If Spain had remained Muslim (and Reconquista never happened) how would world history have changed?

The biggest difference made by the ‘Reconquista' was to drive out all the intellectual and commercial energy from the Spanish Peninsula - quite literally as Jews and Muslims were forced to flee to Istanbul and Amsterdam or to pretend to convert.In consequence although the conquest of

How did Spain not convert to Islam despite centuries of occupation?

All the answers here so far are very good.I'd like to add that when talking about Muslim rule in Iberia and the Reconquista, nothing is simple or black and white.This has been a long period of almost 8 centuries when the interaction of cultures and religions was intense and in constant flux.

What if The Reconquista never happened?

I'm going to assume that the boundaries set just after the Islamic conquest in 720 AD are stable.  So, the Umayyad Caliphate boundaries are retained for the next 1000 years.  So, Asturias remains, but there is no room for Castille & Portugal to develop.The biggest impact would have to be during

Why did the Reconquista happen?

Several reasons:Religious: It is often portrayed as the main reason, and it is how it's come across in the popular imagery, as the joining of all Christian kings against the infidels. Truth be told, religion had a part, but was not a big driving force. Christian kings and barons would fight amongst them as

Alternate Histories (Hypothetical Historical Scenarios): How would the world be different today if Spanish Muslims successfully resisted reconquista?

Without a unified Spain and maybe a few Christian kingdoms in the north... wow the world would be such a different place. Would we have had the crusades (and in that case would Constantinople have 'fallen' to the Turks - it was sacked in the last crusade by its allies). The 'discovery' of America by Columbus (poor Leif Ericcson,

What was the status of Muslims in post-Reconquista Spain?

Converted to Christianity, had new names, forbidden from observing their traditions and their culture was completely suppressed. They were also under tight and close control of the Christian kingdoms, mainly in making sure that they profess Christianity and punishing those who displayed any element of either their culture, used their original names or were heard practicing Islam.

Why did India not have a Reconquista like Spain did?

It did, when the Maratha Confederacy managed to conquer from South India to Punjab. The Marathas were generally much more tolerant than the Christian Spanish crusaders, but their conquest led to a resurgence of Hinduism, and they built many temples and shrines along the way. Shivaji, the founder of the empire, wrote a letter to the Mughal emperor