When buying a property in INDIA or USA, is it wrong to expect from husband to put both (husband and wife) names in property papers?

My husband refused to put my name along with his name infact he communicated to me that before we left from home to sign the deal,I agreed with him telling I trust you but when the realtor asked me himself for my documents (as my husband stepped out to use the facility) because normally people in US go for

Where can I find good legal experts in Bangalore?

The Advocates in Bangalore assumes an imperative part for these legitimate callings are monopolistic and they have certain high conventions which each of its part are relied upon to upkeep and uphold."Lawyers" are considered as the decent characters or

Why are house prices in Vancouver ridiculously expensive?

The prices are being driven by Chinese investors, Chinese in government who are stealing money from the state or taking huge bribes, and Chinese government and state agencies. The Chinese are running these huge consistent trade imbalances with the world, similar

Why does the MBTA suck so bad if a lot of the real estate it passes through is so expensive?

Leadership... or in this case, lack thereof. People have to understand that mass transit is part of the infrastructure of ones city. It requires not just maintenance, but investment, as well. That requires revenue... ie, tax revenue. Our myopic representatives are too cowardly

What is the future of McMansion suburbs?

There are a few things to know about both McMansion suburbs and other shifting demographic elements.McMansion suburbsMcMansions are typically poorly constructed. Shoddy workmanship, shoddy underpinning materials and an emphasis on size and ostentation.The communities that they are in are among the lowest density

In real estate investing, is owning a rental property worth the headache?

10 secrets of how I do this...I may change air filters & a lightbulb. Anything more complicated than that I'm in trouble and it's just too much for me. I don't even own a tool box, so I'm completely an incompetent handyman.I

Is investing in residential real estate a bad idea?

It's never a bad idea to invest in Real Estate but it is crucial to do your research about the location and the current market scenario before any investment decision. Also, commercial real estate gives higher Returns on Investment (ROI). After purchase of the property, you have control over the type

What are the inspection tips for old homes?

It is important to have a home inspected whether new or old. There are issues in all homes. Ofcourse an old home will have more issues and some of them could be hidden as well. It is necessary to get your home inspected by a professional home inspectorApart from the routine inspection some of the key areas where the

Are houses so expensive in California compared to other states?

You have to select a specific area to live in. There are many areas in California (it's a VERY LARGE state) that are more rural and the prices are really affordable. It depends on where you are working, what you do, what you

Are there maximum occupancy rates for residential homes in southern CA?

There are maximum occupancy rates just about everywhere in the USA and they're usually set at the city or county level. You would need to check with the local city or county officials where you live. Now if a couple buys a three bedroom

How much will house prices drop in 2019?

It's Jan 2019.Home values will continue to drop, but a crystal ball is necessary to indicate to what extent.This mid-cycle slowdown was predictable & historically persists for approx 6 months to 24 months. The mean is 15 months - to end of 2019. Great buying time prior to then. Thereafter, stocks will rise to

Should I buy or rent a house in Vancouver?

Aim for a condo in the downtown core or north of Broadway within a few hundred metres of the Burrard or Cambie. Think about how to live in less space than you might expect in other cities. Target buildings and offer 20% under market on basis of future correction. Double check for