Can a wife claim her husband's self-acquired property when the husband is a drunkard and is losing the property due to his addiction?

If the property is self acquired by your husband, you cannot touch it during his life time for any reasons. You have no rights to your husbands ancestral/inherited properties as well. Don't go to court and waste your time and money if any stupid advocates says

Can US citizens own property in India?

NRIs can get lot of advantages and opportunities to invest in property in India without much hassle.Primary requirements for NRI Property Investments in IndiaTo invest in any property in India, an NRI should possess an Indian passport.An NRI doesn't need to take permission from the RBI to invest, transfer, dispose or be

How to protect myself with buying a home while going through a divorce

As the others advise, it would be better to wait.I'm not a lawyer, so this isn't legal advice. For that, you need a lawyer. And/or an expert at asset protection.However, ask your expert about the advisability of setting up an inter vivos trust with you named as the primary beneficiary and a second person (your lawyer,

How long can you typically go without paying your apartment rent if you got a 3 days notice to pay the rent or get out?

I assure you that not paying your rent is one of the worst decisions that you can make. Your life will not be the same after an eviction. It can be a very traumatic experience.Every state is going to have slightly

How long does it takes to build a body?

The answer depends upon you !If you take short cuts then, 6 month to a year, you will have superb built, mass and lean cuts comparable to a professional bodybuilder but will have long term consequences on your health which you will regret

How much does it cost to own a house in California?

The median list price per square foot in California is $319. The median price of homes currently listed in California is $538,990 while the median price of homes that sold is $485,800. The median rent price in California is $2,750.California home values have gone up 6.5% over the past year, Predictions says it will rise

How much is the rent for an apartment like the one Elliot has in Mr.Robot?

Based on the information from the show, it seems that he lives downtown in the Village somewhere. His entire apartment is not shown but I would guess it's either a large studio or a small 1-bedroom. Rent for an apartment like that would be between $2K-$3K depending on the building, the location

If during marriage, my husband bought a property on my name with a loan on his name, how shall this property be claimed after a divorce? Is it the wife's property now?

This will depend on where you live and the laws regarding the division of marital property. As it stands the property is in your name but he is paying the loan on it with the loan secured by the property. If he stops paying the repayments it goes into foreclosure and could be sold from under

Is it better to pay off a mortgage or invest?

This is a simplified answer from a blog post I wrote: Should I pay down my mortgage or invest? - Foxy MonkeyFirst of all, Congratulations! It's a good problem to have.The answer is

Is it smarter to pay a mortgage or pay rent?

That's a broad question, like if it's better to get married or keep dating. Everybody has an opinion, and the answer largely depends on the individual. But as it relates to real estate investing, owning is generally better than renting.From a financial standpoint, you

Is property divided equally between a husband and wife after divorce in the US?

Your suppose to have it all written down on your divorce papers before you submit to Judge/courts. Don't leave anything out. You put down on your side of papers exactly what you want and that includes mutual debts, possession's,property, parenting time right down

My tenant is refusing to pay rent. What can I do?

Hi there,Let me know if you guys had any agreement before he moved in? The way you mentioned that he told you that he will not pay you the rent, makes me feel he is very confident about something. Did you guys ever had a argument or fight with each other?Do you have any complaints on

Should I sell my house in toronto?

Yes Of course . If you want to sell your house in.Offer the Best Toronto Real Estate Agent Experience to provide best Real Estate experience possible to the client. The Swift Advantage is a 15+ point plan that will give potential sellers the information they need to choose a realtor that can get them the most

Should retired people pay off their mortgage?

The answer is a firm "it depends." It depends on the remaining outstanding mortgage balance and where the funds to pay off the mortgage are coming from. Many of these decisions are based on whether or not there is a need to improve the

We live with my in laws. They pay the mortgage and my husband and I pay all other taxes and bills. My mother in law just told me she wants us to pay half the mortgage as well but won't add our names to the house. How do I say no in a polite way?

