After doing push-ups and chin-ups, is it normal to feel weak and tired in the arms, back, shoulder, and collar bone area?

If you have just started exercising then it is completely normal to feel a little tired at the beginning. As you go exercising regularly your body will start to get used it. But I suggest you to go slow with smaller bouts and increase as you go on.You may also not be taking a proper

Am I actually lifting earth while doing handstand pushups?

No actually it's nothing like that . It's just the gravitational force which is deceiving you . When you perform handstand push ups you are applying force (Normal force ) to lift yourself up or simply move your(body's) centre of mass away from the earth's surface . Visualise yourself( your

Are 100 push-ups, 100 bicep curls, 100 squats, and 3 sets of 2-minute planks every day except Sunday enough to build muscle for beginners?

Not particularly. First, doing so many repetitions is just a waste of time if you're trying to

Are bodyweight squats, push-ups and pull-ups a decent substitute for the starting strength routine by Mark Rippetoe?

Not really, because one of the most important elements of Starting Strength is progressive overload by increasing weight. With barbells, it's easy to add small amounts of weight every workout, causing your body to adapt and get constantly stronger.However, with body weight exercises, you can't really add weight. Instead, you must add reps or use harder variations

Are daily push ups unhealthy?

Push ups are a wonderful body weight exercise that work several upper body muscle groups in your chest, arms, shoulders, triceps, back and neck.With any strength training exercise rest and recovery is important. It is during this period that your body repairs muscle tissue that is damaged during a workout - generating enhancements in strength and muscle

Are daily pushups, situps and squats adequate exercise for someone who has no desire to get 'fit' but wants to stay healthy?

Body weight exercises can be very effective & helpful when trying to build functional strength, improve flexibility, decrease body fat, & improve overall physical health. However, I say this only if it's done correctly. Body weight routines are still considered resistance training (weights)

Are dips as important in a workout as push ups or pull ups or even more?

If you were stranded on a deserted island with no exercise equipment, you could still develop your upper body by doing push-ups and pull-ups (if you can find a convenient branch). Between those two exercises, you can work most major muscles in the upper body and maintain or even increase your strength and muscle

Are doing 4-sets of 30 push ups and 4-sets of 30 planks on odd days/4-sets of 30 bicep curls and 3-minutes of planks on even days/going on a walk (run) on Sundays enough to build muscle?

It's funny to me that as much as I bag on calisthenics and bodyweight stuff that I continue to get A2A for it.The answer to your question is noThis will not build muscle unless you currently lack the muscle to do 30 push-ups

Are doing pushups at home useful?

Hello there,YES, IT IS USEFUL TO DO PUSHUPS AT HOME.Being a person who loves to exercise, pushups has become my first priority when doing my workout. I can say that around 80% of my workout exercise is bodyweight exercise while 20% more is free weight or machine itself as I love to ‘use' my bodyweight to create more variation

Are exercises like pushups considered to be cardio? Can they be used to reduce weight?

The connection between weight loss and any exercise is relatively tenuous at best.Weight loss isn't really your goal in any case. Fat loss is. You can lose fat without losing weight. You could even gain weight to lose fat.In any case, Cardio is not a straight path to fat loss. It's a helpful tool, it can help you

Are Hindu pushups or dands beneficial? Will it lead to lower back injury?

Hindu pushups are an excellent exercise that improves both flexibility and strengthens the dorsal and ventral ‘chains'- the interconnected muscles, ligaments and joints that allow you to go about your daily business with some measure of grace and dignity. Provided

Are incline push-ups more difficult than regular push-ups?

The incline pushup is actually a much lighter movement as you have to deal with a smaller fraction of your bodyweight, thanks to your body being more upright. Thus it's safe to say, the higher the incline, the lesser the load. Due

Are knee push-ups any good?

