Do you go hiking every weekend?

Every other week end is good for hiking as I work as a volunteer for the occasional Habitat for Humanity events where community gardening takes place. The activities usually are 3 hours of pick and shovel work around the Hunters Point/ Bayview area. Good people and a mild

Most smart people are constantly learning. What are you favorite hobbies?

Mine have changed over the years, coming and going periodically, but the hobbies that stand out across my life include:Reading - fiction, philosophy and various science topics, news - every day - about the world, technology, politics, global issues, etc.Martial arts

What are some interesting and intelligent hobbies one can develop?

Reading (start reading it will not only increase your knowledge but also helps you to grow from inside...You can read autobiographies, self-help books, Travelling experiences of people, novels, etc.).Traveling (Starts traveling and for vivid experience starts traveling alone, it will not

What are some interesting hobbies for an intelligent person to take up?

There're a few hobbies I know of that you can pursue online for free. However, my version of them is kind of girly, so I don't know if they'll appeal to you.Drawing via Krita, a free drawing program. You can download free black and white coloring pages from all over the web and

What are the top hobbies that make you smarter?

1. Reading and Writing:I read everyday. It varies from 30 minutes to 3 hours. And I feel I have become way lot smarter (at least I like to think this way).Currently, I am reading 2 books, "Topgun On Wall Street" and "Made In America - Walmart Story".I buy more books than I can actually finish.

What do you enjoy doing outside of your work week?

Hey DanielI don't play tennis or golf. I am not going out to eat much. I am not too excited about going gym. I am not a movie theater goer . I am not member of anything and I don' belong to a church.So what'left for me to do?! :I am not a gardener but I

What is best way to spend one hour time?

Well, it depends on where your are right now and in which situation your are with? But what I assume, you must have been in Office and wanted to do something fast and that too without effort. Then, first of all make a list

What is the best thing to do when you have free time?

Well, I didn't do Engineering so I wouldn't exactly know how difficult your schedule at college can be. But, I have been in an hostel which was super busy because of so many activities happening at the same time. I did my diploma in defence strategy and studies and I was a part of a Private military college, Inida.

What kinds of hobbies do you have for becoming smart?

Reading is a good start. Read a lot. Read various things. Become and remain informed. Try not to get caught in an echo chamber of your own making.Play games. Any game that involves quick thinking and long-term strategy. Sometime these are mutually exclusive

Boredom: What can I do when I'm bored in my house?

Go on a walk. Challenge yourself to leave your cell phone in your purse or pocket. Admire the view. Stop and smell the roses.Order a small set of hand weights from Amazon. The next time you get bored, grab them

What are hobbies for guys who get bored easy and wanna stay active and social?

Square dancing is an excellent hobby for guy who get bored easily. It is a highly social activity where the complexity of the dance is only limited to the skill of the square dance caller. Some callers delight in creative choreography and some dancers enjoy

What are simple daily and weekly actives to stay exceptionally healthy?

You have a goal in mind. Being as healthy as possible is so useful in all other areas of your life and different from other goals like earning money, finding and marrying a partner or getting a degree because a healthy human has more to bring to the table when working to

What are some activities to do with old people?

Stop thinking of senior citizens as being .... OLD people.We've reached a time in life where we may have a few extra miles on us, but we also have the time now for new hobbies and activities we've always wanted to learn - and now we're DOING them.Activities with

What are some fun outdoor activities when it is raining?

We just had a few good storms last week.  Here are some things I like to do:Put on a white shirt, find a flat or downhill grassy area, then get a running start and dive head first.  So gratifying.I am in a kickball league and our game last week

What are the best ways to spend time on weekends?

A2A.Most of it depends on what kind of person you are, your work, and background. However, there are common principles across all ages and likes and dislikes. Something that I follow is- work your ass off during the weekdays, and devote your weekend time to non-work activities. Bringing work home

What are the indoor physical activity games for 6year kids?

