How should I ask a girl out on social media?

So you like a girl on social media and you wanna take her out for a date here are few things.Add her

Do girls who dance Kizomba like guys with muscles?

There are two things at play here.1. A matter of taste: Do you like guys with muscles?2. Dancing with a guy with muscles: Does it help dancing with a guy with muscles?For the first question, it really is a matter of who you,

What is something guys just don't understand about girls?

If a girl is in love with you, she'll go any number of limits just to ensure your happiness. Just to keep you smiling.She'll treat your family as her's. She'll love your parents as much as she love her parents.She'll plan her future with

What can I do if I really messed up with a girl?

Well sometimes you can apologize but you may never end up making it up. My ex lied to me and tried to Gaslight me, I called him out on it but it was never quite the same, when you break

How to make a girl feel alive

If she enjoys your company, you've already made her feel alive. Just seeing someone I like makes my day. Even if we just smile and say hi to each other. Show her that you're happy to see her by smiling and making eye contact.

Do American girls like Russian boys?

I'm an American woman and I have to say I love them . Being from NY there are a lot of Russian & Ukrainian guys to choose from. My friends and I actually prefer them and seek out Slovic guys. But I have to say

Do boys feel good about making girls cry?

Personally I don't like looking at a girl cry or make her cry. I hate when they cry, If my mom, sister or friends cry I console them and make them feel better and try all the possible ways to make them stop

How does making out with a girl feel?

It can feel anything on the range of amazing, disappointing and plain disgusting.I have kissed girls at clubs when I wasn't in the mood. Things just happened, but I didn't feel as attracted as I should be to fully enjoy the experience.I have kissed a

Do women like men in man thongs?

It also might depend on whether the man has been wearing them for a long time, so that his body can shape itself.I have been wearing thongs daily since I was 12!!! I tried out briefs and boxer briefs but they tend to bunch up and

Why in India is a girl always wrong?

A guy who calls a girl a whore just because she said no, the guy is a total jerk.A guy who considers open-minded girl as easy is no better.But what you are not able to see is that there is also a third kind of girls. The one which plays and multi-times or simply uses the

How to differ needy girl and attention seekers

I have just reread this question, I had not integrated that he writer had used the term, ‘Defer', which I presume he means as ‘to put off', I had quickly read it as ‘differ' as in differentiate. So, how to ‘put off' needy girls and

What is the best way to impress a girl?

Two men stood at the bar discussing the attractiveness of a young woman who was sitting with a girlfriend about 20 feet away. Finally, after about 15 minutes, the object of their attention walked up to the bartender and requested a martini. The shy one had

Is money everything for a girl looking for a husband?

Well, I hope that is not the true case. The reason I start with saying that is marriage based on money should not be the foundation for happy successful married life. Money is not everything. Yes money does determine your social economic status in this world.

Why does this girl who I like acts vulnerable when I'm present?

I see two possibilities. First, she's acting vulnerable because she thinks it's attractive, and she wants you to step up and act like a guardian for her (either because she thinks you'd like that, or because she genuinely wants you to protect her).Alternatively, you might just

Why would a girl pay a lot of attention to me and try to get mine?

You're talking about the phenomenon of attraction.Here's the reality: People are attracted to you for your attractive qualities.If you're good-looking, then people will be attracted to you for your looks.If you're wealthy, then people will be attracted to you for your money.If you're funny, then people will be attracted to

How to become more stylish and more like a guy who girls would like to be seen around with

Your rural background must have instilled strong values in you.And its good that you are more into your studies.These all things make you more likeable for people around.Look is  momentary .It can make you grab attention or noticeable but it can never make someone like you.Though there are certain

How to act on my first ever date

According to me just dress comfortably. Nothing too loud, nothing too dull. Something in which you can be comfortable.Relax, don't panic and don't you dare create the worst scenarios in your head about things that can happen, could happen, should happen, or should not happen. Just take a deep breath and compose yourself.Never expect anything on

What are the best romantic questions to ask a lady?

I don't know whether Warrens answer is serious but none of those questions are romantic and would probably send a new female running in the opposite direction. Women connect through emotional intimacy so be basically friendly and ask her what she enjoys, be genuinely interested in her as a person, concentrate on her

How can speak confidently with girls?

Don't be scared. Remember, girls won't bite you or anything. Be confident. Girls tend to like it when a guy has confidence. Practice speaking. It will help to not fumble your words. Have good hygiene. Always try to smile. Be a gentleman. Always try to make eye contact and flirt.

How do guys differentiate good girls from the rest?

I used to work with teens. I had groups of high-achieving, model students; groups of altternative-misfits; and a group of juvenile offenders.The diffference between "good girls" and others, is the same difference between the "good kids" and others.The "good ones" know how, when and with whom

Are teen girls cute?

Yes, specially when I too was a teenager.As an adult, I can still see why some men find some attractive, however, moving beyond the shallow physical level; if I talk or socialize with most for longer than a few minutes, all I

How can one avoid girls around him when all guys around him are in a relationship?

It's not easy, I repeat it's not easy. But then again, you gotta get through tough things for good.In my case though, I won't be a teenager anymore after 12 days, and I've had a real troubled teenage. So I have this responsibility now to compensate for all the losses, at least for my own good, even if

Should I marry a very beautiful girl younger than me or a rich girl but not so beautiful and is older than me?

It is about why you want to marry at the first place. Marrying someone because she is beautiful or she is rich means you don't associate much value to the possible emotional relationship. If, the idea is that beauty is

Are guys intimidated by confident girls?

