Are most marriages unhappy?

Unhappy is sort of relative. Most longer term marriages are on cruise control and while not really fulfilling (which can make you unhappy) aren't worth a divorce either. Especially, if your desired state is to be with another partner down the road and essentially back in a similar situation. If you haven't noticed most people

How to deal with sadness while living abroad

Was A2A, so I will try to be as honest as possible.I have lived in four countries. Born in the USA, a short spell in the Bahamas, two years in Abu Dhabi, and now passing eight years in the Philippines. I have lived outside of the USA for ten years now. Additionally, before I went

How to walk out of depression

I believe some depression is good. Yes, in bold.Depression is an evolutionary mechanism that is present in humans just because it has helped our ancestors survive adverse conditions and prosper. It is definitely not a disorder any more than you want

Life: What is the worst thing that can happen in life?

Imagine this scenario:You were born in a working class family, and you worked all the way up to a successful entrepreneur.You met a like-minded young woman and you fell in love with each other at the first sight.You got married, and had three kids of your own.You owned a prospering business

What's a song you listen to when you're sad?

Chicago - Hard To Say I'm SorryPeter Cetera - Glory Of LoveRik Emmett - Let Me Be The One + Saved By Love + Calling St. Cecelia + Love Will Conquer AllRichard Marx - This I Promise You + Angelia + Until I Find You Again + Right Here WaitingTommy Page - I'll Never Forget You +

Why can't I overcome unhappiness?

Happiness is simply a state of mind.Life is all about up's and downs. I strongly believe that we should work hard and keep ourselves busy with some productive work.Having faced many difficult situations in my life I have understood this simple mantra ‘if we think and assume that everything is alright then automatically we become

Do animals feel sad like people?

Yes, I have three incidents.First incidentI once saw a family of dog one papa one mumma and one son. Son & papa were fighting badly and mumma was trying to calm then down.Second incidentA mumy cow died in our society :( we had called a doctor but he couldn't save her.

Do animals feel sadness?

Yes. They mourn the loss of friends, stress out when owners leave for a time, and can get depressed in recognizably human terms when things are bad. Apes and other intelligent animals tend towards depression if not mentally stimulated, which

How to move on from my ex

If you have really made up your mind to Move On and do not want to look back then here are 25 steps you need to follow. No matter what may happen tomorrow, there is no force on this planet that will make you get back with her.1. Cut her off completely from your life: Cut

How to stop being sad

Hey there!I hope you aren't going through a tough phase in your life.Before I tell you how to overcome sadness, I must tell you that sadness plays a very major role in happiness, as well. After all, without being sad, we would not learn to love the feeling of happiness.To

Is there a song that's supposed to be sad but makes you happy?

Have you ever attended a Punjabi wedding? If you have attended Sangeet(Mehendi ceremony) or any other Punjabi functions, it is almost certain that there would have been a DJ playing Punjabi songs and people dancing like crazy!Now, there is a omnipresent song- Ishq tera tadpave which means ‘your love agonizes me'The lyrics

What are some songs, or a song, that makes you sad or feel very emotional?

Here is my list of songs that make me sad or extremely emotional; in no particular order.Bruce Springsteen - Secret Garden. Every time I listen to this song, I can't help but get drawn into a horribly emotional place I

What are the best sad breakup songs?

All I Need - RadioheadI'm just an insect trying to get out of the night.I only stick with you because there are no others.You are all I need.I Remember You - Skid RowI said I'd give my life for just one kiss.I'd live for your smile and die for your kiss.Blue Eyes

What is the evolutionary advantage to experiencing emotions such as happiness or sadness?

It can help speed up decision making. If I were to offer you to sign a document with a blue pen or a black pen, which would you choose? It doesn't really matter which one, but you just end up picking the one that you just happen to like better. The decision comes down

What's a song you listen to when you're sad?

Boy, do I have a list for you :Inserting my favorite lines tooBreakeven - The Script ‘I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing.'When you're gone - Avril Lavigne ‘All I ever wanted was for you to know, everything I do I give my heart and soul.'Last Kiss- Taylor Swift ‘So I'll watch

Which songs make you happy? Which songs make you sad?

