San Francisco restaurants are on average very expensive, what are some of the best low cost restaurants in the city?

Here are the best $ restaurants with the best thing to get there, according to Foodie - an app that has ratings for every dish on the menu.Sutter Cafe in Union Square (5.0 stars, 5 ratings): Black Bean Veggie Patty SandwichLa Oaxaqueña in Mission (5.0 stars, 5 ratings): Carne AsadaYo También Cantina in Inner

Should I try a Mission style burrito in San Francisco?

You should absolutely try a Mission style burrito.Begin your burrito discovery in a taqueria in the Mission District. Start with chicken then proceed to carne asada. Once you've mastered those flavors move on to carnitas to conclude the elementary course. Extra credit is available for prawns. Be sure to experiment with black, pinto AND refried beans. learn the difference

What are some of the better, low cost restaurant choices for a first timer in San Francisco?

All the Mexican food in the Mission is delicious and most of it is cheap. El Farolito is a favorite.What the Cluck on upper Haight St.Rosamunde's Sausages on lower Haight.Most of the Vietnamese restaurants around SF are good and not expensive.Many of the places on

What are the best date restaurants in San Francisco, CA?

Have a standing date-night every Friday with the girlfriend, and here are some of our favorites ...For Food, Commonwealth: hands-down some of the best food in the mission for the price.  quaint, urban setting without being too hipster.  also has parking, which is a big plus in that area.For Cozy-ness, Bar Tartine: with dim lighting and

What are the best Peruvian restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area?

My favorite restaurant of any type was Fina Estampa on Van Ness- Their bisteak a lo pobre, Spanish tortilla, chicharron, and chimmichurri (yes, I know this is more Argentinian in origin) were amazing. They closed 2 years ago, but are about to reopen on Bush

What is the most overrated restaurant in San Francisco?

Based on my experience:Coi. Overly formal presentation, fussy, chef wasn't sociable, tried Asian influences without really understanding the depth of the food traditions.Slanted Door. Solid food, service, and ambience, but really not all that. There's more exciting Vietnamese food to be had.Burma

What is the most underrated restaurant in San Francisco?

There's an entire world of smaller local restaurants that are completely off the map for the local food reviewers, press, food-o-philes, and so on, because they just don't fit the profile.   If it's not upscale dining and doesn't involve bacon, fusion, egg breakfasts, local sustainable farms, or a food truck, people just

What is the oldest, continuously-running bar in San Francisco?

I believe the title goes to The Saloon (1232 Grant Ave. at Columbus), which has been continuously operating since 1861. The building survived the 1906 earthquake, supposedly due to its 'unusually stout timbers' (along with a number of regular customers who helped divert water to protect it from the fire).The Old Ship Saloon occupies the oldest

What is the weirdest bar or restaurant in San Francisco?

This article features the two I was going to include in my answer - numbers 1 and 2. Kozy Kar is kind of dirty feeling, and no wonder, but worth the experience, especially if you can bring friends and laugh as you all pile onto the waterbed lounge area.In addition, there is Cafe Van Kleef

What restaurant or bar exemplifies old San Francisco to you?

The Pied Piper Bar in the Palace Hotel. The Maxfield Parrish artwork underwent a complete 5-month restoration in 2013 after a public outcry saved it from the auction block: Restored Pied Piper returns to namesake barThe wood paneling in

What's the best place for a fine dining in San Francisco?

I just went to Saison and it was fantastic.  The price changes nightly, but seems to be between $115-140 per person for 7 courses of highly creative, delicious seasonal food.  The setting and service is wonderful if you like something a bit more casual than some of the regular fine dining establishment, but

Where can I find the best burger in San Francisco?

I love food.  It makes me happy.  So it makes me sad to see that this question has been up for well over a year and no one has mentioned my favorite burger place:ROAM.And it's not just my favorite, this place is packed every. single. day. On top

Where is the best place for free food in the Bay Area?

One place where you can get breakfast, lunch and dinner is the Sikh Gurudwara in San Jose and Fremont. Sikhism is a very eclectic religion and welcomes people of all faiths and there is no religious brain washing. All you will need is a small cloth to cover your head (provided by

Where is the best ramen in San Francisco?

San Francisco's ramen game has historically paled in comparison to NYC, LA, and even the South Bay-but things are starting to pick up. As of March 2016, there are a few new-ish spots that I'm excited about:Iza Ramen was a weekend lunch pop-up operating out of Blowfish Sushi for a long