How to speak to gym owners directly (for market research)

I work with a small gym currently doing most of the marketing work. While I can't speak for a larger gym directly, I can say that the industry is a pretty small/close community in-terms of most of the owners/workers know each other. This being said, I would imagine if you are looking to get close with the big fish,

What are good research topics on engineering project?

Hello dear,There are lot of topics that you can opt for project but mainly you need to take topic according to your field of engineering so that you can do it easily. I know the team who has latest topics

What are the most fascinating things researchers and scientists are working on?

Vikas Solanki has covered three of the biggest research programs and/or directions that society is currently pursuing. Here are some others that I find interesting:Adiabatic Quantum Computing and Quantum InformationQuantum computers can provide significant algorithmic speedups; for instance, Grover's algorithm [1] gives a way to sort a size [math]n[/math] list in [math]\mathcal{O}(\sqrt{n})[/math]

What frustrates scientists and researchers the most?

Researchers are in 'research' because they are driven to push forward our knowledge and understanding of their chosen field. Anything that gets in the way of that on a day to day basis is generally frustrating. this includes the following: Dealing

How to conduct a market research by my own from talking to people

Market Research comes in 3 formats:Primary - First hand experiences - You test the product or service and give your feedback. This helps when you need to write a report in how to use the product and its pros and cons. However, it may not be for the masses.Secondary - Conducting surveys, interviews

How to speak to gym owners directly (for market research)

I work with a small gym currently doing most of the marketing work. While I can't speak for a larger gym directly, I can say that the industry is a pretty small/close community in-terms of most of the owners/workers know each other. This being said, I would imagine if you are looking to get close with the

How to stay focused when researching

List all the known distractions and a reasonable way for you to react to them. Keep a cheatsheet handy- humans forget that we have weaknesses.Clearly define the scope of your research and objectives before you commence actual research, ensure it is measurable. You need to know when to

What are some of the best research papers or books for Machine learning?

You have plenty of time. That's a good thing. So, we'll take this slowly and build your foundation.1. You have some programming background ? That's good. You can easily pick up Python. Usually, for OOP, the concepts are invariant, only the syntax changes.2. Once you can get around Python comfortably (as in

What are the best ways to find market research reports?

The best way to get market research reports is by gathering real-time data using Market Research App so that you can keep a daily track on information that helps you in reducing the time taken for any decision or further steps.As you might have come across this saying "Look before you leap", it

What does science say about how you should position your body when you sleep?

It really depends on your body, your bed, and your bedding, as to what are good sleeping positions.  Back, front, and side are all fine, if they suit you and your bedding.Problems usually arise when there is a mismatch.For

What is the best way to approach businesses for market research purposes?

Ask everyone you know if they know any bar/club owners.Ask the people who say yes to facilitate an introduction.Have a 1:1 conversation with bar/club owner and talk to them about your service. Ask them if they would be interested in trying it.Don't worry about what you're giving them in return – focus on the value you're giving them with

Which scientific theory is unproven completely but accepted by people?

Which scientific theory is unproven completely but accepted by people?Here is an inexhautive list of unproven Scientific Theories, take your pick:The Atomic TheoryBoyles LawThe Law of OvtavesNewtonian GravityHook's LawSpecial RelativityGeneral RelativityThe Standard Model of CosmologyQuantum MechanicsQuantum Field TheoryThe Standard Model of Particle PhysicsPlate TectonicsNatural SelectionMendelian InheritanceGeneticsThe Modern SynthesisTo see why, read Finches, Feathers and Apples.

Why with so little research on the effects of medical marijuana are so many people ready to just blindly use it?

I'd rather ask the uther way round: wi is thare so much evvidence and so few peeple use it? Around 10% of cancer patients go for alternativ methods, and i guess not mor than 10% of thees 10% use cannabis - in the USA probbably mor, but not elseware.20 000

A lot of scientific "research" do not seem to be well-designed as necessary. As a seasoned scientist, would you say that most scientific research are reliable?

