Are African Americans jealous of Asian success?

You shouldn't be shocked that a group who has experienced discrimination would turn around and discriminate on another group themselves. It seems to be part of the human condition that we want to be treated fairly but overlook our own behavior. Not all black individuals are like that though, some (like myself) are

Are there any white people who support interracial dating/marriages?

I'm pretty white.. I mean I don't have pink eyes or anything but otherwise it would be hard to get much whiter than me with my hyper-sunburnable, pale, cave fish skin and my blue eyes, blond hair... (shhhh dont tell

Are Vietnamese women known for their beauty?

Vietnamese women are absolutely stunning! Typical Vietnamese features are small face, small nose, larger eyes. The eyes are a huge giveaway. Skin color tends to range from pale to tanned skin. Majority of Vietnamese people, in general, are actually pale/light-skinned though. Very, very few have had cosmetic surgery

As an Indian, why would you marry a White women?

As an Indian living in the EU who have suffered discrimination and racism heavily on an everyday basis, I think it is normal for Indian men to seek White women for marriage to atleast give their kids, a genetic advantage. There are other factors like female to male ratio - less number of women for Indian

Can a black woman marry a man from Bangladesh?

I'm going to agree entirely with @Jamal Hussein and @Raf Akan on this matter.As a disclaimer, I am not Bangladeshi or of Bengali origin, though for the past few years I have studied the culture of South Asia in general and

Can a woman who is half black that marries a white man have a black child?

The probability of the woman having a black child might be higher if a different man were to be the father.The question seems to depend on the definition of what ‘ black' means in the phrase

Can anyone become flexible?

Do you mean ‘flexible' in:our joints and body orour minds and thinking and behavior?In either case, we can become more flexible, but our flexibility is limited by our genes and our environment.In the first hatha yoga class I taught, there was a guy who

Do black people adopt white children?

Yes there may be some but it is less than .01% and this is the reason why.Caucasian children are often the most sought after children in foster care, and this is mainly to do because of the fact that there are more white Americans in the country that are willing to adopt kids that

Do Caucasians age faster?

No. There is a world of difference between visible aging like wrinkling and  the other bio markers of aging like mental / cognitive function, heart and organ health, general attitude,  muscle mass and joint health. These things are determined by diet

Do Indian men marry white women?

Its not the fact if Indian men would marry white women. Is that can they trust white women to be loyal wives who follow Indian traditions. I know Indian guys play around in colleges with white women but in the back of their head

Do men prefer white or black women?

Depends on what they look like, to be honest, if we are talking about a scenario where we are just judging on looks, like a psychology research program, in which participants are given photographs and told to rate them.What? You think all black women are exactly resembling each other,

Do most white American women date black men now?

OK, what brought that question on? Most white women in the US date and eventually marry - get this - white men. Some white women may go out with black men but that is a small number and a small percentage. While the number of white women in the US who will date and consider

Do some black women feel betrayed or rejected when black men prefer white women?

Hell yes!!!!! I was married to a woman that was the same shade of chocolate as me for several years. Even during our marriage, she would lament over the idea that "black women were losing" when she would see wealthy

Do Vietnamese women like black men?

No need to go anonymous, but i will do for personal reasons, and yes, am black and live in Vietnam..Do Vietnamese girls like Black men, it will depend on who you ask, some Vietnamese girls love you like human being, and they never

Do white girls like Asian guys? And why?

When I was growing up, I used to have a deep insecurity about my ethnicity (I'm Japanese). I thought that most girls, except for Asian girls, found Asian men to be unattractive. Plus, I was nerdy, liked to play video games, and studied math in my spare time.Consequently, I was a virgin until 23, but

How can an Asian man get together with a Caucasian woman? Are Caucasian women into Asian men? If they are, what's the best way to approach one?

First, let's stop with the feel-good PC myth that racial preferences don't exist. They do, and data everywhere confirms it. On average, white girls are simply not into Asian guys.The researchers, after controlling for all other attributes (height, weight, attractiveness, etc.), calculated how much extra income

How come some white men don't like black men dating white women?

I'm a black man. And the obvious answers to me would be jealousy, and of course racism. For the most part I don't see it as an issue to most white men. But I live in the N. Eastjust like it's not an issue to me for

How common are Asian male and white female interracial marriages in your country?