You have to understand that the most important aspect of a good pushup is not just arm or chest strength, but the ability to perform full-body tension. You have to be able to make use of your body as a single unit, or create tension from your hands to your toes. The problem with knee pushups

Are one arm push-ups safe?

For 99% of people, myself included, no. You'll fare far better if you do your best to equalize your weight over both arms. If you want added resistance, consider using a weighted vest (mine lets me add 40 lbs) or elevating your feet a little. Note that the more you elevate your feet, the more you

Are one armed pushups a significant way to gain muscle?

No. It's just a show-off move....totally unnecessary and I personally think its an injury risk.Stick to the big compound moves like squat, bench, overhead press, pull-ups, dead-lifts. You will gain muscle.If you have no access to the gym or any equipment and you are looking to hit the chest, then stick

Are one-handed pushups better than two-handed pushups?

One handed pushups are far better than two handed for damaging your shoulders. One handed pushups are a parlor trick and really don't have a place in a well thought out workout program. IMNHOWatch most people do a one arm pushup, does the movement look clean? Not so much, huh? Stick with clean movements and

Are planks and push ups bad for height growth?

Spot diminishment. Gaging the measure of calories you consume by the amount you sweat. Endeavoring to get a level tummy with sit-ups alone. The wellness world is brimming with myths and misinterpretations, and the possibility that doing push-ups can hinder your development is one of those fanciful

Are pull ups, dips and push ups enough for building an upper body?

Hi Hrithik Saha thank you for your question. These exercises are a great way of building an Upper Body but remember, there are other areas besides your Upper Back, Chest and Frontal Deltoids...Picture this, you're a young man, you're doing the exercises you list above alongside your Squats and others that engage the lower extremities. Someone

Are pull-ups, push-ups, and squats enough to build a good and a healthy body?

Building a healthy body is more about diet than exercise.Your body composition and overall health is more determined by what you put into it every single day, all day, than it is by what you do in the gym for an hour or two a few times

Are push-up better than lifting weights for chest muscle mass?

Push-ups is a great exercise to build strength into your upper body core i.e. it involves multiple muscles mainly Chest and Triceps. It helps to increase strength but here the strength is limited due to the only involvement of body-weight. You will gain the initial muscle mass to support your body-weight framework.

Are push ups an anaerobic exercise?

Typically yes.Exclusively, no.Most resistance training (moving your bodyweight is a resistance) is anaerobic because you can't replace energy fast enough with oxygen (aerobic) to meet demand.Meaning most resistance training exercise will tap out around the 90 second mark before you can't complete more reps with

Are push-ups and pull-ups good for bodybuilding at the age of 17?

There is nothing to do with age until you are 13+ . You are safe to train for years . Yes Pushups , Pull ups are some of the best upperbody compound movements . Try to include lower body movements too such as Glute Bridges , Squats , Lunges etc

Are push-ups and pull-ups useful for women?

Yes, pushups are definitely useful for women. Strength training is strength training, irrespective of the gender.Pushups will strengthen your forearms, biceps and those hard-to-tone triceps on the back of the arms. The pectoral, or chest, muscles are also strengthened for a more firm breast area. You

Are push-ups bad for a 10-year-old boy?

Yes, it is definitely safe. Kids do things that we normally wouldn't think of as being potentially harmful to their joints or muscles, such as lugging around heavy bags of raked leaves, carrying out the garbage, picking each other up during play, carrying around dogs or their toddler siblings, bowling, and carrying heavy backpacks

Are push-ups bad for a 15-year-old boy?

Push ups are GREAT for a 15 year old boy. The thing about push ups, if done correctly, is that it is hard to hurt your shoulders. Damaging your shoulders doing bench press is all too easy. The push up position stabilizes the shoulder girdle in a

Are push-ups bad for height, especially for teenagers?

It really blows my mind how many workout myths just seem to just appear these days.To answer your question, no it's not.Stunted growth from lifting weights is a myth. I'll link a few scientific studies down below if you want to look into it a bit more.Weight training in youth-growth, maturation, and safety: an evidence-based review.

