Is Lyft safer than Uber?

There seems to be a perception that Lyft drivers are an entirely different group of people from Uber drivers...that there's some type of exclusivity going on. That if you drive for Lyft, you can't drive for Uber, and vice-versa.None of that is true. Most rideshare drivers can and do drive for both companies. It's

Is Uber or Lyft better in Baltimore 2017?

Hi, Pete here from MyRideshareBusiness. Happy to help. Both! You should sign up for both and see how YOU like the services, then make a decision from there. In markets such as New York and San Francisco, drivers can earn as much as $30/hour. Nationally, the average wage is $15/hr.

Should I take Uber or Lyft?

Open Google Maps, put in your destination, tap the little ride-hailing guy, and it will show you the current price and/or multiplier and wait time for both, and you can choose accordingly. Traditionally Lyft encourages friendlier interaction e.g. sit in front and you can tip from the app (with Uber

What has Uber done better than Lyft?

Uber has done a much better job of identifying and addressing high-end market segments than has Lyft. For example, here in the Utah market, Lyft has two classes of service: Lyft and Lyft+. The Uber equivalents are UberX and UberXL.Uber also has Uber SELECT (for luxury cars), Uber SUV (UberXL with black SUVs with AWD or 4x4, which

What is the difference between Uber and Lyft?

I drive for both Lyft and UberX, often at the same time to increase my chances of earning. (Uber X is the same as Lyft--a person with a car--not to be confused with the black car service they do, too.)UberX passengers almost always sit in the back, they don't want to talk (they want to work or

Which company offers better service to riders: Uber or Lyft?

I would say Lyft offer better drivers, as I have known drivers who protest Uber over their ethics.I think in terms of technology Uber is very good at providing rides.In terms of customer service Lyft wins both in how they send messages and how they are giving customer notice in regards to their

Which has better cars, Uber or Lyft?

You have to understand that neither Uber or Lyft have any cars, except a few prototype autonomous vehicles. All the Uber or Lyft vehicles on the road and in service today are owned by the driver. And, many drivers drive for both companies, unless you live in an area where one company can keep you busy. On my car,

Which is a better company to work for, Uber or Lyft?

I drive almost exclusively for Uber in my market for 3 main reasons:Insurance - While I am on a ride, it is the rideshare company's insurance that is covering me. Uber's insurance has a deductible of $1000; for Lyft, it's $2500.Anonymity - In the vast majority of worldwide markets, in order

Which is better to earn on: Lyft or Uber?

They both pay the same roughly (within a few cents per ride)Lyft tends to have less passengers which can mean longer distances to pick up passengers. Lyft also has a bit more frustrating of an app to use. Lyft also will add

Which is better, Uber or Lyft?

I honestly would have to say Uber. By better they have a larger customer base and do a couple of things better (IMHO) than Lyft. I HATE and I do mean HATE when Lyft changes the passenger thus the pickup location in the middle of pickup. Not only am in the left lane, since I

Which ride share service is better - Uber or Lyft?

From the tags I assume you are asking from a Rider's POV.Of course you ask 4 different people in 3 different cities and you will get 8 different answers - it is relative and objective.I recently traveled to city X, a small college town. From the airport, the Uber app