I don't have any young children anymore, but a favorite with my kids was a game we made up called

What do intelligent people do to waste time?

Duplicate of other answers, but yes, reading.  I read a TON of news, mainly politics from local DC and NYC up to international, plus some urban planning/development news.  I'm very interested in the world around me, my ability to interact with it, and how to effect positive change. 

What is fun about golf?

Golf will show you above anything else in the world what your true meddle is worth. How you re-act to bad shots, or how you re-act to a slower player than yourself.Ask your self this:Remember that first hole in one that you putted in putt-putt. What a rush it was, wasn't it?Golf is

What kinds of activities do old people like to do these days?

Old people are doing some amazing things. I say,

What's a fun hobby that most people don't do?

There are so many that it's hard to know where to begin.  There are sports like orienteering, long-distance swimming, biking or trekking, polar bear swimming, single track mountain biking, competitive figure skating, noodling (catching fish with your hands), archery, stunt kite flying, knife throwing, trapeze artistry, juggling, underwater hockey, barefoot running, hula-hoop dancing, Poi spinning (google it), belly-dancing, ...

Why do many people think that sport is nothing more than a leisure activity?

A2ABecause essentially it is just a leisure activity.There are benefits to sport and things to be learnd and gained, but essentially it is just play for adults. There are very very few people who can earn a living from sports.Sports can be an excellent leisure activity much better than video

Are there any other hobbies you like to do in your free time?

Well, when I have free time, I prefer to relax and comfort myself as much as possible. I love to do this these things:going for a stroll. Walking is great not only for your body, but for a soul as well. Such activity is going to make

Are there people who are bored with going for walks?

Some times! I'm more curious about why you are asking. Maybe you are feeling bored w this? If so, and u want to get (back) into walking, try changing it up.You kNow, like new places, with or without new people, etc Be creative.

Can a person actually have NO hobbies?

Yes ! I have no hobby . Almost everything I like to practise is a danger in my parents minds . I used to sneak out of home to play soccer with neighboors . Bicycles were only allowed in vacations , NO

Do all people have hobbies?

this question remind me of a class. where a student ask me , sir what should i fill in the column of hobbies? first i thought dude how can i tell you what is your hobby. me: what do you like to do most in your spare time?he: sir i do study

How to improve many hobbies at the same time

David Allen's Getting Things Done system is a huge help for me with many hobbies! Keeping organized is really key since I can stop and start things, use free time, and not have to rely on memory. When I'm organized, it's easy to start and stop. And concentrate at the task at

How to make the most of my free time

Utilizing the free time can be possible only if you have faith that Time is very precious. If you value your time, time values you. And if time values you, then everyone values you.If you want to make yourself precious, then it is good to be unavailable sometimes

How to tell the difference between my passions and hobbies

For me it's simple.If it's your hobby, it's not your passion. If it's your passion, it's not your hobby.Passion is something you cannot not do. You do it each day. You need it like breathing.Hobby is something you do on weekends and you are ok with the

How to develop a hobby which can also help your career

Thanks for the A2A!As a hobby enthusiast and an advocate of learning new things, I am excited to offer my advice to you.If you want to develop a hobby into a career - here are 3 steps you need to follow -Step 1: Find Your PassionTo make any hobby your career, you must find what you are passionate

How to start reading as a hobby

Five ideasOne: Read books within a subject that interests youKids are great at this, and it often sparks their love of reading. If you let a kid loose in a library, they will instinctively move to the subjects that interest them most. It's when we require kids to read certain books, that it ceases to become

How to manage multiple activities in your schedule

JiraThank you for your question, how do I manage multiple activities in my schedule? I still use Covey's time management matrix which worked me over the years. The key is to keep it updated since priorities can change in a second. I attached a copy below.A key to

How does successful people have fun?

