Psychopathy. I have summarized here (with some of my own interpretation) the game plan they use.Though most of us read about the three stage Idealize, Devalue and Discard, Dr. Babiak talks about the stages a bit differently:One. The Assessment Stage.

How do sociopaths react to being called a sociopath? Why?

How do sociopaths react to being called a sociopath? Why?I'm going to react by telling you a story. Why? Because I can.When I was very young I was destructive and abusive. It was easy to hurt people and take things simply because I had learned this is how you

How to make a relationship work long term with a psychopath/sociopath

I can't help you with sociopaths, so consider my answer applicable only to high-functioning psychopaths. I'm also going to assume you're referring to a romantic relationship.If you don't want a psychopath to leave you make it advantageous for them to stay. That's all you need to do, you don't even need to read the

If a sociopath permanently lost all of their memories, would they still be a sociopath?

I answered a similar question before.The neural connections of the brain will still be what they were prior to the incident, so yes, the person would still be a sociopath. They really just wouldn't understand why they are the way they are.Though

What is it like to be a sociopath (or have ASPD, or psychopathy, or any variation thereof)?

Boring. Mind numbingly boring. Everything is grey and dull. You can't get really excited or enthusiastic about anything.Imagine seeing everything in your life as inputs and outputs. You do these actions as an input, you get this as an output.Apply that to love, relationships, careers, family.I want a girlfriend?I make myself high value by having

What is the relationship between ‘golden children' and ‘scapegoat children'?

The golden child usually participates in scapegoating their scapegoat sibling. My sister was a covert narcissist and she gaslighted me many times. I couldn't express myself with her, even though I still kept trying and it turned against me. When we were kids, she already

What percentage of the world's population are psychopaths?

In My Opinion, the worlds population has a large number of Psychopaths. However, quantifying that is difficult due to the fact that one need to study the individuals behavior in an controlled environment. When one does not study their behavior in a controlled

Who holds the record of most murders?

A Serial killer is a person who Murders three or more people, in two or more separate events over a period of time, for primarily psychological reasons.This list shows Top 3 serial killers from the 20th century to present day by number of victims. In many cases, the exact number of victims assigned to a serial killer is not

Why do psychopaths get married?

They get married, because their wife cooks them a hell of a good, juicy T-bone steak! They do not have to take the trouble to buy the steak, because their wife does the shopping. They do not have to get out in the rain, to go to a steak house. And it is much cheaper, if your wife does