Happy songs:Boom Boom Boom by Dan Bull. At least one Minecraft fan song was bound to be on this list, and this one has such a fun atmosphere to it. And the rhymes are impressive! Take a listen, it's a premonition of my mission, death by demolition! If I don't come home, there's a sign in my kitchen to

Why do people love sad songs?

People like sad songs because of either empathy or connection.The sheer emotions let out so honestly in those beautiful ballads we come across over time make us fall deep in the melody, so much so that you feel YOU are the one singing them, that YOU are the one who's heart is being poured out

Why don't I feel sad anymore?

It sounds like you are describing numbness. The fact that you are noticing this tells me that you don't have a mental disease, but have retained your second position to yourself, that is, you have the ability to not only feel

Why Mindfulness is hard to practice?

It's true. Mindfulness is simple, but hard.Think about it this way. You're in a white room. Floors, walls, and ceiling, everything is white. The room is 50 ft x 50 ft and about 15 ft high. There's just you in the room sitting on one end. On the other end,

Can sad people be made happy by happy people sharing their happiness?

I essentially try to answer this question every day.I have struggled with depression for years. My boyfriend is optimistic, naturally cheerful, and people regularly comment to me that he's the happiest person they've ever met. We're coming up on four years together this summer and share an apartment so if happiness was going to

Do people cry more at night? Why or why not?

With interests in both technical and psychological fields, I liken sleep to a progressive reboot of the body's systems. The time required to sleep is an investment in peak function for the next day.Here's an excellent read from Ksenia Kulichik, for further consideration on the importance of sleep, and the effects of sleep

I'm very frustrated with life. What should I do?

Hi,From what you have told, you seem pretty worked up with many aspects in your life at the moment. However, one thing that stands out here is that you are speaking of what you don't want or what you don't desire, and you seem stuck at this point in your life.I understand that you

What are good ways to overcome your sadness?

21 Ways to Deal with Sadness:-Depression gets a lot of press and attention these days. But sadness is a different thing. Sadness is the feeling that comes from an unhappy event. Now, if you don't deal with it, sadness can become chronic

What are some of the saddest movies?

These are some of the saddest films I have ever seen.I will not include films like Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting or One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest because they aren't really suitable for this list (they had some scenes that made us cry and thats all). I will list films

What is the saddest thing you've ever seen as a police officer?

I'm going anon for this one, simply because I saw somebody from my hometown on here the other day. This event ruined my little town and I'd prefer to not have a name to it. I am not a cop, I am a firefighter, but my partner at the time was an

What makes people sad?

This topic of happiness and sadness reminds me of a nice Fairy Tail, I would like to shareIn a town full of sad people an Angel announced , that he wants to make everyone happy , so everyone write down what they want and put the chits

What motivates you to work out when you are sad?

Only one Answer Meditation and Yoga .10 Minutes Meditation in silence10 Minutes Anulom-Vilom Pranayama10 Minutes Ujjai Pranayama10 Minutes Bhramri PranayamaEven you can also try it.Dear Viewers, if you like my answer then please please upvote it.Thank You!angel rayon backpackAngel & Rayon @

When alone, what can make someone happy?

Just being by myself makes me incredibly happy, I'm hanging out with the person I know the most and feel comfortable with. I don't have to pretend I like people I don't just to be friendly. When alone you can become your real you, and that makes it an even more interesting experience since you are comfortable

Why do I feel mentally and physically tired even though I'm not working hard?

U feel tired of ur desires. It's true,dear. Whenever our desires r 2 much n we run after them,we get tired. U need 2 think-is that which I want giving me something permanent? Then what use is it for? I can then live without it also.That doesn't mean u

Is it normal to feel sad suddenly?

Let's be honest. There are many things to be sad about. Whether it's globally speaking or nationally(I live in the U.S)I can definitely relate to feeling sad suddenly. The frequency of these instances could be something to be concerned about however. I would recommend checking out Moodgym. MoodGYM Training ProgramIt will help you reshape

What is the best way to keep your best friend happy when they're sad?

If I understand correctly, this isn't really a survey question but more of an advice seeking question?You should have the answer to this.Everybody is different. Considering that you're best friends, you should know each other best. I can't possibly know the personality or needs of your bestfriend.Some people need a listening ear or good advice

What made you happy before, but makes you sad now?

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