Do you think the USA is going to have another revolution in the next 20+ years?

I can only say it needs to. Contrary to popular beliefs. NO CORRUPT REGIME HAS EVER BEEN VOTED OUT. One of the founding fathers said countries NEED a revolution about every 399 years to clear out the corruption. It is a cleansing process. Long overdue in America

What are the best fiction or historical books on revolutions?

America's First Daughter: A Novel by Stephanie Dray, Laura Kamoie: In a compelling, richly researched novel that draws from thousands of letters and original sources, bestselling authors Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie tell the fascinating, untold story of Thomas Jefferson's eldest daughter, Martha

Do you think the USA is going to have another revolution in the next 20+ years?

I can only say it needs to. Contrary to popular beliefs. NO CORRUPT REGIME HAS EVER BEEN VOTED OUT. One of the founding fathers said countries NEED a revolution about every 399 years to clear out the corruption. It is a cleansing process. Long overdue in America

How much time does it take to complete one revolution around the Earth?

I'm not sure I understand your question, so I'm going to try to answer a few:It takes ~365.256363004 days for the earth to revolve around the sunIt takes ~23 hours, 56 min and 4.091 seconds for earth to perform 1 rotation on it's own axis (one Earth day).Assuming

Which is the greatest mistake made by a nation ever?

A nation is a collective entity of individuals. Mistakes are done by individuals and not Nations and therefore to coin something like

Was Rasputin one of the reasons for the Bolshevik Revolution?

Not directly, no. Sure, Rasputin ruined the credibility of the Romanovs, but contrary to what the film Anastasia will claim, Rasputin was not the cause of long standing troubles Russia was facing in 1917.The Bolshevik Revolution could not have occurred if the February Revolution hadn't

What are good reasons why the French Revolution failed?

French revolution was over because of the coup detat made by Napoleon who declare himself and two more as

Where did the french revolution start?

At the storming of the Bastille, July 14, 1789. The Bastille was a fortress in Paris, often used as a prison by the French monarchy.It became a symbol of French liberation. The French celebrate Bastille Day, formally

When did the French revolution occur?

Good question.Some say 14th of July 1789, taking of Bastille, but I would call that a Popular revolt, though flirting with the concept of Revolution.I would say the real revolution was 4th of August, and especially the night to that morning, during which

Did the French revolution change anything on the French society?

The French Revolution issued early its "Declaration of the Rights of Man" which Frenchmen still take seriously (and plenty of others too.) Early French republican governments made the state expressly (1) anticlerical (anti-religious) and (2) anti-aristocratic, and these became general features of the French culture. (So we might add change #3, a

Should we condemn the French Revolution?

Let us simply look at what the French Revolution aimed to do: to change a society that ensured people of a certain condition could ever change that condition. Once again, it is easy to judge in retrospective but the fact is that there

Which happened first, the French Revolution, or the American Revolution?

The American revolution happened between 1765-1783. A few years down the line, in 1789, Paris was shook by the storming of Bastille, which was the beginning of French revolution.Since its rule had been overthrown by Great Britain in French-Indian war (war between the

Did the French need to cut off all those heads during the French Revolution?

In retrospect it seems that the thermidorian Convention had over reacted but it was facing multiple challenges, the Bourbon power of Versailles was obliged to morph into a constitutional monarchy supervised by the parisian Assemblée with the obscure Club des Jacobins ( a sort of present Diner du Siècle

How likely is Iran becoming a secular country like it was before the revolution?

Not in a close future.Secularism needs to be culturized in the Iranian society. Iranian people have been oppressed for more than 2500 years because of the oppressive kings. The Iranian people have no idea what freedom and secularism is as they got

How did the American independence affect the French revolution?

One of the reasons of the French revolution was the economic crisis and the debt of the country.This debt came, in part, from the huge support that France gave to the US, about the equivalent of 13 B€ equivalent today.

Could the French Revolution happen today?

revolutions will always occur where dictatorial rules are enforcedthe french revolution was against the rule of the Hapsburg and unfortunately Louis XVI has married a Hapsburg, Marie Antoinettethe battle of Nations was against Napoleon ( who had also marry an Hapsburg )A serie of revolutions, mutineries in the french army of

How long would the French monarchy have lasted if they had not assisted the American Revolution?

A very good question! There would still have been pressure for a constitutional monarchy from libertarian aristos such as Lafayette-and the temptation to weigh in against a distracted Britain in India would always have been very great. Meanwhile three years of poor harvests were boiling up the Paris mob and Marie-Antoinette was already a hated figure. 50/50 at best:

Did any aristocrats survive the French Revolution?

Only 8% of all victims of the Reign of Terror were aristocrats. They were 1% of the Population so they felt a disproportionate impact, especially because a majority of the Pre-Revolutionary nobility actually became exiles and emigres. The former group eventually fought alongside enemy Austrian and Prussian troops to invade France

Would the French Revolution have occurred without the American Revolution before it?

Possibly, though it would be less likely. The French revolutionaries were certainly very aware of American revolution: the pamphleteers and rabble-rousers used that to demonstrate there was no need for a monarch, and that one could expel the Monarch. There was huge

What were the results of the French Revolution?

French Revolution thereafter invasion of France by European powers to support Royalists , then rise of France and invasion of  Austrian Italy rise of Napoleun and Fall of Napoleun these all are considered after effects of French Revolution so accordingly I

Why did the French Revolution happen?

One of the main cause of the rebellion was the inability of the French King, Louis XVI, to deal with, the food shortages, the deteriorating financial condition, and the growing religious intolerance in the country. As the people became more discontented of the power of the

Why was the American Revolution important?

