How to buy a house without getting a mortgage

The obvious answer is all cash of course. - Lets look at some less obvious ones. You could trade something else of value. - Usually that would be some other real estate that you own.  But it could be a boat, motorhome,

How to buy a house without getting a mortgage

The obvious answer is all cash of course. - Lets look at some less obvious ones. You could trade something else of value. - Usually that would be some other real estate that you own.  But it could be a boat, motorhome,

What does your home look like right now? Take a picture.

This is my apartment. That was where my TV stood. Above the TV were pictures of me and my fiancée. Today she left me and boarded a plane that I should have been on. It was going to be a fresh start. Instead, this.You're damn right I've been drinking.

What is the most underrated tip for first time home buyers?

First time home buyers! Forget being shy! travel up and down the street, speak to all you can find at home, ask how they like or dislike the neighborhood and other questions. It can happen that some of these neighbors will end up being more in your life, good or bad, than your relatives.Ask

Why is it better to rent than to buy in today's housing market?

It is not necessarily better to rent than buy, it depends on where you live and your goals.It's not likely that prices for homes in the U.S. are gong to drop drastically again nor will interest rates drop into the 3% range.Try this website Rent vs Buy Calculator - RetireCoast.comThe calculator will tell you the

Which one is better to live in, a beach house or a lake house?

'Better to live in" makes this a trick question.  Better for aesthetics? Maintenance? Entertaining? Social status?  Solitude? With so many differing choices based on some very personal criteria, it is impossible to favor one or the other of the two answers sought by the OP. When we built the house

Would you live in a tiny house?

My boyfriend and I live in a tiny

What do I need to know before renting a house?

You might be new to the world of real estate, and you might be looking for a new residence. There is a lingering question about whether you have to buy or rent. Let us go for a brief discussion on renting or owning a property to get a clear picture.Aspects that need

Why do you need a good contractor when flipping houses?

You need to work with a partner contractor. Bring a contractor in who is also an investor in the deal so he puts skin into the game, whether it's his money or he's doing it at cost.Flipping houses with a contractor:Deal comes in. Pull

Is it possible to build a house with only 50k?

Last week, I went to check out a large pre-fab house for sale for $40k. It was in the middle of a 200 acres ranch. The owner was moving to a senior home and needed to get rid of the home (they did not own the ranch). I surveyed the home and was impressed. Very spacious

How to find out who built your house

Mine was built at the turn of the 20th century. We are not sure of the exact date but it was probably before the start of World War 1.The entire road was build by one firm, but unlike modern developments, where they tend to build all at once, they

What features add the most value to a house?

This answer is completely subjective depending upon who your target buyer is. It can be anything from the garage to pool to smart tech to bedrooms. For me it's the kitchen and an open floor plan. Someone else may be solely focused on a home entertainment room.

What is the fee for getting contractors to build a bamboo house with materials provided?

Well... contractors do best when they have worked with similar material on similar designs.  The more you deviate from "similar" the more contingency ($$) they will add.  And then with the deviation from what is known you are also subject to changes and mistakes

Should I live in my home or should I rent it?

That answer depends on your situation as well as the housing market. Sometimes we overbuy in a house: too much square footage to clean or too big of a yard to maintain. In this situation, it may be best for you

What's it like to live in a $2M house?

If you're talking about Palo Alto, then it's really nothing special. $2M gets you a nice 1200 sqft, 3 bed/2 bath home that's 60 years old and in need of constant maintenance.If you're in San Jose, then $2M gets you a home like what my parents have. It's about 2750 sqft with 4 bed/3 bath

How does renting out a house work?

Renting a house is rather easy as compared to buying a house which is a much-complicated process. Unlike buying a house, renting a house does not burn a hole in your pocket. However, if you are planning to Rent a house, there are a number of factors that you need to take into consideration before making the

How hard/easy is to build your own house in the US?

It all depends on your background and what you mean by building your own house. Are you very handy around the house or prefer calling someone to fix that leaking faucet?Assuming you own the land and have ample funds for construction, you have primarily three choices:Hire a whole house

How to build a 8x8ft house

at 8x8 it's more of a shed than a house, even by tiny house standards.  I'll make a non-comprehensive list for you, then you can branch out from there.Find out if a house that small is allowed in your municipality, no reason to go through the rest

How to finance building a house

Depending on the level of work, renovation vs ground up development, there are multiple retail lenders that specialize in construction loans to build a home.  Even the mortgage industry leader, Wells Fargo, has such a program, but it's not well publicized and often loan officers within the bank have no idea about the program.

How much does a house cost in Sydney?

Google is located in Pyrmont, just to the west of the Sydney CBD so you will probably be wanting to buy around Pyrmont or the Inner West.Pyrmont is mainly apartments.  A standard, boring 1-2 bedroom apartment will start at around $700,000.  If you want a nice 2 bedroom apartment, the price

Is it better to buy a house or buy land and build a house?

It depends...The first question is, will you be purchasing directly from a builder or buying the land yourself and building from scratch?  If you're purchasing new construction from a builder, you'll likely be paying a premium for the house over houses that would be purchased as resales.  Of course, you'll be getting a brand new house as opposed to

Where can we find a house contractors?

To make our home beautiful, We needed a professional contractor. This is not a tough question. Now Most of the websites provide this type of services. That is a tough that how to decide a perfect contractor for our home and also how to decide that this website definitely provides the best services. Before sometime,

What's the best way to build a house?

