Realistically, if Trump loses in 2020 (and AGI becomes reality), is it more than 50% likely that the Republican party will cease to exist by 2022 and be replaced by another party?

Even if you are a card-carrying Democrat (or Republican), why would you want that? The Democratic and Republican Parties have consistently been the most adaptive political parties in our country's history. That's why they've been able to survive since 1828

Who has done more for the Jews, Democrats or Republicans?

Easily Republicans and evangelical Christians.. The DNC as recently as last election had an anti Israel platform calling them out as having apartheid. The Democrats were the first to criticize the Jerusalem embassy even though every president and congresss since Bush 1 had okayed it , but never pulled the

Why do most business owners vote Republican?

Actually it is very simple, What stifles small business. Regulations and Taxes. The Left promote both. The regulations strangle business and higher taxes take the life blood out of the business. California is deemed the worst state for businesses. because it is run

Why do Republicans gerrymander?

They do it because it's good for them, because it helps them win elections. By drawing congressional district lines  so as to concentrate as many Democrats as possible in as few districts as possible, they limit the number of congressional

Are Republican candidates racist against President Obama?

Not at all! I'm a registered Republican, yet I voted Obama in 2008, because I couldn't stand slimy McCain, and ditsy should-have-been-a-blonde Palin! I worry about having another Republican elected into office, as it seems "fiscally conservative" isn't a term that any of them

Why should I join the Republican Party?

I welcome you to join the Republican Party. I myself am an atheist, pro gay rights Republican who sees plenty of room for improvement in this party. I've flirted with leaving, but I equate that with people who want to leave their country because they don't like who won the elections. That kind of defeatist thinking doesn't

Is Trump a good reason to leave the Republican Party?

Any reason is a good reason to leave the GOP. Or no reason at all. The GOP supports employment at will so you don't need a reason to fire the party.Why do you need a reason? I can offer any

What are the best arguments to vote for the 'Republicans'?

Many reasons: Jobs. Economy. Security. Crippled ISIS. Military rebuilding.Good Supreme Court picks. Tax cuts. Regulations pruned. Withdrawal from Paris accords.Redo of trade pacts with Mexico and Canada. Immigration changes. Supporting religious freedom.Support for Israel and not mincing words with NATO freeloaders. Taking on swamp, biased media. Etc.

Why should I have voted for the Republicans?

Well, that depends. 'republicans' (small 'r', here) place an emphasis on the primacy of the individual. 'democrats' have a more collectivist mindset. Select the approach you're more attuned to but always be open to the other side of the discussion. We can learn from each other, but only if we're willing

Which group more often switches parties, Democrats or Republicans?

A Republican is a Democrat who has been mugged.A Democrat is a Republican who has been put in jail.It's all a matter of perspective.

How many Republicans are supporters of the Tea Party?

There are several reasons this can't be directly answered.  There were a few polls done on the question, and the answers were all over the map for some combination of all the reasons listed below.  I'm saying, in other words, that if you find some

Have all FBI directors been registered Republicans?

Most (close to ALL) have been. It was a longtime believed myth that Republicans were better at defending and protecting the country from harm (foreign & domestic). The myths were mostly reinforced by Republican administrations' hawkishness towards States considered rogue and/or enemies

Would Mitt Romney be able to mount a credible primary challenge against President Trump for the 2020 Republican nomination for President? Why or why not?

Seriously? Even Dole ran a better campaign than Romney, and Dole didn't campaign.Romney managed to insult just about every American in the country during his run for president. He constantly played class warfare with disparaging remarks about the poor. This handed the Democrats a lot of key states.Romney's

What if both the Republican and Democratic parties were dissolved?

What if both the Republican and Democratic parties were dissolved?This is a good example of how important it is to word your question carefully. I recently answered a very similar question, but I wasn't inspired to take the thought very seriously. However, I can see where the questioner is trying to take this one,

What factors influence someone to vote Republican?

Basically, the ability to earn an income and read a paycheck.If you're earning an income, you recognize the amount of your life that you give up, to someone else, to get money in return.If you can read a paycheck, you see how much of that effort gets sucked up by the government,

Is the so-called Republican Party anything more than the Anti-Democratic Party nowadays?