Thanks for the A2AYou kindly thank your In-laws for allowing you to live with them and you understand that it is difficult to always pay all the bills and it because it is, it has been your pleasure to pay for the sewer, water, gas, electricity, phone, city, taxes, etc.You can only imagine how hard it

What are the costs associated with becoming a real estate broker in California?

You have to study for, and take the brokers exam which  is around three or four hundred dollars. You then must take and pass the exam. There is yearly E&O insurance which is several thousand dollars a year. There are association memberships,MLS and other expenses. I would figure around $10,000 for most of the expenses

What are the legal ramifications of not returning a lease?

If I understand your question correctly, you have selected a place to live and the landlord has agreed to rent the place to you and issued a lease for your to sign.  You have reviewed the lease and noticed an indication of missing pages and made an inquiry to the landlord about the

What are the rights of a widow on her husband's ancestral property?

Hindu Widow has right on the property of the deceased Hindu husband provided that the husband died intestate, namely, without making any Will.The right on the self acquired or owned property as well the partial property that would have come to the husband by way of partition of the ancestral or coparcenary

What caused the 1989 Toronto housing bubble burst?

Ah yes!  I remember it well. In the late 1980s, Toronto was recovering from the recession of the early 1980s.  I myself had my first decent job and many of my friends of the same age (late 20s) were doing well enough that they could consider entering the real estate

What factors cause the housing market to go up or down?

Supply and Demand is the simple answer, but typically economic or local conditions impact house prices . When more people want homes to buy than are available, the housing market

What's a good place to live outside of California? I am working my life away just to afford an apartment in Los Angeles and want my kids to have a house to grow up in.

Obviously your preferences are key here (if you love the beach and don't mind gators, maybe Florida?), but allow me to plug Utah, and specifically Salt Lake City. The weather is not nearly as hot in the summer as Las Vegas or Phoenix,

What should everyone know about owning a swimming pool?

I own a home with a pool so I think I'm qualified enough to answer it. I lived in the pool house for 3 yrs and UPGRADED to a bigger house with NO pool. Now I rent that property out.

What will happen with house prices in Toronto?

House prices in the over 2 million range are already meeting resistance and that will continueUnder 2 million they are selling well but not at asking1–1.5 million is a very hot price point with lots of showings and some multiple offersUnder 1 million is the hot

When buying a property in INDIA or USA, is it wrong to expect from husband to put both (husband and wife) names in property papers?

My husband refused to put my name along with his name infact he communicated to me that before we left from home to sign the deal,I agreed with him telling I trust you but when the realtor asked me himself for my documents (as my husband stepped out to use the facility) because normally people in US go for

When will the housing prices in Toronto drop?

There is no crystal ball that can definitively say when this will happen. However, it is possible to identify the conditions that will create downward pressure on the market. Let's consider a few:Foreign capital flight - it is well known that Canada is deemed a safehaven for many rich foreigners to safely park their cash.

Where can I find good legal experts in Bangalore?

The Advocates in Bangalore assumes an imperative part for these legitimate callings are monopolistic and they have certain high conventions which each of its part are relied upon to upkeep and uphold."Lawyers" are considered as the decent characters or

Why are house prices in Toronto more expensive than California?

I believe that this question reflects both imprecision and an incorrect assumption.The imprecision is that one cannot meaningfully refer to housing prices in California, as a whole. For example, housing in large, coastal, urban areas typically is much more expensive than in Central Valley

Why are house prices in Vancouver ridiculously expensive?

The prices are being driven by Chinese investors, Chinese in government who are stealing money from the state or taking huge bribes, and Chinese government and state agencies. The Chinese are running these huge consistent trade imbalances with the world, similar

Why does the MBTA suck so bad if a lot of the real estate it passes through is so expensive?

