Will India one day become part of Russia?

What do you smoke my friend? Whatever that is, it is good shituff. Keep smoking. But please spare Quora users the agony of writing answers to funnily disposed figments of imagination. Thanks.

Can Russia ally with Mexico against the U.S.?

Sure, and in the long run, they are likely to do so. You just have to give up on the idea of a military alliance: Currently Russia is leading the way to establish a new global financial system with the BRICS countries – a financial system that replaces the current Dollar based financial system. Since the

If North Korea ever reached the U.S. with a nuke, would Russia and China step aside & let the U.S. destroy North Korea without retaliating in return?

I don't think Russia or China would have any choice, but if they did...yes, they would pretty much give the US a free hand in North Korea. Even the worst possible outcome for both nations - a unified Korea with US troops on China's border - would be

What would have happened in World War II if Hitler didn't try to invade the Soviet Union?

The Nazis would've won WW2, straight and simple, and probably would later defeat the Soviet Union as well(considering that without Germany invading the USSR, the Soviets would be the ones trying it).You have to see the scenario in which Hitler attacked the USSR:-France was completely beaten and occupied-England was very obviously

What does the US look like from the Russian perspective?

I'm a US citizen and I would never assume

If Russia quickly lands troops in Vancouver and takes control of the city, what happens next?

Welcome, comrades!Well first I'm sure you will all want to go shopping at Granville Island, maybe pick up some real Russian caviar or some local salmon eggs.You might find some BC Bud that everyone wants to try. It's practically legal here, no one is going

Is there a Russian area like Area 51?

Yes, of course.Do you remember this?

Will Russia nuke the U.S?

No.First, Russia knows the consequences of a nuclear attack on the US: A similar response in their territory. And that means millions of dead Russians, and a devastated nation. So no.Secondly, not all Russians want America to perish. I'm sure, in fact, that they only

Is it a good idea for Italy to leave NATO and ally with Russia?

In our current political reality, it would make very little sense and would be almost improbable for Italy to leave NATO and seek a rapprochement with Russia.Italy is one of the founding nations of NATO when it was established in 1949 and is a pillar of Western European liberal democracies.

Who would win in a war between Russia and the US?

In a very rare instance I am going to slightly disagree with my good friend Dan and any that say it would go nuclear. I would like to first say that I do agree with him and echo that it is unlikely there would be any

What do Russians think of the Flat Earth theory and Flat Earthers?

I always thought that it is a trolling theory created to mock other conspiracy theories by its absurdity. Just like Church of Flying Spaghetti Monster is a mockery to official churches and sects.I strongly believe that followers of this

Did Russia pull out of NATO or the U.N., and why?

Uh, NATO was created specifically to guard against the USSR, they certainly wouldnt have been offered membership during the cold war. There was vague talk after the cold war of eventually allowing the Russian Federation into NATO, but that moment passed. There has never been

Will India one day become part of Russia?

What do you smoke my friend? Whatever that is, it is good shituff. Keep smoking. But please spare Quora users the agony of writing answers to funnily disposed figments of imagination. Thanks.

Does Russia plan to invade the US?

While I have no direct links to Putin or the Russian government, and therefore no personal knowledge of their long-term plans, I think it's probably really safe to answer 'No' to this question.Nobody in their right mind is seriously planning to invade the U.S. It's HUGE, and it has one of the largest and best

Why does Russia feel threatened by an expansion of NATO and the EU?

When asking questions such as this, it helps to ask yourself: what if the shoe was on the other foot?How happy do you think the United States would be if Mexico entered into a military alliance with China? Imagine the

If NATO gradually dissolved, would Russia become less aggressive and more cooperative with the former NATO countries?

I guess it is possible, but if I were Putin, I would see if I could get me a Crimea 2, or 3, or 4. if that happened. The major reason Russia does what she does on her western front is

Do European leaders realize that Russia wants to destroy EU?