Are push-ups considered cardio or weight training?

Push ups can be used for both depending on how you do them; the key here is time duration and repetitions;If you do 200 everyday and that too at a steady relaxed pace where the entire routine gets done in say, 1 hour it is the equivalent of weight training;

Are push-ups good for bigger shoulders?

Push-ups target the pectoralis major and triceps. The anterior (front) deltoids are involved, but only in a synergist role (as opposed to the pecs and triceps, which are prime movers). So push-ups can be used to build your chest and arms, but they

Are push ups good for teenagers?

Push ups are very good for teen agers asit is very good for strength, stamina and endurance in the body.This is best posture for strength of the core muscles and spine.Good for developing biceps and triceps, a focal point of teens nowadays.Makes entire body flexible , agile and strengthens our immune system.Good for

Are push-ups good?

My colleagues have answered this question thoroughly, so I won't belabor the point: yes. Push-ups are EXCELLENT excercises which have stood the test of time; they are simple, require ZERO equipment, and when done properly, can whip a man's body into shape quickly without overly bulking him up. (Still unsure? Check any prison or jail. Bored

Are push ups hard to do?

Push-ups are great for building muscle strength and endurance. They particularly target thechest,shoulders,tricepscore musclesYou can do regular push-ups but sometimes they can cause a certain amount of discomfort.That's why most people prefer pushup bars instead.While doing pushups keep in mind the following:Wrist PositionRegular push-ups cause your

Are push-ups, sit-ups, and squats (bodyweight) enough to build muscle?

Almost.First ditch the sit-ups. They can do more harm than good. Replace them with Planks.Second add pull-ups. With push-ups and pull-ups you get the main push pull muscles activated. And you have many variations in hand positions, distance between hands and such to get every muscle working. Plus you can progress to raising your feet on the push-up to

Are push-ups still considered an effective form of exercise?

Push Ups are a great body weight exercise. They put a lot of your core muscles at work. Doing push ups won't get you huge, it will get you fit (assuming you eat properly ando some other exercises too).If some one tells you they

Are push-ups the world's greatest exercise?

No. They work on chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, depending on what type you do. If you want really awesome arms, then yeah,  they're a good excercise. But what about cardio? Keeping your heart healthy? Legs? Core? The best excercise is something that works your whole body, that

Are pushup bars useful?

I have a set and I can say without a doubt, push-up bars and push-up variations are indeed useful.I view push-ups as a conditioning exercise that improves endurance, strength to the chest, shoulders, triceps, core and stabilizing muscles.Push-up bars help you go deeper into the movement (larger range of motion)

Are pushups a good pre-workout before weight lifting?

It depends on what you're doing afterwards.Push-ups will do two things.They'll warm up your chest, shoulders, triceps and all the joints and tendons in between.They'll get your heart-rate up and get the blood flowing through your torsoSo - if after a set of push-ups, the plan

Are pushups a total body workout?

In pushups, primary work is to develop pectoral muscles and secondary it develops the strength of shoulders. In calisthenics their are many types of pushups like azetec,back clap and three clap etc they all need body coordination and explosive power to function . It vary from pushup to pushup that which movement are

Are pushups bad for your wrists?

Bad form is bad for your wrists. When you place your palms flat on the floor to do a pushup, you are placing your hands in a position called dorsiflexion. This is an EXTREME RANGE OF MOTION. One should always strive to only move in their mid

Are pushups better for losing fat than lifting weights?

For some reason, many folks think of "pushups" as some sort of magical exercise that will grant total fitness and a superb body.   Actually, it's just a simple body-weight exercise that only works a few muscles.    A good

Are 'pushups' considered the ultimate exercise?

