An employee of mine at the store consistently shows up on time and early for at least the last 4 years like clock work. What is a way I can reward aside from a raise, and let her know how much I really appreciate her and her dedication to the job?

This type of employee is a gem and it is only natural to want to express thanks and appreciation of her time and dedication to the job. There are a few things you can do depending on what you can afford. You can think about ordering a plaque for her to be presented to her at an

Are there any ways to earn around 30k per month sitting at home if someone can work from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m.? Are there any at home BPO jobs in Delhi?

There are several ways to make money online. It all depends on your existing skill set or the skill set that you would like to develop.My top recommendation is always

Are tips expected when using Uber?

Bare with me for a few minutes before I give you my answer. Let me set up 2 scenarios for you as an example using a short trip and a long one. Uber and Lyft take anywhere from 20% to 35% most times being

Are you "safe" in your job, and could advance for better pay, but if you do, there is a great possibility of being fired, so you stay where you are?

Unless you work for the government, there is always the possibility of losing your job. Companies are bought and sold every day. Companies are run out of business by competitors. Companies are forced to reduce staff because of costly government regulations. You think you are safe

Can a salaried employee be forced to work weekends?

Yes, assuming you consider the threat of termination of employment to be force. That's perfectly legal in every jurisdiction I'm familiar with - but I've lived my entire life in the United States, where labor laws tend to be more employer-friendly than in most industrialized countries. It might not be true in some places.Assuming you mean literally forced, as

Can an employer in Florida force a salaried employee to take paid time off when medical appointments last longer than one hour?

If you are a salaried exempt employee it is likely that you have a bank of days which you can take off for anything you like. There may rules regarding giving notices and acquiring approval whenever possible.The rule you are referring to is legal. Exempt employees who

Can an employer legally deny me pay?

Generally, if you put in your time, you must be paid. That's true even if your employer decides your work was sub-standard, failed to meet quotas and so on. That's also true if you're accused of stealing, lying on your application or a host of other things. The labor law in the states I'm most familiar with (California

Do elite military units and special forces teams in the military get higher salaries?

Navy SEALs are paid a set monthly rate that is determined by their rank and length of service. Military salaries broken down for commissioned officers, warrant officers, and standard enlistees. At the lowest levels, an O-1 commissioned officer who has fewer than two months of experience makes $2,876.40 per month which is the

Do employees get paid if they take time off to vote?

It would be up to the individual employer. My guess would be that if you are ‘taking time off' to vote, that you're taking time off, and would have to use a personal or vacation day.In my state (MA), polls open at 7am and close at 8pm. That gives you a 13 hour window to vote on election day.

How to earn $75-100 online per day

Hey buddy!Struggling to make $100 per day online?No worries! Because you just found the fastest and easiest way to make $2,000 or more per month with CPA marketing.How does CPA Marketing worksUser visits your website, landing page or simply your offerClicks on your affiliate link

How to afford a divorce lawyer if I don't make much money

In the United States, there is no right to an attorney in a domestic relations (family law) setting, so a court will not appoint one for you if you are indigent. Thus, you will need to retain private counsel, or choose to represent yourself.Low-income representation options:There are many attorneys who work on sliding

How does your HR department determine an employee's salary?

Here's generally how it's done. You will probably find this answer simultaneously depressing and reassuring.First, a note: this describes companies of a certain maturity level. Very small startups (under 50 people) tend to directly negotiate their salaries based directly on market signals, e.g. what candidates are asking for, what candidates

How much additional cost does a California company have to pay for a $100k employee?

As a very rough answer for planning purposes, the HR costs for most white collar workers with modest benefits runs about 20% of nominal salary, so you can use $20K for a $100K per year worker for a rough cut of your budget, business plan, pitch deck, etc.This includes payroll taxes and basic benefits (worker's comp

How much are architects paid?

