Can anyone give me a good exercise routine?

Hi Lindsey,Establishing an exercise program is very rewarding on many levels- physically, mentally and emotionally. When beginning an exercise program it's important to find a type of workout you are committed to. Whether it be walking on the treadmill, elliptical, weight training/ body conditioning or taking classes. You see, exercise

Can I exercise only 3 consecutive days at the gym and rest the following days, then repeat the same routine and see good results?

Hi, Samy. Thanks for the A2A!Sure you can do this! I constantly switch my workouts up based on my mood and goals for each month. Now there is a good way to do this and a bad way to do this.Let's focus on the good side of this routine.The setup would need to be similar to what I'm

Can you give me a workout routine?

Get stronger in one month is not a practical goal, but perhaps you can add another notch or two to your current level of strength, but again to change to a beast will not materialize from thin air, certainly not in 30 days.I see you can lift weights. That

Can you rate my weight lifting routine?

The biggest problem is that you aren't providing any plan for progression and growth or for recovery. The movement's are fine, but plan how you're going to perform them. You can't do all of those movements every workout, you'll start to burn out.Pick 3 movements and formulate 3 separate workouts - my advice is to

Can you share your fitness routine?

My daily schedule(bulking plan)Wake up at 5am sharp.Drink some water.Brush and cook brown rice.Have my Pre-workout meal.Arrive at gym at 6 am sharp.Finish my workout by 7:30 am sharp.Have my post-workout meal.Arrive home by 7:50 am.Cook my chicken and pack my lunch along with my evening snacks.Arrive

Do people who go to the gym follow a routine?

Yes most do.There are too many approaches to list here but for example I do strength training so my routine is Chest, Arms, Legs and then Back.  This way when I cycle back to the same body part it is repaired.  I also do cardio on

How to make my daily routine more productive

In order to make your morning routine more productive, you'll have to:Establish a morning routinePlan your days and manage your timeTake care of your healthWork smart, and take breaksLeave room for leisure timeThese are just the broad strokes, and here are the specific steps you need to undertake each day to increase

How did you get into an exercise routine?

I started my excercise routine by doing the activities I enjoyed like cycling and walking while incorporating 5 to 10 minutes of strength exercises at the end. I gradually increased the time of strength workouts as my muscles got the hang of it. To keep it simple I just use my

How to consistently follow a daily routine

Step by step. Daily routine is bigger picture, when you look closer you can see blocks as morning routine, evening routine etc. These blocks are formed by one or more actions.Let me ilustrate it on my example.Morning routine:- get up at 6-6:30am- meditate for 10

How to improve my exercise routine

Old school calisthenicsBased on your description, not only are you financially limited, you must also be limited with time: you shouldn't work out for an hour and a half. To improve any exercise routine, the important issue is the progression. Running for an hour doesn't do much other than overworking the

How to plan my workout routine

Devide the 6 days of a week into two parts.Now there are mainly two types of exercise major muscle and minor muscle exercise.Major muscles are chest,back & shoulders and minor muscles are biceps triceps legs and abs.Now on Monday you should take 1 major and 1 minor exercise like chest and triceps.But note that major

How to start a fitness routine

EAT!!.Eat frequently.Make sure you put in something in your system in every 2 hours.Now by something ,i dont mean your regular medium extra cheese pizza.By that i mean good fat,complex carbohydrates and PROTEIN.I know you would have heard already enough about protein stuff.Lets do some maths,Shall we?You said your weight is 43

How to start to form an exercise routine

Here below is the beginner's workout plans:-The Starting Strength Novice Program can be broken down into two workout days, Day A and Day B. The entire body is worked each session. As the trainee progresses through the program, Days A and B are slightly modified to take into account the adaptations in

How to stick to my gym routine

In the most simplistic way:FIND YOUR WHYThat is, what really keeps you going here. Why is going to the gym truly important to you? How does it help you in other areas of your life or fulfil a strong personal need of