I'll be honest and break your heart.There is no ultimate exercise. And if there were, it would be either squats or deadlifts because they are compound lifts that activate multiple and complex chains of muscles from head to toe to

Are pushups easier for smaller people?

you could argue that for shorter people it is easier to do more pushups. They technically will do less work because their bodies are moving a shorter distance because their bodies are traveling the distance of their arm length. Shorter arm = shorter distance traveled. Distance x

Are pushups enough?

Are Push ups enough for what ?They are good for building upper body strength. They work the triceps, pecs muscles, and shoulders. When done correctly , they can also strengthen the lower back and core by engaging (pulling in) the abdominal muscles. They are a fast and effective exercise for building strength .Are they enough then as others have

Are pushups good for skinny teens?

Yes, they do build the upper body, there are many types of push-ups that an individual can include in their routine like the conventional push-ups, Superman push-ups, diamond push-ups, spiderman push-ups, single arm push-ups etc. The difficulty level of various push-ups ranges from very easy to very very hard. Here are some reasons why everyone should include

Are pushups good instant weight losing exercises?

Ok. First of all, there is no INSTANT weight loss exercise. Healthy weight loss takes time and discipline.To answer your question, NO, push ups are not meant for weight loss. They are meant to strengthen and tone your chest muscles and triceps and maybe engage a little bit

Are pushups on elevated dumbbell handles better than flat handed pushups due to greater range of motion?

This is my opinion based on studying muscle movement, perhaps some may not agree.Range of motion is often misunderstood. Your weakest FUNCTIONAL strength is when the muscles are at 90 degrees with each other. That is why when you do the

Are pushups one of the best exercises? Why?

In calisthenics I would say there are 5 foundational exercises,Push upsDipsPull upsRowsSquatsBased on that, I would say they are one of the best and most important. All those exercises have regressions and progressions to make them easier or harder. Many of these exercises are referred to as

Are regular Push ups enough for reducing stomach fat?

Dude !!!If you are doing Push-Ups that will be good for your chest and upper back.For stomach fat your should do (1) Running at least 1.5 km, (2) Crunches

Are rings-pushups harder than bar-dips?

Yes, much harder because the rings are not fixed, but free swinging.This forces the stabilizer muscle to work very hard to stabilize the body while pressing the body up.This is also why the inexperienced trainee's arms and shoulders will often violently

Are there any benefits to performing body weight finger push-ups and weight vested finger push-ups (such as improving finger strength for example)?

I've never seen any. If you want to improve hand strength, which to me is more grip strength, and grip comes from your forearms not really your individual finger muscles.Now if you do rock climbing it might be beneficial, since

Are there any variation of push ups that dont make the shoulders broad?

Yes, there are variations.Traditional pushup. The basic starting point.Wide-grip pushup. Engages the shoulders more.Close-grip pushup. Engages the triceps more.Clap pushup. Improves power and explosiveness.One-leg pushup.Dead-stop pushup.Eccentric pushup.Spider-Man pushup.Click here for full article: 11 essential pushup variations for beginnersAlso, visit this link: 82 Push-Up Variations for Every Fitness Level

Are wall push-ups as effective as ground push-ups?

Hey,They are effective depending on your goal and fitness level.You see, if you cannot do the harder variations of one exercise you move on to an easier variation of it.For push-ups that would be:Knee push-ups.Incline push-ups.Wall push-ups.All of them are pretty good at developing more strength even building some muscle to some extent.Of course all variations

Are weighted push-ups and flat bench press enough for chest?

Flat bench press is great to make awesome gains for over a year even if that's all you do for chest. You can add in variation when you become a more experienced lifter.Please check out my YouTube here: Jordan King and click the subscribe button. I do videos at least once a week and usually twice. Once

Are you giving your muscles enough rest if you do 200 push ups daily?

if you are starting from nowhere and havent trained doing pushups regularly then i think doing it everyday is overtraining. depends on what kind of pushups you are doing, there are lots of pushup variations but I you are targeting your chest and triceps everytime then

As a beginner, how many push ups do I do in a day?

