What are things people get wrong about the fast food industry?

Misconception 1: Fast Food workers don't deserve a living wage.Let's get this out of the way; no liberal pundits needed.I know people who work there asses off, who want to go to school and get a different job, but are stuck making ends meet simply they

What was the most disgusting experience you've ever had at a fast food restaurant?

While I sat drinking coffee with the other moms at McDonald's, our kids, frolicking around the play place, began a game called,

What will happen if we accidentally break a restaurant's plates?

Nothing will happen to you. Restaurants break things everyday and unless you purposely start breaking things on a tirade a restaurant will just suck it up. In fact, the broken dish probably costs less than the lost revenue on the entree that was sent back by a guest because

How much better is restaurant food than fast food?

It depends wildly upon the restaurant in question. And the fast food place you're comparing it to, for that matter.I've been to sit-down restaurants that were fairly dingy affairs, offering middling quality fare at best. Their burgers, their chicken nuggets, their taquitos: all were "made" from the freezer section of a local warehouse store. And I've been to fast

What restaurant franchise would you like to own?

Restaurant Franchise OpportunitiesThere are various Food and Beverages franchises that I would love to own. As consumers travel more widely and experience new flavours and foods, a new wave of global cuisines is emerging, driven by consumer curiosity and greater exposure to international foods and flavours. Consumers today are driven by a sense of exploration

Are vegetarian and non vegetarian kitchens separate in fast foods restaurants like McDonalds and Dominos?

The following is an explanation for McDonald's. I have no knowledge of the functional details of Domino's or any other restaurant chain.McDonald's, in addition to fast service, is huge on serving, storing and handling food safely and properly.

If a fast food employee stick around the work premise after work and ordered some food but then slipped and fall on the wet floor as he was about to empty the tray. Is he entitled to sue as a customer?

It doesn't sound like workers compensation will cover any financial or medical reimbursements, since he was officially off the clock.I would say a ‘slip and fall' case outside of working hours places him in the same category as if a regular customer slipped and fell in your store.I'm not an attorney, but I

What is a food item from a fast food restaurant that will make you (personally) nauseated?

A few restaurants come to my mind:KFC: Greasy as hell. It's chicken tasted stale and heavily processed with chemicals. I mean I just had it a few months ago in Amsterdam, where it was kinda ok. But I was really hungry at the time and I didn't choose to go there, the people I was with did. Also I

As a fast food employee, what is the weirdest burger order you've had to make?

I used to work at Burger King .. We used to make a lot of fun of this.. This one customer kept ordering cheeseburger menu online, but asked we put no cheese in the burger. One of the times our courier told us that

What are the typical KPIs for Quick Service Restaurant Chains?

KPIs are only relevant if you can understand how to change them. Let's start with a real killer in QSR: speed of service. This would be

What fast food chain makes the best Tacos?

Being a lover of Mexican food and after tasting multitudes of different tacos and burritos across California, I think that the best fast food tacos are definitely from Chipotle. First, the ingredients at Chipotle are of a higher quality than virtually all of its major competitors. It's meats are pasture-raised,

How to have a successful fast food restaurant

Be passionate first, be disciplined, be dedicated,be fair,be honest,most of all LET YOUR OPERATIONS MANUAL GUIDE YOU STRAIGHT TO SUCCESS, you can have all the money in the world and be a loser in that industry, Wonder how you became so rich but can't run a business that you always looked down at, unaware of the hundreds

What is the grossest thing you've had happen at a fast food restaurant drive-thru?

My girlfriends and I were ordering at the drive-thru of a Carl's Jr., we had ordered three milkshakes. While we were waiting at the pick up window, we were casually looking inside, watching as a pimply faced young man made the first milkshake.First, he mixed the milkshake in the large metal cup.Next, he poured the milkshake into the

What can replace fast food?

I'm not sure what you are fishing for with this question. You don't have to eat fast food and can replace it with whatever you like. But if you're asking about a bigger scale, like how does society replace all

How do fast food restaurants handle very large orders?

With that large of an order (600 Big Macs) it is likely that no individual store would have enough actual food on hand at a time to make that order immediately on demand and still be able to handle walk-ins. If you called and ordered 600 Big Macs for a couple days in the future, I'm sure

Are there any vegan chain restaurants?