How to find a fitness routine

I left following my fitness routine a long time ago. It was nothing more than 5–7km running at a decent pace everyday.But only running and not doing any strength training is no good as you are developing stamina but losing strength and speed at the same time(the fact that I personally realised after some time). My sprint speed reduced

How to plan an exercise routine

I like the push-pull-legs split, and I pick one main movement a day and then choose supporting exercises to follow up. Generally I like 3x8 for the main movement, be it weighted dips, bench press, standing press... maybe 6s for front squats, maybe 1x8 for wide

How to start working out? What is the best exercise routine

I written before that without more information it's very difficult to give a recommendation. What's your age? State of current fitness? What are your goals?Do you want to control/loose weight, increase strength for athletics, improve cardiovascular efficiency... Gain a better physique, become a

How to stick to a work out routine

Initially make it something simple and easy to stick to. Make it short. Make it convenient. Go in each day with a strength or speed goal in mind to work up to. Anything else is icing on the cake. Don't go in saying I am going to do_______ for _______ minutes/hours, etc. Don't make it about volume. Make

How does my exercise routine look?

You can't build ‘serious' muscle with a 15 pound dumbell. Forget about exercising twice a day everyday of the week unless you are trying to develop the body of a marathon runner because that is pretty much all you will do. If

How many sets of squats should I include in my leg day routine?

If you're doing a meathead style bodybuilding split routine, then the number of sets of squats that you do on

How much do swimmers swim a day?

That really depends. Who are you talking about? Distance swimmers and college swimmers tend to swim way more yards than sprinters or club swimmers. Right now, I'm a mid distance swimmer about to go swim D1 my freshman year. This past year I swam 8 practices a week, so I doubled (morning and afternoon

How often should I change my gym routine?

Short answer:Keep the same exercises in the same order for 8 weeksLong answer:You do not have to change an exercise often to shock the muscles. Your muscles do not have any cognitive ability so you don't have to confuse them; you will end up confusing yourself instead!The reason

How often should I change my workout routine?

Short answer:Keep the same exercises in the same order for 8 weeksLong answer:You do not have to change an exercise often to shock the muscles. Your muscles do not have any cognitive ability so you don't have to confuse them; you will end up confusing yourself instead!The reason why people tell you to change your routine often is

How should I develop an Exercise routine so as to stay fit?

Geriatrics*: I'm a septuagenarian attending to my ablution activities independently. Residual Post polio of right lower limb. Had 2 cataract surgeries, circumcision, titanium rod fixed in hip bone [fractured].1. I can climb steps, using a walker in bath room, a walking

I started a daily workout routine. However I am very sore after day 1 and having a hard time walking. Should I wait until the soreness has decreased before resuming?

No, you should just stop trying to hammer yourself into the ground with every workout.Intensity is great, and I totally understand the desire to bust your butt from day 1 onward, but it can be detrimental from the perspective of motivation.Getting sore on day 1 makes day 2 that much harder to want

Is a full body workout two or three times a week as effective as a split routine working out 5 or 6 days a week? How do I get the best results possible with the least time invested?

A full body workout means you are exercising your entire body, with all muscles being stimulated in a single workout. On the other hand, a split workout separates your muscle groups or movement patterns on different days. For example, if you are working out 3 days in a week, you can complete chest and back exercises on

Is an exercise routine consisting only of bodyweight exercises better than a regular weightlifting routine?

I would have to say no. Weight baring exercise is of particular importance to ward of osteoarthritis. It also does wonders for the body hormonally, as well as help to boost metabolism. The one area of weight training which becomes of

Is it true that if you do the same exercise routine every day the body stops working out the muscles and it becomes muscle memory?

Specificity of training aka Practice makes Perfect.The more we do something the better we get at doing it. Exercise being the key. We learn through exercise and repetition. They say it takes approximately 300 repetitions for a movement to become autonomous. But it takes 5,000 repetitions to correct a faulty movement. So in the beginning repetition is

What are some examples of super-set exercise routines?