Yes, we want to destroy the EU. Yeah... in your wildest dream when you are in the bed, you can ask this questionGo back to reality: no. We might not like EU expansion, but, we don't have money or any efforts to destroy the EU. That's

Is it bad that I secretly want the US and Russia to go to war?

It is not bad. The US military is far far superior to the Russian military. In my opinion, it is high time that freedom loving people wage all out war to completely massacre and destroy every single person who would like to be taken

Will Russia be a superpower in the next 50 years?

It is going to depend a lot on their demographics. If the population grows steadily; they most certainly will. Russia is a huge storehouse of natural resources and they are rebuilding their infrastructure and modernizing their industry. They have an educated populace and a good system of universities and

Is Russia planning to destroy NATO and EU?

Of course it is, for then it can then use the old British Empire tactic of divide and rule. However, it isn't out to start WW3 or physically attack nations for there is little or no profit in that. Russia is seeking to re-establish its old USSR buffer zone of satellite countries and the break-up of

What would happen to Indonesia if America declared war on China?

Indonesia has the obvious problem of too many people and too much land, 7,000(?) islands to protect in any sort of war as well as a very small Navy for coastal protection (I don't think the American Navy could defend all of Indonesia as their sole assignment,

Is the USA a puppet of Russia now?

Not quite, because the US has a separation of powers, and the legislature and judiciary are completely independent of Russian influence - although the president shows many signs of being a puppet in Russia's hands. That his national security adviser was obliged to resign within 24 days

Who would win in a war between China and Russia?

Hypothetical scenario 1War is in these years and Russia is ready to use nuclear weapons. Have a look on numbers of the nuclear warheads of both powers:Russia: 7,300 warheadsChina: 260 warheads or probably more (see also The nuclear arsenals of China and the U.S.: Plans for a future armageddon)And also

What would happen if Russia invaded the US on 9/11?

It would mean we had entered some very different alternate universe where Russia had a blue water navy, naval lift capacity, naval aviation, and an ability to conduct amphibious assault.In this alternate universe they would also need airlift capacity, significant airborne forces, and the ability to conduct airborne

Is NATO a threat to Russia?

Yes and No.Yes because they are closer to the Russian borders now more than ever and have a missile defense shield in Romania and Poland that could potentially neutralize Russia's nuclear deterrence. More NATO members and thus more resources. Russia cannot match NATO's manpower or firepower.No because Vladimir Putin had already

Which is better for Bulgaria in all aspects: NATO/EU or Russia?

Q: Which is better for Bulgaria in all aspects: NATO/EU or Russia?N/A: Unanswerable.Q: Which is better for Bulgaria: NATO/EU or Russia?N/A: Bulgaria is a fully independent country, no adequate answer can be present.Q: Which is the best policy for Bulgaria in it's relations with NATO/EU and Russia?A:Sly.Long-term membership in

Do aliens exist? And why has Area 51 of Russia and the US's NASA agencies come under doubt of having their contact with aliens?

Your question is broad, but you are probably asking whether alien beings consult with NASA. First, let's be clear on one thing: despite the claims of exopoliticians, no government agency has attested to any contact with extraterrestrial beings.Now, that aside, there have been books written by

Is Russia a potential superpower?

No. Russia is a powerful country still, because of its population size and large army.But its military equipment is mostly old Cold War junk that has had minor upgrades.To put this in perspective. Britain with a small army spends HALF what Russia does per year on a far larger but lower quality Conscription army.

What would happen if Barack Obama flew to Russia and met with Vladimir Putin tomorrow?

There would be investigations in the House and the Senate. There would be cries of treason and collusion with Russia. The GOP leadership would be aghast that this could occur. There would be calls for posthumous impeachment. And all of this would occur without any sense of irony or hypocrisy.

Can Trump hand over the U.S. to Russia?

In the sense that Our Supreme Leader

How will Russia react if Belarus tries to join NATO and the EU?