Leadership... or in this case, lack thereof. People have to understand that mass transit is part of the infrastructure of ones city. It requires not just maintenance, but investment, as well. That requires revenue... ie, tax revenue. Our myopic representatives are too cowardly

Why don't a husband and a wife share equal properties, or why don't the constitution make such a rule of total equality of a property owner?

Is owning property is important or relationship?If love and trust is there property issues shall not happen.Besides it's individual's choice to have property on whose name and constitution can't interfere. Family should have understanding regarding it and it should be done keeping all in trust.In my example all properties we own( a house, two cars, many

Why is housing so expensive in Toronto and Vancouver?

The other answers here (finite land, etc.) are technically correct but most ignore the real elephant in the room.Van and TO are pricy because they have become a great place for non-residents, mostly non Canadians, to buy real estate for speculation. For the Asian buyer it is also a way to launder money

Will house prices go down in Toronto in 2019?

Yes and no depends where your focus are .If u are sourcing the downtown core than the price primary will sustain but will not have huge correction as the demands there are concentrated and lack of new developmentsBeyond GTA it seems there a drop of 10–12%

Would you have a landlord if you pay mortgage and have to pay the bills on top of the mortgage?

Everyone has to pay bills on top of their mortgage payments. There are insurance payments and property tax payments and maintenance payments, as well as utility bills, including gas, electricity, internet, phone and television bills. There may be car payments and other loan payments. There will certainly

How to decide whether you should claim depreciation allowance on your rental property or not

The question is actually a good one. I know people before me made it a bit of a joke, but there are situations where an investor may not need to claim the depreciation! There was a year that i did not make a lot of money so the depreciation would not have decreased

How long does it takes to build a body?

The answer depends upon you !If you take short cuts then, 6 month to a year, you will have superb built, mass and lean cuts comparable to a professional bodybuilder but will have long term consequences on your health which you will regret your entire life so stay away from anabolic steroids or prepare that your heart

In your opinion, are people who rent their property trying to facilitate the poor or take advantage of their needs by exploiting them?

So let's try to make this a bit more personal. You own a house, but your job moves to another city, and it's not a great time to sell the house, because the local market is a bit depressed so you decide

My home builder did a poor job and lied about items which were not provided. They did not honor commitments. How can I warn future customers to not build with this company?

First of all, didn't you have a contract? If not, why? If you did, get a lawyer - fast. If you didn't have a contract and took his word of mouth, you should be totally ashamed. Also, did you research him on the internet? Check him out with the BBB? More in o would be helpful. But there

What are some tips for keeping an old house warm during the winter?

It will pay to insulate door rebates on the main entrances and exits - old doors are leaky so pay attention to the jambs and thresholds even if you just use blankets. Also make sure that your loft hatch is insulated.Ensure that your boiler

What is the future of McMansion suburbs?

There are a few things to know about both McMansion suburbs and other shifting demographic elements.McMansion suburbsMcMansions are typically poorly constructed. Shoddy workmanship, shoddy underpinning materials and an emphasis on size and ostentation.The communities that they are in are among the lowest density

Where are the nicest areas to live in Chengdu?

Obviously, if you were a foreigner, there is no better place for you than the south area in Chengdu,where the higher and richer class of the locals live. There is a block specially designed in European or American stayle named ‘tongziling'(桐梓林).In this block,many communities are designed in western style to attract western people.And many

Which one is better, have a house with high carpet, low carpet or wooden floor?

Carpet is bad. It is the most unhealthy part of a house.No matter if you have the worlds best vacuum cleaner, you still can not clean the bottom matting or the surface of the pad.Stains, spills, pet urine, dead bugs, fleas, human exfoliate, etc., it settles down to the bottom and sits on the under padding.Using a

Can I get a real estate license with bad credit?

