Do astronauts on the ISS age at the same rate as if they were on earth?

The special and general relativity effects which affect on time are not so big in slow speeds and small gravity environments, but there is another phenomena,which can potentially affect on human age in the orbit, that is radiation.We all depends on Stem cells which are melting (becoming to

Does gravity affect the speed of light?

Well. I could be wrong so let's look at my answer as a mode of discussion rather than being absolute truth.I started flipping through Stephen Hawking's books and he always hinted that light, because of the particle nature, is affected by gravity.

Does space travelling keep astronauts young?

Well, the answer is yes !!!But only respective to the time on earth.Gravity curves space-time. The greater the gravitational field, the greater the curvature.Gravitational time dilation is a form of time dilation, an actual difference of elapsed time

Is length contraction only a result related to observation, or a real contraction?

Length contraction is a real contraction.I've seen in in my own lab, in which a proton moving at very high velocity clearly shows its pancake shape. (We don't see this directly, but we can tell from the way the particle scatters that it is contracted.)The length contraction is not a visual thing; it is not an illusion;

What are wormholes? Do they really exist? What kind of mass distribution would cause a wormhole?

A wormhole, also known as an Einstein-Rosen bridge is a theoretical method of folding space and time so that you could connect two places in space together. You could then travel instantaneously from one place to another.We'll use that classic demonstration from the movie Interstellar, where you

If a person travels at the speed of light, what happens to his biological age?

1 hour on Earth is an hour anywhere else under any circumstances. Einstein's time dilation is false. A year is an Earth-Sun orbit. No matter how an observer moves that observer must count the same number of Earth-Sun orbits as any other

If the earth is rotating at a high speed and we jump up, why doesn't the earth move below us at high speed?

Since other answers have correctly mentioned the atmosphere and such, let's take it out of the equation for the sake of argument and see what happens.In terms of the difference in the helicopter's path vs. the ground, let's look at what happens during one whole day as

What are the most common misconceptions in relativity physics?

That acceptance of a phenomenon observed from a solitary observation point to be a universal law of nature. This is applied with the principle of reciprocity in Einstein's special relativity that each observer in spatial separation at relativistic velocities will see each others time period referenced to its own as being dilated or shrunk to a smaller amount. What

What is relative motion?

Relative motion is the motion with respect to the observer (the refernce frame )Different obsevers might perceive the same motion differently ..You and your friend riding cycles with same speed and direction parallel to each other observes each other to be at rest with repect to your frame whereas a person on road observes you

Why does light have no mass?

OK, first of all... light has no rest mass. That is to say, you cannot bring a photon to a halt and measure its mass. It does not exist, just as photons standing still (in the vacuum) do not exist.But an actual photon has mass-energy. If you were to create a box lined