Not enough if the only correct answer to this question...Being an Architect has been a very enjoyable career but it is simply not one that you pursue primarily to become wealthy or even financially comfortable.  I remember when a friend who was previously an Architect and changed careers to sales and was making over

How much do divorce lawyers make?

Have a look atDivorce Lawyer SalaryI'm unsure of the figures in my country (Ireland) but the

How much do Google employees get paid in India?

Average Base Salaries in (INR)Software Engineer ₹1,378,658/yrRange: ₹100K- 2,837KSoftware Engineer Monthly 47,590/moRange: ₹15K- 100KSoftware Engineer III ₹2,519,781/yrRange: 1,450K-4,361KSenior Software Engineer ₹2,391,586/yrRange: 410K-4,187KSoftware Engineering - Monthly Intern 31,393/moRange: 30K-35KAdWords Account Strategist ₹842,080/yrRange: ₹629K- 1,000KAccount Manager ₹1,485,712/yrRange: 709K- 2.360KIf my answer proved useful to you and want to get more best answers from me then do

How much do Victoria's Secret models get paid?

I once heard someone say, in jest, that a supermodel won't get out of bed for less than $5000. I think that was rather unkind.I'm not sure that you can get the specific information about what they earn working just for

How much does a lawyer make per hour?

Edit: One of the common complaints about lawyers is that they

How much does an astronaut working on the ISS get paid?

Not too much!  Truthfully, we only get a small "per diem" for our time on the International Space Station (ISS).  I believe my bank account had a deposit for about $172.00 US after my 152 days in space!  That comes out to about $1.20/day!  But when

How much money could an excellent lawyer make?

Excellence as a lawyer doesn't translate directly to excellence at making money. Same as any occupation.A big firm partner billing by the hour can collect 1,600 hours times an effective hourly rate of $600, about half of which is take-home pay,

How much money do I get paid with 100000 video views on YouTube?

There are various factors that come into place for the revenue to be generated for the views you will get on your YouTube videos.These are,The topic of the videos you are makingThe countries from where the videos are being watchedThe type of Ads that are

How much money do Uber drivers make?

NYC; In 2013 I averaged about 1300 per week after all Uber deductions and fees as well as $500 per week rent on the car 12 - 15 hours per day 6 days a week. and in some cases 7 days a week. In 2014 that has changed dramatically. All the

How much money do you get paid for 10000 views on YouTube?

Hey there! I am a YouTuber myself! An 18y VLOGGER. I upload a lot of funny high quality content, which I'm sure you'd love!Here's the link: I AM PARITOSH ANANDYes, so the answer to your question depends on how great a YouTuber you really are.YouTube starts paying you for every 1000 views after your channel crosses the

How much percentage of salary do you share with your husband?

I would say none! We share the expenses and not the salary.Since ours was a love marriage, we had discussed out financial scenario way before we got married and had divided the expenses back then. After marriage, my father-in law actually ordered me to not to spend a

How much should I tip in Hong Kong?

Unlike in the US, tipping is not a big issue in HK. It is neither customary nor offensive (like in Japan). But of course a tip would always be welcome. It is really a personal thing. If you're happy with the service,

How much should you get paid to clean? My teenage daughter is currently arguing with me that she should get paid $20 an hour for regular household chores. I told her we would give her an allowance of $8 an hour and she said that's too low.

If you're insistent on paying someone TO clean, the minimum wage in your area is likely to be a starting point for salary. Where I live the number varies based on how large an employer you are, but it's in the

How much would you run or walk every day if you were paid $10 a mile?

How much would you run or walk every day if you were paid $10 a mile?These days I am slowing down a bit but a few years ago I could do 20 miles over the mountains without too much effort.Perhaps now more like 10 miles in an afternoon.Questions like this remind me of the views of

I asked my boss for a raise but he said I didn't deserve it, so I sent him my resignation letter. Now he is asking me to stay with a higher salary. Should I accept his offer?