Try this:Dramatic Transformation Principle: Changing People's Bodies And Lives!I tried it for 2 years in college.   Gained about 10 pounds overall but I don't think that my genetics is fit for body building, just lean.  Currently, I bike and stay lean but I do

What are some gentle workout routines?

If you are looking for something that is really easy on your bones/joints try out swimming. Swimming is about as low impact as it gets compared to running, lifting weights and other high impact activities. If you aren't the greatest swimmer you could always try shallow water Aqua fit

What are some good 4 days workout routine?

mhmm you should have at least 3 days rest.   And you should try to train your back on a day of its own, and your abs should be trained once a week as well because it's a normal muscle like any other muscle in your body.   And if you wanna gain muscle mass

What are some good push-up only work out routines to build a great looking upper body for a 31 year old male?

The most effective way to build a great looking bod with pushups would be to change up your angles and hand positions. The exercises you can do would be normal pushup (hands shoulder width apart), Wide pushup (isolates your chest more, have your hands almost as wide as possible), Incline Pushup (upper body

What are some hacks that will change our beauty routine for the better?

I always make sure to go through my skin routine before makeup and I don't put a lot of foundation (I just use some powder to decrease the shine in my face) on since I have sensitive skin, so I'm prone to breakouts. Always to make sure to wash your brushes/blenders weekly since

What are some of the best lifestyle and productivity hacks one can easily incorporate in his/her daily routine without much effort/ resistance to change?

Honestly, the best way to change anything is in small increments over time that are accessible and sustainable. What you change may not matter quite as much as how you go about trying to change it. For example, going to bed as close to 10p as possible is a good way to start. If

What are some weekly exercise routines?

Q: What are the best exercises that I should be doing weekly? ·Cardio exercises would be best if your goal is stamina and cardiovascular health. Dr. Kenneth Cooper, who spent his career studying cardio exercise and its effects, developed a point system to measure the cardio effects of different exercises at various durations and intensity levels. He recommends a

What are the best Ayurvedic morning routines?

The morning routines are part of

What are the best morning routines for waking up?

Before I go to sleep at night I take all the clothes I plan on wearing the next day and put them through out the house. Usually I have my pants and socks in the bathroom then I have to walk across the room to grab my shirt then

What are the best workout routines?

Hi,to build muscles is better to lift on every muscle group at least two time a week. Research reveals that when you train a body part, protein synthesis remains elevated generally no longer than 48 hours. In most cases it is elevated approximately 36 hours, after which time it returns back to a baseline level. So,

What are your tips for building a solid workout routine?

Firstly, you need to get clear about your goals.What do you want to achieve? Are you trying to lose weight, build muscle, get strong, improve your general health...?Once you have an idea of what you want, you can start to build a workout plan around that.Take the time to do your research and

What basic exercise routine we can follow to keep ourselves physically fit?

Dear Vivek, If your aim is to simply keep yourself physically fit, and if you have 40 mins in hand go for a outdoor jog for 20 mins. Our go for a bicycle ride or swimming. This will give you fresh oxygen and energy and keep you charged throughout the day.You can do either of the

What can I do for 10 minutes every day that will change my life?

Talk to random people.Fellow passenger in public transportDaily vendorsStore ownersWatchmanPeon of your officeTaxi driversAnyone you meet. Remember, do not talk about yourself. Ask about them. And listen. I do that everyday and knowing people is amazing. Here are some examples/ lessons I

What can we add to our daily routine to get fit without working out?

Namaste Micheal, thank you for reaching out through your answer.Food is of immense importance in keeping you fit, both mentally and spiritually.The Indian scriptures mention ‘Mit-Aahaar', which is ‘Moderate Meals'.There is a tendency to overeat because you are eating without Mindful

What does your daily routine look like, from waking to going to sleep?