The Veggie GrillVeggie GrillThey are located on the west coast of the USA, the food is good. I'm not a vegetarian, and I love to eat meat. Despite that, the food is good and I'll gladly eat it, I don't care that it is vegan and gluten free.

Where are vegan chain restaurants?

We definitely need more Vegan Restaurants. 100% Vegan Restaurants do very Good in Business. If anyone wanted to make $$$ this would be a great business. There are very few Drive thru Vegan restaurants. I know of only two and the Line of cars is always endless$$.Vegan is a very

What are some clever ways to get your fast food order fast?

Order the most popular items on the menu with no modifications. I'm a vegetarian and I can promise you I wait twice as long for a veg burger as others wait for a hamburger. Saying you want extra cheese, no pickles, etc will mean the workers have to build

How to start a fast food outlet

Fast food Business Opportunities in IndiaFast food in India continued to record healthy growth in 2017, thanks largely to a rising number of millennials, with the median age in the country being 27. India has a relatively young population, with many choosing not to cook at home.Indian fast food market is expected to grow at a CAGR of

What should we never order from fast food workers?

Steak.But really, most fast food (other than being fast food) is safe, because most of it is packaged premade and cooked in as fool-proof of a way as possible.I've worked at McDonalds, Wendy's, and KFC - and provided you like the food, pretty much everything is done

Why don't all fast food restaurants follow Chick-Fil-A practices?

I've got a couple thoughts.Chick-Fil-A (CFA) is founder-led. Founders have a much, much deeper connection to the business because they view it as their baby. Hired guns only care about maximizing their short term compensation, usually viewed quarterly at the public level. Why did Amazon create AWS when it should have easily been IBM

Why do fast food chains like KFC and McDonald's not have delivery in the UK?

Western fast food chains do not have delivery at most locations in most of the world.   This is due to  a combination of factors mainly efficiency, cost and liability factors as well as population density and a desire to present a uniform experience to diners.  The availability of personal transportation  to most customers and the

What is the difference between hamburgers at fast food places now and hamburgers at fast food places 30 years ago?

Somehow food today including beverages taste different from before. Generally it was better 30 years ago. It's bound to be because of globalisation - different ways to do business; better food technology, more efficient, more cost effective, bigger volume than ever

What do you think of fast food?

It's fast.Quickly prepared or reheated it takes minimal effort serve but more effort to produce.It usually (fast food is a very general area) metabolises very fast. Empty carbs etc.It usually disappears very quickly.  After all the world's largest "restaurant"

What are the most popular fast food chains in Brazil?

McDonald's is the #1 here in Brazil... but, I will mention others!Bob's - It's amazing that there are lots of these in Rio de Janeiro.Burger King - McDonald's enemyChina In Box - Even tho it's a brazilian fast food chain, it's very popular herePizza Hut and Domino's - they have a certain popularity among southern

What are the healthiest foods I can order at typical fast food restaurants?

Nothing that you order at a fast food restaurant will really be healthy,but you can avoid some of the bad. A lot of places offer grilled chicken breast. No condiments,no bun. If you must have a sauce for your naked meat,pick something like bbq,where a little goes a

Do all fast food restaurants make you pre-pay before giving you your food?

Yes, almost. I worked at Burger King for 3 years in hivh school spending most of that operating the drive thru window. Everyone pays first. Then you collect their order, that's called expediting. Last you give them their order while asking do they need ketchup for fries.But there was this one

Is the food from fast food restaurants (on average) of better hygiene standards than regular single branch restaurants?

Average, I'd say no. But of course, it depends.Having a standard is easy, hard is to make employees follow them. Standards are made by companies to show clients and authorities they are doing things right and according to law.I

Is fast food really worth it to you?

With so many small and midsegment food providers, one can say there is difficult time coming for them. Out of hundreds one or two may be excelling. But it has some safer side, due to good margins of profit with

Do fast food restaurants put stuff in their food to keep you coming back?

YES. Fast food is comfort food for many. And is full of the components that cause many people to remember pleasant moments (mainly during the consumer childhood in the US). Sugar, salt and FAT. Just like Coca-cola don't sell only drinks or designer clothes brands

Will Chick-fil-A ever be open on Sunday? What's stopping this?

