What is your favorite hamburger place?

What is your favorite hamburger place?

Where is the best place to eat in Birmingham UK?

Depends what you want- there's a really good steakhouse in St Paul's Square (off Newhall St) called Andersons. Just round the corner is a lovely little Italian place called Pasta di Piazza. I rate Itihaas if you fancy a curry, and there are some interesting ‘pop-ups' like the Wilderness (strange, theatrical, thoughtful

How much bread does a restaurant throw away each day?

I can't give you a specific number for how much since there's too many factors that go into it(size of restaurant, turnover, diners,etc). But I can tell you we do throw quite a bit. Any bread that leaves the kitchen must be thrown away.

What is the most popular Chinese food in the United States?

Obviously there's a difference between Chinese food and Chinese-style food.The following are not Chinese food and so cannot be considered the most popular Chinese food in the US:General Tso's chickenSesame chickenChicken with cashew nutsAlmond chickenOrange chickenLemon chickenBeef with BroccoliCrab rangoon (Rangoon is a city in Myanmar!)Fortune cookiesChop SueyThere are some dishes

What are the biggest misconceptions about waiters?

I worked as a waitress for about 4 weeks as a holiday job in a restaurant that was located in a fancy/upscale mall. Agree with the poster above me, waiters do more than serve food and drink. That's all I did because I was temporary, but the full timers counted the

What is America's favorite restaurant?

It depends on your criteria. If you're going by number of outlets, it's Subway Sandwiches.

What are the biggest misconceptions about waiters?

I worked as a waitress for about 4 weeks as a holiday job in a restaurant that was located in a fancy/upscale mall. Agree with the poster above me, waiters do more than serve food and drink. That's all I did because I was temporary, but the full timers counted the

What is America's favorite restaurant?

It depends on your criteria. If you're going by number of outlets, it's Subway Sandwiches.

If I saw what goes on in most restaurant kitchens would I want to eat there?

That Depends™.On where you are, for one. Standards for food hygiene vary a lot throughout the world, and how rigorously they are adhered to / enforced even more.Then, of course, on how obsessed you are with appearances. Many working kitchens look quite

From a restaurant manager or restaurant server manager perspective, what are the top 3 biggest problems that restaurant management has with managing their waitstaff?

The obviously biggest problem lies in acquisition, training, and retention. Good service staff is hard to come by, a valued commodity, and can demand pretty much anything from a prospective employer. Trained and skilled servers are rare for a number of reasons.First, this isn't a career job for most. "Waiting tables" is, for many, code for "trying

What are the best restaurants in the Bay Area?

Instead of recommending the most expensive restaurants, I'll give you a list of restaurants that are innovative and very tasty.  These places are all 'moderately' priced and in San Francisco:SPQR: modern Italian is what I would call this place.  They've managed to combine the freshest ingredients, rooted it in recognizably Italian style and prepared

What is the cheapest/most 'downmarket' restaurant ever to have earned a star from the Guide Michelin?

Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle and Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle are two Singapore-based ‘hawker' stalls that have been awarded a star in 2016 by the Michelin Guide.Their signature dishes run less than two US dollars.

What will happen if we accidentally break a restaurant's plates?

Nothing will happen to you. Restaurants break things everyday and unless you purposely start breaking things on a tirade a restaurant will just suck it up. In fact, the broken dish probably costs less than the lost revenue on the entree that was sent back by a guest because

Why don't restaurants serve better beer?

This depends heavily on both where you go to eat and in what area/market you live, so without knowing more, here is one possible reason:Some areas are not prioritized by craft breweries because laws may make it difficult for them to compete. In corporate chain-driven markets this can be the case, as craft breweries may not have the footprint,

Can you comfortably eat in a restaurant by yourself?

I have gone to the movies alone. I have eaten paani-poori (an Indian snack that is usually enjoyed by a gang of people) alone. I have gone to flea markets alone too.Eating alone in a restaurant cannot be uncomfortable for me because:I can eat whatever I want, whichever

What's the most beautifully presented meal you've ever been served?

I was thumbing my way across the USA about 1971 I think, It started to rain and I looked for a place to lay low, nothing out there in Arkansas but highway overpasses and big foot. So I kept going

How does a restaurant tablet menu improve your dining experience inside a restaurant?

