A girl I really like told me a while back that she likes me too. Then today she told me she didn't like me anymore and is talking to other guys. I have 4 classes with her. How can I get over her?

Girls notice a lot of things about guys that guys don't notice about themselves. It could be that you did something that offended her, or that you don't take good care of yourself. On the other hand, she could just be a shallow biatch. The best way to handle this

A man broke up with me after 3 months, which I feel like wasn't enough time for him to fully get to know me and all I have to offer. How could I stop being haunted by thoughts of what could have been?

Accept the truth.He doesn't want you.Guys are weird.They start out really liking you and then something suddenly changes their minds. Should they push through that and get to know you better...probably but you can't control that.There is NO could have

A man has been saving money in a secret spot on his own property, unbeknownst to his wife. If they were to divorce would his wife have any way of finding about this money?

It could depend on how he came to have the money, how long this had been going on, and how much money was involved. If he had at some point started sticking back half of his paycheck then it's probably someone could figure

After a breakup, is it possible to get back together?

It's great to see people wanting to know is it possible to get back together with an ex. It's great because this means that people realize how important it is to have loved and lost. Millions of people across the world don't realize how important relationships are, but they do know that it can be hard

After a divorce with my husband, how do I let go of my feelings?

If you really love him that love never really goes away. But ways you can move on is first of all accepting the divorce, and not hold any negative feelings for yourself nor for your ex husband. Focus on all the things you gained and learned throughout the years

After being married for 10 years, my husband wants to have kids, but I don't. What should I do?

This is a complex question. Most couples address this paramount decision before marriage. Since you are past this-it seems like you, both, need to make a dicision. Parenting is not something to "do" under pressure-it's very challenging and NEVER ending. If your husband

Although I cheated on my husband for 4 years, I really love him and regret ever doing it. Now he's hooked and cheating on me with his female friend. What do I seriously need to do to get him back?

You destroyed your husband's self-esteem-in spades. He sought validation from another woman-and apparently is getting it.The first thing you need to do is profusely apologize for your past actions and to do damage control. You obviously never lifted a pinkie to restore his lost self-esteem.

Am I an irresponsible selfish wife in the following scenario?

From what you've said and the details you'e provided your husband seems to be an insecure chauvinist. You met with him and tried to compromise and things never seem to work out for him and he's bitching about it.I'll tell you that cooking and leaving a job is NOT

Am I being 'too needy', or am I being emotionally neglected by my husband?

Tough question. Thanks for having the courage to ask it. Sometimes these sorts of issues arise and the offending party is often unaware. The real heart of the matter is

Am I in an emotionally abusive relationship?

woah, incredibly. this is the worst relationship I've read of in a while, and I'm saying that to you to hopefully have the most impact in helping you get away.There is no hope in how nasty and just plain stupid she is with you.Not only does she act like she has one or more

Am I ready to move in with my boyfriend?

Deciding to live together is a very big step in a relationship. Usually, this is done when you are considering being with your significant other forever, or for at least as long as possible.Merging two lives together in one home is very

Are girlfriends worth it?

It really depends on what kind of person you are and what kind of girl you meet. When I was growing up, I was a sad depressed kid. I did well in school. But I always felt extremely lonely. Negative

Are girls really worth it?

Not really. All the girls I've been into approached me first. This did not guarantee the absence of the hell of an emotional torture that I underwent due to each one of them until I realized that they're really not worth it. I would have invested my time into many other things which are many times more

Are my feelings so strong they could drive him away?

I feel the same thing for someone, these days.So I think I am well-placed to answer your question.You see, your feelings are creating dependance towards the person you love.This dependance is as strong as your feelings for him are. And so, you feel lonely, unhappy, left out when you are not the center of his attention.So that is the

Are polyamorous relationships healthier?

Healthier than what, exactly?Healthier than randomly hooking up with strangers? Physiologically safer. Psychologically preferable for me. I don't like the risk. Others might prefer the thrill of the unknown.Healthier than celibacy? Physiologically riskier (generally.) Psychologically preferable for me. What can I say? I get horny.Healthier than

Are there ever situations where a married man deeply loves another woman and becomes unattracted to his wife but doesn't leave his wife?