I've been in this situation before with a Company I worked for, been with them for 4 years and at the same salary and have seen others get raises. This was a restaurant and that company did very well financially as they owed 16 of them, the problem was not they could not afford raises it

I told my boss that I'm going to resign, and he offered me twice my current salary if I stay, what should I do?

TLDR: I was offered a job by a customer of my company, and then counter offered nearly 3X my existing pay to remain with my company. I took the customer's offer, and never regretted it.I worked for one of the largest computer hardware, software, and services companies in the US as

I want to resign because I have a better job offer (around 1.5x). What should I do if my boss offers me a better salary? Should I stay in that case?

I work as a HR Recruiter for a large global organization and have seen this exact same scenario time and time again and it really depends upon why you would entertain a new position.During my initial interview I always ask candidates

I was offered a great salary from a competitor company and I already have been rejected by my own boss to get a salary raise. Should I resign?

I don't think I understand the question. Your boss rejected your request for a raise and another company offered you what you consider a

If an employee is scheduled for a 4-hour job but the job is cut short to 3 hours and the employer still gets paid for 4 hours, shouldn't the employee also get paid for that time?

A2A - You don't say why the employer would be getting paid for four hours. Who would be paying the employer? I'm going to assume that it's a situation where the employer is billing a client by the hour.In that case, it's unethical for the employer

If an employee works faster than others, is it okay to keep them at the same pay as everyone else?

Obviously No, Don't use stick theory here. As humans we need to be motivated at every moment of time, even if you are doing a good or a bad job. I think you should definately increase his salary as a result it will be motivating factor for other employees to work as him and have a increment.

If you get paid to work by the hour and work a lot of overtime, but your amount of vacation time stays the same, can you request that the company also give you additional vacation for overtime hours?

original question: If you get paid to work by the hour and work a lot of overtime, but your amount of vacation time stays the same, can you request that the company also give you additional vacation for overtime hours?You need to review your employee handbook and if you have a contract your employee contract.Most companies

In what situation would a hard-working person not deserve their money?

I can't think of a situation where deserve (at least legally) would apply. If you've worked, you've earned the money because you produced value.The issue that I can see is that you've worked hard but ignored common sense, what you were directed to do or how you were asked to do the job. I have a relative who was

Is it common to receive any form compensation or gift for your work as an unpaid summer intern?

An internship in the United States must be compensated in one of three ways:1 A Stipend2 Course Credit3 Paid wagesIf you are doing the internship for course credit, or doing an illegal internship (more common than you'd think) you may end up getting some sort of compensation. I've seen interns who got a

Is it illegal for U.S. employers to ask full-time, W2, salaried employees, to work extra hours without pay?

No it is not illegal. Salaried workers agree to work for an annual salary not hourly wages, so the employer can ask them to work extra hours when needed. Usually they are not paid for those hours but are allowed to take an equal amount of time off that does not count against

Is it okay for parents to keep asking money from their child's salary for living?

It depends on the state but in general some or all of a child's earnings are under the fiduciary control of the parents.In California, 15% of a child's earnings must be put away in a trust for the child when they reach maturity.  This is due to some history of child actors making

Should a wife submit her salary to her husband?

Every married couple has their own situation. In my household I am not an income earner, but I control the finances. My husband

Should employees be paid overtime if it is unhealthy for them to work overtime?

Employees in the U.S. are paid for overtime on a single criterion: did they work the overtime?If it comes to light afterward that they shouldn't work any more overtime, that's news that the manager should heed and stop giving overtime.This

Should I lie about my salary in an interview in order to get a higher offer?

My thoughtsIf you tell your company that you are currently being paid less than the industry average, then they will certainly see this as an opportunity to pay you less. You have 2 main choices when negotiating:1. Don't tell them what salary you are on.2. Lie about your salary.Some people here

Should I negotiate a salary offer if I'm already happy with the current offer?