They don't sometimes have fun and do seek entertainment but unfortunately sometimes the wrong type of fun and entertainment. Sorry to have to say that about successful people because they are not all that way. I have been around baseball players that were successful and very nice but some other celebrities want to treat others that are not

I have 30 minutes of free time every day. How do I get good at a game such as Fortnite in such little time? By free time, I mean the time I can use to use an electronic device.

simple there are multiple ways of course some if your a good boy or girl idk u can always sneak on when your parents are asleep of course have volume down cause u need to be able to hear if your parents are awake and moving around of course u

If you had several months of free time with no responsibilities what would you do with all your time?

I would buy enough weed to last the several months and some healthy herbs that promote brain function so I keep my brain from getting to laid back so I don't loose ambition..then the first month I would hang home reading books I have not read do some art work maybe create some

Is it possible to have no hobbies? If not then what interesting hobbies one should try?

A hobby for me takes my mind off my concerns and frees me from overthinking or analyzing too much. I get into a creative mood and that energy makes me happy. After a time with my hobby I feel better, as my mind had a break from all my head messages. When my hobby is creative as painting, this

What are some interesting and productive hobbies?

Am not a good verbal storyteller.In the recent months, I set a goal to learn, practice and improve my Architectural visualization skills. With time, I started telling non-architectural stories using visualization. It is quite interesting to come up with a storyline then proceed to design

What are some interesting hobbies for an intelligent person to take up?

There're a few hobbies I know of that you can pursue online for free. However, my version of them is kind of girly, so I don't know if they'll appeal to you.Drawing via Krita, a free drawing program. You can download free black and white coloring

What are some weird hobbies that people have?

I do have a weird hobby. I collect unclaimed money found on streets!It started in a strange way too. Early in the last year, I was waiting at an empty bus-stop to catch the last bus to my home. Suddenly, with a swish of wind, something flew and

What are the best things to do at free time?

What to do in free time?Free time? Person has to be very resourceful to claim to having free time.My time starts the moment I was born. My time would end when I breathe last. When would I breathe last is not known to me or anyone. So each

What are the different types of hobbies?

Indoor hobbies3D Printing[1]AcrobaticsActing[2]Amateur radio[3]AnimationAquascapingBakingBaton twirling[4]Beatboxing[5]Board/tabletop games[6]Book restorationCabaretCalligraphy[7]Candle making

What are the hobbies that help your curious mind to concentrate?

Any hobby which requires you to study and apply yourself. And whilst a skill-improving course on a computer may help you need to choose wisely.For example, a typing skills course on computer or perhaps playing chess, especially if there are tutorials along the way is better than some pin-ball type

What are the relatively inexpensive hobbies that allow you to meet new people?

The ywca has lots of good programs, swimming,basketball,aerobics,game night, etc If you can't afford memberhip go on a daily pass and once you get to know the director he or she may make an arrangement for you Some libraries have rooms where you can make jigsaw puzzles.You could volunteer, there are

What are the top hobbies that make you smarter?

1. Reading and Writing:I read everyday. It varies from 30 minutes to 3 hours. And I feel I have become way lot smarter (at least I like to think this way).Currently, I am reading 2 books, "Topgun On Wall Street"

What are your worthwhile ways to spend your free time?

Get an audible subscription and listen to books.If you can't afford it, go to the library, and read books about questions you have about life.Better education leads to better awareness, which leads to better decisions, which leads to a better quality of life.It's one of the best

What best innovative things can be done in free time?

Will robots change our lives in the future? It's a funny question to ask when they're changing our lives now in so many ways and they have been for years.From the first time we saw a toaster pop up by itself, we've casually accepted that machines can be trusted to do things for us. Right now all modern technology

What did you assume you would really hate and not want to do, but then you tried it once and loved it?

My sister and I have made banana sandwiches since elementary school. Simple: toast the bread, cut up a banana, place the slices between the pieces of toast and eat.One day, as a driver for Global Van Lines, I went to the only open

What do I do with my free time?