Yeah, that happened to me. With a woman in our neighborhood.Why stay? The kids, because my wife has been a good wife, and she didn't deserve it. Because the other woman's (the OW) views on guys who leave their families are not admiring and

Are you cheating your husband/wife with someone else? Why?

YES i did ...and i m happy that i didi met my wife when i was in my 2nd year of graduation since then she is the only women form whom i had my eyes for ..i loved her more than i love myself some of

As someone who is just starting to date again after a long term relationship, what do you struggle with most?

I struggle with finding anyone dateable.My ex, for all his issues, was fun. Unpredictable. Smart. Romantic. Creative. Looked young for his age. Willing to try new things. Great sense of humor. We enjoyed just being together.As I close in on 50, living in a smallish city surrounded by rural areas, there's not much to choose from.

At what point in a relationship did you know you wanted to commit to a marriage?

tl;dr - when I felt we worked through life well together; when God opened doors I thought were locked; when I felt loved so much I was free to be vulnerable.I had my first

At what point is it time to walk away from a long term relationship when you love that person but realize you are incompatible?

A difficult yet a necessary walk out:After being in a long term relationship, a person kind of gets used to the other person, both- the likes and the dislikes and all the small and big things that matter to the significant


Mine did. If a covert is truly capable of some kind of love I believe she felt it at times, but it came in cycles. Typically it went in the classic love bomb/abuse/discard cycle, except instead of completly discarding me she'd have a failure to launch and change her mind. Or

Can a healthy relationship be formed after repeated abuse and traumatic experiences early on?

Absolutely! Otherwise I'm completely screwed.That said, it definitely can be more challenging. The specter of your abuse and your reaction to situations, as well as your various coping mechanisms, survive and cast a pallor over all your relationships.For instance, I have a tendency to withdraw emotionally from conflict. If someone raises their voice at me or appears

Can a husband leave his wife for another woman?

It's very common and happens all the time. Sometimes the other woman gets lucky (as well as the man) and things work out just fine, but often just the opposite happens and the husband loses his wife, his family, his money, and both his self-respect as well as the respect of many people he formerly thought

Can a man be in love with another woman and still love his wife deeply? Is it honest?

Yes. It would seem the first question could be summarized like this, can one person love two people at the same time? Sure. I have four children and I love all of them. I'm not certain I understand how that's any different than saying I could love two women at the same time.You did say love and

Can a man come back to his wife after a divorce?

#Question name: Can a man come back to his wife after a divorce?TOP 21 TIPS TO MAKE YOUR HUSBAND FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU AGAIN!Hey friennds, I searched all Quora answers and marriaage tips on the internet and below are best tips to save your marrriage. I hope you love it.1. Try to be adventurous in bedFirsst of all,

Can a man sleep with you all the time if he doesn't love you anymore?

7 tips to tell if you can get your ex-partner back and how to do itHe wasn't just determined to get his ex-girlfriend back; he wanted to marry her. Trouble was, she was just about to marry another man - she was literally at the altar. But

Can a narcissist be in a long term relationship?

Actually, surprisingly YES. If you look at the time line of a typical cycle of a "relationship" with a Narcissist it can some times take years for the partner to escape.It's because the Narc is so slick and manipulative in the Love Bombing stage, so over the top, charismatic, "loving", etc..

Can a person living in the USA divorce his Indian wife without going to India? Should he apply for a divorce in the USA or in India?

Yes, you can file for divorce in the county of your residency. You may also get an exparte order, if she doesnt contest. But you won't be legally divorced in India, if your wife doesnt contest the divorce proceedings in USA. If you do not plan to visit India at all, then divorcing

Can a relationship get back to normal after someone cheats?

Normal?Look my wife and I have been trying to put the pieces of our destroyed lives back together after her indiscretions very early in our relationship and HOPE there will be a marriage there too. It's only been four years that we have been working on this.There is no normal now. I'm not

Can a relationship survive infidelity?

One of the most unfortunate things that can happen in a relationship is cheating or being cheated by your partner. While many couples see cheating as a deal breaker and part their ways, some decide to give their relationship another chance. Frankly speaking, it totally depends on you which way you wanna go. If you wanna give

Can a Scorpio escape relationships forever?

Anyone can do anything regardless of star signs. Stop asking me questions as if star signs make a difference. You'd never ask these inane questions about anything else, but here's how it would look if you acted like other random facts about a persons birth mattered:

Can a woman leave her husband when he is retiring?