The media, and perhaps some in the Quora forum talk as though the nature of interactions and relations between party is adversarial: in fact, some in leadership positions speak as though it were the case; however, it is not the reality.The real Republican Party supporters are alive and well ... and I hope that they will be

Are republicans against community wealth?

No, if you can form your community (whatever the heck that means), and share your wealth on an equal basis, neither democrats nor republicans bother about it. As for me, I would be rather part of a community where I am the poorest in terms of my own private wealth. How about you?

What if Trump is really working against the Republican party?

I think that he is working against the Republican Party. I think the proof of this will be the fate of downballot Republicans who are not enthusiastic Trump supporters.If Trump wins what is now called the Republican will be a party of nationalist xenophobes similar to the Know Nothings of the 1850s.

What would the US be like if Canadians were the people that came here to work as opposed to Mexicans?

What an odd question. There are millions of Canadians working in the United States. Mexicans also work in Canada, especially in agriculture jobs.You may want to re-think your question.

Are most cops in the U.S. Democratic or Republican?

Watch the movie "Reacher". Tom Cruise plays a military cop. He is explaining life to a reporter. He tells her some of the "truths" in life. At he goes through the list, he says "cops vote republican" as he passes the desk Sgt. who shrugs his shoulders implying "of course they do".

How to help the Republican Party

Is the Votofel Force evaluate a scam?There are doubts surrounding the sun and rain fall used, with the fundamental thing described missing from the real item.However, the overall picture is the price of this amazing item. There is little doubt

Are Jewish people in the US mostly Republicans or Democrats?

Jews are heavily Democrats. This is partly because minorities and ethnic groups tend to support the Democratic Party, what with its platform of standing up for minorities and other cultures. Jews also tend to live in urban/suburban areas, which are generally more liberal.That said, I do know/know of some devout

Why do Democrats and Republicans seem so different?

Because they look at the world in different ways.The Right assumes people deserve and have a right to whatever assets they have, whether earned or given by prior generations. And this includes land, food, natural resources, water, etc.The Left believes luck plays a big part in how wealth is

After today, why should I vote for the Republican Party?

Same reason as yesterday. My guess is you were not voting for them ever, so really, what difference does it make.Wait, getting out the calculator. taking off shoes so I can count on my toes....and the answer is....none at all. So go ahead. After today, vote for Republicans. Much sounder choice for a

What values do black Republicans believe in?

Why would being black make their value beliefs differ from any other [skin color] republican?

Is it useless to vote Democrat in a Republican state?

I know it can feel that way, but I recommend voting anyway. Sometimes the other side gets so worn out and discouraged that crazy things can happen, particularly in the midterms. Also, I recommend getting active and making calls for your party, and/or volunteering to drive people to the polls on election day.

Why is the Republican Party backing Trump?

They don't really have much choice, they're stuck with him. Now for the first time they're realizing they own him. The Republican Party was unprepared for anything like Trump. Although they had set the stage for him. Many Democrats hate Super Delegates, but they would have stopped a Trump like candidate dead in

What issue positions are shared by Republicans and Democrats?

Both parties love to either get rid of environmental regulations or weaken them. Both parties hate unions, except during election time when they can use an endorsement.Wars we love them! they are expensive but raising money for them is easy. Healthcare and

How Corrupt is the Republican Party?

Well, people see what they want to see. That is Human, although it is a lousy Human trait.I remember the corruption in the Carter administration, when Jimmy Carter used the IRS to make surrounding farmers to sell their farmers for peanuts to Jimmy. Also when, he used

What makes people vote Republican?

The political views of most people in the US can be described as moderately liberal or conservative and it has mostly to do with their stances on the issues(social, and economic). An individual that votes Republican tend to have more conservative as opposed to liberal

Why do poorer states tend to vote Republican and wealthier states vote Democrat?

An absolutely fascinating question! Conventional thought would hold that as the Democrats stand for more liberal policies, ie giving stuff away to people, the exact opposite would hold true. Yet Mississippi, arguably the poorest state in the union votes solidly Republican.The answer lies in the dichotomy of our realities and our aspirations. The richer cities are full

Does it make sense to be a Democrat on a state level but Republican on a federal level?

