Were the MBTA stops in Boston placed in the relevant neighborhoods or did relevant neighborhoods grow from MBTA stops?

A bit of both, but first it is important to understand that greater Boston and much of the US were served by vast networks of streetcars for years, which no longer exist. So city neighborhoods and suburbs grew up strung along streetcar lines which were on all major streets nd could

Where is the best place in Southern California to live without a car?

I am an early adopter to the multi modal commuter lifestyle in LA using mainly the Metro Rail and my Brompton folding bike to get around daily. I do own a car but it only gets used when I really need it about once or twice a week, some times less. If you plan to live

Are the trip times for bus routes in the wmata.com trip planner accurate? WMATA serves the Washington, D.C., area.

Are the trip times ever accurate?Hell and no! The only accuracy is the departure time at the bus's origin. Eveything else is left to the whim of traffic, construction, reroutes, and slow-ass passengers getting on or off the bus. Always factor in an addition half hour to full hour on the bus, especially during rush hour.

Can a normal person buy a passenger train as private in India? What is the cost and what is the procedure for buying it?

You can't ‘buy' a train but you can requisition a whole train for a particular journey, or an itinerary, specifying what class of coaches will be required. Send in the details to the Chief commercial Manager of the zone, where the journey is to start and you will be

What are examples of means of transportation?

As Andrew Karam sugests, walking is the easiest way.The complexity of a transportation system, grows in direct proportion to the size of the city (population), and the development of highways and roads. As cities grow, the needs for transportation increase. So there appears the public transportation. First, appear the buses. Then the

What are several examples of modes of transportation?

A mode of transport is simply a means of moving people or goods. Generally, we use four main categories: Air, Rail, Road, and Water.We can give several examples for each of these:Air: aircraft, helicopterRail: train, high-speed train, maglev, tram, metro, light railRoad: car, truck, bus,

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using public transportation compared to other modes of transportation?

This will depend on what form of public transport, for example, rail or bus. We can make a comparison between bus and when you say other means, I believe you are referring to l your personal car.With respect to the above, there are

What are the different modes of transportation?

First, in order to recognize a mode of transportation it is best to understand what it is. A mode is the method or means of how people and goods get from one place to another.To the point, there are five general modes of transportation:1 - Rail2 - Land/Road3 - Water4 -

What is your mode of transport to your office? Why is it not a bicycle?

Sadly, I drive to work. It's just under 2 miles and there is a completely different route I could take: a beautiful bike route along the bay shore that is also under 2 miles and would require less than 1/4 mile on roads shared with cars.

What kind of public transport do you use?

Depends on where I'm going. From my neck of the woods I will usually take a bus into town if it is cold but unfortunately the busses don't run very well all the time. Bus stations are cold and sometimes busses don't arrive. It's relatively cheap however,

Why did the Washington Metro become the second-busiest rapid transit system in the US, while it only serves the seventh-largest metropolitan area in the country?

1) This question is affected by how one counts ridership.  Do you include the other modes of transportation (bus, light rail, commuter rail)? Do you include systems that serve the same metropolitan area but are not part of the "subway proper" (e.g. PATH)?  An example: Boston has the fourth highest subway ridership, but this number

Will bicycles become the main mode of transportation in the US?

Unfortunately, not in the next few years. However, bicycle riding is likely to increase over time as Americans get poorer and the economy sinks gradually into an energy famine. Bicycle ownership is considerably less expensive than automobile ownership. There are already lots of people of modest means on bikes in

Before the recent MBTA troubles, how much more would a ticket cost if the MBTA had to charge what it costs to ride?

According to the National Transit Database's 2012 MBTA Agency Profile (the most recent available), the agency-wide farebox recovery ratio-the ratio of fare revenues to total operating expenses-was 30%.Assuming fare increases are spread evenly among the various tickets and passes, a 233% increase would be required to cover operating expenses without requiring

How common is it for people to ride the MBTA without paying?

Very common, especially during rush hour. When the train gets crowded it becomes impractical to charge everyone who gets on and still leave the station on schedule. So at stops like MFA which are above ground and where tickets are collected on the train, all the train doors will be opened (as opposed to just the

How does the MBTA bus know the approaching bus stop?

They use an AVL (automatic vehicle location) system tied to GPS that tracks the location. I know about the supplier of the system but not so much about the algorithms used for making stop announcements. I can probably say it takes the distances between stops and the buses location via GPS into

How far are you willing to commute to work?