Like it is always said, The First Impression Is The Last Impression and the menu is the first impression of your restaurant. Yes you can say that the atmosphere and the interior design will give the first impression but the customer

How much revenue does a fine dining establishment make per night?

Declaration: I am not a restaurateur, nor am I in the F+B Business. Revenue per night is dependant on several issues: Table Turns: How many times a table is used for service per night. As a fine dining establishment, I'd

What's the profit margin like at Michelin restaurants such as the French Laundry or Manresa?

Operations like this are very tight lipped about profits. From the ones I know about, margins vary as widely as elsewhere in the industry. Some good restaurants, like Manresa, operate on a more expensive budget to bring out better food in a better

Why do most restaurants have more items on the menu rather than less?

A lot of restaurateurs operate on the false assumption that a greater variety of offerings gives them a competitive edge. It's totally retarded and probably a major factor in why many restaurants fail. When you have to source ingredients for such a huge variety of menu offerings, you lose out on economy of scale, you waste storage

What are the best restaurants in Connecticut?

In New Haven:Modern ApizzaTikkaway Fresh Indian GrillFrank Pepe Pizzeria NapoletanaCaseusUnion League Cafe In Stamford:Cafe SylviumTeff RestaurantOlioColumbus Park TrattoriaRemo's Brick Oven PizzaIn Hartford:SaluteOn20Max DowntownBear's SmokehouseThe Capital Grille

Is a Michelin Star permanent or do they expire? Can a restaurant lose a star?

Michelin Stars aren't permanent, but it's a tricky process when a restaurant loses its star.A restaurant loses its star if the chef isn't cooking up to par at the standards of the judge.Funny thing is, the city of Los Angeles lost all its stars

What are the best Chinese restaurants in S.F.?

My favorite place for Cantonese cuisine (Dim Sum, Seafood) are as follows:Hong Kong Lounge: http://www.yelp.com/biz/hong-kon...Koi Palace (Daly City): http://www.yelp.com/biz/koi-pala...My favorite place for Northern Chinese cuisine (dumplings, hand pulled noodles, etc) are as follows:House of Pancakes: http://www.yelp.com/biz/house-of...Kingdom of Dumpling:

Are restaurant menus designed to make you spend more?

The goal of any business is to generate profit. For a restaurant to to be a successful or to even survive it must generate profit consistently over time, therefore every constituent element of a restaurant must be geared at creating repeatable guest satisfaction. It is not enough for the guest to come

What would you say to convince me to tip a restaurant server?

I'm going to combine and paraphrase both answers I see already:Reason 1:The server essentially makes $0.00 if you don't tip. I have a girlfriend who's worked multiple serving jobs, and her hourly paycheck every pay period came up to something laughable like 5

How much better is restaurant food than fast food?

It depends wildly upon the restaurant in question. And the fast food place you're comparing it to, for that matter.I've been to sit-down restaurants that were fairly dingy affairs, offering middling quality fare at best. Their burgers, their chicken nuggets, their taquitos: all were "made" from the freezer section of a local warehouse store. And I've been to fast

Which are the best Indian restaurant in Delhi?

India's capital city- Delhi is a destination that's not only famous for its iconic structures and shopping markets but also for its cuisine. It's a city that offers visitors some of the world's unique flavours and is home to numerous restaurants, each that offer the best. Here, you are sure to find yourself spoilt with choices. So, if you

How much should I leave as a tip at a restaurant in London, England?

There are no hard and fast rules, and no norms. In fact many people never leave a tip at all.  However, having eaten out in London  several times a week over 30 years, here is what I would do....First check the bill doesn't already include a service charge. If it does then no  further tip is required.

How to recruit a chef with Michelin star potential for a new restaurant

By being quite familiar with that scene.There are occasionally people with that kind of potential from outside of that circus, but if you are not quite familiar with what it takes, you won't be able to identify them.The 'usual' route is to either get someone who already is running a starred

What is the most disgusting thing you found in your food after finishing your meal at a restaurant?

Honestly I could tell you things about eating out in public that would make you never want to leave your home's kitchen for a meal ever AGAIN!!However- I'm running short on time so I'll skip the REALLY most disgusting thing I've seen in food personally

What are your 'don'ts' in a fine dining situation?