No. The national Republicans want to dismantle the US government and replace our Democratic Republic with an anarcho-capitalist hereditary oligarchy. If you are in favor of that you cannot possibly be favorably disposed towards Democrats on a local level. I think it MIGHT make sense, in some very limited circumstances, to be a Republican at the local level and

Are the Democrats a viable opposition to the Republican Party or just Republican lite?

Looking at the United States from here in Brazil, it is unbelievable that the American people should settle for two political parties.The diversity of ideas in America is incompatible with just two parties, the Republican Party is still homogeneous, but the ideas of the Democratic Party are conflicting.I do not see how

Why is it almost universal that Republicans believe Brett Kavanaugh and Democrats believe Dr. Ford?

Q - Why is it almost universal that Republicans believe Brett Kavanaugh and Democrats believe Dr. Ford?A - This is certainly Not a case of: Believing in any one person. This is a Battle of Ideologies!Both parties are in process of building the future of our country the way they see

People complain about Democrats. People complain about Republicans. Very few people vote for a third party, why?

In a political culture where people are told that third parties shouldn't be taken seriously, people will not vote for third parties. That's the short answer.The long answer is that the political system makes it very difficult for third parties to win elections in the first place. The

Why are Democratic Party and Republican Party the major political parties in the US?

It goes back to the days of Hamilton and Madison. And once the Democrat-Republican Party and the Federalist Party were established, a third party has never been able to gain traction.Possibly that could have something to do with the two major parties not wanting that to happen. Each state, within the framework of the Constitution, set up rules

Has partisanship eroded the Republican Party's morals?

The party of family values has a Rapist as their party leader, and supports a rapist who is running for the Senate in order to keep the vote. Their denial of morality is complete and unequivocal. Anything they can do to

Why do most evangelical Christians support the Republican Party and not the Constitution Party?

Well, for one you might as well be asking why they support the Republicans party over the snargblorf party. The Constitution party is 100% irrelevant, having not a single seat in a single state legislative body, to say nothing of any federal power. Most people haven't heard of them or know what they stand for

Why do people think the GOP is anti-intellectual?

I'm with KhalidElhassan on this one. I think the Republican Party has become anti-intellectual as an unintended consequence of its courting of and effective takeover by the evangelical Christian right. The evangelical Christian right is a faith-based movement. Faith determines their world view and that world view has no real interest in difficult "intellectual"

Which political party is more virtuous, the Democrats or Republicans?

Virtue. vir·tue. [ˈvərCHo͞o] NOUN 1.behavior showing high moral standards.Let us be clear from the outset that neither party is walking on water and composed solely of saints. Both consist of flawed humans. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar at best and a con at worst.Next I

Is Trump the last Republican?

OH! IF THAT WERE ONLY TRUE. But, unfortunately, there is still a younger generation of Right-wing Republican types ready to destroy the nation, and a lot of Left-wing types apparently anxious to help them.

What is a nickname for the Democratic Party, akin to 'GOP' for the Republican Party?

Democrat Party is an epithet for the Democratic Party in the United States, used in a disparaging fashion by the party's opponents. While historical and occasional current usage includes neutral appearances (including, historically, from within that party), the term has grown in its negative use since the 1940s, in particular by members of

Why don't Republicans believe in universal healthcare?

They get lots of money from the current insurance providers (who would most likely be out of a job, or at best have their racket /sorry profitability seriously reduced) probably also from big pharma and private enterprise that run hospitals.In the US you have what is known as Lobbying, and legal right for corporations to give

Are the wealthiest Americans Republicans or Democrats?

The answer is revealed instantly once you review their platform ( even taking into account exceptions ). Republicans want smaller gov't, lower taxes with less economic help to citizens. Democrats want larger gov't with higher taxes to support more social programs & dependency on gov't. So more businesses would flourish under Republicans which attracts the wealthy in greater number.

What percentage of KKK members vote Republican?

Since the 1960s, the majority of KKK members will vote Republican; before then, they would have voted Democrat. Here's why: the