It is absolutely wise, and any intelligent person would always do something which he likes doing or worth doing in his free time!Start from reading self-help books and autobiographies apart from these genres do not touch any other book. Warren buffet reads 1000 pages daily, Bill Gates reads 50 books a year.Start giving answers on Quora and keep

What do smart people do in their free time?

You Should know What Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and 9 other incredibly rich people do in their spare time .Work-life balance is good for the soul.Even the wealthiest, most successful people need time to unwind and escape from their day-to-day responsibilities.Taylor Swift bakes. Bill Gates plays tennis. Below, read more about what they, and

What do you do during your free time? How do you spend quality time with yourself?

Its so simple.I will do things which makes me happy..Read...I love to read books, magazines,quora. Books are a source of knowledge and entertainment. This makes free time very productive.Watching movies..I love to watch movies. It can be romantic,comedy,thriller or horror. Depending on the mood, I pick a movie and watch it.Eating

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time I do different thing depending on how I'm feeling, but I'm always listening to music.Sometimes I watch YouTube and Twitch. I don't do this very often. I listen to documentaries on YouTube when I sleep, but my favorite youtubers don't upload very often, I

What do you enjoy doing outside of your work week?

Hey DanielI don't play tennis or golf. I am not going out to eat much. I am not too excited about going gym. I am not a movie theater goer . I am not member of anything and I don' belong to a church.So what'left for me to do?! :I am not a gardener

What hobbies can benefit your mental abilities?

Code. I cannot emphasize this enough. Coding makes your brain so much better. Coding is such a good way to brainstorm and reflect over your actions, concepts and progress. And, it's a skill which once acquired, is an art in your hand forever. Coding will never disappoint you. For beginners, Python is the one stop.Learn a language.

What hobbies help your mind remain active and happy?

Let me frame an answer from your question.Ans: Active hobbiesPassive hobbies are good ones too. However, don't you think playing a sport is better than watching one?Reading, writing, watching sports etc.. can be considered as passive hobbies, while hobbies such as playing a sport, swimming, dancing, gardening etc can be considered as active

What hobby did you leave behind when life got in the way?

Thanks for the A2A.I've left behind both climbing and sailing since moving to San Francisco.Since moving here, housing has been a constant struggle. It's really embarrassing to talk about, but I have moved dozens of times and am still struggling

What is a good hobby you can do and feel good about, after work/weekends, if you're bad at most things?

You can learn to paint akvarels.It's rader easy as long you take it for what it is. Lounge a bock and read. You will be supriced what you can do!!?READING; books are for everyone. A big joy. You can ready filgood books or fakts or murderpuzzels! About all

What is a hobby or interest you have that no one else you know seems to share?

I have a great interest in everything under the sun. I look into everything. I listen to everything and everyone. I am like an elephant with tremendous big ears. I see truth in all things. Even where there is darkness I see light. Even where there is great evil I see good. So nothing is hidden from me.From this

What is best way to spend one hour time?

Well, it depends on where your are right now and in which situation your are with? But what I assume, you must have been in Office and wanted to do something fast and that too without effort. Then, first of all make a list of to-do things, what you want to do the most. Then make a

What is something that you started as a hobby but then became so good at it, that you made a career out of it?

Electronic and electricity I started working on this stuff by helping a repair technician in a shop after school.When I had extra cash I used to buy the RCA electronic and electrical project books and build my own gadgetsAt 10 years of age I was wiring houses and repairing radios and

What is the best way to spend leisure time?

You can do following things in your free time:Read a bookVolunteer for a cause that means something to youCall up a friend or family member you haven't spoken to in awhile and catch upTackle the single task that you've been

What is your favorite way of spending your free time?

Reading has always been a favorite hobby of mine. Both as a pastime and hobby, it has given me immense pleasure and knowledge in life.Be it fiction, drama or self-help, reading books has been an engaging, enthralling and inexpensive hobby that I have continued to enjoy through the years!In addition

What is your hobby and how did you get into it?