I know I should pass this question...but I can't help myself. So here it is.Yes she can, ( as god/she said right? ) I don't know who came up with this rule that it is not ok to leave your SO when:It is his b-day (hey 50 cents

Can an attorney be disbarred for cheating on his or her spouse or significant other?

No, assuming they did nothing illegal (and adultery hasn't been a crime in the US since the late 20th century).  I guess that could happen if the attorney lied under oath in a divorce proceeding (committing perjury, which is a crime), but I don't think that's what you're talking

Can an ex fall back in love with you again?

Well, I am going to swim against the current here and say YES but before you hold your breath, read my entire response.He dumped you because of different things. He may have not been happy with you anymore . There was something he wasn't getting. Try to find what that was and fix it.Now,

Can anyone force me to stay with my husband if I don't want to?

The answer I have written is for Indian context (can extend it to South Asian region to the max.Ideally no one should be able to force you, but life is not ideal.In India the marriage is considered to be a

Can having a marriage with a bipolar partner work?

Here is a similar questionWith my answer both on link and copied.Nicole Moncada's answer to Can a person with bipolar disorder lead a happy married life? Lately my husband has been making a fuss about everything and we constantly quarrel.

Can I divorce my husband if he cheated on me?

Most states no longer require proof of grounds or fault, such as adultery, in order to obtain a divorce. The most common standard today is irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. And as long as one of the parties insists this

Can I fix my marriage with my husband if he doesn't try?

You can't fix your husband only yourself. It might be that nothing you do can save your marriage but it's always worth trying. Think back to when you were dating or first married what things did the two of you enjoy doing together. What are things you did for him that brought you both close. I'm not talking

Can I get back with my ex after 7 months? (Read details.)

There has to be some sort of detail being left out here. Why would she block you on social media and everything else unless you hurt her in some sort of way? Not trying to assume anything, but I need

Can I give another chance to a person who broke my heart?

Yes you can give another change to a person who broke your heart under certain circumstances and it is completely from my point of view and based on my experience. Those are :If you think that the person to whom you gonna give the

Can I marry a woman who has a child already?

Almost did. Almost married a man with 3 little ones. The kids did not like me. So, the man didn't want the relationship to continue. They destroyed every one of his relationships. After a while, he figured it out and came looking for me. I said no. I was afraid the children

Can I win her back?

Hi,What I would like start by telling you is one of the key realizations I have had from my relationships. There is NEVER A TIME when both of you will be aggressively working towards the relationship. Once the initial excitement fades away and things start to settle down, we all enter

Can I win my cheating husband back?

Why would you win him back?To all the wives in this world: Why would you always make the effort to keep your husbands? Why would you keep someone who does not make the effort to do the same with you?What you need to do

Can infidelity be repaired?

I believe it can. If, and only if, both parties are willing, not only to forgive each other, repent (in a non religious way) and be forgiven, but are also willing and capable of looking long and hard at themselves and their actions past and present.

Can man have a girlfriend after his wife left and filed for divorce?

Well coming from personal experience, it will be difficult. unless your soon to be ex wife is 100% done with being with you and has no desire to be married to you . Because if not then some part of her will not want you to move one. Even if it's only the slightest bit

Can men and women be friends?

Can they be? Most certainly.But things get more complicated since it comes with its unique challenges, and I'm not even speaking here of any potential sexual component. I'll give you a few problems here, at least two of which don't even involve any emotion or sentiment but are an issue of cold

Can someone divorce his wife to get back to his ex-girlfriend?

#Question name: Can someone divorce his wife to get back to his ex girlfriend?TOP 11 TIPS TO MAKE YOUR WIFE FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU AGAIN!Heyyy friends, I checkedd all Quora answerrs and marriagge tips on the internnet and below are besst tips to save

Can someone start Dating After Divorce?

Divorce is one of the most traumatic events we go through, and when we reach the proverbial "light at the end of the tunnel," many of us feel that little spring in our step and start to think about dating again.So how can you start off on the right foot

Can you fall in love with someone else even when you are married?