Here's a piece that tackles this with links for your further study, The Race Dynamics of Online Dating: Why Are Asian Men Less ‘Eligible'? You will also find some answers on Quora (mine and others). Can you please elaborate what you mean by

How do white women choose when it comes to interracial dating?

White women are not a monolithic entity. They all don't think and act the same. They don't share a hive mind.They're individuals, each one with their own idiosyncrasies and preferences when it comes to dating. Like you and me.I've met white women who treated me as an individual

How many male Asian Americans have White American girlfriends?

Statistics show that each year in the United States, there are approximately 630,000 White Male / Asian Female marriages, while only around 220,000 Asian Male / White Female marriages occur. Obviously, this shows a large discrepancy between the two situations.

If a white man and a black woman have a child, what is the race of the child?

Traditionally, black. Think of Thomas Jefferson's children with Sally Hemmings. 80 years before the Civil War he said,

In an interracial relationship, do both couple's cultures blend? For example, a Latino dates a Caucasian. Do the couple compromise on certain key aspects of their cultural identity (language, music, cuisine, ideology, family values or religion)?

I find that more so than inter-racial relationships this is a consequence of inter-cultural clashes.While it is generally true that people of two distinct races tend to come from different cultural backgrounds, it is equally true that they might have no

In marriages between blacks and whites, is it more common for a black man to marry a white woman, a black woman to marry a white man or is it about equal?

It's more common for Blacks to marry Whites more than Whites marrying Blacks.It's never equal.There are so many racists out there. They just have always been silent. You won't even know.Also it's always & more harder for each family & their families, friends,

Interracial Dating and Relationships: How common or rare it would be to see a South Asian (eg Indian) male with a White female in Canada?

If you are talking about raw statistical frequency, it is not common, even in urban areas. I have no figures but anecdotally, I would estimate 2 out of every 100 couples I see.If your question is really about social acceptability, most people wouldn't even bat an eyelid (Canada is a very diverse, accepting nation). People wouldn't

Is asking a question about something a member of another ethnicity has culturally insensitive, what does culturally insensitive even mean and how is anyone supposed to learn about other cultures and ethnicities if it's rude to ask?

Ask the question. If you get told the question is rude then you have learnt something of their culture.If you can't understand why, ask more questions. As long as you are trying to learn in a respectful way it shouldn't matter.

Is Denmark good for non-whites to work in?

Yes. Denmark is very open and fairly democratic in their approach to other ethnicities. They love me in their quiet way and I am a Black and Italian American female.You do see a lot more different ethnicities, few brown people but they are there, in Copenhagen. Copenhagen

Is interracial dating, especially where the male is non-white and the woman is white, frowned upon more in the USA than in other western countries like in most of Europe, Canada, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand?

Well in most interracial relationships involving a person of full European origins, it tends to be a white woman anyway. You see this commonly, very few times is a white man seen with a woman from another race, but a white woman can be seen in public often with

Is it possible for two white parents to have a black baby?

Yes. I had a colleague from Denmark who once introduced me to his family. They were all tall blond and white except his 14 yr old who looked like a native African. The next day I asked him if his son was adopted to which he replied no. However,

What are the best things about interracial couples?

You almost always have shit to talk about. I've dated plenty of white girls, and maybe I just prefer exogamy, but I feel like after a while, familiarity breeds contempt. You recognize too much of yourself in the other person, and best case scenario, you just kind of settle down and leave much of your

What are the problems interracial couples face?

My parents are interracially married for 37 years and still together. In the 80s and 90s, it was bad, not all the time, but there was one time when a racist landlord didn't want to rent to us. Me and my brother both multiracial had to get down in the car and hide, so my parents could

What do Asians think about Asian Americans?

We Japanese seem to have a difficult time with them.At the International Christian University in Mitaka Tokyo, There was a class called

What do Black men think of Black women dating White men?

Because I am 65 and male, I've seen some of the racial acceptance shifts happen and more than mentally acknowledged them, because they have impacted me deeply.From what I see black men have accepted for a long time that white men date black women, because as slaves there was nothing they could do

What do white Americans think about Asian females?