You're kidding, right? Where I live you need a pre-real estate course (salesman) and then you take the state test, then when you pass (and sometimes it takes several tries before you pass their test) you take the post-real estate course. If you have bad credit where are you going to get the money

How to get started in property investment

Good question! First, you should pat yourself on the back for wanting to get involved in property investing-it's a great way to earn an extra source of income and generate cashflow, especially at such a young age. You have multiple different options, depending on how much time per month you

How to sell my services through real estate brokers

While some REALTORS are also brokers or associate brokers-positions that require extra training and licensing,-commission payments go to the broker who manages the real estate brokerage where the REALTOR works.The commission is then split between the broker and the agent according to their agreement. The commission split varies

How to avoid getting ripped off when renting real estate in China

You need a trusted Chinese local to rent for you. When I moved to Shanghai for several months, the girl I was dating, and my reason for moving there negotiated the apartment for us. Even though she mostly went home to her parents place at night, it was much cheaper for her to rent it for

How does property investment works?

Property investment works by purchasing a property in the hopes of either capital gains or rental income.With capital gains, you buy the property and wait for a period of time which is normally several years before you sell it at a higher price.

How regularly do real estate companies value their real estates?

There are two events that make me look at the value of my real estate. The first is when I am buying or selling any property. The second event is when I file my annual taxes. I use taxes as a time when I update my overall financial plan. It makes me look at

How to invest rental income from property?

There are a few options to consider they are,High Interest Term Deposit - This may be good if you are trying to accumulate reserve funds for unforeseeable expenditure such as higher than expected vacancy rates, increased interest rates, unexpected taxation bill or unexpected capital expenditure

In real estate investing, is owning a rental property worth the headache?

10 secrets of how I do this...I may change air filters & a lightbulb. Anything more complicated than that I'm in trouble and it's just too much for me. I don't even own a tool box, so I'm completely an incompetent handyman.I

Is investing in residential real estate a bad idea?

It's never a bad idea to invest in Real Estate but it is crucial to do your research about the location and the current market scenario before any investment decision. Also, commercial real estate gives higher Returns on Investment (ROI). After purchase of the property, you have control over the type

Is it true that if you want a swimming pool that you should buy a house with one rather than put one in yourself?

Although you may think a swimming pool is way cool you should be very cautious about buying a home with one or putting one in yourself for a few reasons;1-They are expensive to install. An in-ground is a job for a pro,

My refinance mortgage broker keeps telling me 'payments for first year are mostly interest'. Why should I know this at all? Isn't it obvious that I should pay one day's interest as long as I owe money for that day, correct?

What your mortgage broker is trying to tell you is that, in your first year of payments, the vast majority of it goes to interest payments, while very little is being applied to reduce your principal balance.When a mortgage is amortized so

We have a new neighbor who decided to build a pool. They insist on cutting trees that are on my property, so that they don't accidentally fall in his pool. Am I liable if a tree from my property falls in his pool?

We have a new neighbor who decided to build a pool. They insist on cutting trees that are on my property, so that they don't accidentally fall in his pool. Am I liable if a tree from my property falls in his pool?My biggest concern, if he's worried about a

What are pros and cons of buying a house with a pool?

I grew up with an inground pool, so naturally when we bought our first house with an inground pool, I figured it would be perfect. Well...not quite.First, pros:- Private pool times and no restrictions. If you want to drink your lemonade while you relax on an inner tube, no one is going to

What are some real estate investing secrets?

There are ten steps to every Real Estate Investment strategy and you have to be aware of these. It basically from the start to the end. For your investment to be successful, you have to follow this.Step #1 – Choosing Your Property TypeWell, there are

What are the best books about property investment?

Everything is moving online and all the things you need are always available online and with little research, you can find things for free.Let me share a little secret. Whenever I need something, I go online search for companies offering those and then see which one has a free trial. I take the free trial period and

What are the inspection tips for old homes?

It is important to have a home inspected whether new or old. There are issues in all homes. Ofcourse an old home will have more issues and some of them could be hidden as well. It is necessary to get your home inspected by a professional home inspectorApart from the routine inspection some of the key areas where the

What is the secret of property investments?

