Are you "safe" in your job, and could advance for better pay, but if you do, there is a great possibility of being fired, so you stay where you are?

Unless you work for the government, there is always the possibility of losing your job. Companies are bought and sold every day. Companies are run out of business by competitors. Companies are forced to reduce staff because of costly government regulations. You think you are safe

How much are architects paid?

Not enough if the only correct answer to this question...Being an Architect has been a very enjoyable career but it is simply not one that you pursue primarily to become wealthy or even financially comfortable.  I remember when a friend who was previously an Architect and changed careers to sales and was making over

How much does an astronaut working on the ISS get paid?

Not too much!  Truthfully, we only get a small "per diem" for our time on the International Space Station (ISS).  I believe my bank account had a deposit for about $172.00 US after my 152 days in space!  That comes out to about $1.20/day!  But when

How much should you get paid to clean? My teenage daughter is currently arguing with me that she should get paid $20 an hour for regular household chores. I told her we would give her an allowance of $8 an hour and she said that's too low.

If you're insistent on paying someone TO clean, the minimum wage in your area is likely to be a starting point for salary. Where I live the number varies based on how large an employer you are, but it's in the

What are the best paying jobs of the future?

Updated June 2018:The best job for the future have not been created yet!However these are good topics to study in the next 5–10 years :Software design and developmentCyber securityArtificial intelligenceMachine learningData analytics and predictive analyticsBusiness, Commerce, EconomicsRoboticsHealthcare: bio technology, palliative careRenewable energy--/-/--//-/-/---/2017If you are living in a developed country, chances are the best jobs

What are the highest paying careers?

I agree with Lalit Patel.Never switch positions based on percieved pay. Do what you enjoy and advance in that area. Chasing the buck is not the ticket to happiness. Forget the nonsense that "wealth equals happiness" or that "wealth equates success". It's a bunch of hogwash.I know many people who outsiders would feel

What is the average salary for a software engineer?

Without knowing your desired city, the average salary is not so meaningful. Because it is totally different in different locations. Also, because of different tax systems and living costs, what you actually make could mean differently in different locations.This tool is for comparing the savings of software engineers in two cities. But you can still use

What is the most underpaid profession in today's world?

I would say primary and secondary teachers. My wife did it for 28 years. Despite having a great education she never made $40k a year as a teacher.People would say, she has summers off. Well she never did until she retired. She had to take classes and do

What's an average TCS salary after 1 year confirmation?

It depends on your base package(basic salary), revised salary package(sometimes, if your lucky :P ), your annual year end rating, type of project your into etc.But, if you have a package of 3.26L, and you used to get 22K per month,

Why is BSNL in such a bad state that they are now defaulting on salaries to employees?

BSNL is a company which was created on Ist Oct, 2000 under company act. This is the only company of government of India of this size which was not created by act of Parliament like LIC, IOCL , SBI etc.Why BSNL is

Does height really affect salary?

I appeared for a bank exam, there were no questions about my height.I appeared for the interview, the bio data form had no special requirements of minimum height.I got selected. Still nobody asked my height.I am currently working with Reserve Bank of India and

How much do astronauts get paid hourly?

NASA Astronauts are either civil servants or military officers assigned to work at NASA.The military officers get the pay of their rank and any other pay allocated for locality and lack of base housing. Most are pilots so they get the additional pay for flying.The civilian astronauts

How much do mechanical engineers earn?

I am mechanical engineer. I graduated with 6.23GPA. Due to less pointers was not allowed to sit during placements. Through contact I got a job as design engineer at local coaching class in Ahmedabad,where I was working from 10–8 with 12000 Salary. In two months I got fedup with job and decided to try

How much do waiters get paid?

It varies a lot and is entirely dependent on a given night's business.Here in Ohio, tipped minimum wage is about 4.25/hr. Their regular paycheck is usually eaten up by taxes so servers income is pretty much entirely based on tips which can fluctuate wildly depending on how much business a restaurant gets that night and what kind of

How much does an astronaut working on the ISS get paid?

Not too much!  Truthfully, we only get a small "per diem" for our time on the International Space Station (ISS).  I believe my bank account had a deposit for about $172.00 US after my 152 days in space!  That comes out to about $1.20/day!  But when you consider that we have room

How much money does an astronaut make in a year?

Chris Hadfield has stated (for the Canadian Space Agency)(see: I want to be an astronaut. What will my salary be?)

How much were the Apollo astronauts paid?

The Apollo astronauts were first and foremost government employees. They had a rank of Captain and thus were paid according to their rank. In the 1960's they were paid approximately $17,000 a year (around $100,000 in 2012) minus deductions. They were deducted for room and board during missions since their

What are jobs for 15 year olds that pay well?

My daughter worked as a golf caddy at a high profile public course and made bank starting at 15. She's now 18, and preparing to finish high school. She will loop daily, and brings in $120–340 a day in cash each day. The summer

What are some higher paying jobs or career paths which don't require formal education, or offer on the job learning?

My career is definitely one to mention! You do need certifications, but not a formal 4-year education.I am a Resume Writer and a Career Coach. I work mostly in the outplacement segment now but you can easily work in any

What are some jobs that pay well that anyone can do?

