How many people believe in the afterlife?

May be, more or less everybody.The problem is how they represent that event.As a suggestion, since science have not an answer and religions are providing only irrational and illogical scenarious, you should trust by the new TTR theory model which tries to give scientific answers to transcendent

Will a miracle happen if I believe hard enough?

No!On the contrary, if you work hard (and smart) enough, your achievements might seem miraculous to many.All the very best.Question as answered...Will a miracle happen if I believe hard enough?

Do all scientists not believe in God?

51% believe in a higher power:According to the poll, just over half of scientists (51%) believe in some form of deity or higher power; specifically, 33% of scientists say they believe in God, while 18% believe in a universal spirit or higher power. By contrast, 95% of Americans believe in some form of deity or

How many philosophers today believe in God (in %) and how many philosophers believed in God 50-100 years ago?

Note that a philosopher solves his problems by thinking about them while sitting in his favorite chair and coming up with arguments that seem to make sense. The physicist takes his solution outside, takes a hammer to it, and if it survives he lets his buddies knock it about with a sledge hammer. When it has survived that

Why do Catholics pray to people who are not saints?

Catholics pray to God, but they ask for intercession of godly people who are no longer here. There is a BIG difference between praying and asking for intercession. Huge difference,I ask for intercession of one of y aunts. She was a good, godly woman while on Earth, and she cared for e a lot, and

Why do people still believe in religion in the 21st century?

Thanks for the A2A.Off the top of my head i can think of afew reasons to this.First of like it or not religion is still a valid facet for people to seek when they are grieving. Its easier to accept the loss of a love one when we view it through the lens of religion

Why do people believe in religions and not just God?

People believe in religion, because they believe in God!There are many reasons which state why religion is needed for Mankind:We know that man is a social animal. Every man depends upon millions of people for his life and its necessities. Also we know

In the absence of any material evidence, don't you think religion is nothing but a blind faith?

Regardless of how successful we are with our personal objectives, we may not feel good without addressing the high-level objective; the purpose of our existence.It is wrong to say ‘let us enjoy the journey and forget about the destination'If you find yourself in a train, you should not enjoy the beautiful scenes before first

Why are most brilliant scientists believers of god?

You're misinformed. Einstein was an extremely vocal agnostic, leaning towards atheist and very adamant that the only god he could potentially believe in would be a passive deist god.So you have grand total of one example of brilliant scientists who believed in god. That's not exactly a majority.

Why do so many people believe in God and an afterlife when there is no evidence whatsoever of such things?

Why do people believe in Gods with no evidence?People believe in God because they can sense God as the unseen Life they experience within themselves. They can perceive beyond the limited, material-realm thinking.I don't understand what no evidence is even with the limited, material-realm thinking. Can we say the universe, life, nature, and scientific laws are

Is science a 'belief system'?

Q: Isn't science technically a belief?I suspect that the goal of the question is to try to put science on a par with religion.Everything we think is a belief. Yes. But some thoughts are about imaginary things and some thoughts are about real things.Science is humanity's effort to understand the natural universe. (A real thing.) It involves

Does Hillary Clinton believe in an afterlife?

The concept of rebirth has both positive and negative sides. If rebirth is accepted for every soul infinitely, the disadvantage is that every soul becomes lazy in the spiritual path postponing the spiritual effort to old age and the old man postpones to the next birth! In

Why do some people believe dinosaurs never existed?

I think at the core of the problem is that some people will not accept evidence and proof that goes against their pre-conceived ideas. For some, accepting that dinosaurs are real opens up huge chasms in their worldview and how we came to be.Some people

Why do people believe charlatans?

The main reason is that they want to. People believe anything that they see benefiting themselves. It is the same as believing that you just can get million dollars from Nigeria because somebody needs to move the money out to your account. Even after enormous mounts of warnings people still fell for it because of

Can you be a skeptic and still believe in God?

