As a restaurant manager, how do you handle a situation where the customer comes in and explains they cannot pay but really need a meal due to rough times?

This is a bit of a slippery slope. While we (restaurant managers) do have empathy, we also have our own bosses to answer to, and we have a profit to make. One the one hand, I'd rather a comped meal go to someone that needs it, but on

Do waiters still expect a tip for horrible service?

A2A. Thanks, Brittney.>>Do waiters still expect a tip for horrible service?From my own experience, if I really hosed up a table I didn't expect a tip. Contrary to what some people seem to believe, waiters and waitresses do

How to make sure that a tip I leave at a restaurant goes to my server

Always wait for your server to come back to the table and hand them the tip directly. There's always instances of other employees or customers who steal tips off tables, so that's the only way to guarantee your server is getting your cash tip.Always tip cash whenever possible. Many places make servers pool

I understand that wait staff in the US need tips to survive but why does nobody call out restaurant owners for not paying a living wage?

To be clear, restaurant owners don't pay their employees. Customers pay the employees. Just like in every other business. It's just that with tipping customers gets to choose which employees make less and which employees make more.Great servers who provide great service to many patrons make

If it is essentially obligatory to pay a "tip" to a waiter when eating a meal in a restaurant in the US, why do Americans refer to such payments as a "tip" and not simply a "service charge" since that is effectively what it is?

So it would make you feel better to call it a service charge? Then by all means call it a service charge. But the usage of Tips more or less has been around for a long, long time.

People who work as restaurant servers, what things do you do that seem to maximize your tips?

Always offer appetizers and mention which is my favorite.I'm not one of those servers who will tell you that the most expensive item is the best thing on the menu just because it's expensive, but best believe I'm gonna not gonna suggest the chicken or

When dining out, I like to give generous tips to a good server, and zero tip to a poor server. I have had the poor server call me out on this. Is it expected that patrons should tip for poor service?

Honestly ok. I am a server and the way you word your question sounds very black and white.Good and Bad service is very, very subjective.I have had times where I thought my service could have been better and I was tipped 30%. I have had times

You work at a restaurant as a server. You have been working very hard serving a party of six rude individuals. As they are leaving the table, you notice they only left you $1.00 tip. Would you approach them about the tip?

As a restaurant manager, I would strongly advise servers to not approach them about the tip or lack there of. It is unprofessional. It may be true that they stiffed the server on purpose, and let's assume the service was good. In this case,

How commonly do employees spit in customers' dishes in restaurants?

My friend did a part-time in a restaurant when he was in school. He told me all kinds of bad doings that could happen in the kitchen. The waiters didn't do spitting very often but stealing a piece from customers' food was a "standard procedure." My friend didn't

What is the most addictive legal substance or food to humans?

Nicotine (found in tobacco) is by far the most addictive legal substance available to humans. Like most extremely addictive substances, it acts upon the reward paths ways in the brain and increases levels of dopamine leading to a feeling of relaxation and euphoria.

What is the typical ROI on owning a Subway franchise?

A typical Subway store does around $422,000 in sales annually, according to QSR magazine. Profit is about 20% of that income. This means a typical Subway makes a profit of $84,000, and the average opening cost is between $160,000 and $180,000.Therefore, taking into

Do chefs enjoy their job?

Abso-freaking-lutely.Let's break it down, shall we? Chefs work weekends, nights, holidays, through their birthdays, their anniversaries, everything. We work when everyone else parties, we sleep when everyone else is at the beach. When you're out to drink into a

What are some common misconceptions about the restaurant industry?

1- that a place with good food will succeed. Most places fail because of poor planning, poor management or not having enough initial capital. If you don't understand pricing, mgmt or the cash to survive the initial 2 years it doesn't matter how good the product is.2-