First of all, the important number is not whether you are happy with the number, but whether or not its below market rate.  If it turns out to be below the salary for a comparable job, then mention this.  Either they will bump up the offer or try to sweet talk you (and sometimes sweet talk works).

What are practical ways someone can make an extra $100 a week?

You should learn doing Affiliate marketing arbitrage. ClickBank is perfect marketplace for this.Affiliate marketing arbitrage is when a marketer purchases ppc campaigns with programs such as adwords and makes affiliate sales simply by linking to affiliate offers... As long as the affiliate sales are higher than your ppc costs you are making profit...They most

What are the best paying jobs of the future?

Updated June 2018:The best job for the future have not been created yet!However these are good topics to study in the next 5–10 years :Software design and developmentCyber securityArtificial intelligenceMachine learningData analytics and predictive analyticsBusiness, Commerce, EconomicsRoboticsHealthcare: bio technology, palliative careRenewable energy--/-/--//-/-/---/2017If you are living in a developed country, chances are the best jobs

What are the highest paying careers?

I agree with Lalit Patel.Never switch positions based on percieved pay. Do what you enjoy and advance in that area. Chasing the buck is not the ticket to happiness. Forget the nonsense that "wealth equals happiness" or that "wealth equates success". It's a bunch of hogwash.I know many people who outsiders would feel

What are the most underrated jobs which pays really well?

There are few mentioned below -Window Cleaners : These people get around $90 an hour if they cleaning windows in a building. Other kind of cleaners doing small cafe or hotel get around $40 an hr depending upon there experience which is pitty good figure.Truck Drivers : These guys make some good money too. Specially the

What is a good way to save money with a small salary?

I think I am Qualified for this answer -According to me there will be two step for saving money 1st one would be save money and second would be create more money.Save Money - :1. Put the

What is Navy SEALs salary?

It really depends on their rank and how long they been in. I'm E6 and my yearly salary is only $58k a year and I have been in for 15 years. Actually make less than that. This is only base pay. With BAH it can go up to six figures

What is the annual salary of shah rukh khan?

Salary is the wrong word u are using here. A salary is what you get on monthly (in most cases) basis, by your employer. That is when you do some job or work under some1 with fixed working hours.What you should mention here is Annual Income. People specially businessmen and people with

What is the average salary for a software engineer?

Without knowing your desired city, the average salary is not so meaningful. Because it is totally different in different locations. Also, because of different tax systems and living costs, what you actually make could mean differently in different locations.This tool is for comparing the savings of software engineers in two cities. But you can still use

What is the best way to save money every month from my salary?

My Suggestion:1. Before going to saving your money, keep an emergency fund which is equal to 6 months of your net monthly salary. Keep this amount in a Liquid fund or in a FD. Do not touch this money until you face an emergency situation.2. Take a term policy for the sum which is equal to 8

What is the exact salary of an IAS officer?

Salary of an IAS officer: 7th Pay Commission RecommendationsThe starting salaries of all Civil Servants (Group A) are the same (Pay Level 10).7th Pay Commission recommendations are approved by Cabinet on 29th June 2016. Now the basic pay of entry level IAS officers is Rs. 56100. Allowances like Dearness Allowance (DA), House

What is the most underpaid profession in today's world?

I would say primary and secondary teachers. My wife did it for 28 years. Despite having a great education she never made $40k a year as a teacher.People would say, she has summers off. Well she never did until she retired. She had to take classes and do

What is the salary of chemical engineers?

It depends on which industry you are entering. But most of the basic entry level packages range between ₹1.8 lakhs to ₹3 lakhs annually. These packages are in India.As experience increases, expect an increment between 30–50%. It still depends on the position and company you are working, but most likely you can expect 30–50% increment.But if you

What motivates you at work?

It's the opportunity to learn each moment I still have. The learning may come in as shock but I know I will still learn. Just like today, I was just asked by one of my business partners to lead in the learning session later tonight. It's

What's an average TCS salary after 1 year confirmation?