The fact that not all scientific experiments are 2^7–5 design with center point replication doesn't worry me. After all, once a new discovery is verified, it often proceeds to a product development phase in which the concept is ‘reduced to practice', with additional confirmation of

Do groups of diverse problem-solvers outperform groups of higher-ability problem-solvers?

I will answer this question from my own personal experience. So I was in Jaipur(Capital of the state where I dwell), for a national level science competition. After the exam, all the students were waiting for a bus, which on that day is late. So I was standing isolated on the

Is a PhD a researched-based degree?

It should be but the research base of PhD is under continuous pressure. The problem is confusion of training with education.In UK and Australia a PhD has no stupid time wasting coursework and is entirely thesis based. You are expected to publish 3 to 5 first or single authored papers out of it otherwise your PhD is not taken

Is it frustrating to be a researcher?

Yes, very much so. Your biggest limitation will be finding funding to do your research. Although liberals arts researchers tend to pay for their own research, which might be trips to libraries and archives, science research costs a lot of money. It costs money for equipment, analyses, and to pay graduate students to work on your research - and

Scientific research should be carried out and controlled by governments rather than private companies. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Strongly disagree. I'm not saying that government-controlled research shouldn't happen. But cutting out private companies would be a bad idea.Some of the most influential scientific advances came out of the laboratories of private companies. Bell Labs is a prime example; we owe a lot to the discoveries made there, and it was all private research.

What are some good blogs for medical research?

The appropriate answer to this question is highly dependent upon how you interpret the question. First, blogs tend to be more personal perspective in nature (as its origin, web "log") would suggest. If you are looking for someone's particular view

What are the benefits of using LaTeX over MS Word, especially for a scientific researcher doing a lot of biology and mathematics?

As well as the general benefits others have mentioned I'll try and show you why LaTeX can be better from my own work.First off is general appearance. By default, LaTeX just looks nicer. It's easier to format professionally whereas MS Word takes a lot of effort to look good.

What are the fascinating research topics in biotechnology?

Biotechnology is a very vast field, millions of scholars keep researching and trying to find something which is useful for humanity. The development of Biotechnology is directly effecting our art of living. There are so many major diseases already cured by scientist

What is the research showing the benefits of healthy eating?

1. Weight lossLosing weight can help to reduce the risk of chronic conditions. If a person is overweight or obese, they have a higher risk of developing several conditions, including:heart diseasenon-insulin dependent diabetes mellituspoor bone densitysome cancersWhole vegetables

What makes graduate school worth it for you?

There is a presentation by Philip Guo which really hits home for me. You can find it at Why Pursue A Ph.D.? Three Practical Reasons (12-minute video) (thanks to Abhinav Upadhyay!) The crux of it is:At age 22 (right out of

Which research area would you recommend to someone who is a great programmer and an avid problem solver but does not enjoy doing highly mathematical stuff?

Systems or Artificial Intelligence, both are primarily concerned with statistics and not as much theoretical math as other areas. However, you will most likely have to study theory as part of the general requirements.A more important question to ask is, what area interests you? If you are planning to

Who are the most prominent research scientists in digital physics?

Zazu's answer is pretty good. I'd like to also mention 3 others who've written some influential works in digital physics:Lorenzo Baravalle - philosopher who wrote a nice paper titled

Why do scientists research commonly known stuff?

At one point, all of the following were commonly known:The Earth is flat,The Earth is the motionless center of the universe,Men are smarter than women,People of the race that I belong to are smarter than people of other races,Species don't change over time,You don't need clean hands to do surgeryand so

Why in the present times don't we hear of some of the new scientists like Einstein, Feynman, Faraday? Has the field of research lost its sight somewhere?

The standard answers, which I'm seeing here, are twofold:All the easy stuff has been done, and it is no longer possible That's really a long span of timeI don't buy either.There are still lots of things to be done. Physics may seem like

Can you replace your immune system?

Yes, technically you can. You can replace your immune system through a bone marrow replacement. However, this is a procedure that is not lightly considered or done. By replacing your own bone marrow with another individual's your immune system will be now derived from the other person. However, you need to