I commute from Fairfield 3 times a week on the Metro North train. Depending on the day, I will either take the 6:35 train, which runs express and takes 1 hour, 15 minutes to get to Grand Central, and the 5:00 train home. OR, I take the 7:24 train to GCT, getting at 8:35 (1:11 trip

How long does it take to get from Riverside MBTA station to Kenmore Square on the green line?

Maybe it`s my imagination, but that whole route seems to be running slower than it did 10–15 years ago. I used to take that route all the time as a teen, whenever my friends and I were sick of the suburbs and needed a

How were New York City subways named?

The NYC subway system is actually an agglomeration of several subway systems, some of which were private companies.The lines were originally named, not labeled or colored. Both the current color-coding and line-labeling were instituted long after the lines were built. The labeling of the system still reflects the previous multiple-system era. The

Should mbta buses have to arrive when their schedule dictates or later (due to traffic, etc), but not early?

In an ideal world, yes. Bus schedules are based on data concerning traffic. But traffic may vary from day to day. On a particular day, traffic might be nearly nonexistent, allowing a bus to cruise faster than normal, arriving at a stop ahead

Were the MBTA stops in Boston placed in the relevant neighborhoods or did relevant neighborhoods grow from MBTA stops?

A bit of both, but first it is important to understand that greater Boston and much of the US were served by vast networks of streetcars for years, which no longer exist. So city neighborhoods and suburbs grew up strung along

What are people's biggest frustrations with the King County Metro Transit system in Seattle?

#1 - Rude bus drivers.  Not all, but a lot of them are extremely rude.  I once asked a simple question about the route and got sworn at because the driver was in a rush.  On top of that I wrote to the King County Support email and

What do London tube employees know that passengers don't?

I have wracked my brain.Nothing astonishing, all operational nuances, and actually rather boring.Just how hot, sticky, and sadistic a majority man made fibre uniform is in the heat and relative humidity of the underground system.There are the codes used over the public address, mainly aimed at cleaning

What is the best way to reach Mumbai Central from Kurla LTT Terminus? How much does an auto/taxi fare cost? Are there any direct best buses to MMCT?

There are plenty of taxis which can take you from Kurla LTT to Mumbai Central. The cost can be above Rs. 500 & is mostly on meter.As for local trains , you have to come to Tilaknagar local Railway station & go to Kurla. From Kurla go to Dadar in Central Railway & then from

What would be the best way for the MBTA to ensure people pay for above ground train stops?

To my mind the T should be completely funded through tolls on cars and parking taxes. Boston should not have such a large portion of commuters coming into the city by car every day. In fact there should be basically no cars headed to downtown during the day. Cars are dangerous

Why are MBTA buses always late?

MBTA buses are often late because they are caught in heavy traffic, which also causes Bus bunching - Wikipedia. For crosstown routes such as #1 or #66, this is an almost routine occurrence. The only way to alleviate this is to create reserved bus lanes with traffic signal prioritization, or to completely grade-separate the route.

Why didn't the USA build a Subway that covers all of New York Metropolitan area including Cities in New Jersey on the Hudson River? Most of the cities in the world build their subways that cross city borders.

The NYC subway was not entirely built by the city and state of New York as one post here claims. Of the three originally independent systems, the BMT, the IRT and the IND, only the IND was built by a government agency. The BMT

Why do MBTA Boston trains frequently become dysfunctional and disabled? Why aren't the issues resolved for good?

Several years ago, the Massachusetts state legislature assigned the debt for the Big Dig (the multibiillon-dollar construction project that put I-93 underground beneath Downtown Boston) to the MBTA. The resulting debt service means that the MBTA is perpetually starved of funding for equipment and maintenance. So the existing equipment-much of which is overdue for replacement-breaks down often.

Why don't people commonly cycle to public transport?

For me, it's either/or. If I can bike somewhere I'll ride my bike. If not, I drive. I *HATE* public transport in the SF Bay Area. It's extremely slow and there are about a dozen different systems you have to navigate.As an example,

What are the major limitations to adopting flying cars as our primary form of transportation in the modern world?

Money/cost.Flying vehicles are more expensive than road vehicles. Nothing will change that, not electric, not autonomous.If things go won't in s flying vehicle, it is coming down. Maintenance has to be top notch. Shade tree mechanics may be able to get you back in the air, but for how long?