Where is the best place to eat in Birmingham UK?

Depends what you want- there's a really good steakhouse in St Paul's Square (off Newhall St) called Andersons. Just round the corner is a lovely little Italian place called Pasta di Piazza. I rate Itihaas if you fancy a curry, and there are some interesting ‘pop-ups' like the Wilderness (strange, theatrical, thoughtful

What is America's favorite restaurant?

It depends on your criteria. If you're going by number of outlets, it's Subway Sandwiches.

What are the best restaurants in Connecticut?

In New Haven:Modern ApizzaTikkaway Fresh Indian GrillFrank Pepe Pizzeria NapoletanaCaseusUnion League Cafe In Stamford:Cafe SylviumTeff RestaurantOlioColumbus Park TrattoriaRemo's Brick Oven PizzaIn Hartford:SaluteOn20Max DowntownBear's SmokehouseThe Capital Grille

What are the best Chinese restaurants in S.F.?

My favorite place for Cantonese cuisine (Dim Sum, Seafood) are as follows:Hong Kong Lounge: http://www.yelp.com/biz/hong-kon...Koi Palace (Daly City): http://www.yelp.com/biz/koi-pala...My favorite place for Northern Chinese cuisine (dumplings, hand pulled noodles, etc) are as follows:House of Pancakes: http://www.yelp.com/biz/house-of...Kingdom of Dumpling:

Which are some good restaurants in Mumbai that serve Buffet?

These are some best Buffet Restaurants in Mumbai 1.Barbeque Nation2.Global Fusion3.Pizza By The Bay4.Bombay Barbeque5.Sigree Global Grill6.Out of the Blue7.Hard Rock Cafe8.The Barking Deer Brewpub9.Global Fusion10.Lotus Cafe - JW Marriott

Which are the best Indian restaurant in Delhi?

India's capital city- Delhi is a destination that's not only famous for its iconic structures and shopping markets but also for its cuisine. It's a city that offers visitors some of the world's unique flavours and is home to numerous restaurants, each that offer the best. Here, you are sure to find yourself spoilt with choices. So, if you

What is the best restaurant in Seattle for Mexican food?

I moved from Mexico to Seattle, and lived there for 4 years, so I eventually had to look for real tasty food, these are good places:-El Fogon, in Capitol Hill has a great dish called "Torta de Milanesa", you can also order the non-menu "Torta de Milanesa of Breaded Chicken"

What are the best ramen restaurants in San Diego?

Update (June 2016):Rakitori: *Seafood Ramen is really good, seems Korean inspiredNishiki: Well balanced (top 3 in SD), but i don't find anything there to stand outSantouka: Pretty good, but a little overly salty at times---It depends on what you want in a

What are the best places to eat in Minneapolis, Minnesota?

As a resident & foodie, I'm going to give you my personal list.Travail - This non-pretentious, sophisticated and fun restaurant rivals any restaurant I have ever eaten in.Bar La Grassa & 112 Eatery - Isaac Becker's phenomenal restaurants.Sushi Fix - Best sushi restaurant in the twin cities, by

Which is the best multi-cuisine restaurant in Bangalore (Bengaluru)?

24 Carats, best multi-cuisine restaurant in Bangalore is famous both for its cuisine and for ambience. Coming here shall be a memorable experience indeed. Urbane interiors, soothing ambience and city views...what could be a better place to savour the classic chicken tikka? Beyond classic, this is where

Are there any vegetarian fine dining places in Singapore?

I've been a few, but this isn't an exhaustive list.. 1) Annalakshmi (Annalakshmi - Just another WordPress site)2) Pita Pan -Mediterranean Cuisine(Home)3) Outlets at Farrer Park - opposite Mustafa Centre like Kailash Parbat

How long do restaurant owners monitor his new restaurant everyday?

All day every day for at least a year and until such a time that you are certain that the management team you have will look after your, and their interests in the business. You need to be certain of every single bit of cash and inventory that comes

What is the best way to tell if a restaurant is authentic?

This was originally an answer to a question asking how to tell if a Vietnamese restaurant is authentic. The question was merged with this more generalized question, but I think it's a bad merge. Answers may vary depending on type of cuisine and locality and there are numerous

What are the best seafood restaurants on Cape Cod?

Brewster Fish House on 6A in Brewster. This tiny restaurant has been serving imaginative, delicious fish dishes for around 20 years. Not only is the fish spectacularly fresh, the fish is paired with out-of-the-ordinary accompaniments - one time I had Cape scallops with a variety of vegetables including crispy, shredded salisfy, which I'd never tried before: delicious. Stellar wine

What are some of the good candle light dinner restaurants with live music in Pune?

Some restaurants in Pune have made themselves perfect places for doing exactly that; these romantic restaurants will leave you free of worry and help you just be your charming self. Simply choose the one that meets your fancy and get ready for a wonderfully romantic date1. PaashaPaasha caters to two types of dates – one with a lounge

What are the best Italian restaurants in Hennepin County, Minnesota?