I'm gonna be blunt. I really don't get the infatuation with confidence with it comes to attraction, especially from women's side. I'm sorry but to me it smacks of pretentious progressiveness (for men).And I see a lot of answers conflating confidence with

Do guys prefer tall girls over short girls?

Best you focus on what you can and forget about what you cannot control, like your height. Or you be asking do guys like red heads, do guys like blondes, do guys like girls with glasses and do girls like girls with small breasts or big breast?Do

How does it feel to be an unattractive teenage girl?

This is how it feels:A 12 year old girl who was told by her biggest crush that she would never be able to date him because she's just not pretty enough. I went home and decided I'd stop eating as I was obviously too fat

Why would a girl I barely know be trying to get my attention?

I'm assuming you are 18 or older, unmarried, but would like be married.Perhaps because she likes you, and is willing to try dating.I would date her. Date: Meaning ask her to dinner, or a concert, or a movie, or to some social event of some sort.Get to know her, and then just.... see if anything happens. If

Is confidence alone enough to attract girls?

It sounds easy when you say it like that, confidence will get you the girl if you have the courage to walk up to a random girl.Courage and confidence are not the same.Courage alone is enough to attract some girls. Every

Do guys like thin girls?

In my opinion, guys shouldn't just like the appearance but the personality. They should avail if they are kind, smart, and this kind of stuff.Yes they like thin girls, but some also like not thin girls, so plz don't lose weight unhealthily bc of them, you will find someone who will like you just the way you are.

Honestly, do boys prefer girls with or without makeup?

Honestly, do boys prefer girls with or without makeup?With makeup.Can you find boys who legitimately prefer girls without makeup? Sure.Can you find boys who recognize the difference between lightly applied

How can a girl make herself better?

Be the best YOU by:Finding out who you areGetting an education - I plan to get at least my MBA or MA in something. I'm not smart, but I love school.Taking care of your body - eat good food, exerciseKeep your mind healthy - learn how to deal with people, stress, difficulty, staying happy

How can a teenage girl be attractive?

By behaving her age.I came out of my teens last year and all my peers were mini adults - they wore makeup , they went religiously to grooming salons, they dressed to impress. I am not saying that health and grooming are bad - they are important - but incorporate it as something

How do guys act when they like a girl?

Many different ways.We could be shy.We could be more talkative.We could say things to impress you.We could could back for fear of looking foolish.We could puff up our chestOr cower and be subordinate.We could be extra politeOr if we could act like we're 8 and punch your arm.It's hard to tell if a guy likes you, but

How to find a girl that isn't classy from outside but classy in her way of thinking

Why you don't want a girl classy from outside ?But come to your question, a girl who is classy by heart is very tough to find out now a days because plenty of girls pretend to be classy by their social media status, or

How should I act around a girl I find attractive?

The best way to act around an attractive girl is to treat her like your kid sister.   This means you are free to tease her in an affectionate way, but in no way to you put her on a pedestal above other women.   If you already have a kid sister that

I'm a girl. How should I act like a classy lady?

A lady with class is compassionate, never impulsive. People would never question her compassion, kindness and love as anything except what they are, part of who she is. She cares about the way her words can touch other's, or even move people to do more than they ever dreamed possible. The

Should a woman approach a man she likes, or should he approach her?

I spoke to my husband first and that turned out okay. ;)If you're shy, you can always begin with something small and impersonal like hello, or a remark about the weather or the hurdles or something. You don't have to go from zero to dating. Take a baby step.And if saying hello is too scary for you,

What are good first dates for 16 year old pairs?

You could try wanna go to the beach with me? I did that because I live in Southern California about 15 minutes to the beach. You could watch a movie together, you could hangout at the mall. It depends on

What are some quiet places I can take my girl for our first night out?

Bro, if you have the right attitude, the right conversating skills and the right girl, you could be anywhere And do all of those things you mentioned. But a few suggestions that come to mind:The beach during a full moonYou can't

What are the best places to take a girl out in Boston?

It all depends on the girl / woman, her tastes etc. but I love Davis Square in Somerville - lots to see and do and most of it low key - restaurants, bars, movie theatre, fun characters out and about and all easily accessible by the

What is the best idea to impress boys?

I'm probably going to get backlash for this but here it goes..There's none.I've tried everything from laughing at bad jokes to dressing up nicely to being smart and sassy and cute but thing is, you have to put yourself first. I think personality over looks should always be the main thing. You will always be able to attract

What is the best way to approach a super shy girl?

I actually know the answer to this. It's only taken me my whole life to figure it out! I'm going to go over the important factors, and then give you an example script. Man I wish someone had told me this

What is the differences between a boy with a girlfriend and a boy without a girlfriend?

Boy with girl friendLate night chatsTensed about her safetyEnormous phone bills initially.Pressure to look goodPressure to do well in life as well as exams etcPressure to bath and brush every day!Getting ready for a lot of queries regarding that bitch, where were you last evening, no calls, etc.Pressure from girl about prospective matches

Where is the best place to meet a girl?

A house of worship (unless you're Muslim; in that case, no girls allowed). Seriously. Females almost always outnumber males in church activities. In my experience there also seem to be more available women and girls there because they can feel safe in the presence of men instead of being viewed as

Why am I not attracted to boys or girls which a lot of people find handsome or pretty?

Because you think for yourself. Congratulations!More seriously, human sexuality and attraction is a huge range of likes and dislikes. Despite what Hollywood is selling, we don't all like the same thing and that's more than okay. Most of us are somewhat affected by media and what we're told is attractive, but it's more than all right to