I have not noticed any sign that Belarus is anything other than a post-Soviet dictatorship. The Revered Leader seems comfortable, and smart enough to repress any democratic tendencies very effectively. In short, Belarus lacks the qualifications to join NATO even if it wanted to. And

What would happen if Russia invaded the US on 9/11?

It would mean we had entered some very different alternate universe where Russia had a blue water navy, naval lift capacity, naval aviation, and an ability to conduct amphibious assault.In this alternate universe they would also need airlift capacity, significant airborne forces, and the ability to conduct airborne

What if Russia joined the EU?

Oh, golly, that would be epic. Here we go:EU would become a superpower with a much greater threat to USA that USSR ever was.There would be a huge shift of power dynamic that would start a new cold war.NATO would fall apart as defense of Europe would be in Russia's hands

What would happen if Russia attacked the U.S.?

I'll assume for this question that you're talking about Russia attacking the continental US.Depends how Russia decides to attack.  If they use naval vessels, their surface ships would be sunk fairly quickly and then the cat and mouse game of subs hunting subs would start. At some point, Russia would withdraw as there is very little to

Are the Trump supporters you know mellowing or having buyers remorse because of his seemingly lackluster cabinet picks?

All approval polls are showing about a 5 point drop in support in aggregate since the inauguration, this is true across the board no matter what his starting point was. His most favorable poll is Rasmussen, which shows him in positive territory still, but going from +14 to +6.So that indicates that a few

If the USA had to give Russia one state without a coastline, which one would they choose?

North DakotaCold , rectangular state with a smallish population that borders Canada. The Russians would be bordered by two nations without the USA losing all that much in the deal. The Russians would tolerate the winters and we'd still get to keep Mount Rushmore.

Is Russia a real democracy? Why?

TL;DR: No, Russia is not a

Would a Russian invasion of the US be more or less difficult than their invasion of Afghanistan?

Far more difficult, the US military is far superior to the Afghans and the US is a much larger country. In addition, the US has nukes which the Afghans don't have so there is a possibility it could have escalated into world war 3 and end life on earth.

What happened to Russia after World War 1?

The Russian Federation was under the rule of Tsar i.e the traditional Russian king which was basically a hierarchy. During world war 1, some horrific decisions were taken which affected the Russian economy badly and had hellish consequences on the standard

What happens if Russia disappear?

It's an Евриван Дайз™ scenario right out of Dave Consiglio book.If such large land mass suddenly disappeared, you would have massive earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, severe weather changes, natural and industrial disasters.Assuming you meant Russia as a political entity, then

Is the U.S. government planning a war with Russia (or China)?

The United States is planning a war with everyone, and there are US bases everywhere.(wait until questioner's head explodes)However, the two are not necessarily related. The United States Department of Defense has groups of officers whose job is to do nothing but plan for war with anyone and everyone, not because we want

How would Russia invade the US?

A2AThis question presupposes other alternatives by Russia were considered and rejected and for some militarily stupid reason they decided they want to invade. I say militarily stupid because invading a country is the hardest and most costly way to win a war.Case in point - the US won

Could Britain win a war against Russia?

If Britain tried to invade Russia then no, if Russia tried to invade Britain then yes as article 5 of NATO would be triggered and the western world would come to Britain's defense. The two countries are quite far away geographically

Why does the U.S. care if Russia controls Crimea or Ukraine, as they are not NATO members and were a part of Russia for hundreds of years?

According to your fantastic logic and intelligence Mexico would have the right to invade Texas, California,Nevada, New Mexico, Florida - Japan has the right to invade Korea and China - Russia has the right to invade Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland, Azerbaydzan,

What you know about Russian sci-fi?

Roadside picnic by the brothers Strugatsky is one of the best all time sci fi novels. The concept is that any life form sufficiently advanced to manage interstellar travel would be completely incapable of understanding, or even noticing such lowly creatures as humans.Written in 1971 in the communist