As many as possible. If you can't do a lot in one set, spread them out.For example, let's say you're an absolute beginner and you can do 5 without losing your form or stopping. Pick a day when you're not in work/school (the following would work on those days too, just not as

Besides push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups are there any other exercises using your own body weight?

dipsdragon flagstanding ab roll outdo sit ups with your legs wrapped around a heavy bagdo sit ups on a bench with 2 pairs of foam cylinder pads. get your shins under the pair of foam pads farther away from you and your hamstrings on top of the pair

Between push-ups and weight lifting, which one is better to build strength?

What is the difference between "push ups" and weight lifting? It's all the same motions, just with different weights. They're are dozens of different push up variations.  All working slightly different things.  Push-ups aren't the only calisthenic body weight exercise you can do either. Pull ups,

Can 100 push-ups a day help my arms get significantly bigger?

I done 30x100 for 30 consecutive days and expecting quick results but unfortunately the answer seem no. However I persisted but only doing 4x20 Per days for months and I beginning to see bigger shoulders, chests , arms. My forearms veins have also

Can 100 push ups a day reduce chest fat?

I see way to much of this. If you want to reduce fat, then reduce fat. You can't control where you lose it, just work out, and it will be fine. Ghees!When that is said, yes, I guess you could say that. Only, if you have chest fat, you probably shouldn't do 100 push-ups a day.

Can 20 push ups a day for 6 months get you jacked?

Nope.Sorry dude.Try googling progressive calisthenics.Google it together with the terms

Can a 13-year-old boy perform push-ups? Are there any side effects?

Grade-school PE classes often feature push-ups and sit-ups, and for good reason -they benefit the health and fitness of every age. In fact, push-ups and sit-ups, and other exercises like them, are critical in a teen's development. If your 13-year-old hasn't started doing these calisthenics, it's time to start. The Centers for

Can anyone do 1000 pushups?

1000 Pushups may look impossible and unprecedented for common man, but the reality is far as you can see the below facts.To achieve one of the below feats one should have perseverance. Go one step a time and you can reach up high.Also it boosts confidence level, better metabolic rate, no insomnia or stress, slow aging process,

Can daily bare minimal exercise like pushups and squats be beneficial to you?

If you want you See the amazing benefits of the Push-ups that are count in Minimal workoutHow different types of push-ups are beneficial and How much beneficial?Your complete push-ups solution are there. In these mistakes occurred during push-ups.8 Amazing Benefits Of Push-Ups Everyday || Muscles InvolvedSo read it and share with those friends who need this.

Can daily push-ups increase strength of the body?

In my opinion NO ! atleast not 100%let us assume Day 1 : you can do 20 pushups andDAY 7: You can do're increasing the rep ranges of same body weight. So you're increasing the endurance not the strength. In initial phase yes your strength will increase but to

Can diamond pushups be a replacement for regular pushups? Or do I still need to include regular pushups in my workout?

I would recommend avoiding diamond pushups. They have been proven time and time again to put unnecessary stress on the shoulders and wrists.Instead focus on placing your hands at Shoulder width apart and tucking your arms back towards your sides as

Can doing 100 push ups and 100 pull ups a day do anything for my body?

I have been self-training myself for past two years. I don't just do that to look attractive and show-off my ripped physique. Oh! No, I don't. The most important reason is that I want to look and feel tough. I want to stay

Can doing push-ups or pull-ups with a weighted backpack cause harm?

If you do them correctly, no. If you do them incorrectly, yes. But so is the answer for any type of exercise.A few tips:For the weighted pushups, try to have the weight a close to the shoulders as possible. Meaning, don't let the weight sit on your lower back. This will reduce the risk of

Can doing pushups stop the increase of your height?

Short answer: No, not if you're only using body weight.Long answer: Growth is stunted when large amounts of weight are used, which will increase testosterone production, which, in turn, at high levels, will tell the body to close its growth plates.Push-ups do not have the capacity

Can I build a nice physique by only doing pushups, chin-ups and pull-ups?