There are many different strategies and ‘secrets' of real estate, however none of them make any bit of difference unless you already have the real secret of property investment, which is having a goal in mind and the right strategy

What is your biggest day to day frustration as a property manager or landlord?

My biggest frustration as a landlord is most definitely the media and just overall ignorance of people who don't know what the life of landlords is all about.In the UK specifically, media absolutely hates landlords. They are the most evil creatures. I once worked in a charitable organisation that refused to

What should everyone know about owning a swimming pool?

I own a home with a pool so I think I'm qualified enough to answer it. I lived in the pool house for 3 yrs and UPGRADED to a bigger house with NO pool. Now I rent that property out. We are family of 4,

What should I do after passing my real estate exam?

Join a brokerage, find a mentor, absorb all his/her teachings, techniques and best practices. After a year or two, when you feel you're ready to strike it on your own, start your own business.There's a lot of things to learn, which you can only do through real life experience.Other brokers and agents here on

What should you know before investing in property?

The most important thing you should do before deciding to invest in a certain income property is to value this property.There are a number of factors that determine the value of the property, they can be summarized by the following:Income

What's the secret to buying a home in the San Francisco Bay Area?

There really isn't a secret. Buying a home in the Bay Area is no different from buying in any other area of the country.First, know your purchasing power. The amount of loan you can get is a function first of the Debt to Income ratio

Which is a better investment idea? Real estate investment vs stock market

You can buy a house worth 300k with only 30k to start and have someone else (tenants) paydown the mortgage.When you buy stocks, you buy 30k Of stocks and hope it goes up over time..and it maybe worth less than 30k.I invested

Which is a good idea: take a loan and buy a house and a car or save money for 15 or 20 years and then buy with my own money?

Con: Saving requires time and patience, buying on loan is easy, instant gratification, you just sign a few documents and you have a new house or car. You are selling your future for a better today. its like taking drugs

Why are air rights not exploited in London more?

Constructing over railway lines is logistically difficult, you need special teams with extensive insurance, extensive planning, process documents and you probably have to pay National Rail a great deal of money in administration fees. I know someone who works on projects with National Rail and it is anything but simple. The

Why Choose Property Investment?

I work for a property investment company that has sold property to over a hundred investors over the years (many of them buying several properties from us) and it really is one of the best ways to build wealth and secure a

Why do people invest in property?

From the many years ago, property investment have been known to thrive because of a million reasons.1. The population of a country at any given time is growing and people need shelter, or commercial property in which they must find shelter while they are working. Property has therefore been a continuous source of income that cannot betray

Why is real estate called 'real estate'?

Real estate, when speaking of the ownership of land, refers to the land - not the improvements (house or structures on the land) and usually the land extends to the center of the earth and into space.  Real estate is unique as no two pieces of land can be identical, therefore value is determined by the

Are foreign buyers actually driving up housing prices in Vancouver/Toronto?

Foreign buyers have been a factor, as seen by the changes since the foreign buyers tax was introduced.That doesn't mean foreign buyers were the majority, but when you have such a limited market, every group of buyers has an impact.There is no more land for detached single family homes. So there won't be any more built.The Toronto market

Are houses so expensive in California compared to other states?

You have to select a specific area to live in. There are many areas in California (it's a VERY LARGE state) that are more rural and the prices are really affordable. It depends on where you are working, what you do, what you

Are there maximum occupancy rates for residential homes in southern CA?

There are maximum occupancy rates just about everywhere in the USA and they're usually set at the city or county level. You would need to check with the local city or county officials where you live. Now if a couple buys a three bedroom

Can a landlord in Massachusetts keep their tenants from sitting outside and enjoying fresh air in the parking lot? Can they also tell their tenants they can't hang out in their cars in the parking lot?

Massachusetts, like many other places, has Anti-Loitering laws. Also it depends on whether these ‘gatherings' in the parking lot involve non-tenants, and whether it's creating noise or any other disturbances for the neighbors, or other tenants.