There are some reasons White Americans might be into Asian females, but usually it's because they lack some biological information. Because the overwhelming majority of

What do white guys think about Asian guys who think about Asian girls dating white guys?

I am a white guy dating an Asian girl.Living over three years in Korea I have encountered just a single case of open hostility from an Asian man towards myself: a random old dude told me he would gouge out my eyes because I was spoiling Korean blood, while I was minding my own

What do you guys think of interracial relationship between a black woman & white man?

My opinion?  Personally.  I don't see any problem in dating anybody with any type of skin color.  Green, blue,  purple,  red, who cares. If you understand a certain language you can communicate with.  That's all,  even if be it in writing,  if you

What do you think about interracial dating?

My father is white, my mother is Caribbean black.I am mixed raced, my girlfriend is chinese.What can I say really, I had girlsfriends of my colour and girlfriends of other races, it's the same thing, there really isn't much different apart from different personalities, which have

What does it feel like in an inter-racial marriage?

Encyclopedia: Interracial marriage is the term used to describe marriages that take place between people who are from different racial or ethnic groups. Intercultural marriages are defined as marriages between people who come from two different cultural backgrounds.With that

What is it like to be a black woman married to a white man?

I have been married twice, each time to a white man.My first marriage was in 1987, and I was married for seven years. While my parents didn't have a problem with me marrying a white man (my mother was black, and my father is mixed), my husband's parents were a little apprehensive at first, though neither of

What is the most uncommon interracial couple?

I apologise in advance for the flippant parts of my answer but all these weird racial questions are becoming a tad boring, so...................the most unusual interracial group is married couples from a mixed Rangers and Celtic heritage. This is closely followed by

What is the rate of interracial marriages in the UK as compared to the US?

What I'm seeing a lot of in these comments are opinions based largely on perception or personal experience.According to the 2011 British census,

What should all Americans know about Asian Americans?

No. I am not impressed by your tattoo. It's barely readable. Also, I don't know most Chinese characters, because my native language is a) English, and b) my family's native language doesn't really use them.On that note, no, Asian languages aren't all the same. I don't

What's your opinion on interracial relationships involving a black woman and white man?

My opinion? Well, the way I see it: they should be happy with each other, since they chose each other.When two people like each other and trust each other, you have all the ingredients necessary for a healthy and good relationship.We can't see the future, but I reckon that things will

Which countries have the highest percentage of white people?

I Would say the Former USSR Eastern European Countries (The Baltic Countries, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova) has the highest percentage of White People. All of these Countries has over 99% of White People (In Estonia 99.8% which I think is the highest in the world but not sure.)Some Others

Which country has the lowest number of interracial marriages? Which culture is least likely to have interracial marriage?

India, Tibet, Sri Lanka, Several African countries and Mongolia all have less than 1% interracial marriages. I know Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and the Saudi Peninsula countries all have very low rates of interracial marriage as well. North Korea likely makes the list, but I have never seen any numbers.I don't what the exact

Which country has the most ethnically diverse population in the world?

You can see different nations around each corner of the world with people having different ethnic backgrounds and those people belong to several means, because of occupation and other life necessities; therefore these people are living under the same country. This may

Which race or ethnic group has the highest divorce rate in America, and why?

People usually divorce if they can afford to. Financial comfort has saved many a marriage. Black women tend to be more independent and can be more self sufficient in terms of taking care of a family financially. Statistics show black women are the most educated group in America, and the number 1 group of fastest growing entrepreneurs in

Why are Asian male/Black female relationships so rare?

contact- they just dont see each other oftenParents-asian parents are old fashion and have a negative stigma against dark skin. They will cut him off for loving her. Black Woman Meets Fiances Racist Asian Parentslanguage- she cant speak his, he cant speak hersPerception-

Why are Asian male/white female relationships so rare?

I can give some thought on this. I do agree with AJ Sena on his experience and what he stated. However, there has been a reported rise in AMWF interracial relationship, this 2007 article reported on the rise of AMWF relationship:Why are Asian men and Caucasian women couples more common lately?For those

Why are black male-white female couples much more common than white male-black female in America?

I hope I can explain my theory in a way that makes sense and yes this is just a theory.I have noticed cultures tend to be more or less traditional for lack of a better term. I would suggest that the white culture is a hair more traditional than the black culture.