It depends on your base package(basic salary), revised salary package(sometimes, if your lucky :P ), your annual year end rating, type of project your into etc.But, if you have a package of 3.26L, and you used to get 22K per month,

Why do lawyers make so much money?

Because if you could solve your own problem you wouldn't come to me, and if the Burger King worker who makes $10 per hour could solve your problem you would go to him, but you can't solve your own problem and he can't solve it for you, so you come to me.To get where I

Why is BSNL in such a bad state that they are now defaulting on salaries to employees?

BSNL is a company which was created on Ist Oct, 2000 under company act. This is the only company of government of India of this size which was not created by act of Parliament like LIC, IOCL , SBI etc.Why BSNL is

Why is it when you are salaried you don't get paid to work overtime but you have to take PTO for any time off?

It *is* a bit tricky, but if you are exempt, and you work at all on a day, you have to be paid for the whole day. (although there is a theory that it might be half a day chunks) - this is known as the

Do astronauts get paid extra, or any sort of bonus hazard pay for the days they actually spend up in space?

I read, in a paperback book whose title I cannot recall and Amazon refuses to divulge, that the MIR cosmonauts used to receive a bonus for certain exceptional duties. One the book called out specifically was docking operations. The Cosmonauts would allow

Do doctors earn more than engineers? Why or why not?

The average doctor earns more than the average engineer; though engineers working as Software Engineers or in the oil industry may earn the same and sometimes more. Also engineering graduates are more likely than any other graduate in terms of their major to become a millionaire. One in ten engineering

Does height really affect salary?

I appeared for a bank exam, there were no questions about my height.I appeared for the interview, the bio data form had no special requirements of minimum height.I got selected. Still nobody asked my height.I am currently working with Reserve Bank of India and

How to save some money from my salary

The best anyone can do is to gain Financial Independence - don't depend on a profession for making your ends meet. For anyone to gain financial independence, financial discipline is a must. This is the single most important thing that

How do recruiters get paid, and how much? Do they get paid in milestones (like when the candidate has a phone interview, then for an in person interview, then an offer)? Or do they get paid only if the candidate accepts the offer?

As a headhunter since I was 23 and now as the owner of my own recruiting firm, DG Recruit, recruiting headhunters for headhunting companies, I get to see the full gamut of how agency recruiters* get paid across various industries.*Recruiters who are doing external recruiting (agency recruitment aka headhunting), NOT corporate or

How does exempt or salary pay work if I only worked (in office) one full day and one half day of the week due to a medical emergency?

In order to give you the best answer possible, I am quoting HR Morning:As a general rule, FLSA doesn't permit deductions from exempt employees. The regs state that the amount of money a salaried employee earns can't be dependent on the number of days or hours

How important is going to a prestegious college? Does it really affect your happiness or salary?

I was am undergraduate at Oxford University.This made my parents proud of me.  It made them happy.I was unhappy during term time (insecurity that everyone was brighter than me) and happy out of term time because people assume that you

How much do astronauts get paid hourly?

NASA Astronauts are either civil servants or military officers assigned to work at NASA.The military officers get the pay of their rank and any other pay allocated for locality and lack of base housing. Most are pilots so they get the additional pay for flying.The civilian astronauts

How much do cricket umpires get paid?

Umpires in cricket even at the highest level which is ICC Elite panel, don't make huge sums of money in what is a very demanding job, considering 5 days standing in a test match. On average an umpire if chosen in elite panel are given out yearly contracts and paid a retainer fee (yearly salary) plus the match fees

How much do flight attendants make?

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to answer this question . You can read the above answers as many users have shared the elaborative answers .The salary of flight attendant is not fixed . The salaries are paid in two different components and few other

How much do mechanical engineers earn?