My daily routine is pretty scheduled, almost same every day except weekends.Wake up: I am a kind of early bird, hate to sleep, wake up at 6:15 AM. I know it is not too early but I have to sleep till late to complete my 5 hours of sleep.Go to Gym : I rarely miss

What exercise routine should I do?

Becuase you did not provide the specific exercises, I assume you do lots of isolation movements. These would include   leg extensions, leg curls, and such.In soccer, you move as a unit. Not single body parts. Becuase of this, you need to train with compound exercises. If you train on your own, without a trainer, I would not recomend power

What exercise routine should I follow?

I would say to start with do full body workouts using bodyweight 3 times per week with 48 hours rest between sessions. Your muscles take 48 hours to repair and grow. You can find full body workouts using bodyweight online and there are demonstration videos on YouTube. There

What gym routine should I follow now?

Hi!I highly suggest that you follow a weight training gym routine. Strength training has many benefits on your health, allows you to increase your muscle mass whilst also decrease your body fat. Not to mention the fact that you can

What gym routine works best for you?

I have been using the single body part a day. Which is ok if you are on a maintenance phase.Now i play soccer so i need more athletic moves than just lift weights all the time.So i have add some circuit training and base on soccer i make sure my circuit training consist on sprints, jump

What is a good daily military exercise routine (the physical)?

Preparing for the military involves endurance, strength, and trusting the instructor is there to improve you by pushing you.So, how do you train for this?With intense and challenging workouts.Intense refers to keeping rest short between sets, around 2 minutes, less if you can.Challenging means maximum effort. Regarding resistance training, for every rep of every set your

What is a good routine to do after Stronglift 5x5?

I'm assuming you're asking for what routine to follow after that... if that's the case, then the correct answer is it depends on what you want and need BUT it doesn't really matter. Let me explain:Most treat 5x5 programs as beginner and intermediate programs, so you could have done Stronglift

What is a good way to start and fitness routine?

Hi Sweetie,Let me just list down few things that we need to keep in mind when or while we experience our fitness journey :Acceptance : First and foremost you need to accept your body the way it is. Study it, understand it, get to know

What is an example of a physique that almost anyone can achieve with a dedicated workout routine? How shredded can the average Joe with a 9-5 job and subpar genetics achieve? Pictures would be helpful.

It depends on what your willing to sacrifice and how dedicated you want to become. Arnold Schwarzenegger came from Austria and had a dream of winning competitions. I believe from his books and inspirational speeches he worked 2 jobs and went to school, he slept very little and was on a strict

What is Connor Murphy's workout routine?

Connor Murphy's Routine!Murphy is a bodybuilding mens athlete who maintains his physique all year.He maintains his lean body whilst putting on muscle.In his videos on YouTube he reveals his workouts plus ability to create humour out of workouts!Connor Murphy's WorkoutMonday Chest DayTuesday Back and BicepsWednesday LegThursday Shoulder TrainingFriday Core TrainingNo workouts on Saturday nor SundayAUTHOR

What is Jeff Bezos' workout routine?

Lately, everyone in tech is talking about Jeff Bezos and how he got so jacked!One the first things you can see are the veins in his arms.Not only is crushing business but he is also crushing weights.A body like his isn't built by spending hours on the elliptical.It is built on good old

What is the best exercise routine for people over 80?

They same as the exercise for people under 80 years old. They are a very varied group. Some work as builders all day long. If you are a personal trainer ask to see your client's medical assessment before setting the programme.Also liase with any other health professionals caring for this person and do a thorough

What is the best full-body single routine workout?

I have answered this few times before. Here is a new twist. By the way, read my disclaimer at the bottom of the page first. Please.A single routine means one exercises and may even mean more than one exercises. Let's

What is the best morning routine without having to exercise?

The best morning routine, I believe, is one that kicks your day off with energy, vitality, calm, and purpose. The specific activities will vary from person to person, and over time. Experiment with any combination from this menu of options:A good morning starts the night before with adequate and restful sleep which improves your efficiency, cognitive

What is the best recovery routine after a workout?