My opinion of the best Italian restaurants in the area (in no particular order) are:Amore (Uptown)Broder's Cocina Italiana (South Minneapolis)Fat Lorenzo's (South Minneapolis)Cossetta (St. Paul)Pazzaluna (St. Paul)Ciao Bella (Bloomington)Angeno's (Maple Grove)These all vary in price, atmosphere and style of food. But this presents a good variety, all of which are the places I have tried and thought

What's the best pizza in Hanoi?

If there's a western dish loved in Vietnam as much as it is everywhere else, it's pizza. You can find pizza in all corners of the world: deep-fried or deep-dish, flambéed, stuffed, sweet, and spicy. In America, one in 10 people eats pizza every day, and the food was considered a vegetable until 2011.

What is a fine dining restaurant, and how does it differ from other restaurants?

Well, fine dining has a few different things to distinguish it. A celebrity chef would work at a fine dining establishment, and some fine dining restaurants have pioneered cuisines, or techniques, but the thing that all fine dining restaurants have in common is exclusivity. Their cuisine is special, and

Where is the best place to eat out in Folkestone?

I'm going to suggest that of them all, the Tavernetta is probably the most reliable place to eat well. There are other great restaurants, like Rock Salt that has great views of the harbour, but suffers from bad acoustics and the food is inconsistent, and several eateries

What's the best restaurant in Darling Harbour?

There are so many restauran in Darling Harbour, you can check out the following: Darling Harbour Sydney | Fun Kids GuideCasa Ristorante ItalianoNiji Sushi BSoul Burger ParramattaChur Burger Surry HillsSoul Burger Glebe

What are some good inexpensive restaurants in Istanbul?

Depends on the scale of inexpensiveness and what kind of thing you want to eat (in Istanbul the food variety is huge) but, for a quick and good quality, very inexpensive, clean but very ordinary-looking choice (that includes traditional Turkish food) is Borsa Lokantası chain. Kanaat in Uskudar is exquisite but there is no alcohol. Several restaurants

Where are the best Italian restaurants in New York?

Me and some of my colleagues really like Italian dishes and we normally go to various restaurants to eat. Some Italian restaurants whose cuisines really impressed me and my colleagues when we visited there. After that whenever we think about Italian dishes, we definitely go there or order online from

What are the best sushi restaurants in Terre Haute?

For middling grade, eat your fill of generic sushi:HokkaidoEast StarFor authentic, high quality, wallet draining sushi:Umi Grill and Sushi BarTokyo Japanese Cuisineand the newest place, Zeng Sushi Asian CuisineThey're all on 3rd Street between Vorhees and the fairgrounds. In fact, if there's any other sushi restaurants in Terre Haute,

Where is the best steak restaurant in Northern California?

When it comes to Steak Houses I am a big fan of old school. Leather seating and wood paneling, fine china and crystal set a mood of quiet elegance that the modern stark and overly loud fail at completely.Places like Alfred's in San Francisco will always get my vote.But my favorite isn't really

What are the best Mexican restaurants in Hyderabad?

IT actually varies depending on the dish you want to eat. I am a vegetarian. The best Nachos I ate till date in Hyderabad was at 7th Heaven Jubilee hillsThe best Enchiladas was from Ofen, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad - RestaurantThere is a small outlet in Inorbit mall, Named Jalapeno's I enjoy there

What is the best brunch restaurant in Hanoi?

Hanoi has a strong culinary tradition. One of Vietnam‘s most famous dishes, pho, is said to have come from Hanoi. It is no surprise then that Hanoi has some of the best restaurants in Vietnam. Here I recommend our favorite breakfast eateries – we've included fine dining and budget options with a mix of Vietnamese

What are the best places in Delhi to Dine out?

Cherry-picking the best restaurants in Delhi is a difficult task. However, I have made a few categories - family, partner and friends. Now, it's easy for me to provide the best places with the appropriate ambience.With familyMasabaa-The Treasury : The decor is extremely great. You are offered different kinds of cuisines. The place offers outdoor seating as well.

What are the best restaurants in Nanjing, China?

My favorite restaurant in Nanjing is Jimmy's. They have the best steaks, burgers, pizzas, and beer I've ever had anywhere. Every time I go to restaurant/bar like that anywhere else. I just wish that I was back at Jimmy's. It's near Shanghai Lu subway station.I also love the Taj Mahal, Laya Burger, and Bellini's.

What is America's favorite restaurant?

It depends on your criteria. If you're going by number of outlets, it's Subway Sandwiches.

What is your least favorite casual dining establishment?

My least favorite is Denny's followed by Bob Evans followed by Olive Garden followed by Cheesecake factory followed by Hooters.This is based on considering these casual restaurants I've been to:Cheesecake factoryCracker BarrelChili'sChevy'sCarrabba'sBuffalo Wild WingsBuca di BeppoBob EvansBertucciBenihanaApplebee'sDenny'sFamous Dave'sIHOPHoulihan'sHootersHard Rock CafeFriendly'sLogan'sLonghornMaggianoOlive GardenPF ChangOutbackOriginal Pancake HouseRed LobsterMacaroni GrillRuby TuesdayShoney'sSizzlerTexas RoadhouseFriday'sRed RobinVapianoWaffle HouseUnoMelting Pot

What is the average time from start to finish the meals when we dine in a restaurant?

