About C25K, which is better for a beginner, running every day or on alternate days?

Run every day no matter what your age or body type. Go as far as you can possibly go, and don't let yourself believe that you can't do it! Pick a tree or some other landmark and tell yourself you can make that goal. Once you reach that goal pick another marker and keep running to that

Approximately how many people have completed a full marathon and half marathon?

That's a hard one you'd need the finishing numbers of every marathon and half marathon in every country in every year since they began. You'd also need all the data from every runner who's ever done either inb training. A crazy question.That said if

Are 1 hour and 55 minutes an okay time to walk 10 kilometers?

Treadmill, or outdoors? There is a big difference wind, elevation, surface, temperature. You do not mention your age, or weight and height.But to answer your question. You walked 10k, and that is great! The goal now should be to take a minute off

Are some muscles more susceptible to delayed onset muscle soreness?

DOMS is caused by eccentric exercise, where the muscles resist lengthening, and a bout of DOMS gives some protection against future eccentric exercise. Therefore muscles that are typically exposed to eccentric stress have some background protection. This is why typically the upper body is more susceptible than

Are yoga, running and weight training complimentary forms of exercise?

I would rather define Yoga as a practice that impacts mental, physical and sprititual aspects. Yoga is highly mistaken to be a form of excercise. From many of the experiences i have read, yoga keeps one fit mentally and physically. i presume yoga provides strength, flexibility and endurance. 

At 285 lbs should I be embarrassed that I can only sustain running at about 4.5 mph on the treadmill? How fast should I be running after training for 6 months and losing 20 lbs?

Not at all. Do what you can, start where you are.That's a hard question to answer, weight isn't the only factor. That said, an often cited figure is that you should lose about 2 seconds per mile for every pound of extra weight you drop. I wouldn't focus on speed though. Keep most

At 285 pounds, I can run a 12 minute mile? All other things being equal, how fast would I be able to run at 185 pounds?

You said all things being equal then the answer is 12 minutes per mile.But I bet that wasn't the answer you were looking for. Loosing weight is just one piece of the equation. If during that time that you were

Based on running 5ks at a 5:45, 10ks at a 5:58, and 20 mile at a 6:35 pace, I think my endurance is fine, but how do I get faster?

By running faster.Shorten the distances, increase the speed and use long rest intervals to start.Gradually increase the distances, slightly lower the speeds (because you'll have do) and decrease the rest intervals.An 1km interval can be done faster than a 5k run.

Can I achieve my goal by running 5 Mile every day on a treadmill?

Get on the treadmill everyday and go 5 miles every day.  Some gotchas: if you don't run regularly, it's not as easy as it sounds.  Take it easy at first, gradually escalate the speed.  If you have to stop and walk, do so, but don't walk too long to let your heart rate decline too far.

Can I lose 5kg in 1 month by jogging, eating 2 meals and running up to 7km every day?

Who does not want to reduce excess body weight by rushing? But it will not be the case. To know the weight loss, you should know what to eat during the day. And for him the effort and the initiative. And to take your step forward one step, today's diet chartsThis diet chart is

Can I lose weight by doing only cardio? I mean intense cardio? Like I run for 4km everyday along with cycling and cross trainer? Is this enough?

Bro! Are you mad?First let me tell you one thing just come out of this cardio obsession.See,, Cardio is actually for proper functioning of our heart. It is not for losing fat or gaining muscles. If you do it regularly it just causes your muscle contraction and knee pains. So I

Can I run 2.4 km in 15 minutes?

From whatever little information that you have provided, an honest answer would be NO.So let me start...To begin with, you have never ran before and you want to complete 2.5Km in 15 minutes!! That's a speed of 10Kmph, you are targeting!!!Please don't get me wrong I am not trying to discourage you but just trying

Can I run 4 km in 30 minutes?

Yes you can if you are a regular runner. There is a term called 5pace running means 5mins to run 1 km, it's popular among most runners and like in one answer a guy has mentioned first 500m in 3mins that type of strategy helps too, but I would prefer like a pace,

Can I run every day?

http://edition.cnn.com/2012/07/2...The man linked above ran every day for over 16000 consecutive days.http://www.foxnews.com/travel/20...The gentleman linked above has run eight miles a day for over 40 years. Those are a couple of examples of people that have run everyday for a really really

Can one start running after 30?

Of course, you can run but follow these instructions:1. Reduce smoking to two per day- 1 morning & 1 evening.2. Start with the distance which you can run easily.4. Run this distance for at least one month, then increase

Can running a few days a week be better than running every day?