The most efficient thing you have to care about is to keep warm inside. Good insulation, double layer of Windows, passive design and sustainable features will greatly help with being Green. Search more for green rating system locally can help you gain more energy stars in your project. Add wind power generator and geothermal heating stuff if applicable. 

Does it make sense to buy a house to live in for a few years then rent it out?

It could make sense. If you sell the house, there will be selling costs. Then you will be looking at reinvesting the net proceeds of the sale. What would you invest this money in? Would that investment be safe? Would it get you a better return than simply renting the

What are the coolest tiny houses?

I present to you... my dream house. Keret house is a creative use of space that would be perfect for someone like me who is single and doesn't like big spacious houses that are difficult to maintain.It fits in a

How to buy houses in one payment and rent them out

I would head on over to BiggerPockets: The Real Estate Investing Social NetworkAlso, I recommend reading Brandon Turners book on investing in real estate. They're available on this website.Yes, you can buy them for cash one at a time and you could hire a property management company to

How to build a house easier

DiPrima Custom Homes is one of the best home builders in Melbourne, FL. We build superior new homes in Melbourne, FL, and have received various awards on the local and national levels.Each home design is stylish, elegant and built with distinct features that are sure to please

What features should a house have?

It depends on your lifestyle. I live in Ontario and houses that have good resale value here are typically are in prime locations, have at least 2.5 bathrooms, an upgraded kitchen with stainless steel appliances, plenty of storage, ample parking for more than one vehicle, have a well maintained outdoor area, open concept

What is the best room in the house to renovate?

Statistically it depends on the market but generally it's thought to be the kitchen.If you really simmer down the basics of a house there is little to renovate that will have the impact a great kitchen will have. Plus kitchens are expensive and most buyers will appreciate that

Is 400$/mo. too much rent for a one room house with no bathroom or kitchen?

In the US, there are minimum standards a dwelling must meet to rent legally. Doesn't sound like this place could meet the requirements.While this fact might make a good negotiating tool, I think you would be better off getting out of that place. It sounds dreadful.

As a house owner, how is it better to rent a house through Nestaway than through brokers?

review from home owner- Nest Away marketing team is very good in giving lot of promises. first good thing is that rent payment is very timely & directly gets deposited to bank account.But rent is based on number of tenants

Can an international student buy a home in the US?

Yes you can buy a home in the US as an international student.. however it is unlikely that you will be able to buy it for anything but cash - or at least without a substantial down payment (50% of the value?). Very few, if any, mortgage lenders will take the risk that you might get thrown out

Do you flip houses?

I flipped 26 houses last year, and have flipped 155 houses total in the last 16 years or so. It is a fun business but can stressful as well. Here are some tips on flipping:Make sure you know market values. This is one of the most important parts

How to get a referral site to find a house contractor

As others have mentioned Angie's list is a good place to start and here where I live in Atlanta, GA we have something similar called Kudzu. Because I need to help seller clients fix their homes, or handle inspection repair requests, and because

How to know which home builder to trust while buying a home

Buying a home is a lifetime investment, you should take some safety measures to ensure that you are on the safe side. There are much competition in the construction industry and many builders are enticing people with their exciting launching offers. Though they ensure quality, it's not unusual to find residents complaining about the quality of

How to see a live view of someone's house

Couple of ways. Google earth will give you an overview of your home. You can also find it on any of the Realtor sites if it has ever been on the market. Send me your address and I will send you it or any Realtor should be able to find and send it.

How to find out if someone died in your house

Deaths do not need to be disclosed in all states. In my own state of Colorado, if the seller does not want a death to be disclosed, the seller's agent cannot mention it. The buyer's agent can only mention it if they

How hard is to build a house?

It's very hard. I've done it for 40 years.Read this past column to get a feel of what you've got in store.This column is just about a *room addition*, not an entire house - so the hours involved in a house would be far more:A DIY Room Addition in 7+ Weeks? - Ask the Builder

If I build a house secretly on the BLM land and live there for long enough, can I claim ownership?

No.Even if you were to try to establish your ownership under the theory of Adverse Possession (law), your building and possession of the house would have to be "open and notorious"...which is the antithesis of "secret".

If I purchase a house for 300000 how much can I rent it out?

The price you pay for the home has little to do with how much monthly rent you can charge. The rental rate is dependent upon what the market will bear in your area. A real estate agent/property manager could determine this for you. If

Is it legal to build a house on land you do not own?

Interesting question. No, it isn't legal. Not in the sense that you would get arrested (though I supposed you could be arrested for trespass) but more in the sense that you are building a house for the owner of the land. The one exception would be if you could develop

Is it possible to house 1000 people in same house?

It would have to be an enormous house... I slept in "military style" bunk beds, 3 stacked up with less than 3 feet separating us from the next 3 guys. In a place where saving space is paramount, we could only fit around 30 guys in a space that was something around 30 by 24 feet. That's 720

Is it possible to own multiple houses?

Of course it is. You'll need financing, that's all. Normally, unless you're filthy rich, you can borrow off the value of your other properties, and/or off the value of the cash flow.The bankers just want to know that a) their investment is secure, and b) you have the ability to repay with interest.

Is the popular tiny house trend really profitable and economical?

It is both.As the first poster suggested, it is a fairly inexpensive way to get into your own home at close to the same cost as renting an apartment.I think the trend is just gaining monentum, which is why it might seem to be a lifestyle sought after by only a few.As far as a