Why are divorce rates high in interracial marriages?

I think it it independent of the race of couple but depends on the acceptability of society for interracial marriages.The simple answer for this question is that most of the family(or people) do not support interracial or interfaith marriages.It is the

Why are marriages between black men and white women more likely to end in divorce than any other marriage?

Lets look at this from the inside out.Is Interracial Marriage More Likely to End in Divorce?Marriages that took place between African American men and white women had twice the potential of ending up in divorce in comparison to marriages

Why are most mixed race people more beautiful?

In my honest opinion I don't remember ever seeing a person of mixed race that I considered attractive though to be fair I haven't seen that many either.Here's why I would assume however that mixed race people could be considered better looking.Wether or not

Why are the divorce rates for Asian Male/White Female marriages so high?

I majored in the sciences, so I was curious about the research. I had to do some digging because your link only gives the abstract. But I found the original document and noticed that the methodology is pretty suspect. The sample size is ridiculously low, and they did not select for different Asian

Why are there more black man, white woman mixed couples than white man, black woman?

Because of stubborness and social pressures within the black community. Because rape by white men on black women in the slavery days has been deeply ingrained in the black community, a black female faces extreme ostracization if she dated a white man. On the flip side, black men have been falsely accused of raping

Why are there so many interracial couples in the US?

First of all, you need to check the data.   According to Pew Research, 92% of white people marry only white people and 86% of black people marry only black people.  There isn't some huge number of black people marrying whites.  In percentage terms, a higher proportion of black marry outside their race than any

Why are there so many White man/Asian woman couples?

I had to make a new account due to White supremacist trolls, here's my answer again:The most important factor in racist anglo countries is that the Asian male has a horrific image from non-stop racist media attacks. It's so bad that the Asian female

Why are white male and Asian female couples much more common than Asian male and white female couples?

Before getting into Asian Males, let's establish: There are some reasons White Americans might be into Asian females, but usually it's because they lack some biological information. Because the overwhelming majority of

Why are 'White Man-Asian woman' marriages 50 times more successful compared to 'Black Man-White woman' marriages? Why does a majority of 'Black Man-White woman' marriages end in a divorce?

There are several reasons behind this : -Caucasians and Asians have similar culture. Even hundred of years ago the Caucasian people has intermixed with Asians and has produced mixed babies. Genghiz Khan himself married Caucasian women. Marriages between Black Man and white woman are happening only in the last

Why aren't there as many black men with white women on TV as there are white men with black women?

I'm not black, but I've observed (and fought against) the similar behavior in some of the Chinese men. The sentiment is that it's OK for Chinese men to marry foreign (white, Japanese, Vietnam....) girls, but it is NOT OK for

Why did Michael Jackson's skin turn white?

Shortly after the release of his Thriller album, when he was around 24 years old, Michael Jackson started developing a rare skin disorder called

Why do 80% of all 'black man, white woman' marriages end in divorce?

Well your numbers are WAY off. So start there. Interracial marriages involving a black person and a white person are more likely to end in divorce, but the number is nowhere near the 80% you suggest.According to this study:Marital Dissolution Among Interracial CouplesThe rate of

Why do Asian Americans have the lowest crime rate compared to other races?

I grew up in schools with 1/3 Black, 1/3 Chinese, and 1/3 White. The Chinese do not have a moral code that impinges on commiting a felony, but they do NOT take actions without very thoughtful consideration. They do not commit a crime

Why do East Asian men seem so reluctant to consider interracial relationships with NON-white women?

I'm an Asian American man, born and raised in the American South (which I like a lot) and the Atlantic seaboard (not as much). For me, the supposition is true. It also took me a long time to realize it.For the first 15 years

Why do I always see white guys with Asian girls but no Asian guys with white girls?

As an Asian man, I personally think some white women are beautiful. Of course, only certain ones who are petite and cute. However, I don't think white women would make a good match with most Asian men. Especially after hearing from fellow white men talking about how white women are manly and scary.

Why do many white men view white women who have dated black men so negatively?

The institution of the taboo against white mothers having children with black fathers was integral to the creation of hereditary slavery. Racism seems to come to a full stop for most whites when they encounter a white mother's child of color. Some psychological bedrock of humanity is struck and the objectification crumbles. Entire white communities could

Why do more white men date Asian women than Asian men date white women?

