Is interracial marriage the solution to racism?

This question seems really weird to me. I'm not really sure where someone would get the idea that interracial marriage would help solve racism, let alone why it would be the best way to solve racism.I'm a White, American, Christian woman, and my husband is an Arab, Egyptian, Muslim man. We come from different cultures, different languages,

What was the most racist thing you have experienced yourself?

Story #1Recently my boyfriend and I went on a vacation together to various places of British Columbia, Canada. I am from Toronto, and he is from Oakville (for those who don't know, Oakville is a suburban town in the Greater Toronto Area). Because many

Why do many white men view white women who have dated black men so negatively?

The institution of the taboo against white mothers having children with black fathers was integral to the creation of hereditary slavery. Racism seems to come to a full stop for most whites when they encounter a white mother's child of color. Some psychological bedrock of humanity is struck and the objectification crumbles. Entire white communities could

Why do people dislike interracial dating?

well, I am a guy who is strongly against interracial marriages. I have severe mood problems and anxiety issues, to the point where I am seeking some medical weed. I only hope the weed can help release my stress. Now I will give you my reason. see a

Why do some people date inter-racially? What are some unique experiences they're likely to encounter?

Speaking about unique experiences, I will share a few below. For context I am a white male of Irish american descent. I have red Hair, green eyes, and pale skin( think prince Harry). My wife is carribean american with curly

Why does Hollywood frequently have Asian female and white male couples, but almost never Asian male and white female couples? Even Asian female and Asian male couples are rarely shown.

it is the after effect of the yellow peril which made whites afraid of asians, and in order to ease the mind of the masses they made asians weak.also Asians are only 5% of the USA a very very small minnority even compared to other minnorities like blacks and latinos. however Asians and latinos are less likely to

Are Irish people racist towards black people?

You will find racist people in all communities, however I will objectively focus on the Irish and Irish Americans.In Ireland, it is a very white country compared to England or France who have received immigrants from across the world, Ireland is not exactly a destination for ex-pats. However, the Irish are

Disclaimer: this is not a racist question. The modern human is homo sapiens, so are the different races simply sub-species? Are there any other species in the animal kingdom that have the equivalent of "races"?

No the different races aren't sub-species. The distinctions we currently make in regard to race aren't actually different enough to be considered as separate races from a biological standpoint.Race (human categorization) - Wikipedia explains:Modern scholarship regards race as a social

Do Indians widely know about Gandhi's racist views?

Yes. Most of us , at least the ones who have actually read about him (which is rare) know that he differentiated between Indians and native Africans when he was struggling for equal treatment of Indian community in South Africa.  Before you judge him , let us list some of the contexts that might help us get a better

Does reverse racism exist? If so, what is it?

Reverse Racism is real.But that's a loaded statement and will trigger a lot of people. So let's explain what we mean exactly. The problem with social justice in America today, is that people keep shifting the meaning of words and arguing their

How does a person become homeless?

Dear Questioner,People become homeless for various reasons:Wanted to get out of an abusive family.Wanted to leave a drug-addicted family.Have addictions.Family members died.Have mental problems.Cannot hold down a sustainable job.Their families threw them out of the house.Cannot get references they need for

If humans are an intellectual and rational species, why does racism exist?

We aren't a rational species. We are capable of rationality, but our brains are still hardwired to prioritise knee jerk, primal, emotional responses to ensure our survival at the merest hint of a threat. Before processing anything rationally it has to pass through a kind of emotional filter.

Is Donald Trump really a racist?

Racism, in one broad sense is judging people for the cultural groups they associate with. Here are some fourteen reasons why Trump might be considered a racist.He attacked a deceased Muslim U.S Army Officers parents, Trump's attacked Khizr Khan and his wife,a Muslim U.S. Army officer who died while serving in the Iraq War.He claimed a

What countries are the most racist to black people?

Very hard to estimate... but I've heard some shocking stories about Korea..... and my first-hand experience of India only reinforced my impression of their obsession with light skin..... most Indians are very dark-skinned... but no sign of them in the media as leading actors or even newsreaders...

What countries suffer from the most racism and prejudice? Which suffer from the least? Why are they that way?

Several years ago when I was a race man, I attended a conference of black professors at MIT & Harvard. I went to one of the seminars and it was given by an old friend. Full disclosure, I used to be

What's the least racist country for black people?

I am a Nigerian girl. 23 years old. Living in Madrid, Spain. Dark skin. Travelled 54 countries, most alone.This is the list so people can see what places i'm talking about:In Africa:Nigeria (Abeokuta, Lagos, Abuja)Cape Verde (Praia)SenegalMoroccoThe GambiaGuinea BissauGuinea (Conakry)Sierra LeoneLiberiaIvory CoastGhanaTogoBeninBurkina FasoIn Europe:Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, León, Soria, Zaragoza, Mallorca, Toledo, Asturias, Santander, Salamanca, Ávila, Toledo,

Why do some people vilify black people?

