What are common reasons that people get divorced after 20 plus years?

Though I haven't been through a divorce and haven't been married for 20 years yet I have seen a few couples suddenly separate and later divorce after 20+ years of marriage. It's tragic, but if you talk to either person they'll likely admit that the person they originally married so long ago isn't the

What is the main reason you are not working out?

I once asked my fitness coach, who is also a world champion in Taekwon-Do, if he skipped working out ever and he said, the only time he didn't workout was when he was in surgery for his broken nose!So, a good reason for me not to work out would only be a copout reason for someone

Why cant a woman in India be punished for adultery?

Morally(and sensibly), If men get punished for adultery, women also deserve the same punishment.Legally(and illogically), Men engage themselves into adultery but women are influenced by males to engage into adultery therefore women are innocent and men shall only be punished!History:

Why do people hunt animals?

To preface my answer: I've never gone hunting (unless you consider ‘hunting' for wild mushrooms, salmon fishing, or shooting an arrow or two at the odd bird with no success). I've actually been a strict vegetarian my whole life, and never have tried meat

What's the most common reason why people go to the gym and lift weights?

The most common reason people start going to the gym and lifting weights is based on aesthetics. Most people want to improve some aspect of their appearance - lose weight, get "ripped" or "swole", have a bikini body...That's why people start, but

Which is the most common reason why people lie?

Everyone lies all the time, our entire society is built on institutions that are based on lies.We lie because we have to, our existence is a lie, to deny it is a lie in itself.Our society would not function if we did not lie. Lying is the product of evolution and beneficial to our society. Naturally like all things

Why do people hunt animals?

Most people would not equate hunters with nature lovers, but I consider myself both. There are plenty of outdoor pursuits that I enjoy - hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and rafting, to name a few. Being outdoors always seems to help

Why do psychopaths exist?

Random permutations happen in the evolutionary process. A permutation of a life-form that confers adaptive functionality and lends itself to successful reproduction (with respect to the environment) results in the established existence of that life-form.  This is why they exist from a scientific standpoint. [EDIT: Notice this explanation explains why anything (bacteria, viruses, worms, etc.) exists without

Why teenage is the most disturbed age?

Because teenagers' lives are the crossroads. They need to go through the transition between childhood and adulthood. Their bodies are changing, their homones are taking a wild ride and their identies are completely shaken and questioned. As Britney Spears sings in her old song:

Why would someone cheat on a loyal partner?

Tons of reasons, and some people who cheat under certain circumstances never do it again. It's not a black and white thing.Plenty of people have got married, or dated someone long term and realised they weren't as good a match as they imagined, or they grew apart or something changed along

What are reasons someone might be admitted to a mental hospital?

I have been admitted to a mental hospital for no confession or reason other than not having the money to get where I needed to go. It is very upsetting. Financial reasons should never be the reason a person is admitted to a mental hospital but it

Why are the U.S Marines considered 'superior' to other branches of the service?

It's partly true and partly hype.  It's mostly Marines who believe the Marines are superior.  The Marine corp fosters a sense of esprit de corps that the other branches simply don't match.  Marines have that beaten into their heads at their bootcamp and in every facet