Yes you can, depending on your definition of 'nice'.You will not get bodybuilder huge, but through good progression scheme that utilises different angles and variations on those movements as well as increasing time under tension, you will be able to build some muscle

Can I build more muscles just by doing different push-ups at home? I'm currently moderately built.

Yes, you can build more muscle by doing push-ups.Any exercise is better than no exercise. Pick 3–4 variations of push-ups and set a goal of doing a certain number of each kind every other day. Once you get comfortable and can get the pre-determined number of each done, increase the number. A couple things

Can I build muscles with push-ups and sit-ups?

Yes, but don't limit yourself to just two exercises. What you should be looking up is body-weight exercises, or calisthenics.You can absolutely build up a base of strength and supporting structure around your joints, especially your knees and shoulders, doing

Can I do crunches, planks, squats and pushups 5 year after inguinal hernia surgery?

As long as you don't have inguinal pain anymore, you should be fine to do those things. Not every case is the same, but most surgeons only have you avoid strenuous activity for 4–6 weeks. My biggest piece of advice is to start slow! The first thing you want to do is strengthen

Can I do daily pushups and squats?

Yes, you can. Three things to consider. How many of each are you doing each day? What is your starting fitness level? And how do you handle the potential muscular imbalances you'll create from only doing two push exercises?For the first question just remember that the number of reps needs to be enough

Can I do incline push ups every day?

You could, until you can't anymore.Your muscles will get fatigued and tight. You won't be able to do as much as you should. You'll get frustrated because you'll feel like you're losing strength. Tight muscles will pull on your shoulder more and more. One day, your frustration will make you push your body

Can I do push ups after breakfast?

Short answer: NoLong answer: Following a meal, excessive exercise may draw blood flow from the digestive tract. This may result in a wide range of problems, from mild discomfort (dyspepsia or indigestion), to severe vomiting and abdominal pain. Because of this, generally exercise is recommended

Can I do push ups at the age of 15?

We get these kinds of questions a lot....Why would you not? Are you under the impression that exercise of one form or another is going to harm you? That's nonsense.Kids as young as seven or eight can safely and productively lift weights or do any other sorts of exercise without any harm at all, as long as they do

Can I do pushups and bodyweight exercises on my resting day?

Bodyweight practices are awesome; for expanding general molding, as well as for their capacity to put on abundant sums bulk (as opposed to what a great many people will have you accept).The truth of the matter is, I've been doing high volume bodyweight exercises since I was 13, and essentially doing

Can I do pushups on rest days?

A2A.It is difficult to answer this without knowing your training plan, what level you are at among other things.A generic suggestion would be to not do push ups immediately following chest/upper body workout because the body needs to recover.If you want to

Can I gain muscle by doing 200 push-ups every day?

There's a lot to unpack here, but for the sake of brevity: Yes, you can experience some muscle hypertrophy (muscle gain) by doing 200 pushups a day. But when you use a bodyweight exercise in extremely high volumes, like this, you're probably going to see more toning take place than

Can I gain muscle mass just using body weight exercises (push ups and pull ups)?

I agree with Kat Kinns. You can add mass doing just body weight exercises, especially if you properly balance your protein intake. I would add though, that there are really too many muscle groups that need attention to evenly build mass using purely body weight exercises.If you want to stick to low impact

Can I get 6 pack abs just by doing like alot of planking and like 150 pushups a day?

The potential for seeing your abs is higher if your body fat% is under 10. Most people will have some. Can't guaranteed they will be magazine cover worthy. As to how they will appear you won't know until you see them. Working them can change their appearance. But the first part is the most important- being able to

Can I get a good upper body by doing 100 push ups a day?

Probably not.Unless your're a genetic freak (we all know that one person who does 20 push-ups and chest blows up).For the majority of people doing 100 push-ups a day will do very little in terms of upper body development.The thing is your body will only grow

Can I get a V-shaped body by doing pull-ups and push-ups only?