Completely depends on the restaurant, but I will speak for my current place of employment.Wait time: 0 minutes up to 2 hours (and people do wait that long)Wait to be sat: 0 minutes to 5 minutesWait to be greeted: 0 minutes to 2 minutesFrom here... You might be able to put an order

What are some lesser known places in Delhi which serve amazing food?

Gupta ji ka dhaba near Green Park metro station. They have the best tandoori rotis.Pasta la Vista again near Green Park metro station their burgers pasta and shakes are to amazing.Lodhi Knights - Tandoori, Changezi, Korma momos paired with their special chuteny you wont be able to decide what tastes better momos or chuteny.Marinated momos near Amar Colony

Where can I eat alone in New York for dinner without feeling awkward?

First of all you should understand that New York City is big enough and strange enough that you should not feel awkward doing most things. Certainly eating alone is not one of the things that should make you feel awkward. I've eaten alone in many places without feeling

How safe is it to eat raw oysters?

It's not 100% safe, because there can always be a bad one in the bunch. Odds are in your favor however, in most restaurants. You can always be more vigilant by smelling the oyster before eating it and making sure it moves when you pour lemon on it  (the outer membrane should move, indicating the oyster is reacting to

What is the best restaurant in Hanoi?

This is a post I read about "what's the best restaurant in hanoi?". I think it's very helpful for people. Beside that, this blog is very good to know more about vietnamese cuisine and restaurant esspecially in hanoi. If you want to find information about that, you can

What are your favorite restaurants in Harrisburg?

Char's – Tracy MansionFor fine views and fine eating, Char's is the best decision in town. It has prime real estate within the Tudor Revival Tracy Manor, which was completed in 1918, and is the only restaurant in Harrisburg to boast views directly across the Susquehanna River.

Which restaurants in Mumbai offer the best pizza?

Hey you can check out my page and my blog here to know about the best places in Delhi and Mumbai.Instagram: Nikhil Kamath (Delhi Blogger) (@nikhil.kamath20) • Instagram photos and videosBlog: The Salt and Pepper Food Guide

What are the best steak house restaurants in San Antonio?

Way back when we used to go to The Little Red Barn. It ‘s located on South Hackberry. They always had good steaks there or they used to. I seem to recall that the steak came with a loaded baked potato, rolls

Which is the best multi-cuisine restaurant in Indore?

Hotel Apna Avenue, sharply reflects a few of the most rewarding developments in Indore. Now, more than ever, I find principled and distinctive cooking here, where I wouldn't have expected it before.The Best Hotel in Indore, produces an unusually appealing roster of north Indian, south Indian, pure Jain, Chinese and continental dishes. Buffer zone at

Are seafood restaurants a good business?

Seafood restaurants are generally very popular.However, as with any business: location, location, location.If you do not have access to fresh seafood, then you won't be any better than every other non-seafood focused restaurant that happens to serve frozen fish as an

What are the best restaurants to eat seafood in Rome?

I would recommend (no price limitations):

What are the top 5 South Indian restaurants in Bangalore?

The South Indian Restaurant in Bangalore a family-style restaurant offers a delicious menu of authentic South Indian food in dining. You can either dine-in, take-out, or catered your choice of dishes.Vindoos -Restaurant means – Taste and quality

What is the best restaurant in London and why?

The River Cafe remains a favourite of mine. Unpretentious, excellent food & wine list and great atmosphereScotts for fish (I used to be a Sheeky lover, but think Scotts is streets ahead in the style stakes)Tinello in Belgravia is my hot new

I am going to Amritsar for a day. What are the restaurants I should go to?

Langar and karah parshad at the Golden Temple.Sarson da Saag with Makki di Roti at Jandiala Haveli or at Bharawan da Dhaba (opposite Town Hall). Sarson da Saag is only available in the winter months. During other times of the year, choose Palak Paneer or Baingan Bharta with Tandoori Roti.Puri Chole at Kanha Sweets on Lawrence Road.Chaat

Which are the world's most bizarre restaurants?

Our world is full of bizarre things around the world. Same is for restaurants. World has so many bizarre restaurants but out of all of them Forbes listed 7 most unusual restaurants from around the world.Number 1 : Naked Woman Body Restaurant (JAPAN)Number 2 : Toilet RestaurantNumber 3 : Condom RestaurantNumber 4 : No clothing restaurantNumber 5 : Dinner

Which is the best restaurant with vietnamese food in Hanoi Old Quarter?

I think there are many best restaurant in Old Quarter you can eat vietnamese food. You can read more suggest from Tripadvisor, EatOut.vn... with information about price, adress, reviews.According to me, I ate some good restaurant below:Madame Hien restaurant -  15 Chan Cam Street,