The War of American Independence (it was not a classic Revolution) created the the United states.

Is French society still divided by what happened during the French Revolution?

I think the earliest Historical event that still significantly divide France today is the

Why did french revolution impacted more than American revolution?

French revolution AND haitian revolution impacted the whole world since it put an end to the austrian supremacy in Europe and paved the way to the English hegemonyAmerican revolution paved the way to the present american hegemony

Why has the Philippines never had a class-based revolution?

Keep in mind that there are two ongoing rebellions, one Muslim separatist, the other communist. Both arose from class oppression. Both are still alive and kicking. Now, what I'm about to say is merely anecdotal and I lack sources, but it's as good as any direct answer.In the 1970s, at the height of the nationalist dictatorship

What is the political cause for the French Revolution?

The government ran out of money after 20 years of intermittent warfare and had to call the National Assembly to raise taxes. Dilettante aristocratic idealists inspired by the American example saw this as an opportunity to introduce Enlightenment principles to monarchical governance, while provincial assemblies (parlements), many dominated by local titled families, sought to get

How did the French Revolution affect modern-day society?

French revolution changed this world. It affected not only France, but almost all humanity.

What would have changed if Britain had the Industrial Revolution 200 years before it had it?

That would start the British industrial revolution in the early 1500's so prior to Cortez invading Mexico and Cuba the only major base developing in the Americas, so a much more formidable British Army (Brown Bess

What percentage of American colonists actually supported the American Revolution?

Mr. Calhoun does not provide evidence for his claims of percentages of any adherence. It's not as though interviewers from Gallup were going door-to-door. Absent any reliable source, I continue to consider any such claims mere speculation, and citing any particular historian, or group of historians is just ex cathedra nonsense, an appeal to authority without evidence.

How would the world be like if the French Revolution never happened?

Exactly the same; there were no global implications of the French Revolution, though I suspect the French would probably disagree.

Was the Freemasonry behind the French Revolution?

There is no evidence of this.Of course,Freemasons as individuals were probably involved somehow,just as they were in the American Revolution.But there is nothing reliable to suggest that Freemasonry as an organisation has ever been involved in any plot, conspiracy or revolution at any time, anywhere on the planet

Why did Great Britain receive no help fighting the American Revolution while America had a whole host of allies?

Mainly because Britain was a world power who had made a lot of enemies. The colonies were a major source of profit for them and all the European powers wanted to see them weakened. Anyone who could have possibly been

How can we comprehend the French Revolution?

We can comprehend the French Revolution like we can comprehend any subject in history or academia: by years and years of study. Though I can give you a few resources to help you with that, I will explain a little bit of what I think can be simply conveyed.Imagine that your country has gone broke by helping

Could a bloody revolution like the French or Russian one happen again in today's world?

There were crop failures in the run up to 1789 (caused by volcanic activity in Iceland - of all things) and the First World War caused economic chaos in Russia - before the war living standards had been rising (not falling). But major Revolutions are NOT really made by the

What were the effects of the French Revolution on Europe?

The franch revolution was asignificance event not only in the history of europe but of the entire world.It was the greatest socio-political event of the european history.In fact european history began with it.It spread all over the whole destroying the ancient regime in france it recognised a new socio-political

If the revolution never happened, would Hitler have been able to win the First World War?

Which revolution?  The Glorious British one, the American one, the French one, another one? In any case, I can't see the relevance to Hitler's contribution to the  first world war.

What if a revolution happened in America today?

It may happen, soon.Middle class Americans are fed-up with government corruption and incompetence. Hatred of Washington and politicians is at an all time high. These same piticisns are more concerned with illegal aliens and placating Islamic sensibilities than with the concerns of real citizens.The tipping point is almost upon us; to

What would Cuba be like today if the 1953-59 Revolution had never happened?

It would be a more beautiful Las Vegas another sin city, which would be sucked dry by US.

Could Napoleon have achieve his successes without the French Revolution?

If the revolution never happened, then it would have been difficult, and unlikely, though not impossible to emperor for example.He was from the lower italian nobility in Corse, his father being a lawyer. If we assume that he attended the military

Why do the French celebrate the French Revolution but abhor what happened in Nice?

I think you are conflating things: The revolution, The Terror, The Vendée's WarAlthough the event you are referencing to : the Drowning of Nantes : Drownings at Nantes - Wikipedia are real and horrific, they are but a side

What would have happened if the Chinese Cultural Revolution had never happened?

I think it was kind of an anomaly. It would appear that only Mao had the clout to set something that intense and crazy off. Without Mao and his closest followers, probably the history would have gone on pretty much

Why did the 2011 Egyptian revolution fail?

It did not fail, just that its results lasted for a very short time (from 2011 to 2014). It lasted from the election of Mohammed Morsi of Brotherhood till the deposing/coup d'etat of Morsi by the Egyptian Army.It was for the very first time in Egyptian history and democratically elected government,

What was the American Revolution called in Britain?

The American War of Independence.(Example: The American War of Independence: The Rebels and the Redcoats)In this globalized world, I imagine "American Revolution" is well understood unless there's some other obvious context (science, for example). You can see that very BBC article also calls it the American Revolutionary War and the War of Independence.

What do the French think about the American Revolution?

There were French sympathisers, some of whom took part in the fighting. Most notably Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette.The French state, and also Spain, joined in when it became clear the colonials had a chance. Mostly to weaken Britain, which had been dominant since the Seven Years War.