A2A.I think you are going to get a lot of different opinions, but at the end of the day you just need to find something that works for you. for me my recovery starts as I am working out if

What is the best routine/ morning routine to get fit?

Follow this routine for 30 days continuously, if you don't find yourself getting better, come back to this answer, comment

What is the best way to change your workout routine?

If you follow the same workout routine, your body gets used to it and eventually reaches its plateau (neutral point) after which you won't see considerable changes(gains) in your body.Change is necessary and doing it after 3 / 6 or 8

What is the best way to go about starting a new workout routine?

Great question! This is the most important work you need to do : Planning.The late great basketball coach John Wooden used to say that there were only two things that you have control over, your effort and your attitude. That's it!Everything else is beyond your control.With that said, them most important thing you can control in your workouts is

What is the best way to make regular exercise a routine?

All you need is motivation and don't exercise every day though, rest on weekends,It's very difficult to get yourself motivated to get up, dress and go to the gym. It used to happen with me too, everyone faces this dilemma why even start when I'm so

What is the best workout routine for back muscle?

Start with Deadlifts. The best compound movement for back muscles. Then go with some chins or lat pulls. Finish with one or two rowing exercises. I like single arm DB rows and inverted rows . Inverted rows can be done lying under

What is the easiest way to sneak exercise into your daily routine?

I build my daily routine around my exerciseAt the moment I'm in the early stages of doing a 1,000 Days of Running (Run every day for a 1,000 continuous days) challenge.I'm a self employed strategy consultant and whilst I do have a lot of flexibility my clients

What is the minimal exercise routine to stay fit?

For most healthy adults, the Department of Health and Human Services recommends these exercise guidelines:Aerobic activity. Get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity a week, or a combination of moderate and vigorous activity.Moderate aerobic exercise includes activities such as brisk walking, swimming and mowing the lawn.Vigorous aerobic exercise includes

What is the shortest and most effective daily gym routine?

What is the shortest and most effective daily gym routine?Well considering effective is a very subjective question and we have no idea on what you look like and what your end goal is, this is a slightly hard question to answer.[Stop reading if you want a quick fix solution or can't

What is the simplest workout routine that still works all major muscle groups?

All great answers in this post.I'll add my 2 cents. Maybe it'll help.Three basic movements have been shown to give you a well rounded and fairly quick response when it comes to transforming your body:Push-ups: this works the chest, shoulders, and triceps fairly well. Varying your hand position and the incline of your feet will also increase or decrease

What is your daily eating and exercise routine?

Currently on gaining phase. SO eating like a hippo. Current stats are 79kg (18% body fats) and target is 90kg(~10% body fats). So the plan is crystal clear- lean bulk. Currently consuming ~4000 calories / day, well segregated in 8 meals throughout the day.Meal

What is your daily fitness routine?

Earlier I was very lean. My weight was around 60Kg and no matter whatever I try it remains the same.From last 5 months, I have changed my routine. I started hitting gym and now I can see a lot difference after all these months.

What is your daily preparation routine?

I never followed a strict routine during my preparation. However, I used to study at night till morning. So, I used to sleep around 6 AM and get up around 1-2 PM. I preferred studying till early morning because it used to be peaceful and

What is your exercise routine?

Excellent question!And I had a bike accident yesterday which took my right wrist away so I have all the spare time from gym to answer this! How sadly happy is that!I wake up at 7 AM, sleep around 1 AM at night because

What is your specific daily/weekly workout routine?

Mine is a bit nuts. I'm warning you, blame Raz.Every day, when I wake up and before bed1. Meditate2. Stretch3. Canoe one minute4. Push ups on Wall, 10 good ones, 3 setsSunday:Morning: 120 minutes combat, 30 minutes of combat yoga. 5 min on bike, 5 min on

What is your workout routine? And how often do you workout?