Edited, 10th April 2018It is just over 3 weeks since my wife found out about my online emotional affair with this "soulmate", and I'd like to make a number of corrections to my original answer below.It turns out I've been deluding myself heavily and acting incredibly poorly. The majority of interactions with this

Can you get a divorce if your spouse doesn't want one?

I am assuming you are female.According to my knowledge , in Arabic countries you can.Depending on the reason it may be a divorce or an annulment of the marriage.I would assume you could world wide.Speak to a Lawyer.

Can you start a relationship over?

Try to establish contact.Do confidence building measures.Resolve oustanding issues by healthy dialouge. Do not argue and listen patiently first and have a big heart.Never involve a third party how so ever close thst guy or girl might be. They will develop a conflict of interest over a period of time and spoil your prospects instead of making it any

Can you write a story about getting back to normal after a breakup?

I met my sweetheart at community function. It was the love at first sight. She was my uncle's daughter. She traveled to many places because of my uncle's career. I got my uncle's eldest son marriage invitation. I went to another city to attend the marriage along with my parents.

Could more women asking men out improve society?

I don't know if it would improve society, but there are a reasons to think that it would be better for women.Let's consider a very simple mathematical model where there are [math]n[/math] men and [math]n[/math] women in a (completely heterosexual) population.  Let's further assume that each person has

Dating a girl and going through a divorce, should I leave the girl I'm dating alone?

If she wants you to leave her alone, leave her alone.If she wants to be with you (and you do too), then be with her.There's no inherent reason why you should behave a certain way in this situation, it all depends on how the two of you feel.Seems to me that you've treated

Dating and Relationships: How do I fall in love with same person again?

The question and description are not in synchronous.1. You are still in relationship and you don't feel the same for them.2. The relationship has ended but you still want to pursue it.To my understanding the question points to first situation so

Dating and Relationships: What are the keys to a successful relationship?

I spent a lot of time as a young man trying to understand relationships. It was a learning process. I learnt somethings and I still learn.It took me years. Hope this helps you I am blessed to share1. Be Honest

Dating Older Women: Should I ask my girlfriend why she divorced her two ex-husbands?

Of course one should ask a lover with whom things are getting serious what caused her marriages to go south and also what was wrong in any other relationships that went on for a while. If she takes umbrage with this, you're fuck buddies

Did anyone get their love back after years?

I am in a relationship when i was in class 10th and he was my senior in school. After completing his 12th he cleared CLAT exam and selected in NLU assam. All the problem started from here only. We both are immature and young. It's really difficult for

Do a lot of divorces happen between partners who still love each other but nonetheless have irreconcilable differences?

Love is not the only ingredient in a marriage. I think what many people forget is that marriage takes work. It is not a state of complacency, where you ride on your love for one another to carry you through, because love needs to be recognized and nurtured. Because of this, love and marriage go hand in

Do beautiful and attractive women get attracted to handsome men?

Obviously, attractive women and men are going to notice each other, but believe  you me this is not always a good thing.We older women's mothers and grandmothers had a saying :"Handsome is as handsome does."  This means that a man can be

Do boy-friends/husbands really take you for granted after a period of time?

Yes my husband has taken me for granted .. it's been 5yrs of our married life . Everytime he keeps hurting me in some or the other way thinking that i will never leave him and go .he knows that I'm badly in love with him and

Do even abusers sometimes love the partners they abuse?

Yes, in the sick, twisted, and rather contradictory way that they experience and express love, domestic violence abusers generally really do love the partner that they abuse.  That's part of what makes the cycle of abuse so very, very difficult to break -- when they're not in a violent mood or abusive personality shift, abusers

Do husbands who take dowry, love their wife?

There are two types of husbands who take dowry.Husband 1 after taking dowry :I asked 10 lakhs but my father in law gave me 5 lakhs. This is bull shit. I have to criticize her to get the balance 5 lakhs

Do I get back with my ex or not?

That most likely, strongly depends on what you do post break up. The more attached you are to the outcome, the lower the possibility. The longer you stay around your ex, convincing them to re-think their decision, the more you are shooting yourself in the foot.It sounds very counter-intuitive, but that's just the way it

Do I give my ex another chance, knowing that he's always asking about his chances with other girls?

Do you give your ex another chance, knowing that he thinks about his chances with other girls? Good question. At this point, you have a good idea of who he really is, and you are still considering it. You have to decide how you

Do I need to tell my husband about my past?

