From a restaurant manager or restaurant server manager perspective, what are the top 3 biggest problems that restaurant management has with managing their waitstaff?

The obviously biggest problem lies in acquisition, training, and retention. Good service staff is hard to come by, a valued commodity, and can demand pretty much anything from a prospective employer. Trained and skilled servers are rare for a number of reasons.First, this isn't a career job for most. "Waiting tables" is, for many, code for "trying

What will happen if we accidentally break a restaurant's plates?

Nothing will happen to you. Restaurants break things everyday and unless you purposely start breaking things on a tirade a restaurant will just suck it up. In fact, the broken dish probably costs less than the lost revenue on the entree that was sent back by a guest because

What's the profit margin like at Michelin restaurants such as the French Laundry or Manresa?

Operations like this are very tight lipped about profits. From the ones I know about, margins vary as widely as elsewhere in the industry. Some good restaurants, like Manresa, operate on a more expensive budget to bring out better food in a better

Why do most restaurants have more items on the menu rather than less?

A lot of restaurateurs operate on the false assumption that a greater variety of offerings gives them a competitive edge. It's totally retarded and probably a major factor in why many restaurants fail. When you have to source ingredients for such a huge variety of menu offerings, you lose out on economy of scale, you waste storage

Are restaurant menus designed to make you spend more?

The goal of any business is to generate profit. For a restaurant to to be a successful or to even survive it must generate profit consistently over time, therefore every constituent element of a restaurant must be geared at creating repeatable guest satisfaction. It is not enough for the guest to come

How to recruit a chef with Michelin star potential for a new restaurant

By being quite familiar with that scene.There are occasionally people with that kind of potential from outside of that circus, but if you are not quite familiar with what it takes, you won't be able to identify them.The 'usual' route is to either get someone who already is running a starred

What are your 'don'ts' in a fine dining situation?

Chef pet peeves (avoid if you want decent food):well-done meat (because they will sometimes microwave it, since you apparently have dead taste buds)tons of substitutions (one or two... maybe okay, if you make it clear that you have a serious food allergy, but you're

Which startups are focused on fast casual restaurant's PoS?

Hi there,For a fast casual restaurant POS I would like to recommend you to opt for a software named ‘Netree'. It is a startup and a cloud based & retail engagement networking platform, and has recently won Manthan award 2017

What is your advice for succeeding in the restaurant industry? I just started work.

Thanks for the A2A.  The restaurant industry is an extremely transient business.  Most people don't stay for their entire career and the people that do are usually people like you who love it and feel like it's home.   The very best advice I can give you is to

What restaurant franchise would you like to own?

Restaurant Franchise OpportunitiesThere are various Food and Beverages franchises that I would love to own. As consumers travel more widely and experience new flavours and foods, a new wave of global cuisines is emerging, driven by consumer curiosity and greater exposure to international foods and flavours. Consumers today are driven by a sense of exploration

Why are restaurant workers paid with tips instead of commission?

Tips are absolutely a form of commission in most cultures where tipping is encouraged, since at most restaurants diners typically choose to tip based on the total size of the bill, choosing to tip a higher percentage if they like the service (as opposed

How do restaurants wash their napkins?

It is a very hard decision for ownership:To have a linen company wash every napkin is an option. Occurring a monthly fee, this allows the individual restaurant to get fresh, clean, fancy napkins once or more a week, in order to promote a formal esthetic. This method is environmentally ideal,

What is the oldest (and still open) restaurant in the world?

Siftskellar in Salzburg, Austria. It started as an Inn and has been operating since the 9th century although I can't remember the exact date. Ive been there and it was fabulous. We met the nicest people there who shared a traditional dessert with us and told us about some other great places to go and dishes to try.

How much does it cost to start a small bar and restaurant in Goa?

The costs would depend on your business model, a.k.a. who you want to sell, what you want to sell, how, what is your value proposition.However, neither a business model nor the money needed should be the starting point of a new business.The first

How do restaurants serve food soon when it takes more time at home?