Do different type of pushups and pullupsPushups2. Wide arm pushups3. Staggered pushups4. Hindu pushups5. Declined pushups6. Inclined pushups7. Spiderman pushups8. Diamond pushupsGoogle and find which type of pushups are for which body parts. Similarly there are different type of PULLUPS also.Doing the same exercises everyday hinders muscles growth. U

Can I get abs by doing 100 push-ups daily for months?

No, but your chest, shoulders, and triceps will certainly be more noticeable to you after performing those pushups for 90 days straight!If you really want to get your abs, you need to initiate fat loss by maintaining a caloric deficit (i.e. eating slightly less

Can I get in good shape just by doing push-ups, deadlifts, and squats?

You certainly can.The pushup, deadlift, and squats are all compound movements that train a multitude of muscle groups throughout the body. Specifically:Pushup: Chest, shoulders and triceps. Also a great stabilizer of the torso and lower back.Deadlift: Lower back, trapezius, the quadriceps, the hamstrings,

Can I get muscular by only doing pushups and pullups?

Yes you can, but you have to do it in the right way...let me explain.push ups and pull ups are fantastic exercises for building muscle. However if your workouts do not evolve to get progressively harder over time, to match your increasing muscle and strength levels, then

Can I get ripped by doing push ups, sit ups, squats and bicep curls everyday?

You've chosen the right approach, but not the most efficient one. Bodyweight exercises will only stimulate your muscle growth up to a certain range and than you'll hit a plateau. This may be sufficient for some folks to get ripped but for the

Can I get six packs from 100 pushups daily?

Wow, you are all over the place buddy and you are confused. Just follow this-First of all, no sweet, no spice, no butter type food, no fat, no salt and low carb high protein diet. No sweet means not even fructose. No fruit. Not

Can I lose weight from doing pushups every day?

Ok, here's the dealio on weight loss: it's all about one's diet and intelligent fitness training that keeps intensity below what's called the "anaerobic threshold" which is the point at which your body will rely on glucose stores, rather than

Can I turn my flabby chest into muscles with pushups alone?

No, you cannot transform fat into muscle, nor can you spot reduce. Having muscles will support your flab better and you will look less

Can one be strong enough to do 10,000 pushups without interruption?

It's well documented in Wikipedia: Push-up"The record for the most push-ups non-stop was 10,507, set by Minoru Yoshida of Japan in October 1980.[18] Yoshida's record was the last for non-stop push-ups to be published by 

Can or should I do pushups at home everyday if I go to the gym?

Depends if you are using machines at the gym. The machines will isolate specific fibers of your pecs while a full, real life push up will target all the fibers of your pectorals because it requires self stabilization. And, it will make them more round and larger than the machine ever could.So the difference between

Can pull-ups be done daily without overtraining?

Theoretically, yes. However, if you're doing pull-ups solely on a straight bar then you do risk causing some injury by straining the tendons and ligaments in the shoulders. Basically, by using a straight bar you're putting shearing forces on the shoulder joint which wants to allow the arm

Can pull ups make you stronger?

definitely yes,pull ups are on of those exercise which is a basic movement but does help you build up strength when you modify it(a complex variation) can find different kind of pull ups online so easily.depending on the variation,concentrated muscle group you build up the strength you require.core

Can push-ups build muscle?

Yes, pushups does build muscle.Pushups not only builds up the chest, shoulders and triceps, but it is also a great stabilizer of the torso and lower back. Push-ups are a great exercise for beginners and they are much safer on the shoulders than the

Can push ups, squats and crunches make hemorrhoids more severe?

Im a huge fan of bodyweight exercises for the reason that you can use them for a great workout anywhere. And perhaps the king of all bodyweight exercises, is the squat. Squats are awesome because they provide a great workout for multiple muscle groups, including the butt,