Yes it can! As long as your not overdoing it, when you do do it, its great! It will give your body time to rest, and will also keep you motivated, and looking forward it. I like to call it teasing myself! One thing I control very well

Can running eventually make you shorter?

From my personal experience with running 4–5 times a week and training for marathons, I can tell you that I am the same height i was 2 decades ago. Now, it is possible that if you do not replenish the

Can running or jogging really reduce weight?

Hello!There are many myths around weight loss and fat loss out there. But to be specific, weight loss is just one of many benefits of running. With Freeletics Running I have come to know the cold hard facts how running can help to reduce weight that I

Can running remove belly fat?

Yes.But only if...Condition #1: You're confident that running can help you burn-on average-more calories than you consume in your

Can sprints alone add upper body muscle due to testosterone levels increasing?

Well I haven't really vetted the methods used, but the study mentioned in this article suggests that increased testosterone isn't a contributor to building muscle after weight training. The after weight training is key in answering your question, however-your muscles

Can treadmill running alone increase running stamina?

Yes, if you do it right.Many marathon runners have improved their times in the off season through tread mill running alone.First suggestion is to keep your form good. It's easy to get lazy on the treadmill. keep your foot strike good and in the

Do people with long legs run faster than people with shorter legs?

In terms of endurance running, the concise answer is

Do squats actually make you run faster?

Hi Mukhlis:Perhaps the question may improve change to something like this:Do Squats, Deadlifts, Bench, or the variations of these exercises make you run faster?The answer is that the above prescription conducted by practicing the sport of Powerlifting, a gateway to other games like running sprinting, Marathons, etc.

Does bicycling or running consume more calories?

Over the same distance, cycling consumes far fewer calories.  Very roughly speaking, running burns around 100 calories per mile, while cycling burns only 30.Wheels are much better at conserving momentum than legs are.  Even if you don't coast, you're

Does jumping rope burn more calories than running?

NO. Running is a far more complicated motion and is a higher-output exercise.Jumping rope involves hopping up and down in place. The work you do raises your center of gravity straight up, then it falls straight down, and this oscillation continues over and over.

Does long-distance running build leg muscle mass? How?

Define "build". Long distance running builds strength, endurance, and running economy. I would for sure define it as "building" the muscle. It does not usually build size - although this will depend on the genetics of people that are doing the running. People who tend to build muscles

Does running 5k build muscle or help to lose weight?

Running long distances is an aerobic exercise that helps to lose weight.It is hardly possible to build muscles for running long distances, since your body is consuming most of the energy from all the parts of your body to fuel the long distance run. Hence, running long distances frequently can

Does running every day for 30 minutes keep you fit?

Dr. Kenneth Cooper, who spent his career studying cardio exercise and its effects, developed a point system to measure the cardio effects of different exercises at various durations and intensity levels. He recommends a minimum of 35 points per week for men, 27 points per week for women, exercising at least 4 days

Does running faster burn more calories?

I'm going to assume that a fast running is some form of high intensity cardio workout. Hence, you can look at this article, which gives you a very much quantitative answer to your question: The Fat Burning Zone Myth: Don't Be Fooled - BuiltLeanBasically what it says is:

Does running longer distances or more frequently (or both) help with improving all-day fatigue felt after running?

Just answer a simple question. Why do you run.Definitely not to improve on your fatigue!The solution is NOT to do either one. Rest for several days, maybe even a week. Forget all about exercise or whatever. Just do something else that you enjoy.When you feel

Does running work out the abs? Does this help in making the perfect shaped abs?

Well not exactly. Every single person on the earth has abs. Its just that its hidden behind a layer of fat deposited on our belly hence not visible. So to be able to see abs, fat from belly needs to be dropped. Running is a good exercise to lose body fat, but not a

Does running worth making you fit?

Why do you need to run?If you want to get into a job that requires you to run all the time then you must get into running.You should work out to make you fit for whatever you love doing.Than you need to watch

Every day of the week I either jog, sprint, or strength train fairly intensely, am I overtraining? If so, what are some physically intense things I can do that won't negatively effect recovery?

Most people don't have the drive to overtrain. You can tell if you are overtraining if you are sore for longer than normal periods of time, a drop in testosterone, feeing lethargic, etc.Look up adding a Neural Charge workout to your week. Might be of help to you.Neural Charge Training | T Nation

Exercise: Is it true your body burns calories faster if you eat after you run?