Here are the scenarios1. You tell him and he doesn't mind2. You tell your husband and he get furious3. You tell him and he seems to be okay about it. When things aren't going fine between you two, he secretly checks your mobile to see if

Do long distance relationships work for people with trust issues?

No.Because if I didn't trust someone on other end of country,I'll be doing all kinds of drama, being negative, creating conflict to test and prod the person to see if that person really loves me.That's not love.That's a pain in the ass insecurity and the other person will pick

Do people usually get back together after breakups?

Here is the true story one of my friend.They were into long distance relationship, beautiful couple, compatible , loving and partners in crime ( I think thats enough to understand that how much they are into n how Perfect they were)They got break-up both have their

Do women stalk men?

Women stalk. Even better than men.I am a woman and I have stalked all the man whom I have found interesting.During my teenage, I used to stalk my crush throughout the school. I used to sit on the bench which was diagonal

Do women take men who endlessly talk about sports seriously?

The sports columnist at my university was a woman, and I've met many women who have an avid interest in playing sports as well as have favourite sports teams. But I think (I'm not a sports fan so my word on

Do you love someone but not like them?

Yes, I love my family, but I can't say I necessarily like them. I love my boyfriend, but I don't always like to be around him or like the things he does.My family has done me wrong, they've made me

Do you still love someone after you married someone else?

I know a friend who married someone but he still love the girlfriend from his college days. He's in his 40s now with kids in their teens married for years. Yet in his heart he never let that flower die he planted in his college days.May be he didn't

Do you take an ex-girlfriend back after pursuing her and she dated someone else and now wants you back?

Don't - and I am saying this only because the was you pose the question doesn't make it seem like the dynamics of this relationship would be healthy. Her having dated someone else in between is irrelevant. We become new people with time, and with each person we get intimate with.

Does a marriage stand a chance after an affair if the betrayed spouse polices the cheater and takes control of their life?

Not making it easy.This is the thing. You should NOT stay if there isn't any trust. When the conversation of getting caught and staying, something about trust has to have come up.It's very hard especially at the beginning to have any trust in

Does age matter for a marriage?

Depends on the state you live in. If you are of age there should be no problem. Now, and most importantly, you must be mentally and financially stable. This is not the 19th or the early 20th century when before technology had an effect

Does anybody have any examples of an ex-husband and ex-wife continuing a close relationship after their divorce?

Sure. My co-parent and I divorced 20 years ago-her choice. Coming out of the courthouse afterwards, she turned to me and said

Does anyone ever get back together with their first love after years and years apart? How did it go?

No, it is unlikely. If you have no communication with an ex for years and years (especially since people can reach out anytime nowadays), it is a clear sign of disinterest on their part, and you should move on. Here are some tips on moving on:Mark Lawrence's answer to It's been two years

Does getting married help you?

Actually depends on the kind of person you are getting married to. Also the kind of family. If the family is supportive, forward looking and your partner is a balanced individual then it can really help you to grow as a person. If you get married to a real friend

Does my husband have a right to rethink our marriage if I've gained a lot of weight and no longer look how I did when we got married?

Any spouse always has a right to rethink their marriage for any reason or no reason. If he no longer wants you, it may be pretty pointless to stay married. It depends on his priorities. If his clash with yours, it's over.My former husband constantly told me that if I ever gained weight, he'd

Does my relationship need to end?

I wouldn't say this is the best position to be in. Your boyfriend obviously isn't ready to jump the broom. He's not even certain about how he feels about you. That to me doesn't sound like a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. That sounds more like

Does the second wife have to meet the first wife?

God no!When my new wife asked me what would happen if we ran into my ex, I said I'd crawl out a back window and run.  I'd call her later to tell her where to pick me up.She says she'd love to meet her.  She's 18 years younger and beautiful as well

Does your first love come back?

In my case, yes she did come back.we were in a relationship for 3 years and suddenly she broke up with me.I was devastated and was in depression.I understood that now i have to help myself live without her, i was

Has anybody married the same person after a divorce? Why?

Me? No.But I know someone who did. She's my mom. Just last month, she re-married my dad. A guy that I didn't know for the majority of my life (and still hardly do). A guy that left when I was the tender age of 2 and didn't

Has anyone been divorced and remarried their ex-spouse? What changed you alls mind?