Well I could talk about this for 5 hours.. lol...I'm not ruling out true love but understand the following.One is seen as cute, exciting and progressive while the other is seen as wrong. Can you guess which one is more acceptable?The white man has unlimited power and privilege

Why do people dislike interracial dating?

well, I am a guy who is strongly against interracial marriages. I have severe mood problems and anxiety issues, to the point where I am seeking some medical weed. I only hope the weed can help release my stress. Now I will give you my reason. see a

Why do some black women get angry when black men are in interracial relationships?

Thank you for the A2A. This isn't a problem in my family or group of friends, but I will give my take on the situation.Some black women get angry with black men who are in interracial relationships for the same reason it happens in reverse. White men

Why do some black women only date white men?

They have a type. Lots of people have types.Some are black women who only date black men or white men who only date asian women.There are many reasons for it.One reason is some people might say she is self loathing - this

Why do white guys want Asian wives?

10 answers so far.NOT ONE of them did talk about the elephant in the room.But yet there it sits, pink and big and all that. So lets get started.Many white men date Asian women and even marry them because these women have a higher sexual market value (SMV) than women

Why do white men downvote sex between an Asian man and a White female?

I believe that the answer from Mr. Bourne was written with good intentions. From reading his post history, I can see that he doesn't really believe in the idea that race, by itself, is a significant factor in dating and relationships and sexuality. However, in the real world,

Why do white women and black men date each other more often than black women dating white men?

In 1967, when miscegenation laws were overturned in the US 3% of all newlyweds were married to someone of a difference race or ethnicity. Since that time Interracial marriages have climbed steadily. By 1980, the number doubled to 7% and by 2015 the number has risen to 17%.Race is a

Why do you see a lot of white men with asian women, but not white women with asian men?

Assuming you mean Asian people from Asia, and not someone you'd find living in the U.S. necessarily.Because in Asian culture they believe, and it might be true, that white people, or westerners as a whole, are more sexually promiscuous. So, there's a term in south Korea, some people use it, some don't.

Why does Hollywood frequently have Asian female and white male couples, but almost never Asian male and white female couples? Even Asian female and Asian male couples are rarely shown.

it is the after effect of the yellow peril which made whites afraid of asians, and in order to ease the mind of the masses they made asians weak.also Asians are only 5% of the USA a very very small minnority even compared to other minnorities like blacks and latinos. however Asians and latinos are less likely to

Why does one see often so many Asian women dating with White/Caucasian men?

There's many reasons.Racism - It's possible some Asian women are racist and see other races as inferior except whites.Lack of demand - It's also because minorities don't seem to demand Asian women. If you don't tell Asian women that you're looking for them,

Why in commercials of interracial couples it's always a black man and white woman?

Interesting. I guess that it's for the relationship black men white women more than black women white men. So the people would like to use black man and white woman in commercials. But why? There are some reasons from Brian on Quora:Men in general prefer lighter-skinned women. This would be due

Why is the divorce rate among white women and black men high, shouldn't it be the lowest?

Why should it be lowest?There are many indicators of how long a marriage will last.Did you come from a stable two parent home?Do you have a college degree?Are you debt free?Same ethnic group?Good stable job?Most black men do not grow up in a

Why is there a misconception about mixed people in India?

Thanks for the A2A.First off, going by your description, I don't think your case is a ‘bias against' (which suggests racism) but rather it should be called a misconception. You were not discriminated against or devoid of any rights or opportunities.To answer your question, yes

Why might a black woman feel offended when a white woman dates a black man? Why do white women sometimes get dirty looks from some black women when seen with her black boyfriend?

She would never feel it because it does not happen. I think these couples only HOPE it happens because they are always together for the wrong reason. No they feel relieved or nothing at all. Because that White women got the bottom of the barrel. She will most likely end

Are black people taking over sports?

There's a fundamental misunderstanding at the heart of your question.Black people are not "taking over" sports. They are being allowed into sports that previously excluded them.See also Why do people of some races seem to be better at

Are Irish people racist towards black people?