Several studies suggest a strong correlation between the number of calories burned post-exercise and the activity's intensity  . Basically, the longer and more intense the exercise, the more oxygen  the body consumes afterward. This means a higher sustained metabolic rate and thus more calories burned throughout the day. In one study, 

Fitness: Should I add HIIT to my C25K training?

Yes, You should add HIIT to your C25K training. HIIT training programs in today's world are like hot cakes selling away because of the health consciousness generated among people. People need not just be intelligent and smart but also must be confident of themselves as well as of their

Good exercises after running?

Running is most effective exercise to keeps you healthy and fit. Its not only beneficial for humans but for other creature also. We often use to see animal also wants to run and keep themselves happy and fit. Optimistically, would like to

How can deadlifts help my running?

Deadlifts can benefit running through strengthening of the glutes and hamstrings. Running can over develop the quadriceps, strengthening of the posterior chain is great for stability, improving overall strength and injury prevention. Also greater glute strength can significantly effect the final kick in a run.

How to achieve running 3.2 km in 12 minutes in 5 months

Hello MateHonestly, 5 months is enough time to run 3.2 km in 12 km. But it will include a tight schedule, proper workout, exercise and stretching and yoga (once a week). Let me shoe you an example of what i am doing right now:Monday: 20 min normal run followed by some stretching starts from your legs, then

How to burn calories/stay fit without running

Along with a healthy diet; 70% of fitness takes shape of your diet, 30% of various exercise, you can get fit. Healthy fitness.There is no real substitute for running. But the other calories burning workouts are;SwimmingThis burns a lot of calories because

How to complete 25 km run in 4 hour

Brother, I think 4hrs time for 25 km is more than enough. An average runner runs little more than 10 km in an hour(which is practically jogging).Without any load u should be able to complete 25 km (If u r running 25km, u mst be in some

How to improve my running fitness

This question is a little too general to answer accurately. So we'll give you the challenging response rather than the benign or stock answer.

How to motivate myself to go running again

How about changing the way you run when you need to motivate yourself? It's so helpful more than you think to try different thing sometimes.There're a lot of running programs and apps which help your run more efficiently. Like Runtastic, Runkeeper, etc.

How to practice to run a 5 minute mile

This is usually my weekly plan for trainingMonday: Distance (6–8 miles)Tuesday: Workout consisting of either...800/1000m repeats (5–6 at a little slower than race pace with 90s/2min restOr400 repeats (10–14 at about race pace)OrMiddle distance workout...100–200–300–400–300–200–100Wednesday-Recovery run (45–60 minutes) + liftThursday: Tempo run1–2 warm up, 3–4 miles @ semi-uncomfortable pace, 1–2 mile cool downFriday: Race daySaturday:Recovery run (45–60 minutes)

How to reduce my running mile time to a 5 minute mile

If you are of average weight and running already you can do it. All the 7 and 8 minute miles in the world will not get you to 4:59. You must devout some of of your training to sub 5 minute pace. (75 second laps). There are many methods to

How to run 3km easily

Simply begin alternating slow jogging with walking. For example, run 3 times a week, and the first day you will do:100 meters jogging followed by 100 meters walking until you reach 3 km.The second day, you'll jog for 200 meters and walk for 100 meters until you complete 3 km.And so on. Each day, you'll increase the length of

How to run 5 kilometers in 20 minutes

There's a way to hit a reasonable goal time that's simple in implementation, more difficult in execution but will help you get to your goal. This used to be more well known a few decades ago but it seems to have been lost in the mists of time. Note the use of reasonable. You will

How to run 5 kilometers in 25 days

I'm assuming you want to run 5 km at a stretch on the 25th day. Disclaimer: I'm not a running/fitness expert. I just run because I like it. The following answer may or may not be ideal.3 weeks is a very reasonable target to run 5 km comfortably. First week: 3kms distance

How to run faster

Usain Bolt makes sprinting look easy. It's almost as if he doesn't have to try. But we'll let you in on a little secret: Sure, Bolt is more of a natural runner than we are, but he still has to work at it in order to keep himself in top form.

How to stop hating running

Need more context on how you run to suggest change to your running habits to make you enjoy it more. A few things to consider:Get fitted for proper shoes that match your stride and gait. They'll reduce injury and fatigue when running.Run slower.