There are quite a few reasons for this. Let me try to list what I can think of.1. There are several people working in restaurants with different specific tasks to work in sync. But at home, its just 1 person who prepares the food. May be another helper but usually, not more than 2 people.2.

If a fast food employee stick around the work premise after work and ordered some food but then slipped and fall on the wet floor as he was about to empty the tray. Is he entitled to sue as a customer?

It doesn't sound like workers compensation will cover any financial or medical reimbursements, since he was officially off the clock.I would say a ‘slip and fall' case outside of working hours places him in the same category as if a regular customer slipped and fell in your store.I'm not an attorney, but I

How to build a successful restaurant

Lack of planning is one of the biggest reasons for a restaurant business failure. Spend some time to figure out every detail of your restaurant before you serve dinner for the customers. From kitchen appliances and menu to floor plans and staff selections, the planning stage will either make or break your restaurant.Some tips that

Can a bar work in a fast casual restaurant?

Yes, but there are some issues to consider-it will take a good plan to make it effective.This has been a new trend in the fast casual market. Some companies, like industry leader Chipotle, have quietly added alcohol to their offering (in select locations) but haven't fully endorsed it. A more progressive,

What are the typical KPIs for Quick Service Restaurant Chains?

KPIs are only relevant if you can understand how to change them. Let's start with a real killer in QSR: speed of service. This would be

Can a restaurant staff demand a better tip?

One thing for sure as I agree with others that you can certainly not demand it directly. But yes being a steward who is the one taking of the guest anonymous requests and making him happy inspire of what may come he has a certain expectation of monetary appreciation from the guest .So few ways (some may

Does a restaurant actually pass on the tip to waiters?

This does happen within the industry. My career started in Canada and whilst the places I worked for saw the employees get 100% of the tips I heard many stories where this wasn't the case. I live in the UK now and the bulk of my restaurant experience is over here. Over here tipping isn't as common as it

What are the secrets of restaurant business?

Understand that a would be restaurateur must know 3 things;business sense, an understanding of marketing and a great knowledge of food.Those that rank food knowledge last, in my opinion, have a greater chance of success than those who rank it first.Before committing to opening a restaurant,

How long do restaurant owners monitor his new restaurant everyday?

All day every day for at least a year and until such a time that you are certain that the management team you have will look after your, and their interests in the business. You need to be certain of every single bit of cash and inventory that comes

What are the startup costs that go into opening a small restaurant in Sydney?

Hey Stella!Thanks for the Question. Just to preface this; we're from the US. So though we don't have an intimate knowledge of the Sydney market, we'll give it our best shot. Many things will be similar. However, when it comes to cost and legalities, it's going to

Are 4 person tables the most profitable for restaurants?

Table size isn't everything... but warm butts in every seat makes for a profitable restaurant. A party of three at a 4-top (table for 4) is 25% less profitable for a restaurant than a party of 4 at the same size table.Busy restaurants know this and will

As a chef or restaurant owner do you feel the need to support local agriculture? Why or why not?

I am not a chef but I have cooked in restaurants. Supporting local farmers is seen as beneficial to the restaurant because the produce is likely to be fresher than produce transported a long distance by refrigerated trucks and trains. It is likely to cost

What is needed to set up a commercial kitchen for a small restaurant?

This question cannot be answered correctly until you provide additional information. Consider:The restaurant #Menu must be finalized as the First Priority in planning/starting a restaurant.Define small. The size dictates the seating area and therefore number of tables and seats. Does

Why do some restaurant and cafe owners keep the tips that the waiting staff are given?

Well, the short and easy answer would be to say that they keep tips because they are assholes... But, as far as I've seen, this practice is highly uncommon - now, I've seen situations where banquet style events will tip far and away more than

How much money is needed to start restaurant in Dubai?