Religious ideologies are stopping this.Barring the company eventually making it through a power struggle and into the hands of someone with different beliefs, Chick-fil-A will always be closed on Sundays.Chick-fil-A, a largely Judeo-Christian corporation, subscribes to the Biblical teaching that six consecutive days

How do restaurants manage cash?

The Cash register automatically tells you how much you need to return after you input the amount you were given. For example, if you buy a Large Sweet tea ($1), it will then add tax upon total (so $1.06 in Maryland), and then wait for payment. The

What are the best Indian fast foods?

Indian fast foods are really good and easy to make. The following includes some of the indian fast foodsBest indian fast foodsPaav BhajiBhelpuriBajjiSamosaPakoraAloo Tikki CholeVeggie sandwichVada PavThese are some of the best and famous indian fast foods to have . Enjoy all your favorite dishes by ordering through jusfood.Regards,Jusfood

As a fast food worker, what's the most ludicrous order or modification a customer has requested?

Working at a McDonald's next to the interstate at the first exit in Florida, we often had charter buses stop. However, one summer day in 1999, 5 buses pulled into our parking lot. A man in khaki shorts and a polo shirt walks out of the bus, straight to me at my register and says,

What's the worst fast food chain?

In my opinion, KFC. Eugh.I don''t know what they've been doing lately, but it isn't good. KFC used to be a decent chain. They had decent food at decent prices at one point years ago.But they've been sliding downhill, fast, over the

What chain restaurants actually cook their food in the restaurant?

I worked at the Hard Rock Cafe for years, they cook everything from scratch. They have recipes for all sauces: BBQ sauce, guacamole, salsa, wing sauce. We made brownies, cheesecake (Baked, NY style). One of my favourite jobs was pulling the pork. We'd roast

As a fast food worker, what is the most disgusting thing a customer ever did or said to you?

I was 16. First job was McDonald's. Was learning the ropes of the job with managers and crew members showing me how to use POS system and how to address customers when they approach the counter.Had two customers come in and order food

Is Popeyes Chicken better than KFC?

No, neither is better than the other, just different. It is simply a matter of personal preference. You also cannot directly compare most of their products because they have different things. Poorye's has spicy chicken, KFC does not. KFC has original recipe chicken, Popeye's has no comparable product. Their sides are mostly different as well. They both

Should fast food restaurants offer vegetarian options?

You have to start by understanding why the food is ‘fast'.The restaurants offers a very limited menu and hires low skill cooks (some of whom become very good at the job, but they start low).Look at the menu in a fast food joint.Most of the products use the same ingredients. For

Why do people buy fast food restaurant franchises?

First I'll debunk some of the costs.Start-up costs are no different from an independent restaurant if you want state of the art equipment, efficient and proven restaurant design and POS systems.Material costs are inexpensive because of the negotiated buying power of a large corporation.Maintenance, labor, payroll, accounting and taxes aren't significantly different.All

What exactly makes a 'slow' food restaurant healthier than a 'fast' food restaurant?

It isn't. Fast food restaurants have been demonized by the media a lot. What makes food healthy are the ingredients that are in it and the portions you consume. You can make a stir-fry at home in minutes, if you have the ingredients and depending on those ingredients and the portion you eat, your stir-fry can

What is your favorite fast food burger 'joint' when you're in a hurry?

What is your favorite fast food burger "joint" when you're in a hurry?We have everything here. The best tasting burger when I'm in a hurry is Whataburger. Unfortunately, they seem to have a sensor that tells them I'm in a hurry. The other 24-hour quick

Why did you quit your fast food job?

When you work more than 40 hours a week making minimum wage, standing on your feet all day, always stressed out and just barely being able to afford a sustenance living, you will strive to do anything to quit.I only worked at Arby's for the summer break to raise funds for college next semester, and after dealing with rude

What was the first fast food restaurant in Japan?

Yoshinoya is a Japanese multinational fast food chain, and the second-largest chain of gyūdon (beef bowl) restaurants. The chain was established in Japan in 1899. Its motto is "Tasty, low-priced, and quick". It

Why do fast food workers repeat your order many times?

These answers are correct, we repeat the order to ensure order accuracy. We call it Ask, Ask, Tell (AAT). At the speaker box we repeat the order back exactly as it is on our screen (and yours if the store is equipped with menu screens at their order boards outside). When you come to the pay