How to train to run 2.4 km in 10 minutes

That's 1:40 per lap, correct? And your current pace is 2:40–2:50 per lap? That's a big difference.You don't say how much time you have to train before your fitness exam- a week? A year? Also, how much training have you done so

How can improve my running speed, taking into account that I have been running 4-5 km 3 times per week for almost 10 months now?

As the old running joke goes:How do you run faster?By running, faster.To improve your running speed, you've got to put in the km at a faster pace. There are two great ways that I've increased my speed:Dedicated speedworkRunning with faster partnersOf the two, running with faster

How to build stamina for running

By running to train! That was a relatively simple answer. Allow me to elaborate on that:Psychological Conditioning:This is the single most important 'training' that you can embark upon. Start to train your brain first. Because eventually it is your brain that will drive you - your body will just follow. You've to convince

How to build cardiovascular endurance

Hi! Thanks for the A2A!So with all the information you have provided, I assume you to be lean (read: skinny).  Talking about fitness, I would like to suggest, not to lose your consistency, for everything that turns us better takes time. Talking about the workout

How to get good at running

In addition to Dennis' recommendations, Strength Training: Try to lift weights or go to bootcamp classes at least 2 times a week. You will definitely notice the difference within a week. This will improve your endurance plus prevent you from any injuries (ankle, knee, etc.)

How to get started with running

I did this in 2012. Well, technically speaking I had run before; as a kid. But I can honestly say that when I started running autumn of 2012, I had not done any running or other endurance-sport for 20 years.Here's what I did:If you've been

How to go from running a 9 minute mile to a 6 minute mile

That's a pretty big goal, but you can do it with consistent training. I would go on slow, long runs for 4–5 days a week. These should feel easy and are to build endurance. I would suggest 3 mile runs and moving up from there. Move your mileage up

How to improve the army PT run/pushups

Anytime I had a school coming up that had PT requirements, it just wanted to lose a couple of pounds, I'd do this;Every time I walked in the front door to my home I would knock out the 18–21 year old standard for push-ups and sit-ups. If I wanted a

How to integrate a running training program in a strength training program

I assume you want to complement your strength training with the cardiovascular benefits of running and perhaps you want to reduce your body fat percentage as well. And I further assume you don't want your running to negate the adaptations of strength training.The first thing I recommend

How to overcome leg pain after running

It is normal to develop some soreness anytime you use a muscle group vigorously or for a prolonged period. Soreness in your legs that develops immediately after running usually fades over the course of several hours. Muscle soreness that develops more than 24 hours after running is due to tiny tears in your muscle

How to run 1.5 km in 5 minutes

That is a metric mile in 5:00 or mile in about 5:20. That is a good time. You will not do it by running long and easy.Run a time trial to get your current 1500 meter time. Either on a track or the road run 200 to 800 meter pick ups. Your

How to run 1.6 km in 5 minutes

A human can run with the speed of 45km/h , but that need a lot of practice and athletic body . And the Answer for your question is TRY and DO PRACTICE . I have reached till 25 , but

How to run a 400 in 57 seconds

You should include squats in your workout.Most runners agree that to run faster, you should focus primarily on your running workouts (interval workout, etc) and that's not wrong! However, it's quite possible to work your power, and thus indirectly your speed away from the tracks.You can, for example, improve

How to run a mile in 6 minutes in 20 days

To be able to run a mile needs a lot of endurance. Surely training can help increase the speed. But also there are multiple factors that can help achieve desired improvements:Breathing :This play a very prominent role. There is a very essential factor call VO2 max. VO2 max is

How to run longer and faster

Getting better at running is the simplest thing in the world, all you have to do is run more. There's no shortcut, no easy option, getting better at running is a slow, boring, painful process!Now, I'm sure you'll have no shortage of generic answers being posted in response to your questions. People pasting in an

How to stick to running since I really hate running

I think some have asked already, but the big question is WHY are you running?  If you want to run, do you have a goal in mind?  Are you training for a 5K?  Or an Ironman?  Are you running to train for another sport?  Did someone tell you that

How to train for a 5 km run in 10 days

See first of all you need to check your stamina that how much you can run without any halt in between.It takes time for the body to adapt to changes.Since you have ten days left for you marathon you need to have a change in your lifestyle too.So

How to train myself to complete 1.6 km (1600m) run in 5 minutes

First of all you have to set your mind bcz all your thinking is more work than bodyMake 6 weeks scheduleFirst 2 week, run 8–10 km with slow running and try to avoid breathing by mouth bcz it's reduce your inner stemina ( run only