Chef pet peeves (avoid if you want decent food):well-done meat (because they will sometimes microwave it, since you apparently have dead taste buds)tons of substitutions (one or two... maybe okay, if you make it clear that you have a serious food allergy, but you're

Do people think I'm a loser when I'm eating alone in a restaurant?

Iam gonna answer this question as well as gonna advice you because everyone including me loves to preach.So here it isPeople do notice when someone is eating alone in the restaurant where you can spot everyone with their loved ones or colleagues or whoever.They just gonna notice and thats it. Yes few gonna judge you but only

What is the best restaurant in Seattle for Mexican food?

I moved from Mexico to Seattle, and lived there for 4 years, so I eventually had to look for real tasty food, these are good places:-El Fogon, in Capitol Hill has a great dish called "Torta de Milanesa", you can also order the non-menu "Torta de Milanesa of Breaded Chicken"

What are the best ramen restaurants in San Diego?

Update (June 2016):Rakitori: *Seafood Ramen is really good, seems Korean inspiredNishiki: Well balanced (top 3 in SD), but i don't find anything there to stand outSantouka: Pretty good, but a little overly salty at times---It depends on what you want in a

What foods do restaurants most often get pre-made and just move from the can to your plate to serve you?

There are many things. Most condiments and pickles/olives for instance, most sauces and gravies. Many vegetables and fruit. About half the things on a salad bar will be from cans. Other than lettuce and cottage cheese, figure that the red and black olives, jalapenos, banana pepper slices, roasted red peppers, chick peas, dressings, bacon bits, 3

Which startups are focused on fast casual restaurant's PoS?

Hi there,For a fast casual restaurant POS I would like to recommend you to opt for a software named ‘Netree'. It is a startup and a cloud based & retail engagement networking platform, and has recently won Manthan award 2017

What is your advice for succeeding in the restaurant industry? I just started work.

Thanks for the A2A.  The restaurant industry is an extremely transient business.  Most people don't stay for their entire career and the people that do are usually people like you who love it and feel like it's home.   The very best advice I can give you is to

What restaurant franchise would you like to own?

Restaurant Franchise OpportunitiesThere are various Food and Beverages franchises that I would love to own. As consumers travel more widely and experience new flavours and foods, a new wave of global cuisines is emerging, driven by consumer curiosity and greater exposure to international foods and flavours. Consumers today are driven by a sense of exploration

Why do some people get a four-year Bachelor's degree, yet choose to work at a restaurant instead?

I'd like to share a story my old manager told me when I first got my job at red lobster, because it was kind of inspiring to me.During orientation, she told us her back story of how she ended up being a general manager of a red lobster. She told us that she actually went to school

Would you feel safer eating foods from a buffet-style restaurant if children were not allowed?

What kind of a question is that? Why would I feel more safe in a restaurant without children than with?It is up to us, a parents, to make sure our children behave themselves in public. That means no screaming unless they have a valid reason, no running around the restaurant, keeping their hands to themselves, using forks,

If a restaurant suggests 18%, 20%, or 22% as a tip, is it mandatory to tip at least 18%?

You are wrong only in the sense that asking for anything is wrong. A tip or gratuity should be earned. It is widely accepted the word

Are vegetarian and non vegetarian kitchens separate in fast foods restaurants like McDonalds and Dominos?

The following is an explanation for McDonald's. I have no knowledge of the functional details of Domino's or any other restaurant chain.McDonald's, in addition to fast service, is huge on serving, storing and handling food safely and properly.

How do restaurants wash their napkins?

It is a very hard decision for ownership:To have a linen company wash every napkin is an option. Occurring a monthly fee, this allows the individual restaurant to get fresh, clean, fancy napkins once or more a week, in order to promote a formal esthetic. This method is environmentally ideal,

What is the oldest (and still open) restaurant in the world?

Siftskellar in Salzburg, Austria. It started as an Inn and has been operating since the 9th century although I can't remember the exact date. Ive been there and it was fabulous. We met the nicest people there who shared a traditional dessert with us and told us about some other great places to go and dishes to try.