What are the questions one should ask when meeting a guy for first time in an arranged marriage to know his thinking about various things?

While the idea of meeting your potential partner and their family may seem like an exciting idea, we know there's equal amount of nervousness along with it. First meetings are always hard – there's the stress of making a good first impression, of finding out if you

What song do you currently play on repeat?

I'm a huge fan of hard rock and metal; being a 16 year old on the brink of madness, I suppose that my affinity for it is to be expected.Soundgarden - Pretty NooseThat one right there is the song that motivates me. It's

Have you ever done something that has impacted someone so greatly it ruins their way of living and destroys everything they have ever done or worked for? Have you ever ruined someone's life?

Have I ever ruined someone's life? No. No I haven't. What I did was not just ruining someone's life. It was not even comparable to ruining a life.Because what I did was worse than ruining a life. I destroyed the life of someone who loved me, and who I loved back. I destroyed

Why do certain topics gather more attention than others?

Cause of the degree of intelligence of people is based on how much can be comprehended with. If others are unaware of something a conversation does not exist. For example if I told you that the Universe has a Heart Beat and I said I can prove it, and you say how? Then you

What questions are asked during arranged marriage meetings in India?

Let me tell you my first arranged marriage meeting story. It happened just few months back, an agent just sent us a picture and biodata of a guy and said their family is interested in meeting me. So, without waiting any further

What uncomfortable questions about Hinduism, do Indians face when abroad?

Well as you start living abroad you will learn the knick knacks of answering the frequently asked questions.Few questions are :Do you speak indian?Are you all hindi?they also assume that everybody does yoga with flexibility (haha),some who know more about India ,ask about goddess Kali and why she looks the way she is!Are Indians jealous and competitive?Can you