I believe that anyone can do anything that they put their mind to. I know that sounds a bit cliche but it's true. I think your question is more of

What do you do to earn a six figure salary? Do you think your salary is justified by the nature of your job?

Early in my career a manager gave me a piece of transformational advice:Keep your manager informed with quantified, numbers-heavy progress updates;Always know and record each project's cost, revenue value and impact statistics.The reason? Your manager and the people she or he answers to all see the company

What is the salary of a data scientist?

Why I'm writing this answer: I'm the Director of Educational Outcomes at Galvanize, which runs a 12-week 12-week data science program, Zipfian Academy AND a 1-year Masters program focused on data science and data engineering. I'm required by law to track salaries of our program graduates,

What should a pastor's salary be?

This is probably one of the best questions I've ever seen on Quora, or, more accurately, one of the best that I can answer. A pastor's salary should be commensurate with the congregation s/he is serving. If the average congregant brings home $50,000/year;

Can Python programming help to get higher paid jobs?

Let me tell you this StoryThere was a case when a recruiter wanted to recruit 10 programmers each for Java and Python. While about a 100 of good resumes flooded in for Java, there were only 8 good ones for python. So clearly, they

How to honestly and legally earn at least $70 per hour working from home with no expense

You can earn money according to your skills and experience in that area of work in which you will be supposed to do your job by doing freelancing, so it varies according to them which can earn more than $70 or

How to make 10,000 dollars per month with no initial money

Now no initial money is going to be extremely difficult but it is possible.Follow along...I'm going to give you some real gold here.The easiest way that I know to make money online without spending a cent is to spam tumblr.

How do runway models get paid?

They give them McDonalds after the show...?From what I've experienced, not as a model but from someone close to me being one for a while, this is more or less how it works.A modelling agency will act on behalf of the model and handle many of the administrative tasks around contracts, invoicing, etc.model

How much do I get by working from home?

by blogging, this is the report from Glassdoor shows ranges from $19K to $79K a year for the title "blogger," while some resources say the 14% of bloggers who earn a salary make, on average, $24K a year (or $33K for corporate bloggers).

How much do professional boxers make?

"Most professional boxers make only a few thousand dollars until they reach elite status. Undercard fighters for top fights may earn as much as $20,000. Boxers fighting in matches below the undercard may earn between $1,500 and $5,000. In some cases, lesser-known professional boxers may earn as little as a few hundred dollars. These numbers are reflected in Kevin

How much do Vogue photographers get paid?

This is a hard answer to track down.  Most photographers who shoot for Vogue don't really talk about it.  But I can give a couple ideas that will be helpful.First, generally shooting for magazines is not a great way to

What are good paying jobs that don't require a college degree?

DID YOUR PARENTS tell you that, in order to secure a good job, you had to earn the right college degree? While this may be true for many careers, going to college isn't always an option. It's very expensive, time-consuming, and you may not want to wait to reap the benefits of

What is the salary for a financial representative?

The average yearly salary of a financial representative is around $89,000. However, that average includes outliers and those who make very large amounts with many years of experience. So, the usual starting salary of a financial representative is between $39,000-$54,000, respectively. It depends on where you'll be working.

What lifestyle could I have on a $1.2million salary?

I assume you mean by the year. It should provide you a top line lifestyle as long as you do a couple of smart things.Don't waste it on very expensive things right away. Keep living your base style you have now. Save and invest a lot of it smartly. Next year you can start to

What should I do if I supposedly got a 20% raise last month but it's only now going into effect? It was to prevent me from quitting my job, should I ask for back pay?

No.In case you happened to overlook reading the first line, I will repeat it.No.When they succumbed to your arm-twisting, and said you will get a 20% raise, they meant it would start in the following pay period, or the following month.They are

Why did so many of the most brilliant students I knew in college, end up in terrible jobs that pay little and offer nothing beyond a small paycheck?

I'd consider myself fairly intelligent for a college graduate. Not to brag. Just a statement of fact.I graduated with honors with a degree in mathematics and a minor in physics. For four years I thought I would continue on to earn a PhD in mathematics. After college I started a graduate program in mathematics.Even though I had an

Why working for a living doesn't work anymore?

Most of the middle class feels your pain.  In the last 25 years, there has been a great wage compression taking place, and a disparity in income distribution between the ultra wealthy and everyone else.  Your feeling is a perception, based upon a relative sense of  being "well off."    The absolute standard of living has increased, it

How much does SSI pay?

SSi (Supplemental Security Income) is a Federal welfare program for the needy disabled and elderly, which essentially requires you be without resources and unable to work. The base amount for a person with no dependents is a bit more than $700 a month. The program is administered by the Social Security Administration, but

If a person completes CA, the CFA, and the FRM, what average salary should he get?

I am off the opinion that salary should not be dependent on the qualification you have. It's the value you add to an organisation that determines your salary. I don't mind any graduate that brings me business or unique capability, but would certainly don't want a MBA, CFA, FRM,

What will be the salary in TCS after 10 years?

It's like asking where will be in 10 years. Can you predict?What you earn depends on various factors. The factors include your hike (may or may not related to your performance), any penalties for underperformance or doing wrong actions, no. of onsite trips you had, the rapport you have with your

Who is the highest paid television star?

You did not say which country, so I selected the United States. I pulled these off the internet so maybe they will help. Maybe you'll get a