I do 8 workout sessions a week which goes as follows:Sunday - strength trainingMonday - bike ride (either 30–35km or 20–25km followed by a short 5–7km run)Tuesday - Strength trainingWednesday - Run (either a 10–12km run with some steep hills or a speed running workout such as hill sprints or

What is your workout routine like (with exercise list)?

At home, I usually just run on the treadmill for half an hour if I don't go to my boxing gym. HOWEVER, when I do go to boxing, here's what I do:Note: Doing these exercises from 5PM-9PM Monday-Thursday allowed me to lose TONS of weight. Like, TONS of it.First, I run a mile around

What nutrition plan would one follow if they attempt the sealfit exercise routine?

I have no clue what Sealfit is, it sounds like another version of P90X and simply utilizes the Navy SEALs as its motivation. If it's anything like BUDs, then a very high calorie diet is going to be needed in order to maintain muscle mass.Regardless, protein intake is the number one preserver

What one exercise will you never eliminate from your routine?

This is a tough question!I feel that the best way to approach this is to consider the workout style of breaking your workouts for the week with one day for each muscle group (Chest, Legs, Back, Arms, and Shoulders). By doing it this way I can tell you for each muscle group which exercise I will not

What's a good beginning exercise routine for someone who's never exercised much in the past?

The best exercise routine for a beginner?I am not sure if it is best but walking is the easiest routine. You have walked all your life you need no gear you can do it anytime. The streets trails and sidewalks

What's the simplest workout routine?

Walking. Walking with a full two liter bottle in each hand is even better. Do curls and lifts with the bottles as you walk.Park the car and walk more. If you drive to work park several blocks away and walk the rest. If you

What should be your daily gym routine?

If you are just looking for a good all-around package, do the following.15–20 mins of cardio-choose from a bike, elliptical, jumping rope, stair-stepper, or anything else that you enjoy that keeps your heart rate up.1 major lower body lift, such as back squat, cleans,

What should I know about your workout routine?

Depends I'm debating on cutting vs. Adding some muscle. However there is only real slight differences.Right now while bulking this is likely what will happen with a weird work scheduleTuesday - Chest/BiWeds - LegsFriday - Back/Shoulder/TriSat or Sun - Calisthenic liftsLess than 4 hours a week liftingLosing fat I would add 2 HIIT cardio days with abs.Heavy

What should my workout routine be like?

KEEP IT SIMPLE. If you are just starting out, I recommend you do body weight exercises. I do simple pull ups, push ups, dips and squats. I run for my cardio. I sauna (as much as possible - over 5 times a week) for heat stress. If you want to add weights, I stick with dumb bells on

What workout routine is good for building muscle for beginners?

At the beginning, you should focus on increasing your stamina. To increase your stamina you have to incorporate carbs into your diet, which can be done by eating healthy and avoiding junk food. There are some food items which contains a good amount of carbs which are as follows:BananaPeanut

What workout routine should you follow as a gym beginner?

Hello Beginner,First of all lemme congratulate you as you have taken a step forward which most people won't. As you are a beginner something to can't build muscle within 3/6 months, if this is your goal then please don't go to gymDon't take supplements from Day-1Do some R&D

What's a good workout routine I can do without weights?

Tabata workout routines are awesome.It is a HIIT (high intensity interval training) concept using your own body weight where you push all-out for 20 seconds, and rest for 10. You repeat this pattern 8 times, for  a total of 4 minutes. The idea is to alternate lower body and upper body/core to

What's the best morning routine for getting fit?

We all know how much stress people lay in having a morning routine. But what is it actually that is to be done? No one goes in depth about that!The First thing is to stretch your arms in the bed and lay there with your eyes open (or else you will

What's the best powerlifting routine?

Enjoy the journey of powerlifing best of Luck.There are endless debate abt this,if you're a begginer and you have no coach  then I would recommend these progs-I would recommend Starting strength or Grey skull lp then progress to texas method or anything else. I

What's the best way to keep exercising on a daily basis?