How to train myself to run a 10 km marathon within 6 weeks

I am writing all this presuming you are VERY serious about your goal.You have to increase your distance by about 300 m every day; that may sound easy but consistently over two weeks it could be difficult; If you are consistently able to add even 200 m per

How to train to run a 5 minute mile

Id recommend doing long distance endurance running like 3+ miles or 40+ minutes 2–3 times a week, sprints 2–3 times a week, and also recommend things like front squats, goblet squats, and lunges. You also need to eat healthy diet, Taking

How to train to run a 6 minute mile

Cut back on your miles-that is no more junk miles which I'll explain later.Day 1Let's build a base. Do 8 sprints at your VO2 max. I personally like to cool down by jogging back to my starting point, then I repeat. So there is little rest.

How do people run 12 miles a day?

12 miles per day is quite a heavy load, 4380 miles over the course of a year. That is some serious dedication typically reserved for collegiate or professional runners. Most people don't log half those miles.The key is to ramp up to the mileage slowly. Add no more than 10% per week, and listen to your body. When you

How to train to get faster at running 1.5 km

If you want to improve your run times then you need to up your speed in training and combine this with longer runs at a less challenging pace. Speed workouts and interval training, in particular, help you build speed and improve your stamina and

How does five minutes of running benefit us?

Not much.Let me explain. Aerobic exercise (of which running is one form...) is very good for us. It improves the cardiovascular system generally, has a variety of other health benefits, improves cognition, aids in weight control, etc, etc.But...5 minutes is just not enough. That's not even a good

How does walking compare to jogging for exercise?

I'm a runner - my wife is not so I'm a bit biased.She is more into walking so we did a quick test for interest sakes with a HRM.A set distance walking and she used about 400 kcal. The same distance jogging (in between walking

How effective is running in place as an exercise?

Interesting question.Short answer: YES.I'll start with a short story to help me answer in depth (this is how my culture likes to roll).I'm a personal trainer, and I'm into very "machoistic" workouts. One day my friend invited me to a Zoomba class she was teaching. This was an advanced class,

How effective is to run 30 minutes to burn calories?

Very, very effective...but probably not for the reason you think.Your calories burned per minute or per mile depend upon your pace (and body size). You will burn more calories per mile by running faster. It won't be a lot more, but it will be more.Where you get your biggest incremental burn is in the

How exactly does running help you in reducing weight? Is it only calorie burning?

Every exercise, if you take in its primitive form, is about calorie burn. Running can help you to loose weight and fat tremendously. But running (or cardio) can be of two different types : long distance steady state cardio and short

How far should I run for a good workout?

To build on what Shahe Imran Imon said below in a little more detail:It's not about how far you run, or how long, or how fast. No single factor is ideal for determining a good work out. You must consider both time and intensity together.A good workout could constitute 10km at moderate pace, it

How important is warmup before hitting the gym or going for a run and why?

The Forgotten Elements Of Training: Warming Up, Stretching, & Cooling DownIntroductionWarming up, stretching and cooling down correctly are fundamental, yet often overlooked parts of any training program. While these components to training are very basic, many people tend to skip over a proper warm-up, stretch and cool down program and wonder why they do

How long does it take to run 26.2 miles?

There was an algorithm which looked at the number of training miles per week and the average pace per week's mileage, giving a ballpark time, ceteris paribus. A person, with no training, was estimated to be able to finish the classic marathon distance of 42.195km/26.28176mi in the 7 hour range.Having said that. the world

How long does it take you to run a mile?

Haven't raced one for a few years. I ran the 1500m equivalent of just outside 5:00 for a mile when I was 53 or 54; I broke 5 minutes for a mile on the road not long before I was 50, and 4:40 when I was 46.In England where I lived when we were

How long should I run a day for fitness?

how many days does not matter. how intensely you do matters.when you run, your muscles get sore and needs time to recover. muscles are not instant magic things to recover in a minute or so. they need time and proper food

How long should I run daily to reduce 1 to 2 kgs per week.?

In general an average person burns about 400 to 500 calories per hour running so assume you are running for 1 hour per day and your current calorie intake is maintaining your current weight and you are not increasing our calorie intake due to running then you will be only losing about0.5

How many 20 mile runs do you do in your marathon training schedule?

I did none in training for either marathon I've run. The longest long run was 16 miles (27km). I followed the now infamous Hansons Marathon Method which is based on the philosophy that 20 miles is just an arbitrary number

How many calories are burned while walking or jogging 2 miles?