You will find racist people in all communities, however I will objectively focus on the Irish and Irish Americans.In Ireland, it is a very white country compared to England or France who have received immigrants from across the world, Ireland is not exactly a destination for ex-pats. However, the Irish are

Disclaimer: this is not a racist question. The modern human is homo sapiens, so are the different races simply sub-species? Are there any other species in the animal kingdom that have the equivalent of "races"?

No the different races aren't sub-species. The distinctions we currently make in regard to race aren't actually different enough to be considered as separate races from a biological standpoint.Race (human categorization) - Wikipedia explains:Modern scholarship regards race as a social

Do Indians widely know about Gandhi's racist views?

Yes. Most of us , at least the ones who have actually read about him (which is rare) know that he differentiated between Indians and native Africans when he was struggling for equal treatment of Indian community in South Africa.  Before you judge him , let us list some of the contexts that might help us get a better

Does reverse racism exist? If so, what is it?

Reverse Racism is real.But that's a loaded statement and will trigger a lot of people. So let's explain what we mean exactly. The problem with social justice in America today, is that people keep shifting the meaning of words and arguing their

If humans are an intellectual and rational species, why does racism exist?

We aren't a rational species. We are capable of rationality, but our brains are still hardwired to prioritise knee jerk, primal, emotional responses to ensure our survival at the merest hint of a threat. Before processing anything rationally it has to pass through a kind of emotional filter.

In which country black people are well accepted?

None. Every country has been influenced by either Western colonization or Western view displayed in all forms of media. A black person will meet trouble in any so call "civilized"  country (European, American, Asian) no matter their wealth or social mingling. In a non-white country (South America, North Africa,

Is bullying because a student is of a mixed race prevalent in Japanese schools?

It is going to depend on a number of factors.As others have mentioned, there are private ‘international schools' where you tend to get foreign kids, and some ‘hafu' kids. They have an entirely different environment.

What countries are the most accepting of black people?

The countries that are populated and ruled by indigeneous ‘black' (Melanic) people.In reality you shouldn't really be looking at it from that angle, because in my experience, in every country that I have visited - and that has been quite a

What countries are the most racist to black people?

Very hard to estimate... but I've heard some shocking stories about Korea..... and my first-hand experience of India only reinforced my impression of their obsession with light skin..... most Indians are very dark-skinned... but no sign of them in the media as leading actors or even newsreaders...

What race is genetically the most physically fit?

Race has no scientific basis, appears to be a cultural production, and doesn't have an agreed upon definition. It doesn't match genetics, evolution, or population dynamics. Race had been heavily studied by scientists but the results are much less exciting than many think and essentially useless for general understanding (it is complicated).

What's the least racist country for black people?

I am a Nigerian girl. 23 years old. Living in Madrid, Spain. Dark skin. Travelled 54 countries, most alone.This is the list so people can see what places i'm talking about:In Africa:Nigeria (Abeokuta, Lagos, Abuja)Cape Verde (Praia)SenegalMoroccoThe GambiaGuinea BissauGuinea (Conakry)Sierra LeoneLiberiaIvory CoastGhanaTogoBeninBurkina FasoIn Europe:Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, León, Soria, Zaragoza, Mallorca, Toledo, Asturias, Santander, Salamanca, Ávila, Toledo,

Which race of men or women do you find most attractive and why?

I grew up in an environment where all the boys were White. Typically those that have asked me out throughout my dating life have been White men, for some reason I seem to attract very few men from other ethnic groups, but I'm not personally exclusively attracted to

Why are black people black?

The Vitamin D theory is still shaky. Humans - Africans - roamed the planet for hundreds of thousands of years and then on the last 6,000 years their skin color changed from pigmented to

Why are black people so tall?

Blacks are the original human race whom all other races branch from. They have the most genetic diversity and the most variations within their phenotype. Hence the tallest and shortest human populations on average can be found in Black African populations.As Naziru Gelajo stated in a previous answer

Why do some people vilify black people?

Why do some people vilify black people?Because they have to.Consider that, for some people... blacks are thugs.. is all they have ever known.They've been socially conditioned through:Biased news reports that often use a totally different set of words to describe Black criminals vs the

Why is race and IQ such a controversial topic?

I think that the reason these are so controversial is because you can't do anything about them. Almost everything about you can be changed. You can change how you talk, your habits, how you dress, you can change your gender, you can