Yes. But you would have to be a "not a very good" type of skeptic.You'd have to be the sort of skeptic who asked "Where did the universe come from?" and be satisfied by a children's story about a magician who came from nowhere.You'd might ask the question "Why does not God stop a tsunami killing children in Asia"? 

Why does Christianity believe that we are not to prove, correct and establish doctrine that is righteous (II Timothy 3:16) but sees as harassment when not in agreement with their belief?

2 Tim. 3:16-17 says "All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; 17 that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work....... Inspired means God-breathed. As such, this written Scripture is perfect (Psalm 19; 119). Because all Scripture is perfect, it

If you are a Christian who believes in science, why do you believe in God?

I was asked to answer despite being an atheist. I'll address the subject from the outside:The 'progression' or 'learning' or 'reinterpretation' of the original religion is always done to make the religion more acceptable. Whenever new evidence or morality turns against some aspect of the faith, that aspect will be retroactively declared as

Has any miracle happened to you? How do you define a miracle? Is it something wonderful or something uncommon?

Well once I was in office 1 late night with 1 of my colleague. She was stuck in urgent issue and I was helping her. I am kind of nerd, who is girls best friend because I can literally solve their

How to stop believing in God

It is God's fault. Not yours.If God is ignoring or abandoning you like orphan, Jesus+God are liars. He must take responsibility to you.The matter is : God IS BLESSING YOU OR NOT?If not, you should change the

How many people today believe in faith healing?

Unfortunately, the simple way described in the Bible had been put in a religious category called

What are the requirements to be saved in your religion or belief?

To any true Christian, to be saved you have to believe that Jesus is God come in the flesh and that He rose from the dead. You also have to follow the teachings of Christ."Jesus said to him, 'I am

Why did all miracles happen in the past? Why dont miracles happen today?

Your calculation is wrong. Miracle happens even today and even every day but it is not visible before all common beings. Because, the period is the Kalyug, which is a demon and whose influence are bestowed up on all common beings. Except

Why do most Indian religious people believe in ghost?

A good question with simple answer...Not only Indian religious people, but there are numerous people around the world with different religion and atheists believe in ghosts...Let us think a little scientifically... As per Newton,

How different does it feel before and after losing a belief in God?

I am not sure I felt different, except the world made more sense. While I was trying to be religious I always felt I was missing out on something. The more I embraced it the more I was excluded. So I would watch the leading lights of my church.They displayed avarice,

Do empathetic people believe in God?

Do empathetic people believe in God?Personally, I would argue that the most empathetic people in the world are those who don't need a belief in God to tell them how to treat their fellow man (and when it's OK to discriminate against other people for not believing the same way as they do).

What made you believe in religion?

The same entity that exposes most of us to religion originally: our parents.Children are vulnerable to the ideas of their parents because their parents, ideally, don't give children a reason to distrust them. Children have not yet developed various faculties to distinguish between fact and fiction. They are under the influence of bigger people who love them

What causes people to believe so strongly in religion?

People are (in differing degrees) what the psychologists call "authoritarian". By that they mean: People enjoy being part of a "team" (or "a cog in the gears") to a greater or lesser amount.For example, some people enjoy being a part in an hierarchical

Do followers of Hinduism believe in reincarnation?

DO HINDUS BELIEVE IN REINCARNATION.Presuming that this question pertains to the re-birth of human beings, I am answering this.Yes. Hindus in general believe in re-birth (re-incarnation applies to Gods and Goddesses). Not all Hindus believe in re-birth. And quite a

Is it possible to be a rationalist and still believe in God?

Yes. Definitely. What is the relationship between being rational and being religious anyway?The only relationship is that some so called "rational" atheists propagate an idea that belief in a Divine Being is irrational. And that's where they lose their rationality. Now a conversation with a theist would probably go like this

Do you believe in the existence of a god?

Hello :)I am a sikh so this is my answer.I do believe in the existence of GOD but not GODS. I believe in only 1 God, the creator, the destroyer, the most powerful, unimaginable entity out there. And God is everywhere, not up in the sky or anything like that.We do believe in

Why are most brilliant scientists believers of god?