I am mechanical engineer. I graduated with 6.23GPA. Due to less pointers was not allowed to sit during placements. Through contact I got a job as design engineer at local coaching class in Ahmedabad,where I was working from 10–8 with 12000 Salary. In two months I got fedup with job and decided to try

How much do nurses get paid in different countries?

Before I answer, a disclaimer is necessary: don't get into nursing for the money. That said, the answer to your question depends considerably on your degree, years of experience, practice setting, and where you live. An LPN makes less (and

How much do waiters get paid?

It varies a lot and is entirely dependent on a given night's business.Here in Ohio, tipped minimum wage is about 4.25/hr. Their regular paycheck is usually eaten up by taxes so servers income is pretty much entirely based on tips which can fluctuate wildly depending on how much business a restaurant gets that night and what kind of

How much do web developers earn? What is their salary, based upon location and years of experience?

Location based salary range as per my knowledge for Web Developers (Specialized in Frontend / Backend) with 3 – 5 years of experience.Gurgaon, IN : Offering around 30–32 LPA - companies - Urbanclap, Rivigo, Tower Research Capital and few more startups.Bangalore, IN: Offering more than 32 LPA - Companies - Flipkart, InMobi, Amazon, Swiggy etc.Berlin :

How much does a gym trainer earn or can they potentially earn?

A gym/personal trainer can earn good amount of money provided if he is skilled enough , has good experience & most importantly if he has done his certification through good fitness institute. BFY Sports & Fitness is one of the best institutes out there. They have many courses related to fitness. Check

How much does an astronaut working on the ISS get paid?

Not too much!  Truthfully, we only get a small "per diem" for our time on the International Space Station (ISS).  I believe my bank account had a deposit for about $172.00 US after my 152 days in space!  That comes out to about $1.20/day!  But when you consider that we have room

How much money does an astronaut make in a year?

Chris Hadfield has stated (for the Canadian Space Agency)(see: I want to be an astronaut. What will my salary be?)

How much were the Apollo astronauts paid?

The Apollo astronauts were first and foremost government employees. They had a rank of Captain and thus were paid according to their rank. In the 1960's they were paid approximately $17,000 a year (around $100,000 in 2012) minus deductions. They were deducted for room and board during missions since their

If almost everyone can learn programming for free, why is the salary relatively very high?

It has nothing to do with how cheap it might be to learn program. Most people simply do not have the kind of innate personality and traits needed to actually work as a programmer.Do you remember ‘word problems' from grade school math?Questions like:

If you think professional athletes are overpaid, who else do you think should get the money they generate?

No. Being a professional athlete is one of the lowest paying professions I know.People look in the wrong direction when they see the reported salaries of the one in a million player.Just to use one example, for every multi-million dollar contract in the MLB, there are tens of thousands of people playing for a few

Is it possible to get paid playing video games?

Yes it is entirely possible to do so, however you should probably know the reality. Not a lot of these people succeed at doing so. Here are a few examples.Video game tester: Unfortunately this job is not as easy as it sounds. It requires

Is working overtime typically compensated in Japan?

Overtime pay is required by law. No argument there. Japanese labor law is at first glance very strict and very generous to those working overtime. The problem here is the way that it's implemented. There are ways to circumnavigate the law, and a lot of companies labelled as

My boss offered me a 'take it or resign' offer with 20% less salary than what I'm getting right now. What should I do?

I have actually been in this position. I was furious. No reduction in responsibilities. He didn't even offer take less or resign really. He just said,

What are jobs for 15 year olds that pay well?

My daughter worked as a golf caddy at a high profile public course and made bank starting at 15. She's now 18, and preparing to finish high school. She will loop daily, and brings in $120–340 a day in cash each day. The summer

What are some higher paying jobs or career paths which don't require formal education, or offer on the job learning?

My career is definitely one to mention! You do need certifications, but not a formal 4-year education.I am a Resume Writer and a Career Coach. I work mostly in the outplacement segment now but you can easily work in any

What are some jobs that pay well that anyone can do?

