Is there something you did that you have regretted for a long time and later realized that it actually benefited you?

I figured out a long time ago that the worst times of my life were occurring at the exact same time as the best times of my life I say that as it correlates to how I have done things that I severely regretted which later on it was shown that those actions

What is something you regret doing in your teens?

I am happily married 36 year old male having beautiful wife and 5 year old son.I regret so many things which was done by me in teen age.Watching Parents having Sex: I have seen my parents having sex many times. Because we used to sleep in same

Women who had an abortion, do you regret it? Why or why not?

In short, no.I found out I was pregnant the day before my husband's scheduled vasectomy. Both 36 yrs. old, we had a happy marriage, three great kids and stable income. However, we were both absolutely positive we did not want anymore children. There are strong pro-life opinions on both sides of the family so I haven't told many

What is a successful person's biggest regret in life?

From what I have gathered over years of following successful people, listening to their stories and interviewing them there is one common regret a lot (not all) of them have:If they have one regret, it is that they didn't start earlier!Successful

What is one thing you've done in your life that you definitely don't regret?

Following this girl for three city blocks just to meet her. I had just moved to Seattle from Virginia in 1986 and was living on Capitol Hill, it's a trendy neighborhood now, but back then it was a cheap place for rent.I'm walking on

What is the most recent thing in your life that you regret doing?

There are several things which I regret doing in recent days:1.Believing the wrong person when my all closed ones were warning me that she is not one to be trusted2.Not studying a subject before which I'd anticipated that is quite tough but comes out to be easy..yeah I studied during

What bad decision don't you regret and why?

I got pregnant out of wedlock. This was a bad decision in that my child is growing up without a father. I do not regret having my child. I have never prevented my child from communicating with their father. I have been open with my child about the situation

What do you think you will regret in your life?

Not committing to a woman, and not having children of my own.In a way, I am glad. I have a hereditary genetic disorder, Ankylosing Spondylitis, and I would not wish it on anyone (it's the one where you see older people bent over staring at their feet when walking).

What have you done today and now regret about it?

A2AOn Monday , I promised myself that no matter what

What kind of people regret in life?

mostly people have regrets for not spending enough time with the familyand people who ever have outspoken too much or be mean or been unforgiving tend to regret in lifeand also people who have stuck by their decisions and or let themselves evolve too regret for the unflexible decisions they had made in life....