Sorry. But I don't accept that exercising can become a habit. I don't believe that if you exercise everyday for 21 days it will become an

What's your daily mind-exercise game or routine?

Aside from meditating every morning , I also read either with my ebook or actual book when I still have time. The daily routine mind exercise for me is to remember the gate code entering the main gate at work, and after that another gate code to enter the lab and then setting

What's your daily routine? What type of exercises you do at home?

I am 17 year old and My height is 6'3 feet.About 1 year ago I joined gym and My Weight is 63 kg and Height 5'11 with no muscle mass. I am doing A basic schedule which my trainer give me :- Mon-chest +shoulder with 1–2 exercise of triceps. Tues-back +bicep . wed-Legs Thursday rest then Repeat.But

What's your morning routine? Do you get up early and do anything, or do you wake up and just start getting ready for work?

Aw, MAN. I swore I would never be the guy who wrote about mornings.But the more I see this magical thinking come up around the early hours - that you'll be able to suddenly pop up out of bed and make 7 figures - the more I am driven to put my stake in the ground.I do not

What's your workout routine at home?

Part 1Body-weight WORKOUTS For Belly and abdominalTo lose belly fat easy, fast and simple, bodyweight exercises are recommended. No equipment required and you can do anywhere anytime. Keep a balance diet and follow some useful tips to achieve your goal of losing belly fat and workout

When I'm dancing or cheering, at the end or in the midst of a routine, I start gagging. How do I stop? Is there anyway to fix it?

It's important to find out what's making you gag. Your health may be depending on it.If you are dancing or cheering outside, and your performance season is in the spring or fall, you may be having to deal with an airborne allergen. In the fall in the US, that usually will

Which is the best 7 minute workout for Morning routine?

There are a few challenges to overcome in just allocating 7 minutes, but nevertheless, you can do some very useful activities. But just stepping back a moment, for real

Working Out: What is a good push/pull/legs routine?

What about lunges, step ups or single leg squats for the time being until your herniation heals?I mean depending on the type of herniation you have, and are hopefully doing rehab for, the easiest solution is to cut load in at least half by going with single leg

Would you mind sharing your daily routine? How do you manage time and how do you manage to perform activities that you like, socializing and completing important tasks despite a busy schedule?

Hmm. My daily routine? Will be boring, but yeah, I don't mind.I'm up at 6:30 am and ready by 7:30 am for college. By the time I come back, I'm loaded with five hours of fatigue and assignments. From 5:00 pm, I've got three

Any beginner at home workout routines?

The best way of building muscle at home Naturally without any equipment.In this, you find that Best workout that you can do at home easily. In this workout is less but the effect is more.I shared my experience of Body Building Just in 30 days Through this Website:-

Can anyone give me a good exercise routine?

Hi Lindsey,Establishing an exercise program is very rewarding on many levels- physically, mentally and emotionally. When beginning an exercise program it's important to find a type of workout you are committed to. Whether it be walking on the treadmill, elliptical, weight training/

Can I exercise only 3 consecutive days at the gym and rest the following days, then repeat the same routine and see good results?

Hi, Samy. Thanks for the A2A!Sure you can do this! I constantly switch my workouts up based on my mood and goals for each month. Now there is a good way to do this and a bad way to do this.Let's focus

Can someone help me get started with a calisthenics weekly routine and list of exercises?

Begin with the basics:Pushups (diamond, Hindu, conventional)Pullups (overhand wide grip and underhand narrow grip)DipsSquatsHanging leg raisesHollow holdsMobility - stretching, active warmups, joint maintenance ect (there are some great mobility videos by ‘bodyweight warrior' on you tubeThis should hit all major muscle groups and provide a good foundation to build

Can you give me a workout routine?

Get stronger in one month is not a practical goal, but perhaps you can add another notch or two to your current level of strength, but again to change to a beast will not materialize from thin air, certainly not in 30 days.I see you can lift weights. That