I believe that anyone can do anything that they put their mind to. I know that sounds a bit cliche but it's true. I think your question is more of

What do you do to earn a six figure salary? Do you think your salary is justified by the nature of your job?

Early in my career a manager gave me a piece of transformational advice:Keep your manager informed with quantified, numbers-heavy progress updates;Always know and record each project's cost, revenue value and impact statistics.The reason? Your manager and the people she or he answers to all see the company

What is a male dominated field that could benefit from having more women?

Weirdly enough... Police...It has been shown that women are usually better at conflict resolution, although only if accompanied by a man. The combination of the more diplomatic female officer and the intimidation of a male officer can help quite a bit and reduce use

What is the best way to save money with a salary of 30k per month?

How you can go with this situation is by-Firstly make a budget try to fix on it.Try to buy things from flipkart, ebay, olx, quickr or other so that you can calculate before buying.Try to bargain and think twice that do you really need a perticular thing or its just an luxury for you.Start savings

What is the salary of Chelsea Clinton at The Clinton Foundation?

It is precisely $0.00.And, to save you from some pathological need to try to smear others:Bill Clinton's salary from the Clinton Foundation is also $0.00.Hillary Clinton's salary from the Clinton Foundation is also $0.00.Barack Obama's salary from the Clinton Foundation is also $0.00.George Soros' salary from the Clinton Foundation is also $0.00.Al Gore's

What kind of high paying job can you get with no degree or experience?

High paying job without a degree:Actors & Actresses / example: Johnny Depp, James Dean, Ellen DeGeneres, Claire Danes, Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, & Robert Downey Jr.BartenderBlackjack DealerCEO / February 26, 2018 (Harvard Business Review) - 89% of CEOs without college degrees

What should a pastor's salary be?

This is probably one of the best questions I've ever seen on Quora, or, more accurately, one of the best that I can answer. A pastor's salary should be commensurate with the congregation s/he is serving. If the average congregant brings home $50,000/year;

Why are doctors paid less than athletes?

Probably because medical doctors are traditionally so involved in caring for their patients that they have little time left for doing much else and have allowed lawyers and others like hospital CEO' and insurance companies to take over the

Why is it when you are salaried you don't get paid to work overtime but you have to take PTO for any time off?

A couple of things here...Some companies do pay overtime. My company and several other contracting companies pay a salaried rate but have a policy where they play time + bonus hourly rate for time over 40 hours a week. Alternatively you can feed that time into

Will doctors be paid less in the future?

Runaway costs is the biggest problem facing healthcare in America. Everything in healthcare is too expensive. The political debate about

Will it be good for me to move to Doha from India to work at Doha Metro at a salary of 7500 QAR? How much would I be able to save and how would life be?

Hi Abhishek,7500 QAR is equivalent to INR. 145,500/- - you have not mentioned what other perks they are offering besides salary - are they offering accommodation, annual ticket for self and family, health insurance, etc.If they are offering only 7500 QAR, then you may end up spending nearly 4k

Am I wrong to think that programmers are overpaid?

Every day you interact with probably hundreds of computer systems possibly thousands. All of which were programmed by programmers. Let's start with right now. Your post on Quora? or how about EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE in the world, your browser, OS, your computer/ tablet/cellphone you typed this "question"

Are computer programmers often underpaid?

When you look at real estate prices, they can take a long time to adjust to new market conditions. When you look at rent, it often goes up sooner and faster.Salaries can be a bit more like real estate than rent. Salaries are a longer term investment, and there's a strong resistance to paying more than you absolutely

Are the self-organizing startups, dynamically changing equity among founders and employees later?

I recently read a book called "Slicing Pie" that dealt with this very subject. Your end of year meeting is part of it, but also there needs to be a concrete way to value actual work. Unfortunately, that means time sheets for people putting in sweat equity.  There needs to be a collection jar for the sweat.