Does a foster daughter have any right to claim her share to his father's self acquired property and ancestral property against a will?

Laws go by country/state/province, but I don't know of anywhere that gives rights to inherit to foster children, sorry.I'm not sure what you mean by ‘against a will,' but if you mean that the will made no mention of the foster child, the child will lose if she contests the will.If a foster child is adopted, that can change

Housing prices have been rising the last few years, if the housing market cycles, when will this cycle end? (Prices fall)?

Real Estate is all local. Back in the 2007–2012 great recession prices around here did level off and even drop. Most people that kept their heads did fine- our home that we bought in 2007 (at the

How to become a real estate broker in California? Is it worth it

Great question! To qualify for a Broker's License, you are required to complete eight courses through an accredited real estate educational institute. Then you are required to pass the California state Broker's exam.California requires individuals to receive their salesperson license and receive 2 years of experience before taking the

How to find a real estate lawyer

You can go out to the Bar Association list which probably online at this point.Otherwise, you ask your local professional Real Estate Broker for a referral. Real Estate lawyers have an area of expertise, much like you wouldn't go to a divorce lawyer if you had a car

How does the housing market work and what went wrong in the housing crisis of 2007?

I can give you my opinion . The wall street collusion in the mortgage business along with greed in the wholesale mortgage business contributed to the housing crisis.The home building industry collapsed. The construction workers had to find another way to make a living.Construction workers are reluctant to return or recommend construction work.

How long is a spouse going through divorce allowed to occupy the house that's paid off and jointly owned? I have moved out, and I want to sell it, and he is lagging.

Dividing assets is part of the divorce process. If you can the most efficient method of getting the house listed and sold is to discuss it with your husband. If the two of you can't come to an agreement the court will

How much will house prices drop in 2019?

It's Jan 2019.Home values will continue to drop, but a crystal ball is necessary to indicate to what extent.This mid-cycle slowdown was predictable & historically persists for approx 6 months to 24 months. The mean is 15 months - to end of 2019. Great buying time prior to then. Thereafter, stocks will rise to

I want to make a residential lease agreement in NY. Will the landlord be able to break the lease in case he goes bankruptcy, or if the mortgage bank sales his house? How do I prevent it with writing it into the contract?

A lease is more than just a contract; it is a grant of a right of use and possession of real property, albeit temporary.Provided you comply with the terms of the lease, you have the right of occupancy no matter whether the landlord declares bankruptcy nor

Is Toronto's real estate market a bubble?

Ironicall since 1991 housing market are stable and rising not only that but increased development of new subdivisions even to surrounding area,If u consider since last 26 years of escalation in prices, is it a bubble ??? to sustain that long stretch??Even as of 2017

Landlord won't provide the key to the back door, only the front door. I can't enter through my own back door if it is locked, only the front. Is this legal? I rent a detached house with two doors.

I dont think the LL is Legally bound to provide a rear entrance key, but they are certainly Morally bound to provide a rear entrance key.From strictly a liability standpoint, you should be given unfettered access. I am assuming that you (and your LL), are both opposed to paying for what is essentially a

My home is in a revocable trust. My wife and I are now divorced and the divorce decree gives me the home. I have to refinance and she has to quit claim off the property allowing me to refinance solely to myself. How do I go about doing this?

You can find a quit claim form for your state on the internet.Or you could get one from a title co.Follow the instructions to fill out the quit claim deed form. Get is signed and witnessed. File it with the county clerk of the court. You have

Should I buy or rent a house in Vancouver?

Aim for a condo in the downtown core or north of Broadway within a few hundred metres of the Burrard or Cambie. Think about how to live in less space than you might expect in other cities. Target buildings and offer 20% under market on basis of future correction. Double check for

We live with my in laws. They pay the mortgage and my husband and I pay all other taxes and bills. My mother in law just told me she wants us to pay half the mortgage as well but won't add our names to the house. How do I say no in a polite way?