You're misinformed. Einstein was an extremely vocal agnostic, leaning towards atheist and very adamant that the only god he could potentially believe in would be a passive deist god.So you have grand total of one example of brilliant scientists who believed in god. That's not exactly a majority.

Do Muslims believe in purgatory?

Muslim believes in Barzakh, which is almost the same as purgatory. Barzakh (Arabic: برزخ) is an Arabic word meaning "obstacle", "hindrance", "separation",[1]  or "barrier".[2]In Islamic eschatology, although largely up to interpretation, al-Barzakh is generally viewed as

How is being delusional different from believing in God?

Many atheists will claim they don't believe in God because they don't believe in miracles, and many theists will claim they believe in God because they don't believe in atheistic miracles. Moreover, many sceptics claim they don't believe it's possible for ghosts to exist or a mind to survive the physical death of their body.

Why doesn't Hinduism believe in equality of all people?

Hinduism is close to nature. We all driven by nature.Those who (or which. animals or plants) survived are chosen by nature, probably best or typical.If we see nature, every living beings are different, and continue so, and nothing can make it same, including twins.Hinduism believe in let it be different. There is

Who are the most famous scientists who believe in god?

Lord Kelvin : "If you think deeply you will be forced by science to believe in God" Isaac Newton: "The whole systems of planets and universe can only function under the dominion and counsel of a super intelligent being"Einstein: "There is a perfect brain behind the

Why do people believe in God and how can they say he/she exists?

I believe in things for which there is evidence.I find that theists and atheists alike have an incorrect understanding of the term

Why do people believe/have faith in God?

Because they lack the education or intestinal fortitude to genuinely question what they're taught. They live their lives in fear. They are taught to have faith, period, and to question that idea, to have doubts, is a ‘sin' unto itself, and will surely garner

Can a person believe that miracles can happen with praying but then say they believe in reincarnation?

Certainly, and hundreds of millions do. I don't understand why anyone would see it as an either/or proposition.Contrary to some people's opinions, reincarnation was not Hindu, nor originally thought of as a punishment, it was Advaita Vedantan and seen as an opportunity to more fully experience greater truths of the Oneness of their individuated

If you believe in the afterlife, do you believe there is also an afterlife for cats and dogs?

Birth and Death are cycles. Two faces of the same coin. What is

When a god-believer deconverts and becomes an atheist (someone with an absence of belief in gods), do they tend to lose any other beliefs as well?

I found that I lost the ability to take the existence of spirits, or ghosts, seriously, as well as the spiritual. I think that happened, because I realized that I aught to only believe things that are backed by convincing evidence

Atheists: Which religion is the most believable to you?

I was a deist before I was an atheist, mainly because of not understanding what atheism was and because after having the concept of a god literally beat into you your whole life, it's hard to get away from it. I maintain it

Some theists appear to challenge atheists' lack of belief in god(s). But why do they even care?

I don't ever challenge atheists' lack of belief. My dad is an atheist. I have lots of atheist friends. We all get along just fine. I respect their beliefs (or lack thereof) and they give every appearance of respecting my beliefs. Occasionally they ask me about faith related matters. I answer them, always being

Do atheists believe in rebirth?

Atheists are people who lack belief in any gods. Why are you asking atheists? This question has absolutely nothing to do with atheism. Even a little bit. You should be asking skeptics or scientists. See this Atheism FAQ.Entirely separately, there is no evidence of reincarnation. Not even a little bit, no matter

Do Christians believe in Moses?

Moses was important enough to the early Christians (who were Jews that believed in Jesus) that he was shown as part of the vision on Mt. Tabor along with the Prophet Elijah. Jesus, seen within his own Jewish context, might best understood as a prophet who preached the Torah as

Do you believe in Jesus? Why or why not?

I do. Get ready for a crazy ride.Like most of us, I wanted to know