I divorced my husband due to infidelity and eight years later, we connected on FB. We didn't have any children together and he was having some health issues. Because I moved to another state, I was supposed to fly to meet

Has anyone stayed in a marriage when they knew their husband had a mistress? I love my husband and I feel like this is just a phase he needs to get out of his system. Am I being nieve?

No. We split for good once I knew for sure (straight from his mouth) that he was cheating. It was a deal breaker for me. This happened years ago now.Now let me talk to you from a different perspective, the mistress. Yep, I've btdt in recent times. I'm not at all proud of it. I'm

Has your cheating boyfriend/girlfriend/wife returned, begging you to take him/her back? I'm so afraid of getting cheated on because I don't think I can take back a cheater.

I'm not exactly sure of your situation, but let me answer you this.Trust is one of the key ingredients of a healthy relationship. Trust is also like a glass panel: it can be broken once, after that it will never be repaired.If you are referring to taking back someone who has cheated on

Have you ever been the abuser in a relationship? If so, did you choose to change?

My first boyfriend was hands down one of the few kindest men I personally know. He was doting and gentle and went out of his way to make me happy. I am ashamed to admit that I took advantage of that. I was emotionally abusive; I treated him badly, disrespected him and was verbally abusive towards him. He

Have you ever caught your partner cheating? What was your reaction? How did you react initially? How did you overcome it?

I found a text while using my husband's phone to locate mine. The text was from my best friend of five years - it said

Have you ever had a relationship with someone who was cheating on you, and everybody knew about it but you?

Yeah, My first love was stolen from me in High school, but not by cheating but hate and intolerance.Brian David Parry's answer to Who was the rudest parent you've ever met?But my second Love and she became my first

Have you gotten back with your ex and why?

Because I was a fucking moron.He didn't want to let go of the girl who bent over backwards and then some to accomodate his bullshit, nor did he want to let go of the only person in his 37 years who would sleep with his nasty ass.So he wheedled,

He doesn't love me. What can I do?

Hey, first of all, trust yourself and your intuition.Here is the story: on of my friends loved a girl. She wasn't interested in him even in the least. She told him quite openly about that. That would be the end of it, had the guy

He wants to get back together, but I don't. Am I a bad person?

You're not a bad person for breaking up with somebody if the relationship didn't work for you. That's the sensible thing to do. And yes, it will likely hurt the other person if they are not in the same place, and they'll argue and

How abnormal is my family relationship?

What you described in your post is dysfunctional family behavior, so I'm sorry to hear about how you were treated and want you to know that your father's behavior was highly inappropriate.However, I must share that it makes so sense that you're asking what you did to offend him when he directly addressed

How an ugly guy can start a conversation with a beautiful girl?

You are not ugly.Tell her she's beautiful and introduce yourself.Every single person in the world, no matter how beautiful or handsome you think they are, risks rejection when they put themselves out there. In order to learn to cope with rejection you have to practice practice practice! Talk to

How can a man make his wife leave him and give him a divorce?

If you want to leave and you want a divorce, YOU be man enough to take responsibility and do it yourself. Stop asking her to do your work! And do it with clear communication, the truth and full responsibility for your own actions. Time to

How can an ugly guy get a cute girl?

'm 32 years old and will tell you from my 32 years experience on this planet. Women are liars and deceivers. How many times have you asked a girl or wanted girls attention? How many times have you received it? There's nothing mysterious about women and their interest/motives.THEY

How can husband and wife live together as a team?

It is like playing a mix doubles match. It's a teamwork.One takes the lead, other watches with appreciation. Encourage the other partner to take the lead and watch it. When the rythm gets going there is no one to stop, life will be fun and full of bliss.When one partner is tired take the brunt

How to after 10 years of marriage get my husband to stop being a slob

Two things come to mind-one, make it easy and practical to be neat. You know what it takes to be neat; you spend perhaps much of your time at home perfecting your home's attractiveness. Have a stash of cloth rags, paper napkins handy for him in the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Have comfortable nice looking

How to approach my crush, without looking very obvious

Maybe you can educate me here, why don't you want to be obvious?What if your crush fancies you too but doesn't want to be obvious? You two could go around for eternity not being obvious, never realising and not getting it together!Ask them out already! Ask them