The amount of rent you are asked to pay has absolutely nothing to do with the ownership of the house or with the mortgage payment amount. Your in laws house could be worth $250,000 and have almost $250,000 outstanding on the mortgages, or the might owe only $10,000. However, there is a current market value for the space

What are some websites and ways to compare the state of different businesses in different countries? For example, real estate in country X vs. in country Y.

I have looked over the Central Intelligence Agency World Fact Book several times over the years. There is a lot of interesting information on there about different countries around the world. You might be able to find something helpful on there.

What city has the most expensive housing prices?

If talking about House prices, Makati City Philippines is quite high.In Makati CBD, the average land value increased 4.59% to PHP523,000 (US$11,050) per sq. m. in Q1 2016 from the previous quarter, according to Colliers International.The actual house might be cheaper to build, but the land cost is high. (A$14,000 per sqm)Philippines: nationwide

What FICO score do you need to have in order to qualify for a zero-interest mortgage in San Francisco or Seattle for an owner occupied single family residence?

What FICO score do you need to have in order to qualify for a zero-interest mortgage in San Francisco or Seattle for an owner occupied single family residence?There's no such thing as a

What is the difference between foreclosure and strict foreclosure?

Strict foreclosure is an action that is only allowed under the laws of a few states in the USA. When a strict foreclosure occurs, there is no public auction to sell the property - a judicial order passes title to the property directly to the lender that is foreclosing. Whereas the foreclosure process

What will happen with house prices in Toronto?

House prices in the over 2 million range are already meeting resistance and that will continueUnder 2 million they are selling well but not at asking1–1.5 million is a very hot price point with lots of showings and some multiple offersUnder 1 million is the hot price point and there are multiple offers and prices going over

When can I legally take my ex husband off of the deed to our house? I have been divorced for almost 2 years. I have been paying all the bills. How long do I have to wait until I can file abandonment and remove him from the deed?

The disposition of the real estate should have been established as part of the divorce. It is almost incomprehensible that it wasn't. I would start with checking the divorce documents. IT is fairly common for both to stay on the deed if there are minor children living in the home and the home

Why an Indian man can't get a share from his in-laws property whereas his wife gets 50% from his personal as well as his inherited property?

A married woman also can not inherit from her in-laws and if she dies her parents can't claim her earning or self acquired properties which goes to her husband/children and if they have predeceased her then to her in-laws, so

Why do you need an attorney if you are facing foreclosure of your property?

Aside from the other excellent answers here already I might add that it is a question that begs for more detail. If you are a well educated person and can do the needed legal research you may be able to forego the attorney as most of

Will house prices go down in 2019?

There is no way to predict where the market will be in 2019. Even the most seasoned of real estate brokers or experts can't do so.The reason being is because real estate is all LOCAL.Trends within a city such as Los Angeles might differ from neighborhood to

Will I always have to pay private mortgage insurance because I paid less than 20% down on the house? Or will it eventually be "satisfied" after a certain amount of time?

If you have an FHA loan you will always have MIP (their version of PMI). If you have a conventional loan the written agreement between you and the mortgage companies determines if and when you can remove the PMI.It may be that after a couple of years you can pay for a new appraisal and

Will the home prices in Southern California continue to rise in the foreseeable future? When will the real estate market start cooling down? Will there be a crash?

Anyone who tells you they know the answer to that is lying. While there are indicators of what might happen, traditional methods of gauging the future are further complicated by the tempestuous times we live in and the reality that events across the globe can

Will the housing market crash in the Toronto any time soon?

Nobody knows.With houses, stock, and bonds, if investors knew when the market was going to crash, they'd all attempt to sell out just before the crash to maximize their profits and thus cause the market to crash earlier. If investors could prevent the market from crashing, they'd do so. All that's possible is to recognize when the housing/equity/bond market