Calories Burned - Walking: 2 mph (30 minutes per mile)How many calories you burn for Walking: 2 mph (30 minutes per mile).The number of calories you burn while exercising is dependent on the exercise you do, your weight, and the time spent doing the exercise. Use the calories burned

How many calories burned running in place?

People will frequently embrace running as means to lose weight, and for good reason. According to a report from the American Council on Exercise, running burns more calories than weight training, swimming, cycling, or even downhill skiing.With that being said, most people have no idea how far they need to run to meet their

How many calories do I burn if I jog 5 km?

It depends on your current weight/body composition.Generally speaking, a 200 pounds/89kg person would lose around 500calories. If you weigh less than that, you'll burn even less calories.Refraining from eating one chocolate or one McDonalds Big Mac, for example, would yield you

How many calories do I burn if I run 3 km in 22 minutes?

Sorry for being lazy but am just going to quote an old answer of mine.Tom Thomas's answer to How many calories are burned by running 3.4 km in 25 minutes?This is not easy math :) You ran outside or on a treadmill? What was the inclination? If

How many calories I burn after 25 minutes running?

that depends ona few factors. like ur bmi (body mass index) fat %,body weight, metabolic rate and some other. u can still get a fair amount of idea by checking ur resting metabolic rate (RMR) online. multiple sites offer the same, i trust Bodybuilding.com - Huge Online Supplement Store & Fitness Community! for tht purpose.also

How many kilometres should I run in a day to stay fit?

In a gym you would run about 3.2 kilometers (2 miles) in 30 minutes. But then you would do a circuit of different weight machines to utilize all of your muscles. When you run, you train mostly your leg muscles, but other

How many km should you run every day?

There is no unique answer to this question. Lot more depends on the level of preparation of the individual. For novice what could apply may not apply to intermediate and to one who is a proficient runner. For a beginner, one should try and run 3 to 4

How many miles a day should I run to lose 10 kg?

Know you calories intake perday, say X.Know your calorie burn per day. This includes calories you burn from normal day to day activities and doesn't include calories you try to burn explicitly, say by going to a gym. Call it Y.X-Y will give you an approximate of how much calorie you don't need. Call this Z.Try to burn Z

How many miles should I run per day?

I enjoy running and the feel is amazing after each run, but I am bit lazy to wake up in the morning or to hit a gym. So, to keep my self motivated I joined the challenge of running for 100 days. The target was pretty achievable but need lots of determination. Every day min of 2 KMs

How many pushups and running rounds can you do in a day?

‘In a day'is a hard question . There are few people who can do thousands of push-ups in a couple of hours. I can do some 300 push-ups in half an hour. I haven't tried beyond that. If you do 200 push-ups in an hour it is

How many squats a day in order to see results after 1 month?

What results are you looking for?Assuming strength and muscle gain; I would say quality over quantity. If you want to see results in such a short amount of time then you're going to need to squat hard, heavy and often.There is no need to

How much cardio and how much strength training should I do?

I would say decrese your cardio and increse your strenght trainng from the current level instead of totally cutting out on cardio.I would suggest you the form of cardio that does not cause muscle loss. when we run at a steady state for extended amounts of time (say 10 km)

How much is healthy to run every day for a beginner? How fast is it possible to increase distance of running every day, safely?

As a personal trainer I will try to answer, based on personal experience and knowledge of others. Take into account that there a different approaches that often refelct different ideologies concerning running.How much is healthy to run every day for a beginner?I would say it is not healthy

How much running is too much?

Moderation in endurance exercise, as with anything in life, is the key to staying healthy and minimizing risk.Anyone who's finished a marathon or Ironman wouldn't be shocked to find that the effort caused damage to their body and heart. Traditionally, though, that damage has been thought

How much training time does it take to be able to run a marathon pace of 7:30 per mile given the current training time of 10 min/mile pace for 6 miles and be a 7 out of 10 in muscle fatigue?

You need to set a REALISTIC goal.7:30 marathon running is quite respectable - it's sub 3:20 pace for the full distance, which is moving out of ‘jogger' territory into ‘runner' mode.Someone who can run a 3:20 marathon will likely be able to run 6:00 miling or thereabouts for 6miles. Certainly sub-6:30. So

How much weight can a person lose if they run 6 miles a day for five months?

A lot of this will depend on current levels of fitness and weight, as well as general body composition. I've known people who run several times a week, train for and finish marathons, and still weigh close to 200 lbs. And then there's me who, in high school, weighed 129 lbs while running