To start a restaurant in Dubai you need the following :1- A local sponsor who will be your partner or local service agent depends on your type of restaurant you are going to start. He will charge per year AED 10000.2-

How to run a successful restaurant franchise

Franchises - a wonderful way to start your own business yet mitigate most of the risk. It's clever.So first and foremost if you haven't already, find the right company. Each company is different when franchising and they all have different brands and personalities with that. Note that it's difficult to launch a successful restaurant

Is it ok to ask restaurant for more complimentary bread?

First it is not correct on anyone to ask for any complimentary items that too food items like bread. Asking is your right but majority of them will deny and demand payment. A busy outlet with huge demand may oblige to you for complimentary bread, but not all outlets. It depends on so many factors.The

How many customers do I need to run a successful fast casual restaurant?

What you need is a better understanding of how a business operates. ANY business. You need to understand that there is a certain sense of maturity required to operate a business and especially a restaurant. If you had to ask this question, then obviously

How to open my own restaurant for vegans in Haiti

Step 1 - Go to Haiti. Find a location to rent or buy.Step 2 - Open a restaurant.Step 3 - Make the menu vegan and advertise as suchEDIT - I wrote this answer tongue in cheek. If you're serious about starting a business in Haiti, you will need a local partner.

What are some ideas to open a new restaurant?

First thing that you need to consider while opening a new Restaurant is the type of Restaurant or format. There are different kind of Restaurant Formats and all of them have different investment requirement and profit margins. But, there are some Restaurant Business Ideas which require

Why do restaurants mark up the alcohol portion of the bill so much?

Why do restaurants mark up the alcohol portion of the bill so much?Short answer, because they can. When's the last time you walked into your local pub and then turned right back around again after looking at the price for a drink? A restaurant's profit has to come from somewhere and liquor is a good revenue stream.Longer answer...

What is start a quick service restaurant?

Everything in life has become fast and quick. We need to speed up our internet connection, we need the latest and fastest mobile phones, the shortest way to get to a desired destination and so on. Similarly, nowadays entrepreneurs are also looking to build scalable quick service

What would non-Indians want to name an indian restaurant?

This is a very interesting question. I would like to know more details in terms of where this restaurant is located, what that area is like, and who the intended clientele is. Also, what is the ambiance of the restaurant itself? While these would likely be important factors in

Is it inconsiderate to go to a restaurant a few minutes before closing time?

In my personal experience, I can tell you it probably varies depending on what establishment you're going to.My last job at a local bar/tavern was very adamant on serving up until the very last minute. You could walk up to the register at 8:59pm asking for a double cheeseburger meal, and we

How to open an IHOP restaurant

Franchising may seem easier, but it's not really. I assume you don't have franchising experience, otherwise you'd probably already know the answer to your own questions. But no worries. Opening a franchise means you don't need to create marketing or menus. But the day to day troubles

Why do so many restaurants in Brooklyn, NY refuse to take credit cards?

I assume it's the same in Brooklyn as it is in Philly, where half the Italian restaurants won't take plastic. The restaurant business is a cash business. Or was. There are a lot of advantages to cash. For one thing, you can pay people in cash, off the books, which

Do chefs enjoy their job?

Abso-freaking-lutely.Let's break it down, shall we? Chefs work weekends, nights, holidays, through their birthdays, their anniversaries, everything. We work when everyone else parties, we sleep when everyone else is at the beach. When you're out to drink into a new year or to the Colts winning the

How to start a small restaurant in Massachusetts

Find a location where you want to open, Do a tradeoff with rental and location.Don't start with costly rental place.Find your employees.You have to start taking approval from city and food licenses.Free POS you can get it from iMuvon : Hometalk to local vendor for groceries Vegetables etc supplies or Sysco and you are all set.All the

How does one deal with a restaurant customer that cannot or refuses to pay?

Thanks for the A2A.In the grand scheme of things, customers who do not pay are few and far between. But how you deal with someone who can't pay is different from how you deal with someone who won't pay.If someone can't pay, the first thing is to determine the reason why. Did