Why do some people vilify black people?Because they have to.Consider that, for some people... blacks are thugs.. is all they have ever known.They've been socially conditioned through:Biased news reports that often use a totally different set of words to describe Black criminals vs the

Why is race and IQ such a controversial topic?

I think that the reason these are so controversial is because you can't do anything about them. Almost everything about you can be changed. You can change how you talk, your habits, how you dress, you can change your gender, you can

Why is Zendaya getting so much hate for playing Mary Jane in the upcoming Spider Man movie?

I can't talk for everyone, but I know can talk for myself, most people I know and read on the have some issues with it.Why people always seems to dislike when they all the changes of the ethnicity of comic book

Do older white South Africans feel ashamed or guilt for what happened during apartheid?

This is my perspective, as honestly and clinically expressed as I can. I am not looking for forgiveness or pity, or trying to justify anything - frankly, this is my history, for better or for worse. My hope is simply that it will add some perspective to what is an extremely complex and intractable problem.The TL;DR version: Yes,

How have you faced racism in your life?

Warning: what follows is very ugly.Some six or eight years ago, at one of America's seven maritime academies, I underwent training to become a ship's navigator and mate in the American Merchant Marine (‘Merchant Navy' in British English). Both at the academy and at sea, I experienced and witnessed racism so unbridled and rampant that it fundamentally

How have you personally experienced religious discrimination?

I don't think I have been at a position of disadvantage either career- or school-wise due to my religion. The discrimination I have seen was mostly from people who couldn't affect my life, and that makes it way less tragic than is the case with many other people.For example,

Is Boston a racist city?

It pains me to say this, but yes, Boston still has some serious problems regarding racism compared to other major US metros.While Boston is a progressive bastion by and large, if we scrape past the surface, you will find that Boston has a dark history with

Is it sexist to consider that men are physically stronger than women?

It's relying on stereotype instead of fact, and a pretty demeaning stereotype.On average, human men tend to be stronger than human women. But the overlap between the two graphs is very wide.If you choose five random women in a large city in the US and

Is the classic Rolling Stones song 'Brown Sugar' racist?

No.Here's the lyrics for you:Gold coast slave ship bound for cotton fieldsSold in a market down in New OrleansScarred old slaver knows he's doing alrightHear him whip the women just around midnightBrown sugar how come you taste so good?Brown sugar just

Is there racism against slavic people?

I believe there is what we could call racism towards Slavs.Such as in the USA there are what is known as Polish jokes and now on the internet there are the many Slavic memes. I am of Slavic descent and personally I enjoy Slavic jokes.Pewdiepie has a segment called

What is it like to be a black man or woman living in India?

Being a dark skinned person in India sure does varies with states. I spent  my childhood days in north india with all the white or way whiter people than me. I was teased and bullied sometimes. Worst part i never knew how to be confident at all and

Why can't people stop being racist?

Contrary to most of the answers here...People are racist for one of three reasons:Education: They were taught their belifes by someone, often a parent or friend. Realistically this stems from one of the next two reasons, but it is second hand. Usually the teacher is a person they trust. That person is someone they believe, and very well

Can someone oppose interracial marriage without being considered a racist?

Not just considered, but are. That's almost the definition. At least you are honest about it. Accept who you are and you won't mind when people call a spade a spade. I know plenty of sexist people who don't think that they are sexist. It's ok to have your own

Do East Asian women hate their men and go for white men?

I can relate to that. In Asian cultures males are required to perpetuate the family name. Preferably with Asian women. Asian women are free to decide their destiny. In my conversations with my students. They told me if they get married soon. Their parents would get angry because they had already invested a

Do marriages between black women and white men have a much lower divorce rate than any other pairing in the United States because white racism in America has been directed more towards black men than black women?

Any answer is impossible as ‘white men' covers cab drivers, Wall St brokers, truck drivers, people who live in small town America, the Deep South. Black women are the same, there is little difference in the physical appearance of Condoleezza Rice or Michele Obama and a single black mother in Detroit living on welfare

How to deal with racist and sexist parents

There was some of this going on during my childhood.Others may give better advice. I will tell you my experiences. Maybe it can be easy. It was not for me.Our town was a bit backward and small. There were not many brown people at all. Gay

Is there any better way than interracial marriage to actually end racism?

Yes. Raising kids not to be racists.Interracial marriage has been present in numerous forms since the dawn of time. It has not resulted in less racism.The project of raising successively less racist generations has only been going on in the US since the civil rights era. Its effects have yet to

What is your opinion of people against interracial relationships?

Of people who *personally* prefer to date within their own race: Everyone has an absolute right to choose their own partner for whatever reason they prefer, good or bad.  I will, however, quietly judge if the reasons are terrible.  I just won't consider it my business unless they make it so.Of people who think it's a

Would it reduce racism and racial difference if government promoted interracial marriage?

If anything it would have the adverse effectFirst of all, all those groups who think the government wants ‘'white genocide