Personal hobby: everything adventurous in the great outdoors, due to a life-long passion for being in wildernesses and studying how it all works (nature and wildlife and especially the sciences that govern nature); am into a total immersion in nature for the experience and experential education, and for adventure and challenge. This covers a lot of ground: from mountaineering

What is your unusual hobby that is unique among your friends/social circles?

I am a rune wizard, a "vitki".  I've been studying runes for almost twenty years.Runes are an ancient Germanic alphabet, used for writing, divination and magick. They were used throughout northern Europe, Scandinavia, the British Isles, and Iceland from about 100 B.C.E. to 1600 C.E.  There are numerous variations of the runic alphabet. This is the "Elder Futhark":

What qualities or hobbies would you like to improve?

Well there are a lot of things that I would like to improve.Many of my friends tells me that I have a heart of stone and I should do something about it.Poetry is my hobby but I am not very good at it so I would like

What skills can I learn in my free time?

There are alot of useful skills that you can learn on Internet, it depends on your interests, for example:Learn a language: I have been learning Spanish by duolingo, you can learn almost any language in the world. You would be very happy if you could understand one line only from a foriegn song.. Try

What skills or hobbies have you attempted to self-teach, and how did they go?

Too many to list them all! Most of what I know and can do, I've taught myself. I've been working in technology since the late '70s and I've taken a handful of classes starting in the late ‘90s. There just weren't any classes before then. So the vast majority of things I've learned

What would be a good hobby, that is the total opposite of any kind of art, for an artist to try?

I can't say either of these are totally opposite to doing art, but when I stopped doing art, I threw myself into baking and cooking, and also gardening, when I was fortunate enough to have a garden.I eventually threw myself into reading 18th,

What's a good hobby to take up?

learn to play any of the musical instrument.Learn to make foods.Learn to make up.Learn about the fashions and dresses.know about the celebrities and famous personalitieslearn to enjoy while reading booksLearn to make handicraftsLean to paint and art if you have interestLearn to danceLean to singLearn to

What's a hobby you have that you don't want people knowing?

Well my most favourit hobby I am not confident of sharing with people is mental segregation or thought process segregation... It was quite recently I came to know that its worked upon scientifically.It works as, you create a mental personality within your

Which hobbies make a person look like royal?

I don't really know how to answer this, as I don't know any royalty but I'll do my best. Also, I'm going to answer this thinking about medieval royalty rather than modern because you didn't specify.I would assume that the ruler would spend a lot of time in meetings being briefed on news of other kingdoms,

Which is the best thing you do in free time?

Actually i keep always myself free. How? Do you want to know dear because i never take my responsibility and my jobs as burden or as pretend to be busy. I always give priority to everything equally. All you need is balance and thats how your whole

Why does it seem that most kids don't have hobbies anymore?

Certainly they do. Video games, anime, Quora, YouTube - tons of them. It's true that they tend to involve consumer electronics, but then, not many make hobbies of buggy whips either.On the other hand, my guess is that there is somebody, somewhere,

Why don't I want to enjoy my free time?

Perhaps you've gotten bored with the activities you and your friends have previously enjoyed and should seek more interesting stuff to do. And possibly more interesting people to do it with.There was a time when I spent nearly every weekend getting drunk and partying with my friends at someone's home or at bars. This lasted for

Why is it important to have hobbies?

Hobbies! Hobbies can make your life and not having any hobby can ruin your life.My grandma, now 70 years old, always criticised me to have so many hobbies and not concentrate on the main tendencies human beings tend to do in India, that

What are awesome non-tech activities?

Figure out which chemical surge makes you feel alive and energetic:Acetylcholine (Introvert, prefers solitude and hits that reinforce attention (learning something), sense of well-being, sense of self, etc.):BikingBirdwatchingCanoeing/KayakingEcosystem exploringGames (board games, cards, lawn games, etc.)GardeningHikingMuseum/Significant site-visitingReadingWalkingWoodworkingMid-range (prefers solitude and/or a learning experience while seeking